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Chapter 1202: Fighting Against The “Peerless” Cultivator of Shi Yu!


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Lin Feng had already spent six days in Demon Corpse Valley. The black water had disappeared, and so the demon corpses had also stopped absorbing it. They had all broken through to the seventh Great Supreme God layer. They needed more black water to continue progressing. 

The black water had been created over endless years, and they had absorbed it in the blink of an eye at the scale of the universe. How would the people of Shi Yu react? The Demon Corpse Army could easily compete with rank eight Godly Ancestors!

Lin Feng ignored them as he continued studying the first wave of the Three Heavy Waves. 

After at least a dozen tries, Lin Feng had an idea. He sat down cross-legged, opened his hand, he put both hands on his lower abdomen, and an incredible tornado of Qi appeared. Demon Qi surged forth. His energies weighed at least a hundred million jin. Something roared and an ocean of water emerged from his hands. 

“Godly Skill, Water Rising to the Skies!” shouted Lin Feng furiously. He was still seated, but his hands moved all around him. His demon strength weighed two hundred million jin now. It was explosive and terrifying. Suddenly, it rolled and dashed to the skies. It felt  like it could destroy the ten thousand things of creation! 


Lin Feng was amazed and stared at the valley. 

He heard an explosion. Lin Feng’s first Heavy Wave destroyed everything in its way over a hundred meters. The black water emerged from the ground again. It turned into what looked like a black dragon, which wanted to devour Lin Feng alive. 

Lin Feng used another first Heavy Wave. It looked like a water dragon was emerging from the palm of his hands. It immediately destroyed the black water that had appeared around him. The black returned under the ground and the atmosphere returned to normal. 

Lin Feng raised his left hand. He recalled his over eighty-some demon corpses into his spirit world. He took a deep breath and could finally proudly declare that he had now broken through to the Eighth Great Supreme God layer! 

After seven days in Demon Corpse Valley, he had finally broken through to the eighth Great Supreme God layer. He had broken through two cultivation layers in seven days. If they heard that, everybody in Shi Yu would be completely dumbstruck. 

Lin Feng scratched his neck. After studying the first wave, he wanted to study the second wave. After the first, understanding the Sky Burning Wave would be extremely easily. Of course, he didn’t have time to continue practicing cultivation… 

Lin Feng also knew that once he learned the Sky Burning Wave, the second wave, it would also be time for him to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer! 

The third wave was way too powerful. He was too weak to think about using it. He would be able to learn it only after breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer. For the time being, he was convinced that using only the first heavy wave, he could easily torture and destroy ordinary Godly Ancestors. 

Lin Feng raised his head and looked at the top of the valley. He then flashed and turned into a beam of light, and disappeared


Shi Yu and the others had been waiting there for Lin Feng for seven days. They looked bored, but were still ready to act as quickly as possible. The old man wouldn’t live much longer, but he was still a Holy Godly Ancestor, so with him there, they were sure they could destroy Lin Feng in one attack! 

They suddenly saw black demon Qi. It covered an area a thousand li across at least. The trees in the mountains all broke and collapsed as Lin Feng appeared at the top of the valley. His arms were raised to the skies. He looked incredible and extremely aggressive. 

The four Godly Ancestors all charged at him without hesitation. They wanted to kill him. They couldn’t let him leave alive, or he would become an issue in the future! 

“Haha! My friends, seven days have passed. It’s my turn to play with you a little,” Lin Feng said, bursting into laughter. He struck out with a palm fearlessly, and a wave which towered to the skies appeared and rolled towards them. It was a thousand meters high and contained demon strength. It was at least two hundred million jin in size. It could easily destroy the clothes of an elder of the Godly Ancestor layer!

An elder’s clothes flew apart and he coughed blood. He was nearly severely injured. The Godly Tao Skill promptly blew him away. Shi Yu was dumbstruck. 

“Little boy, today, I will kill you! You can’t leave alive!” shouted the second elder furiously. A hundred-meter-wide tornado appeared and surrounded Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng smiled disdainfully. He had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer now, and he could easily destroy ordinary Godly Ancestors. Unless a Godly Ancestor used a Godly Tao Skill to fight against him, he could win easily! 

“Elder, go back and have a rest,” Lin Feng said, laughing loudly and confidently. He condensed three kinds of energies and punched the elder. His attack was extremely brutal! 

In the end, the old man was blown away, coughing up blood. 

Lin Feng suddenly turned around and threw a kick. A gigantic wave of Qi smashed the third elder away. In the blink of an eye, only the last elder remained. The middle-aged man looked at Lin Feng in fear and trepidation. He didn’t understand how Lin Feng had become so strong in only seven days! 

