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Chapter 1199: Trade Requirements!


“Indeed, father, the Three Heavy Waves Godly Tao Skill!” said Shi Yu. She was very excited, at the same time, she sounded cute and gentle.

“Oh, no bad. In the future, the members of Shi Yu will thus have the opportunity to use it to practice cultivation. Even if they don’t become overlords, I am sure that within a hundred years, Shi Yu will have become the most powerful region.” said the old man narrowing his eyes. Even though he was old, he was still a crafty scoundrel and he was very meticulous and careful. 

“Father, I don’t have the Godly Tao Skill on me.” said Shi Yu smiling sweetly. But actually, the old man was astonished and didn’t understand, “What? What do you mean? What about the three elders who were with you?” 

“No. I brought it back but I don’t have it here.” said Shi Yu pointing to Lin Feng. The old man looked at Lin Feng, or more precisely, a masked man supposedly called Asura. When he saw him, his expression changed. 

“Who is the man you brought back? Little Yu, you are not allowed to bring male strangers back!” shouted the old man pulling a long face. That was a rule he had imposed to his daughter a long time before. Male strangers were allowed in Shi Yu. If he saw one, he usually killed them. 

But Shi Yu had surprisingly brought a man back. That was far beyond what was appropriate. No wonder he was furious. 

“Father, the thing is…” Shi Yu didn’t panic. She just patiently explained everything to her father in detail, including the fact that Lin Feng had given up the Tao Skill at the beginning and than then he had stolen it back and fled into the forest. She also told him about the Dazzling Flower. 

The old man didn’t look angry anymore but it didn’t matter, she shouldn’t have brought a male stranger back. He could see what was really going on in Shi Yu, what if he was a spy? 

“Kill him. He can’t leave Shi Yu alive.” said the old man firmly. 

“Father, he has the Godly Tao Skill. He…” said Shi Yu. Her expression suddenly changed. She was extremely worried. She didn’t care if Lin Feng died but he had the Three Heavy Waves. If he didn’t hand it over willingly, then he would need to pay the price for it. 

“If he hands the skill over without fighting back, I’ll spare his corpse. I will not destroy it.” said the old man icily and evilly. He also clenched his fists. He didn’t intend to be magnanimous at all. 

“No need to tell her to tell me anything. Old man, I have a suggestion. You want the Three Heavy Waves, right? Then give me a good reason to give it.” 

“Hehe. Besides, you also seem to have forgotten something, I could have destroyed it when you tried to steal it from me. And I am not joking.” said Lin Feng smiling mockingly. He wasn’t afraid at all. He had been captured and he was in Shi Yu already. What else could he do? 

Lin Feng frowned. Lin Feng wasn’t easy to confront. He was stubborn and trying to scare him was useless. 

“Your name is Asura? You’re from Man Yu?” said the old man observing Lin Feng from head to foot. 

“No. I am just temporarily living in Man Yu. I come from abroad.” 

“Outside of the Region of the Eight Corners?” 

“Indeed. Outside of the Region of the Eight Corners. Liang City.” 

“Oh. Hehe. Not bad. You have balls. But nobody can protect you now. So you think you can keep the Godly Tao Skill for yourself?” said the old man grinning mockingly and jokingly. He looked like an old fox. 

He really wanted to push Lin Feng and force him to hand over the skill willingly. Unfortunately, Lin Feng, who was young and stubborn. He had just lived for a few hundred years and he thought he could have it his own way? 


“Old man, If you want the Godly Tao Skill, then pay the price for it. I spent over two billion to buy it. You think I’ll give it just because you want it?” 

said Lin Feng shaking his head. He didn’t intend to let the old man have the advantage. He wasn’t stupid. He wasn’t going to give a Godly Tao Skill he had bought for over two billion for free. Especially that Qing Huang Tian had given the money to buy it. 

The old man looked glum. He had tried everything but Lin Feng still refused. He couldn’t kill Lin Feng either, otherwise, he could destroy the Three Heavy Waves which would be a tragic loss. 

Lin Feng relied on the Three Heavy Waves. If he didn’t have it, the leader of Shi Yu wouldn’t waste so much time talking to him. 

“So, no solution?” 

“Old man, you want to kill me but can you promise you won’t?” 

“I can’t.” 

“Hehe, since it’s that way, my answer is, I refuse!” 

“Oh, little boy, you’re trying to act smart, uh?” 

“Something you can’t do even if you try, old grouch!” 


“Come here.” 

said the old man waving at the four elders. Five Godly Ancestors of Shi Yu were there. How incredible. 

