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Chapter 1200: Demon corpse Valley!


“Don’t worry too much, otherwise, your beautiful face will become wrinkled. Come on, smile!” 

said Lin Feng following Shi Yu. Lin Feng felt awkward. Besides, four powerful elders were behind him. And that woman who looked like a skeleton was just next to him. So he decided to joke. 

“Mind your own business, will you?” said Shi Yu glancing at Lin Feng angrily. Then, she accelerated. In the blink of an eye, they had crossed a distance of a hundred li. Lin Feng had to make efforts to follow her. She was fast. 

Apart from Lin Feng, all the others were Godly Ancestors so Lin Feng had to use his full strength to catch up with them. 

Half an hour later, they had crossed ten thousand li and arrived at the entrance of Demon corpse Valley. But it wasn’t all, everybody needed to be there. 

The mountain road was difficult. It wasn’t even winding, it was just chaotic. And it had just rained so it was slippery. Lin Feng sighed helplessly and floated in the air. 

He arrived ten minutes later. It was written “Demon corpse Valley” at the entrance of the valley. The letters seemed like they contained an evil energy, or corpse energy. Lin Feng thought it was scary. 

Lin Feng turned his head again and continued following Shi Yu. At that moment, the four elders were standing near the “Demon Corpse Valley” shield at the entrance. They didn’t follow them. Only two people could walk on that path. 

Shi Yu and Lin Feng were both floating just above the ground. There were trees on both sides of the path. They had to be careful because thorns tore their clothes. 

Five minutes later. Shi Yu stopped and pointed at some black mist. It slowly turned into a vortex. Yin Qi emerged from the vortex. 

Lin Feng felt uncomfortable but Shi Yu opened her arms. She embraced nature. She offered herself to nature. Her Qi became much more powerful suddenly. 

When Lin Feng saw that, he rejoiced. It meant he was also going to become stronger. 

Lin Feng looked indifferent though. He looked at the mist and the emerald green trees. There was a small stream as well. It was flowing down the mountain. 

He couldn’t see the sky with the leaves of the trees. Shadow, fresh air and water had created Demon corpse Valley? Incredible. 

Lin Feng’s demon Qi was suddenly activated and shook in Lin Feng’s body. At that moment, his genesis spiritual strength isolated his genesis spiritual body as if it wanted to condense in his head. But only the demon Qi flowed through like a monkey devouring bananas. 

Lin Feng had three kinds of strength in his body, demon Qi, genesis spiritual strength which came from his genesis spiritual body and Buddhist strength which came from the twelve Buddhist Ancestors’ Ten Thousand Buddhas skill. The only kind of strength he had developed himself only was demon strength so his demon cultivation was slightly weaker than the two others. 


Even if he increased his demon Qi and made it purer in Demon corpse Valley, it wouldn’t be useful because it wouldn’t necessarily help him break through the seventh and eighth Great Supreme God layers. 

He tapped his hands impatiently. He wanted to go inside. 

But a long and cold slender white hand appeared. Lin Feng raised his head. Shi Yu wanted to say something. 

“Alright, since we’re here, I can give you the Three Heavy Waves now.” said Lin Feng nodding. He didn’t refuse. Song Chou Jiu and he had remembered the entire skill anyway. They didn’t need the book anymore but for Shi Yu, it was extremely important. 

Shi Yu grabbed the book, turned around and left. She didn’t say a word to Lin Feng. She didn’t even tell him anything about Demon corpse Valley. But that was because she hoped Lin Feng would die, even a hundred times if possible! 

Lin Feng smiled and looked at Shi Yu’s round bottom, and then he shook his head. Even though she had a cold nature, she probably tasted like a woman. 

Drip, drip!

Lin Feng felt something cold on his neck. It suddenly started raining. Lin Feng thus jumped into Demon corpse Valley. 

Demon corpse Valley was eighty eight thousand meters. Lin Feng slowed down and landed but the landscape had already changed in front of him. 