“Master, will you get down or do you need me destroy you?” Lin Feng chuckled. He didn’t intend to attack this time. He hoped the man would be reasonable. 

But the man ground his teeth and attacked. Alright, he couldn’t blame Lin Feng then. Lin Feng sighed. He struck out with his palms, and the man crashed on the ground hard. 

Lin Feng had defeated four Godly Ancestors in less than one minute! 

Asura didn’t land on the ground. He looked at Shi Yu and her father. The old man couldn’t attack. He was too old and too strong, he couldn’t tarnish his reputation. Shi Yu could fight, though. She looked at Lin Feng with fury in her eyes. 

“Father, I’m going!” shouted Shi Yu proudly. Her face was usually extremely pale, but her cheeks were red with anger. 

“You can’t compete with him, forget it,” the old crooked man sighed. If Lin Feng hadn’t broken through, she may have had a chance, but not anymore!

Shi Yu didn’t want to give up, and decided to disobey her father. She landed in front of Lin Feng and stared at him, eager to destroy him. Lin Feng could feel the temperature rise a few thousands of degrees. It was a kind of ice-cold heat, completely different from the ice world. 

It made his hair bristle. His soul felt like it was freezing, so he remained vigilant. He knew Shi Yu was extremely strong, stronger than ordinary Godly Ancestors. 

“I can’t forgive you,” declared Shi Yu straightforwardly. She stretched out her hand and Lin Feng heard the sound of crackling ice. He glanced around, and found the world around him was sealed by a gloomy Qi. 

Cold! It felt like it could make his bones freeze and break!

However, Lin Feng left the matter to the demon corpses. They understood gloomy Qi better than anyone. 

Lin Feng put his hands on the gloomy Qi walls. Shi Yu grinned icily. She thought Lin Feng was struggling to break free, but he was just playing around. 

She quickly realized there was a problem. She could feel the gloomy Qi of the walls was getting thinner and thinner. Lin Feng was just standing inside and smiling. 

Oh no! Her face paled. She understood he was messing around with her, and raised her left hand. The jade gloomy Qi wall disappeared, and she flashed towards Lin Feng making hand seals and isolated the area a few meters around them so that Lin Feng wouldn’t have space to counterattack. 

But it wasn’t that difficult for Lin Feng. He flashed and in the blink of an eye, he was holding her by the waist. She smelled surprisingly good. Shi Yu’s father was looking on, and was dumbstruck. 

Shi Yu shouted furiously, feeling humiliated. No man had ever touched her in the past and Lin Feng dared act so insolently? 

“How shameless! Man whore!” shouted Shi Yu bitingly. She used a palm strike, but Lin Feng reacted quickly, still smiling. He stretched out his hand and grabbed her slender white hand. Her hand felt soft and warm, but it still reminded him of a corpse. 

It didn’t matter, since he was just trying to infuriate her.

He held Shi Yu’s hand with one hand and her waist with the other. She was basically in his arms pressed against him. She could feel… 

The four elders were dumbstruck and turning purple. They all looked at the old man imploringly. But the old man shook his head. He liked seeing this. His daughter had been single for such a long time, too many men feared her. She was famous for it in the Region of the Eight Corners. He didn’t like people considering his daughter a leftover. He hoped someone would choose her soon. 

Now, a man was holding her, and he was delighted. He had always dreamt of having a son-in-law. This time, it became a possibility! 

Besides, Asura also had the Demon Corpse Army. It seemed like fate!

“Little Yu, bring Asura back. We’re leaving,” the old man coughed. He turned around and walked away. The four elders had no choice but to leave Demon Corpse Valley as well. 

Shi Yu and Lin Feng watched them with their eyes wide open. Shi Yu felt greatly humiliated. Asura had gone too far! Lin Feng also thought he had gone too far himself. The old man had only one daughter! 

“Uhhh… I’m sorry. I went too far,” Lin Feng admitted, blushing and moving away from Shi Yu a hundred meters. 

Shi Yu was pale and glaring at him angrily, but she remained silent. After a few minutes, she ordered icily, “Come with me!” 

“Alright!” Lin Feng smiled. He had been captured and brought to Shi Yu, and now considered it fate. The places where the demon corpses had come to life! Everything was different now. They had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, they were an all-conquering army now! 

Lin Feng had broken through to the eighth Great Supreme God layer thanks to the Yin Qi in Demon Corpse Valley. Two cultivation layers successively! It felt incredible. 

The trip had been worth it, even if he had had to exchange it against the Godly Tao Skill! 

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