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Chapter 1204: Suggestion!


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“You don’t want to talk about a marriage alliance anymore?” Lin Feng half-laughed. Now that he was sure the old man wouldn’t mention a marriage alliance again, he teased him about that. 

“No. No. How could I dare ask you to marry my daughter when one of your wives is Ni Huang’s daughter? Hehe! You must be joking, Prince,” said the old man, shaking his head hastily. He didn’t dare disrespect Lin Feng. He talked to him even more politely and even addressed him as Prince, and not Asura. 

“Good,” Lin Feng said in relief. He was ready to talk about almost anything, but not a marriage alliance!

“So, Prince, do you agree to join Shi Yu?” asked the old man happily. He didn’t want to miss this opportunity. 

“Didn’t you say foreigners couldn’t join Shi Yu? Didn’t you also say that foreigners couldn’t get out of here alive?” replied Lin Feng with a smile. 

The old man flushed. He had indeed said those things. He had been cruel and ferocious. He initially really wanted to destroy Lin Feng, but now everything was different. Asura was Ni Huang’s son-in-law, and his teacher was one of the five ancestors!

Even though he couldn’t guess which one could be Asura’s teacher, he imagined it could be Ancestor Mo. Lin Feng had displayed some amazing abilities in terms of demon cultivation, after all. But he also controlled Buddhist strength, so Ancestor Fo could also be his teacher. Even the Human Ancestor was an option…

So it wasn’t that easy to guess. But no matter who his teacher was, he didn’t want to offend someone powerful, so he had to establish a good relationship with Asura!

“Prince, if you join Shi Yu, I will grant you the title of vice leader of Shi Yu!” offered the old man, taking a big risk resolutely. He was initially afraid to say that, but in the end, what was the harm? None! Asura was outstanding, why not grant him a powerful title from the start? 

Lin Feng was astonished. How brave! The old man would grant him the title of vice leader of Shi Yu? Lin Feng knew that it would just be a title but still, it sounded important!

Lin Feng studied the old man, but he looked resolute. If Asura accepted the offer, he would dare announce Asura’s new title immediately!

Lin Feng actually wanted to refuse. Too many responsibilities were associated with such a title! In the future, if something happened in Shi Yu, he would have to intervene. He wouldn’t be able to just stand aside and watch them die. He wasn’t that heartless. 

It was a dilemma. If he agreed, his future wouldn’t be as easy… 

If he did as the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told him, it was a possible road to success. He had to unify the Region of the Eight Corners and become its ultimate leader. It was the only way to become famous in the shortest amount of time. From that standpoint, the title of vice leader of Shi Yu was desperately needed. 

In the future, when Lin Feng would become the new ultimate leader and unify the Region of the Eight Corners, Shi Yu wouldn’t resist him. They would gladly help him! 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng felt like he had no choice but to accept. 

When he saw Asura looking like he was going to refuse, the old man forced a smile. On the inside, he was angry at himself, because not just anyone could be the vice leader of Shi Yu. For a foreigner, being an elder in Shi Yu was an incredible honor. They would all very grateful when it happened. He had proposed that Asura become their vice leader, and Asura looked as if someone were forcing him to do something unpleasant. 

It made him sigh helplessly. The old man couldn’t mind at all. If Ni Huang’s son-in-law, a disciple of one of the five ancestors, refused, then he would have to find someone else. 

Lin Feng had other identities. He was the descendant of the twelve Buddhist Ancestors and had inherited the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill, but that was Lin Feng’s identity, not Asura’s. Even though they were one person, he couldn’t let other people guess that. 


After Lin Feng accepted the old man’s proposition, he was sent to a luxurious room to take a rest. Then the old man called Shi Yu and the four elders to the great palace. There were also over a dozen cultivators who had the strength of the seventh, eighth, and top of the Great Supreme God layers. They were the young geniuses of Shi Yu, the future of Shi Yu, so they were qualified to be there. 

When everybody heard the old man’s announcement, they were all astonished, especially Shi Yu. She looked furious. What the hell was her father doing? Didn’t he want to kill Asura?! 

Not only didn’t he kill Asura, but he granted him the title of vice leader of Shi Yu? Such an incredible honor? That couldn’t be happening!! 

“I do not agree! I strongly disapprove of your decision!” shouted Shi Yu, staring at her father aggressively. 

“Please think carefully, Leader!” The four elders all clenched their fists. They hoped the old man wouldn’t make such a drastic decision. They couldn’t let a foreigner become a vice leader! 

The dozen young geniuses all clenched their fists. They had heard that a man had dared take liberties with Shi Yu, and now they hated him. They wanted to destroy him violently. Now their leader wanted him to become the vice leader of Shi Yu? They naturally didn’t agree! Not only did they disagree, but they were also furious! 

“Teacher, we’d like to see that Asura!” declared the leader of the big men darkly. His face was distorted with ferocity, and he looked horrible, but he was one of the strongest young geniuses of Shi Yu. 

The old man glanced at him, but then ignored him. Why would he want to see Asura? He just wanted to provoke him! But considering Asura’s strength, he could easily destroy the strongest of the young geniuses of Shi Yu. He could even destroy all of them at the same time! 

