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Chapter 1179: Looking for Lin Feng?

Chapter 1179: Looking for Lin Feng?

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Ti Yuan blinked in astonishment. He looked at the three corpses whose necks Lin Feng had broken. How cruel! How evil! Lin Feng hadn’t spared any of them. Now Ti Yuan had no opportunity to be cruel. But if Lin Feng had left a victim for him, he wouldn’t have known what to do. What could be more cruel than breaking their neck? 

Asura won! 

“You’re really cruel. I acknowledge you,” Ti Yuan sighed pulling a long face. He didn’t feel like acknowledging Lin Feng, but he had no choice. 

Ming Shou frowned. Nobody knew what he was thinking but in the end, it didn’t seem like he wanted to challenge Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng had already forced three of them submit to him. Lin Feng had reached his goal already. Only Ming Shou hadn’t submitted to him yet. 

Ming Shou was the most dangerous one. He was sinister and discreet. One could see evil in his eyes. He was probably an expert in plotting. 

“Oh my god! Brother, what happened?” asked Hu Shan, swallowing. Asura was really cruel. He had been in Man Yu for so many years, and he had never seen anyone as cruel as Lin Feng! 

He definitely had a temper! 

“Haha! Ti Yuan, are you as cruel as him?” asked Zong Hu, smiling mockingly. Ti Yuan was annoyed, and glared back at Zong Hu impatiently. 

Zong Hu smiled indifferently, then he looked at Ming Shou and asked mockingly, “So? What’s wrong? You’re the only one who hasn’t fought yet?” 

“Yes, Ming Shou, aren’t you going to help us regain our reputation and dignity?” said Hu Shan. He set all his hopes on Ming Shou now. 

Ti Yuan didn’t say anything. Ming Shou hadn’t challenged Lin Feng yet. He was smarter than the rest of them. 

Ming Shou looked at them and then at Lin Feng, and smiled. He bowed hand over fist respectfully, and didn’t challenge him. 

“Alright, everybody knows how strong Brother Asura is now. This time, be careful at the auctions and do your best to obtain the best treasures. From what I know, even some influential groups from far away will participate this time. 

“The Spiritual Warriors Clan, the Luo Clan, the Bao Long Pavilion, the World Dragon Clan, the Demon Clan, Lang Zhe from Man Yu, Zhu Ban Chang, Xue Yu, Gan Yu and Shi Yu. We have to be careful,” Song Chou Jiu told them calmly. Nobody was fighting anymore. Everybody knew Lin Feng was strong. It was time to get back to the main topic. 

Everybody frowned, including Zong Hu and Ming Shou. Nobody could see Lin Feng’s expression because of his mask, but at that moment, he looked expressionless. His heart was bleeding though. 

Spiritual Warriors Clan, World Dragon Clan… 

He had to destroy those groups someday, for Godly Ancestor Xing Yun, for his brother! 

Pfew… It’s time for revenge. The Godly Battle Sword will stain your clothes with your own blood! 

“Ming Shou, how much money did you manage to make?” Song Chou Jiu asked Ming Shou and the others. He seemed worried. They needed money. Without money, they wouldn’t have much power at the auctions. 

Ming Shou remained silent. He took out two rings, three precious gems as big as thumbs, and a bracelet with three beads. He gave everything to Song Chou Jiu. 

Song Chou Jiu glanced at the godly coins inside the rings. He was disappointed. There was less than two hundred million. That was nothing. Really precious items cost billions. There would be only precious treasures this time at the auction. If they didn’t have billions, they weren’t going to be able to buy anything. 

“I have this,” said Zong Hu handing godly coins over. He had three rings, and in total he had three hundred million godly coins. 

Hu Shan and Ti Yuan put their godly coins together and only had five hundred million. The four of them had a billion in total. That was nothing. 