It was all dark in front of him. There were black rivers, the ground was black. There was ice-cold Yin Qi in those rivers. When Lin Feng put the tip of his toe inside, he had the impression his foot was about to get burnt. 

His demon Qi was acting strangely though. It was trying to take control over his body as if it wanted to gather experience in Demon corpse Valley. Lin Feng controlled the demon Qi and floated above the black water. Then, he slowly floated towards another place. 

When he arrived at the end of the valley, he understood how it looked like as a whole. 

He also understood how the black mist had been created. It was made of foul evil dragon energy, mud an decayed leaves from the forest, and they had formed the black rivers. 

And the most important thing was that Demon corpse Valley wasn’t a holy cultivation place, more precisely, the mist in the sky made it seem like a holy cultivation place. The yin Qi in there was much more terrifying than Yin Qi in hell. 

If the old tree of Shi Yu was over ten million years old, then that black fog was probably older. 

“Demon corpse Valley, Hei Mo Yun, Lin Feng, this is an opportunity. Make the demon corpse army come out as well, if they stay here for a week, they’ll break through to the Great Supreme God layer.” 

said the ice spirit to Lin Feng. Lin Feng was stupefied at first but then he smiled wryly. If the ice spirit hadn’t said anything, he would have forgotten about her. 

“You’re just coming out now? Couldn’t you help me before?” said Lin Feng unhappily. 

However, the ice spirit said, “I wanted you to get captured by Shi Yu!” 



Alright. Lin Feng shook his head and stopped thinking too much but the ice spirit still made him feel curious. He didn’t understand. Hei Mo Yun? What or whom did the ice spirit call Hei Mo Yun? Who was that? 

But the ice spirit didn’t feel like speaking and Lin Feng couldn’t force her to answer. 

Lin Feng walked in a circle and found a stone. He stood on it and looked around. He could see yin Qi gradually emerge in some places. His demon Qi became activated again. This time, Lin Feng didn’t oppress it. 

The demon Qi turned into a fish with eight claws and entered the black water. It replaced the Yin Qi and made it turn into fuel for the demon Qi. It improved the demon Qi. At that moment, Lin Feng could feel that he was becoming stronger and that his bloodlust was increasing. His eyes gradually became bloodshot. His demon Qi exploded around him. 

Lin Feng raised his left hand and Buddhist lights appeared and protected his heart from being corroded by the demon Qi. He couldn’t let anything ruin his determination. If his heart was corroded, his determination would be destroyed. 

At the same time, Lin Feng made the over eighty demon corpses he had come out of his spirit world. They were purple skinned and three meters tall. Their demon corpse Qi was extremely thick. 

At that moment, Lin Feng realized that when the demon corpses entered the black water, it seemed like they had returned to their sources as if they were born in that black water. 

At that moment, Lin Feng’s eyes were wide open. He was astonished. The Yin Qi started rotating around them extremely quickly. 

Lin Feng could see it clearly. Under their feet, the black water was surprisingly turning into a whirlpool. 

But at the same time, Lin Feng was dumbstruck because those demon corpses had also broken through to the first Great Supreme God layer in the blink of an eye. Besides, their cultivation level was stable and was still increasing! 

Ten minutes later! 

Six of the demon corpses had already broken through to the second Great Supreme God layer. 

Lin Feng was speechless. He didn’t know what to say. He felt great. In the end, he thought of something. 

Demon corpse Valley? Demon corpse army? Was there a connection between the two? 


Ten thousand li away, the leader of Shi Yu threw his walking stick away and looked excited. He stared in the direction of Demon Corpse Valley and suddenly shook violently from head to foot. When Shi Yu saw that, her expression suddenly changed, she grabbed her father and the four elders looked at him worriedly. 

“What… What’s the matter?” 

“Haha! Hurry! Let’s go to Demon corpse Valley! Haha! They’re back! Haha!” 

said the old man. He suddenly seemed insane. He looked in the direction of Demon corpse Valley and clenched his fists. Then he burst into laughter. His hair bristled. But on that day… 

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