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Chapter 1206: Teaching Them A Good Lesson!


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“Stop staring. Next one!” Lin Feng said indifferently as everybody stood stupefied. The four elders reacted together. None of them wanted their children to humiliate themselves fighting against Asura now, especially in front of Shi Yu and the Leader of their people. But they had no choice, as they were on the same team and they couldn’t let each other down. 

“Shi Qiao, you go,” ordered Great Elder Shi Jue Ling angrily. Even though he knew they were definitely going to lose, he had to remain dignified, and couldn’t act like a coward. Since nobody dared send anyone, he decided to send Shi Qiao. 

Shi Qiao was relatively slim and young. His clothes were better than those most people in Shi Yu wore, so he looked more like a foreigner. He had the strength of the seventh Great Supreme God layer and didn’t really stand out among all the young geniuses, but Great Elder Shi Jue Ling decided to make him fight. 

Shi Qiao stood in front of Asura. He felt a bit nervous, but he didn’t intend to flinch. He was doing what the others didn’t dare do!

Lin Feng examined Shi Qiao. He found him interesting, so he smiled in approval. Lin Feng didn’t like people like Shi Meng; that guy was a complete moron. Lin Feng even wondered if that guy had a brain. Anyone could see he was spoiled by the clan. At the most crucial moment, he was completely useless. Shi Qiao didn’t seem to be that kind of person. 

Lin Feng decided to reduce his cultivation level even more, he was going to use the strength of the fourth Great Supreme God layer and play around with this kid. He would teach him some useful things. 

“Enlighten me with your instructions, Master Asura!” said Shi Qian, bowing hand over fist respectfully. He frowned and pushed himself upwards. Two craters appeared where his feet were just before, and he charged Asura. He opened his hands and two threads of strength moved towards Asura. 

Even if he couldn’t win, he didn’t flinch! The only thing he had in mind was progress and courage! 

For an ordinary cultivator of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, those two threads of energies were terrifying, but for Lin Feng, that was how strong little boys were. He could crush such an opponent just by pressing him in his hand. But Lin Feng didn’t mock him, because he respected him. 

“You shouldn’t condense all your strength in your palm. You need to make it emerge evenly and regularly. With you, it feels like the palm of your hand and your skin are two separate things. You have to do what I tell you if you want to master strength creation!” 

Asura’s voice reverberated in Shi Qiao’s brain. Of course, everybody heard him. They all looked at Asura. He opened his two fists and an ocean of Qi emerged from the palms of his hands. Two sorts of strength dashed to the sky like lightning. 

In any case, the strength Asura released was much, much more powerful than Shi Qiao’s. When Shi Qiao saw that, he was astonished at first, but then he looked at Asura with admiration and respect. He knew Asura was trying to teach him things, but he would already need a very, very long time to understand what Asura had just told him. 

Boom, boom!

Their hands collided. Energies dispersed in the air like falling dragons. But Shi Qiao was like a flower petal. He hadn’t withstood a single attack, even though hadn’t even used his full strength. Shi Qiao was blown away, but he wasn’t injured. 

Bam! Shi Qiao crashed against a tree, and collapsed it. He nearly crashed to the ground, but at the most crucial moment, he managed to release energies and he flashed back at Asura. 

“When you release energies, there are three phases. The first one is the Qi flow, that’s when you make Qi flow throughout your body towards the palms of your hands. The flux must be regular, it’s all a matter of time and timing. 

“The second phase is Qi condensation. It’s when you condense the pure Qi into one point. Don’t let it come out when it’s completely scattered, otherwise, it loses most of its power! 

“In the end, and that’s just what I did just now, it’s when you release the Qi you’ve condensed. It feels as if a dragon is coming out of your body and dashing to the skies. It makes you feel like a celestial being. That’s the only way of carrying out powerful attacks,” Asura explained patiently yet casually. His words were powerful, however. Everybody would remember them! 

“Let’s try again!” shouted Lin Feng furiously, staring at Shi Qiao. Shi Qiao condensed pure Qi and thrust out. The palm of his hand was like a blade that could cut through mountains. His strength was like a dragon, his power was backed by a mountain. 

In the end, a thread of energy thinner than the palm of his hand emerged. It was much, much more powerful than his previous attack. Shi Qiao did exactly what Asura had told him, and it worked!

Lin Feng’s expression flickered, but he grinned. As expected, a real genius was willing to learn from other geniuses. Shi Meng, Shi Die, and the others were pieces of trash. They would never measure up to someone like Shi Qiao. He was a real young genius! 