“What do you think?” asked the old man to the Godly Ancestors. He looked glum. Even if he could just give them an order to do something, he didn’t dare take such a risky decision alone. 

“Leader, I think we should kill him. That little boy provoked Li Dian, the representative of Li Yu, in Jing City. He didn’t fear the representative of Gan Yu either, Gan Sheng. He even dared disrespect Leader Jing Rui. He should die!” 

said an elder at that moment. He had heard everything Lin Feng had said in Jing City and he hated him. 

He had even disrespected Jing Rui?! One of the overlords! If he had been infuriated, he could have slapped Lin Feng and killed him but he hadn’t. 

“Leader, we shouldn’t kill him, he’ll plot against us. He’s sly. If we don’t accept to do what he wants, he’ll probably destroy the Three Heavy Waves. He won’t give it to us. We’ll have made all these efforts for nothing. Since it’s that way, we should ask him if he’s interested in one of the precious items of Shi Yu and then we can kill him some other day.” 

“Indeed. There will be time for that. We’ll have many other opportunities to kill him. We don’t need to do it now. As long as he leaves Shi Yu, we’re safe.” 

said two elders immediately. How nice, they wanted to kill him later. 

Shi Yu nodded. She agreed with the two elders. That was a good idea. If she killed Lin Feng on the spot, nobody would obtain the Three Heavy Waves. 

When the old man heard that, he decided to follow the majority and not kill Lin Feng for the time being. 

He turned around and walked towards Lin Feng with his walking stick. Shi Yu was still supporting her father by the arm. 

Lin Feng didn’t hear what they said. The old man was an old fox. He had isolated the world around their heads as they were speaking so Lin Feng just saw their lips move but no sound. 


“Little boy, we accept. Give us the Three Heavy Waves and we’ll give you a precious item of Shi Yu. That’s a great deal.” said the old man seriously and solemnly. 

Lin Feng nodded. He could see the old man was being very cautious. 

“What kind of precious treasure?” asked Lin Feng. The Godly Tao Skill was a supreme skill. It was essential for cultivators of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. Did Shi Yu have anything comparable? His curiosity was aroused. 

The old man frowned. What could they trade? The best would be if that precious item could prevent Lin Feng from leaving Shi Yu as well. That way, mutual conditions would become one unilateral condition. 

Shi Yu looked at him. He looked at Shi Yu. They both smiled. The old man then burst into laughter. Shi Yu giggled. 

“Demon corpse Valley, a holy cultivation place for the people of Shi Yu. Shi Yu and the four elders broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer there.” 

“Demon corpse Valley?” Lin Feng’s eyes twinkled. What a familiar name! In the end, he suddenly understood, he had completely forgotten about his Demon corpse army. Now, he remembered them because he had just heard the words “Demon corpse”. 

Initially, he had lost twenty demon corpses and now he only had ninety left. They were in his spirit world and they hadn’t leveled up yet. They still had the strength of the half Great Supreme God layer. 

“Little boy, we’ve never let any foreigner get into Demon corpse Valley. It would be the first time. If you give us the Three Heavy Waves, we’ll take you to Demon corpse Valley. Whether you’ll be lucky there or not all depends on you.” 

said the old man laughing wholeheartedly. He was sure Lin Feng would accept. Demon corpse Valley was one of their most valuable holy cultivation places. The Yin Qi was extremely pure there. 

Besides, no foreigner had ever been allowed to go to Demon corpse Valley. Lin Feng would be the first one. That was an incredible honor! 

Demon corpse Valley was a valley. It was eighty eight thousand meters. It was surrounded by black fog so it was always dark but for that reason, the Yin Qi wasn’t oppressed there. 

Lin Feng thought the Godly Tao Skill was more important but he had been captured so considering the number of choices he had, going to Demon corpse Valley didn’t seem like a bad idea. It was a holy cultivation place for the people of Shi Yu which meant it had something special. Besides, Shi Yu and the others had broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer there which made Lin Feng curious. 

“Alright, I’ll give you the Godly Tao Skill when we arrive at the gate of the valley.” 

“Alright, alright. Little Yu, bring him to Demon corpse Valley!” 

said the old man happily yet hastily as if he were afraid Lin Feng would take his words back. 

Shi Yu nodded. Then a maid-servant came over to support the old man by the arm. Shi Yu then let go off him and led the way for Lin Feng. 

“You go too.” said the old man to the four elders. He was worried something could happen to Shi Yu. 

After everybody left, the old man whispered, “How come I can feel some familiar Qi emerge from Asura’s body?” 

“This Qi…” 

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