Lin Feng smiled wryly. Back then, the University of Stars and Clouds had given money to him for the auctions. He had no money himself. He didn’t attach importance to money at all and now he realized that wasn’t so good. 

Qing Huang Tian understood what Lin Feng thought, so she took out a ring and gave it to him. He was astonished. 

“Asura, there are two billion inside.” Qing Huang Tian said gently. 

“Sister Qing, I can’t…” Lin Feng said immediately. He didn’t want Qian Jin Cai Yue’s money, so how could he take this? 

“Asura, it’s not for you; give it to Song Chou Jiu,” said Qing Huang Tian. 

Song Chou Jiu was startled when he saw that. He glanced at Lin Feng and smiled, “Brother Asura, do you need help?” 

“Leader Song, that’s the money Asura is giving to you,” said Qing Huang Tian. She knew Lin Feng wasn’t going to take it, or give it to Song Chou Jiu, so she did it herself. 

Song Chou Jiu took the ring. He inspected the contents and was dumbstruck. Two billion godly coins! How astonishing! 

What kind of person was Qing Huang Tian? How come she was so rich?`

Even though he had doubts, he lacked money, so he couldn’t refuse, especially before the auctions. He also wanted to obtain some treasures. Of course, he also understood that if Qing Huang Tian had given him money, it was so that Lin Feng would be able to obtain a treasure in exchange. 

“Brother Asura, thank you. If you need anything, feel free to tell me about it,” said Song Chou Jiu after taking the money. He felt awkward, but he had no choice. 

Lin Feng smiled wryly and nodded. He owed Qing Huang Tian again. Qing Huang Tian liked helping him and she didn’t expect anything in return. She was happy to support Lin Feng because she had the feeling each time he did something, he did the right thing. 

Foolish! That’s the only word Lin Feng could think of to describe Qing Huang Tian. That’s why he decided to protect her. Even though she was strong, he couldn’t let her act recklessly. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue wasn’t surprised when Qing Huang Tian took out the money; the Phoenix Clan didn’t lack money. Two billion was nothing for them. Even five billion was nothing for them!

“Leader Song, here is one billion. If you accept a request, I’ll give it to you,” Qian Jin Cai Yue said to Song Chou Jiu. 

Song Chou Jiu was astonished. He was extremely happy inside and rejoicing. How come the women who had come with Asura were so rich? Two billion!!! 

“Yes, what do you need?” asked Song Chou Jiu excitedly. 

“Help me find Lin Feng!” said Qian Jin Cai Yue, taking a deep breath. She looked at him imploringly. She needed to find Lin Feng!

When Song Chou Jiu heard that, he didn’t understand, and his servants also shook their heads. Who was Lin Feng? 

Lin Feng glanced around. He had become a little bit famous recently, but he understood he hadn’t become famous enough to be known in the Region of the Eight Corners as well. 

I still have lots of work to do, he thought. 

“Miss Cai Yue, don’t worry. If I hear about him, I’ll help you,” said Song Chou Jiu. He didn’t know Lin Feng, but he agreed to help anyway. 

Qian Jin Cai Yue nodded and thanked him. Lin Feng was dumbstruck. She never thanked anyone, but for Lin Feng, she did! 

Lin Feng could only smile to himself. Qian Jin Cai Yue scorned Asura and found him despicable, but she was really worried about Lin Feng. How would she react the day when she’d learned Asura was Lin Feng? She had even asked him to help her find Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng looking for himself! 

Hu Shan and the others remembered Lin Feng’s name. She had given them money to get help, so they had to do their best. 

“Brother Asura, it’s not early. Shall we go?” Song Chou Jiu asked Asura. The sky was rosy, but in the Region of the Eight Corners, the color of dusk was a rather dreadful blood-red. 

“As you wish, Brother Song!” 

“Alright, let’s go!” Song Chou smiled. He waved his arm, and everybody left for Jing City! 

Lin Feng followed. His eyes gleamed. Jing City…. I’m on my way!

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