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Chapter 1203: Terrified Leader!


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“Alright, go back,” Shi Yu’s father ordered the four elders in the palace. The four men naturally obeyed. Asura wasn’t strong enough to pose a threat to their leader. Shi Yu’s father also looked at her and smiled, “You can also leave, Little Yu.” 

“But, father, he…” Shi Yu began angrily, clenching her fists. She wanted to destroy that masked man. She would never forgive him! He had surprisingly… her… How shameless! 

“Leave now. I am your father. I will deal with all the problems and you will not feel sad or angry anymore,” sighed the old man, waving to make her leave. She left, sighing helplessly. She glanced at Asura furiously one last time and then closed the door of the great hall, leaving Asura and her father together. 

Lin Feng looked at the crooked old fellow. The old man chortled, but otherwise remained silent for a very long time. Lin Feng was surprised, but he didn’t hurry to ask anything. The old man could look at him as long as he wanted. It didn’t bother Lin Feng at all. 

Lin Feng sat down, ignoring the old man. The old man had no reason to get angry, either. Besides, he actually liked Lin Feng’s personality, very natural and carefree. 

After a long time, the old man finally stopped staring at Lin Feng and sat down one chair away from him. 

“Asura, can you summon the Demon Corpse Army, I’d like to see it.” The first thing he said astonished Lin Feng. The old man added naturally, “What? Is it strange?” 

“Could it be that…?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. He knew already. He had understood since he had established a connection between Demon Corpse Valley and the Demon Corpse Army. Their names were too similar. 

The old man understood and said, “Indeed. I am the first Master of the Demon Corpse Army!” 

“As expected! I understand,” Lin Feng smiled broadly. Back in the Country of Eternity, he had asked himself who the first Master of the Demon Corpse Army could be. He had even thought of the mysterious cultivator who had scared everyone there. How many sects and clans had the Demon Corpse Army destroyed? 

Now, everything was becoming clear. The old man in front of him was the first Master of the Demon Corpse Army, and Shi Yu’s father!

“That was five hundred thousand years ago. Long ago, I went to the Country of Eternity and brought the demon corpses there. I don’t know how you got them, but in any case, I raised them. Back in the days, I just had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. The demon corpses had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer.” 

“But even with that kind of strength, I used them to destroy at least seventeen ancient sects and clans. As for why I wanted to destroy them…” as the old man spoke, his eyes were filled with murder, “it was because of revenge!” 

“Revenge?” asked Lin Feng, surprised.

“Yes! Revenge! I had destroyed my enemies in the World of Battles already, but I didn’t think it was enough, so I decided to destroy the sects and clans connected to them and situated in the Country of Eternity. That way, no enemies anywhere! “

The old man smiled at that moment. He looked like an ordinary grandfather, yet slightly daring and energetic. He had destroyed everything that was connected to his enemies! 

Lin Feng was stupefied. He hadn’t destroyed sects and clans for no reason. They were his enemies! He had thought the destruction of some sects and clans had been groundless, but apparently not! 

“Alright, it’s all in the past now. What do you think, Asura? Will you show me the Demon Corpse Army?” asked the old man, clapping his hands excitedly. He hadn’t seen those old friends for hundreds of thousands of years. He had missed them. He had always hoped to see them again someday!

Finally, his dream was about to come true! 

Lin Feng had no reason to refuse, and he couldn’t anyway. Without the old man, the Demon Corpse Army would have never existed, and he would have never obtained it. 

Lin Feng opened the gate to his spirit world and had the fourscore pale demon corpses come out. Their bones crackled and they didn’t breathe. An ice-cold Yin Qi emerged from their four-meter bodies. 

The old man stood up, not using his walking stick. He ran quickly towards the demon corpses. He was much shorter than them, but he hadn’t forgotten the good old days with them!

“Indeed, indeed, it’s them! Haha! It’s them!” The old man’s eyes became wet. He controlled himself not to burst into tears, extremely moved. He had never been so sentimental. 

After a very long time, he let go of the demon corpse’s arm he was holding and slowly walked back to his throne. He sat down and asked Lin Feng, “I remember back then, I left a hundred and eight demon corpses, what happened…?” 

“I lost some of them in battle,” Lin Feng replied honestly. He didn’t need to hide the truth. He didn’t care how splendid and glorious the demon corpses used to be. They weren’t the old man’s property anymore. He was their new master, and he could do whatever he pleased with them. 