Even though Lin Feng was a young genius, he was much, much stronger than the others! He just belonged to a different world. He didn’t even need to use his full strength to defeat ordinary Godly Ancestors. If he made some more efforts, he could even compete with a Spiritual Godly Ancestor! 

Therefore, the oversized geniuses couldn’t compare themselves to someone like Asura! 

That young man remembered when Shi Yu had broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer. He had become extremely discreet afterwards, but the leader didn’t know that. Even if he couldn’t get married to Shi Yu, he couldn’t let a despicable foreigner marry her, even if he was the strongest cultivator in Shi Yu! 

“Teacher, please call Asura. I want to challenge him!” said the man impatiently. 

This time, Shi Yu’s father replied, “Alright. Since you want to challenge, I agree! Actually, all the young geniuses of Shi Yu are going to challenge him!” 

“Father, since you already made a decision, I only have one request. If Asura wins against all of them, I’ll accept him as our new vice leader!” promised Shi Yu. She was happy, having found a new way to lower Lin Feng’s chances of becoming the vice leader. 

The four elders looked at her skeptically. They didn’t understand what the Great Miss meant. Why did she want Asura to defeat those young geniuses? That wasn’t fair. They had lost against Lin Feng in one attack, so those young geniuses would be crushed by Lin Feng! 

She didn’t understand anything! 

“Great Miss, don’t you know that Asura…?” the great elder wanted to speak, but Shi Yu interrupted him.

She continued indifferently, “I have a condition; Asura must lower his strength to the fifth Great Supreme God layer!” 

“What? Great Miss, you, you are humiliating us!” shouted the leader of the group of big men explosively, glaring at Shi Yu furiously. He was proud, but at that moment, he felt humiliated. 

“Humiliate you? Shi Die, you can ask your father how strong Asura really is. Humiliate you?” countered Shi Yu glancing, at an elder. 

Shi Die looked at the third elder, his father, Shi Man Shan! 

Even though Shi Man Shan didn’t want to admit it, he just nodded and sighed, “Son, Asura is stronger than us. Don’t think too highly of yourself. Even I would be happy if you could defeat him when he only has the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer!” 

What he said was reasonable. 

Shi Die pulled a long face. He couldn’t accept the truth. Asura had harassed her sexually. He had groped the woman of his dreams! Now her father now wanted to give that despicable man a powerful position?! The man felt desperate and devastated. 

“Alright, I will defeat him!” swore Shi Die, clenching his fists. He was willing to try and fight against Asura if he reduced his strength to the fifth Great Supreme God layer. 

The other young geniuses were all restless, as were the Great Elder, the second elder, and the fourth elder’s sons or disciples. Some young people striving to become young geniuses were also excited. It gave them a taste of what their future would be like. But for the time being, they were not worth mentioning at the same level as Asura. 

The old man had no choice. Shi Yu didn’t listen to him. He couldn’t have the entire population of Shi Yu disappointed in him, and he wanted his daughter to trust him. She would lead the region someday, after all. He had to attach importance to what she said, and the elders also had to listen to her. 

“Alright. I will talk to Asura. I don’t think he’ll refuse,” said the old man, walking away with his walking stick. His crooked silhouette disappeared in the darkness. Shi Yu felt sorry for her father. She wanted to call after him, but she didn’t. 

The four elders glanced at each other and grinned. The old grouch was trying to transfer all his privileges to his daughter, so they had to get ready. 

They couldn’t let his daughter become Shi Yu’s leader. Impossible! 

“Shi Die, Shi Meng, you are the most outstanding young geniuses of Shi Yu. This time, you’re going to fight for Shi Yu’s face. You understand?” said the fourth elder icily. Shi Die was the third elder’s son, while Shi Meng was Shi Xiao Tian’s son.


Only those in the highest ranks in the Region of the Eight Corners what was going on behind the scenes. The meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners was about to start in Gan Yu. All the territories had gotten ready to depart. But Shi Yu and Xue Yu had remained silent so far. 

Man Yu was special. It had three leaders. A leader had to be chosen and then they would be qualified to go to the meeting in Gan Yu. 

While Lin Feng was negotiating with the old man, in Man Yu, something incredible happened. 

Lang Zhe broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer. He gained an incredible advantage, which allowed him to become the new temporary leader of Man Yu. And then… Zhu Ban Chang and Song Chou Jiu also broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer!

But Lang Zhe’s cultivation was more stable, so he was still the most powerful one, and got the position of leader. 

Since it was that way, the group of people from Man Yu got ready to leave. Song Chou Jiu and the others, except Qian Jin Cai Yue, left their territory and traveled towards Lang Zhe’s territory to gather with everybody else. 

Lang Zhe knew that Song Chou Jiu was backed up by Qing Huang Tian, so he didn’t dare act too recklessly. Besides, Asura had disappeared, so he didn’t think about him too much and didn’t focus on his hatred for him. 

Zhu Ban Chang and two servants set out as well. Zhu Ban Chang looked like a fat pig, being over three hundred jin and almost three meters tall. He looked terrifying, but he had a good sense of humor. Song Chou Jiu and Zhu Ban Chang got along well, unlike Lang Zhe.

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