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Chapter 1178: Two Consecutive Victories!

Chapter 1178: Two Consecutive Victories!

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“Alright, next one!” Lin Feng said, tapping his hand. Ge looked at the three other big men. They all looked dumbstruck. 

Zong Hu was extremely strong, even Song Chou Jiu would have to be careful if he fought against him. But Asura had won effortlessly, and Zong Hu had suffered a crushing defeat. He hadn’t even had time to react! 

What kind of guy was this? 

Song Chou Jiu was relieved that Lin Feng had won. He didn’t want his servants to get injured, so he said hastily, “Alright, enough for now. Zong Hu couldn’t do anything against Brother Asura. Will you now acknowledge Asura?” Song Chou Jiu asked the three others. It was a rule in Man Yu. People had to acknowledge other people’s strength! 

The unbeaten Zong Hu had lost against Asura, so they had to acknowledge him! 

“Brother, strength is not a battle. I’d…” 

“Haha! Brother! Brother! You’re awesome!” cried out Hu Shan, flashing ahead, and getting ready to fight Lin Feng. But Zong Hu came back, laughing loudly. One could see his big white teeth. He looked at Lin Feng in admiration. 

He came back, pushed Hu Shan away, and walked back to Lin Feng. Hu Shan was angry. 

“Hehe, brother, how come you’re so strong? Teach me!” said Zong Hu in admiration. He looked excited, and even bowed hand over fist too. He admired people who were extremely strong, and he had never lost a battle before. 

“Are you sure you want me to teach you?” Lin Feng asked, very amused. 

“Of course. I want to study and improve!”

“You have to accept me as a teacher, then!”

“Hehe! No problem, Teacher! Please teach me!” 

“No problem, but you have to pay. If you just call me teacher, it’s not enough.” 

“Ha, wait, teacher!” said Zong Hu. He understood what Lin Feng meant. He turned around and looked at Hu Shan. 

Hu Shan started wavering, and said in a trembling voice, “What are you doing?”

“Hehe, Brother Hu Shan, you have money? Give me some!” 

“No! Ask someone else!” 

“You have a lot of money. Give me a little bit so that I can get a new teacher!” demanded Zong Hu firmly. He held out his hand. 

Ti Yuan and Ming Shou looked away. How humiliating! What was wrong with Zong Hu? What was he doing? 

In the end, Zong Hu managed to bully some money from Hu Shan. He gave the godly coins to Lin Feng and looked at him excitedly. He couldn’t wait to learn from his new teacher! 

“Thanks for the money. I’ll teach you about strength later.” 

“Uhhh… Why?” 

“Do you think I can teach you now?” asked Lin Feng, sighing speechlessly. He pointed to the three other big men. They looked at Zong Hu angrily. They wanted to fight against him as well! 

Zong Hu looked at his three fellows and stopped talking. He had submitted to Lin Feng, but it didn’t mean the others had submitted, too. Therefore, he had to wait for all the duels to be over. 

“Bro… No… Master, teach me after the fights!” 

“Yes, I won’t forget,” Lin Feng nodded. He had taken money, so he was going to keep his word. However, people who learned from Lin Feng often ended up hating him during their training! 

Zong Hu walked aside to give them space. 

Hu Shan came to the front. Zong Hu had stolen money from him, so he was angry and then had even given his money to Lin Feng! He really wanted to teach Lin Feng a good lesson. 

“Asura, you are very strong. Brother Zong Hu submitted to you, but it doesn’t mean us others have! How do you want to fight this time?” Hu Shan asked Lin Feng. He sounded arrogant and brutal. He didn’t like wasting time, either. 

“Alright, let’s fight. This place is a bit small, though. Let’s go outside,” Lin Feng naturally accepted. He just wanted to fight outside because the great hall was too small. 

Hu followed Lin Feng. The two fighters rose up in the air. There were no buildings for tens of thousands of meters around them in the mountains. It was a perfect place to fight.

“Asura, be careful, don’t get injured. Brother Zong Hu would be angry at me if I injured you,” said Hu Shan, condensing pure Qi. His whole body was surrounded by blood-red lights. He barely touched the ground with the tip of his toes and the ground cracked as he shot towards Lin Feng like a rocket.

His Qi was already terrifying. The battle was starting! 

Lin Feng didn’t dare underestimate Hu Shan. He had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, and even though it was the same as Bai Lang, Hu Shan was much stronger. Lin Feng couldn’t afford to be careless. 

He flashed faster than the eye, faster than this giant. Lin Feng had a speed advantage, but he had to use it to the fullest. 

Hu Shan and Lin Feng collided in the sky. Hu Shan threw hundreds of punches mercilessly. He wasn’t used to holding back.

Whamwhamwham… There were multiple explosions. Lin Feng put his arms in front of his chest and blocked the endless punches. At the same time, he also threw a kick. His foot was surrounded by Genesis Spiritual strength, and Hu Shan’s energies were pushed away. 

Phwap! Hu Shan was blown away, grunting with pain. He had been careless! 

