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Chapter 1205: A Bunch of Morons!


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“I’m sorry, Master. I, Asura, am not ready to do anything to become the vice leader of Shi Yu. I am not willing to take any examination. Hehe, you must be joking. I will not do anything like that, not to mention lower my cultivation level!

“Becoming the vice leader of Shi Yu is not something I really want. It’s not important to me. If you want to kill me, just do it. That way, you’ll be sure I won’t spread the secrets of Shi Yu around. I don’t care about the rest.” 

Lin Feng and the old man were together in a room. When Lin Feng heard the old man, he categorically refused. 

The old man flushed. He knew Asura didn’t really really want to become the vice leader of Shi Yu. He knew he couldn’t force Asura to go through any sort of exam, and even less make him reduce his cultivation level for a battle. Doing those things was simply not necessary to him! 

But that was Shi Yu’s request. As a father, he had immediately agreed. He couldn’t take his word back, but it was a vicious circle. In the end, he had had no choice but to negotiate with Asura. 

But Asura had refused categorically. The old man didn’t know what to think now. He was the leader of Shi Yu, and the very first leader of the Demon Corpse Army. No matter what, Asura should give him a little face. The old man was unhappy. 

“Asura, I know you are strong enough to win, why not do it? Why not consider this as teaching the younger ones?” said the old man. He respected Lin Feng. He was even talking about Shi Meng and the others as younger ones, as if Asura was a Master of the same generation as him. 

The old man was doing his best. He hoped Asura would agree. 

Lin Feng could see the old man was worried and anxious. He really wanted Asura to take their test. At the very least, the old man hoped Lin Feng would give face to Shi Yu. Regarding whether Lin Feng wanted to become the vice leader of Shi Yu or not, if it were not for the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, he would have never agreed!

Initially, he just wanted to make Shi Yu submit. He didn’t want to take an exam to become vice leader… but it was understandable. 

Lin Feng was proud, though. He couldn’t accept the old man’s request, but the old man was so old. He was a Holy Godly Ancestor, very privileged and noble. Lin Feng had to think about it. He might be able to accept, but he should then also add some conditions. 

“I have a condition, Master, and if you accept, I will accept.” 

“Alright, tell me. I will do my best,” agreed the old man happily. No matter what, he had to do his best to satisfy Asura’s request. As long as Asura agreed, everything was great. 

Lin Feng grinned in amusement. “I haven’t come up with anything yet but when I do, I will tell you,” Lin Feng said. He couldn’t just say anything, it was too important. As long as the old man was alive, the deal was on. 

The old man smiled wryly and nodded. He had no choice but to wait for Asura patiently. 

Their negotiation had been fruitful. Only then would Asura agree to teach those young geniuses a good lesson. 

An exam? No problem. He didn’t need an exam to show them he wasn’t scared of them!


The next day, Lin Feng stood up. A disciple of Shi Yu came to call him. It was time for him to fight those young geniuses. 

Everybody was excited. They all hoped the young geniuses of Shi Yu would save the honor and dignity of their people. They wanted their young geniuses to teach Asura a good lesson! 

Lin Feng and the disciple arrived at the same place as before, the foot of the thousand-meter tree full of spiritual Qi. 

Lin Feng walked closer to the tree. Many people, including the leader of Shi Yu, Shi Yu and the four elders, had gathered there. Apart from them, the four elders’ disciples were there too, as well as all the outstanding disciples of Shi Yu. 

Shi Yu looked ice-cold, not happy at all. Lin Feng eyed her casually. He wasn’t interested in her, so he didn’t care. 

Shi Meng and Shi Die had already arrived. They would never miss this fight! It was more important than their own life. Their fathers had told them that they better defeat Asura and crush him! 

Once everybody was there, the Leader of Shi Yu nodded and said, “Alright, everybody is ready, we can start!” He seemed excited. He wished the young geniuses of Shi Yu could crush Lin Feng, but he knew it wasn’t going to happen. 

“Shi Meng, my boy!” shouted the fourth elder explosively. His Qi rolled towards Asura, but Asura just smiled and remained silent. 

The fourth elder was the first one he had slapped away as soon as he had finished meditating. Therefore, the fourth elder hated him more than anything. He wished he could destroy Lin Feng himself! 

Of course, it didn’t matter to Lin Feng. He had never cared about what morons thought. 

“Hmph! You’re Asura?” called out Shi Meng, flashing forwards. He landed not far from the tree and looked at Asura icily. Asura had lowered his cultivation level to the fifth Great Supreme God layer. Haha! Now, he could destroy Asura as he wished, and nobody would have anything to say! 

Shi Meng was overjoyed. Lin Feng didn’t know what Shi Meng was thinking, but he knew that this battle would be insignificant in his life. He didn’t even need to fight here. 

If it weren’t for something in exchange, he would have never agreed to it! 

Alright. Let’s play!, thought Lin Feng, trying to cheer himself up. 

Shi Meng studied Asura angrily. He was convinced he could easily destroy Asura. His father would be so proud of him! 

“Haha! Asura, be careful! I will destroy you! Haha!” shouted Shi Meng ferociously. He charged Lin Feng like a moron, although he wasn’t slow. He wanted to use his strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer to destroy Asura, and used one of his most vicious attacks. 

He threw two punches. Sharp claws suddenly appeared in front of Lin Feng. One could imagine what would happen if those claws pierced through Asura’s chest and flesh. But for Lin Feng, all this was just a piece of cake! He was just enjoying himself. 

Even with the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, he could easily destroy these pieces of trash. It seemed there was a shortage of real young geniuses in Shi Yu. Apart from Shi Yu, the elders’ sons and disciples were extremely childish, and on top of that they had bad tempers. 

They weren’t lucky bumping into Lin Feng, though! 

“Your claws are sharp, but you are so weak. A really strong cultivator can destroy your claws extremely easily,” Lin Feng said nonchalantly. Then he stretched out his left hand twice as fast as Shi Meng and grabbed his arm. He pressed with brute force, then grabbed the other arm. Shi Meng shouted in sudden fear.

Lin Feng lifted the moron, threw him into the air, and kicked him in the chest hard. Shi Meng was smashed away. Everybody was astonished. 

Bam! He crashed into a gigantic boulder in the forest. The boulder exploded into a billion pieces of dust. Shi Meng was in bad shape, and couldn’t really fight anymore. 

Lin Feng had destroyed Shi Meng, a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, with the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer, and it had been extremely easy for him. The elders were devastated. Shi Meng felt even worse, as he was the one who had asked to challenge Asura! 

Now, they all regretted. It was a unilateral massacre. Shi Yu shouldn’t have brought Asura back. It would have been much better! And Asura had absorbed all the black water of their valley on top of it! 

Since Asura had arrived, he had humiliated the four elders, he had groped Shi Yu, he had even managed to negotiate with the leader of Shi Yu and the whole deal was a win-lose one in which he was the winner. He was even going to become the vice leader of Shi Yu! 

Now Asura was crushing the disciples at an “exam”. Shi Meng and Shi Die didn’t stand a single chance against him. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what they were thinking. All he knew was that he was facing a bunch of morons! 

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