While thinking, Lin Feng continued fighting. He also chopped his hand in the air. The crowd saw sparkles. Strength condensed. It was like two metal bars had collided. The energies looked like ferocious fighting tigers. 

In the end, Shi Qiao coughed up blood, while Asura was firmly standing in the air. He had won! 

Everybody remained silent in fright. Great Elder Shi Jue Ling and the leader of Shi Yu stared at Lin Feng blankly, their eyes wide open. They were both dumbstruck. They hadn’t thought Asura would instruct Shi Qiao, and even less that Shi Qiao would become much stronger in such a short amount of time! 

If Asura hadn’t taught him that, the people of Shi Yu would have never paid too much attention to him, but now they looked at him with new eyes. 

Shi Yu was staring at Asura. She wanted to understand the man she had kidnapped better. He wasn’t ordinary. He was powerful, agile, and smart, and he dared act insolently and arrogantly in Shi Yu! 

Shi Qiao had lost, and Asura had won. In terms of morons, Lin Feng didn’t think that Shi Qiao was a moron at all. On the contrary, he thought Shi Qiao was a bright and clever young man. 

“If you go and meditate in seclusion tonight, within three days, you’ll break through to the eighth Great Supreme God layer,” Lin Feng said of-handedly, looking at Shi Qiao, who was wiping the blood off the corner of his mouth. 

Everybody was stupefied. They didn’t understand what Lin Feng meant. Only the old man could see some signs that Shi Qiao was about to break through to the eighth Great Supreme God layer, but that clue was in his soul, not in his body. 

Asura’s teachings would help Shi Qiao break through. That was really mysterious and incredible! 

Shi Qiao also noticed something different inside of him, as if he were about to break through. He was extremely happy. He bowed deeply in front of Asura and ran away hastily. He didn’t even pay attention to his father, Shi Jue Ling! 

Shi Jue Ling watched his son go. He didn’t understand what was going on, but he realized it wasn’t anything bad. At least, after Asura’s teachings, Shi Jue Ling’s future would be brighter!

“If anyone else wants to challenge me, come together!” Lin Feng said straightforwardly to the remaining disciples. He looked extremely calm. No matter how many people wanted to fight him, Lin Feng would not be worried. 

Shi Die glanced around. Some people gathered with him. Seven in total, including him.

“Me!” “We challenge you!” the seven people shouted in unison. Lin Feng wiggled his index jokingly and looked over  the young geniuses, and smiled cruelly. 

The seven fighters were furious. Even if he could defeat them all one after the other, it wasn’t a reason to disrespect them! It didn’t mean he could defeat them all at the same time. Shi Die ground his teeth and looked at Lin Feng icily. 

Shi Meng clenched his fists. He was extremely tall and muscular, but it was meant nothing. He was slightly faster than Shi Meng. However, it was nothing to Lin Feng. He could easily destroy these young geniuses. 

People from Shi Yu rarely left Shi Yu, so the young geniuses of Shi Yu thought they were young geniuses compared to the other people of Shi Yu, not the rest of the world. But when they traveled abroad, they probably understood what the outside world was like. 

Pa! Pa! Pa! Lin Feng slapped three people and sent them flying in the blink of an eye. He had slapped them painfully and their cheeks burned. 

Shi Die was furious. They had failed the first attack?! No problem! Next one! 

“Hmph! Asura, I will never submit to you! Take this punch! Hmph!” swore Shi Die stridently. He sounded like a shouting monkey. What a horrible voice! Lin Feng hated his voice and didn’t feel like listening to the moron any longer. 

He raised his foot and threw a kick at Shi Die’s fist. Shi Die was smashed away. 

Bam! The third elder Shi Man Shan felt humiliated. He glared at Asura furiously. His son! Lin Feng had just destroyed his son! He didn’t give Shi Man Shan any face! How could he be happy!?

However, Asura didn’t pay attention to the third elder’s expression, and continued destroying his opponents. The three remaining young geniuses were all manhandled. Lin Feng didn’t even need to use his full strength. If he had used just a little bit more of strength, he would have severely injured them! 

Lin Feng landed on the ground next to Shi Yu and the old man. 

“Is it enough? No more exam, okay? I passed, right?” Lin Feng exclaimed sarcastically.

The elders were furious for a few minutes, but they eventually calmed down. Their sons couldn’t beat Asura, and they couldn’t beat him either. The Great Miss couldn’t beat him, the only one who could beat him was the Great Leader, but unfortunately he thought highly of Lin Feng. 

They would never get their revenge, so all they could do was forget about it!

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