Lin Feng suddenly disappeared, moving like a ghost. Song Chou Jiu couldn’t even see Lin Feng anymore. 

A silhouette appeared behind Hu Shan. Lin Feng condensed fifty percent of his Genesis Spiritual strength in his hand and drove a palm strike at Hu Shan from behind. 

Boom! Everybody felt the ground tremble. It felt like Man Yu was about to collapse!

Lin Feng released an imperial imprint. It was golden and gigantic as it coursed towards Hu Shan. It bombarded Hu Shan and smashed him into the ground, a crater appearing all around him a hundred meters deep. 

Poor Hu Shan! He was buried deep in the ground. 

Song Chou Jiu blinked. He was astonished again. What a crushing defeat for Hu Shan! Lin Feng was merciless! 

His second assistant had lost too! 

Lin Feng took a deep breath and disappeared, reappearing inside the crater. He reached out his hand, grabbed Hu Shan and turned him around. He was covered in dust and mud, and looked miserable. He was injured, but he would recover. 

Hu looked up at Lin Feng and understood that Asura was extremely strong! He also agreed to submit to him! “Brother Asura, I acknowledge you!”

Even though losing wasn’t the best outcome, he felt awkward and ashamed, and admitted he had lost. 

“Hehehe. I told you you couldn’t compete with him,” Zong Hu beamed. He had submitted to Lin Feng and now wanted to learn from him, so when Hu Shan lost, he was extremely happy. 

Hu Shan looked annoyed. He had decided to challenge Asura, and he had lost. Asura was extremely strong! 

Qing Huang Tian was extremely happy for Lin Feng. The stronger Lin Feng was, the better it was for her. Qian Jin Cai Yue wondered why Asura resembled Lin Feng so much. 

He was even stronger than Lin Feng! 

In the end, she had a bad feeling. Asura is stronger than Lin Feng? Im… Impossible… 

She couldn’t admit Lin Feng was weaker than anyone else. 

“Alright, anyone else want to fight?” asked Lin Feng, smiling at Ti Yuan and Ming Shou. 

The two of them glanced at each other. Ming Shou was going to go and fight, but Ti Yuan stopped him and looked at Lin Feng. 

“I, Ti Yuan, challenge you!”

“You challenge me?”


“Cruel? What do you mean?” asked Lin Feng curiously. 

“What I mean is that we can compete and see who is crueler. In Man Yu, there are many evil people. You need to be evil to compete with them. You are extremely strong and your fighting abilities are incredible, I admit that. But if you’re not cruel, then I can’t submit to you!” 

“Are you sure you want to compare our levels of cruelty?” Lin Feng laughed. Was he cruel? Lin Feng might make Ti Yuan burst into tears. 

“Of course. You and I capture one person and behead them. That’s cruelty,” Ti Yuan smiled, smiling bloodthirstily. He was sure Lin Feng would refuse. 

He was convinced normal humans couldn’t be bloodthirsty and cruel. But people in Man Yu were extremely brutal, violent, aggressive, and cruel!

He was convinced he could win against Lin Feng in terms of cruelty. 

Lin Feng looked at Song Chou Jiu. He needed his support. 

Song Chou Jiu smiled wryly. Ti Yuan never stopped. Song Chou Jiu just happened to want to know who had told Lang Zhe some of his secrets. 

“Someone bring in the three evil tyrants,” said Song Chou Jiu. He raised his hand and a few big men brought the three evil tyrants in. 

They fell on their knees. 

“Please! No! Master! Spare our lives! Woo, woo… PLEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEEE!” shouted a bald big man as he knelt down. He was extremely pale. 

“Master, please spare our lives! Lang Zhe forced us! He threatened us! He said he would kill us!” 

“Master, Lang Zhe manipulated us and threatened us. He didn’t let us go at the beginning. We would have never been able to come back if we hadn’t obeyed him.” 

“Master, please! Avenge us! Please! Lang Zhe is a monster!” 

The three evil tyrants were all shouting and crying. Song Chou Jiu was furious. He didn’t have any mercy for them at all. 

“Asura, Ti Yuan, you can use these three goods-for-nothing as you wish for your little competition!” said Song Chou Jiu, waving his hand dismissively. He didn’t feel like killing long-term servants, but he had no choice this time. He couldn’t forgive them! 

Ti Yuan looked at the three evil tyrants, all of them traitors! He wasn’t going to be merciful! 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to be merciful either, especially against those three evil tyrants! 

“You start?” asked Lin Feng. 

Ti Yuan shook his head and smiled indifferently, “You first.” 

“Hehe. You won’t have the opportunity to get really cruel then!” Lin Feng said, smiling darkly. He looked like a demon, and his Qi became ice-cold. 

Song Chou Jiu was astonished, and stared at Asura. 

Lin Feng flashed to the front and landed in front of the three evil tyrants. The three evil tyrants stared at Lin Feng, crying their eyes out at the same time. 

Crack! Crack! Crack!

Lin Feng broke their necks and they died instantly! 


Lin Feng just smiled at Ti Yuan. Ti Yuan was dumbstruck. 

“I won again!”

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