The old man nodded, having guessed so. A demon corpse would not have disappeared for no reason. He looked at the demon corpses again; they had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer now. He hadn’t thought he’d ever see that! 

Lin Feng now had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer and the demon corpses of the seventh. Together, they could easily destroy ten ordinary Godly Ancestors!

It was incredible because in Shi Yu, with him, Shi Yu, and the elders, they had only five Godly Ancestors. Even the strongest group, Xue Yu, only had seven or eight Godly Ancestors. Man Yu was the weakest and might not even have a single one! 

Therefore, Lin Feng was now qualified to walk around in the Region of the Eight Corners freely and without any pressure. He didn’t need to fear anyone anymore. The old man didn’t think of killing Lin Feng anymore, because he didn’t dare and because it wasn’t necessary. 

“Alright, you can go,” said the old man, waving at Lin Feng, meaning he could leave with the demon corpses. Lin Feng turned around and the demon corpses suddenly disappeared from the great hall. 

The old man frowned. He smelled some thick and dense space and time strength, as well as spiritual life Qi, but it only lasted for a second. He was surprised. Was it Asura’s own inner world? How impressive!

He found himself admiring Asura more and more. He hoped the young man would become his son-in-law. Whether Shi Yu would accept or not at first, they had to talk about it. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity though. 

“Eh… Asura… I’d like to ask you a question,” ventured the old man cautiously. He seemed excited and uncomfortable. Lin Feng looked at him skeptically but he nodded. 

“Do you have wives?” 

“Yes, two!” Lin Feng replied indifferently. He knew he had become even worse than before, he now had two more women at his side. He couldn’t continue like this. What would he do with Qing Huang Tian and Qian Jin Cai Yue already?! 

“Oh? Two? They’re good enough for you?” asked the old man, frowning angrily. Asura was such a heroic genius, and he already had two wives! What kind of woman were good enough for Asura? 

Lin Feng was surprised. He didn’t know whether to talk about Qian Jin Cai Yue. If he did, the old man would be disappointed and wouldn’t dare talk about a marriage alliance with Lin Feng again. 

If Lin Feng didn’t say the truth and said she was an ordinary woman, the old man would continue putting pressure on him and insisting! 

Since it was that way…! 

“Ni Huang’s daughter, Qian Jin Cai Yue!” 

“Wha… Wha… What? What did you say?!” The old man was dumbstruck. He immediately stood up from his throne. At that moment, he wasn’t crooked anymore, he could stand upright. He stared at Lin Feng with his eyes wide. 

Ni Huang? Ni Huang’s daughter? 

Was this little boy serious? He couldn’t believe it, he had to ask again! “How could Ni Huang possibly let you marry her daughter? Who are you?” 

“Master, I’m sorry, but I can’t tell you my teacher’s name but he’s definitely not weaker than Ni Huang. He’s one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points!” 

“What? What did you say? One of the five ancestors?” Your teacher?!” 

The old man paled. He was covered in cold sweat suddenly. Without even realizing, he stepped backwards and ended up outside of the great hall. 

Outside, he stopped, taking a deep breath and turning around. He looked at the dark silhouette inside of the palace and remembered what had happened during these last few days. He now believed what had happened in Demon Corpse Valley even more. 

Asura wouldn’t use Ni Huang as an excuse to tell him some lies. He wouldn’t dare lie about his teacher being one of the five ancestors, either. The old man believed at least forty percent of what Asura had said. 

Asura was talented and strong. He had obtained the Demon Corpse Army and then had understood the mysteries of Demon Corpse Valley, so he believed another thirty percent of what Asura had said. 

He initially had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer and had broken through two cultivation layers successfully! Now he had the strength of the eighth. That was astonishing, using only seven days! He had mastered the knowledge of the first Heavy Wave in one day, too! He had attained the highest degree of perfection in the first wave. Thinking about his own servants, the old man flushed. They were far from being as outstanding as him!

The old man was covered in cold sweat. He didn’t dare mention a marriage alliance again, and just sighed helplessly. Shi Yu wouldn’t be lucky enough to marry someone like that. One of Asura’s wives was Ni Huang’s daughter… the old man was just the tiny little leader of Shi Yu! 

The whole territory of this Region of the Eight Corners was under Ni Huang’s jurisdiction! How could he ever be at the same level as her? He was too weak to make his daughter marry a man whose wife was Ni Huang’s daughter! 

Thinking about that, he went back into the great palace, startling Lin Feng, who looked at the old man. 

“Asura, join Shi Yu!” 

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