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Chapter 1207: Representative of Shi Yu, Asura!


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“Congratulations Prince Asura, for becoming the new vice region leader! Hehe,” said Third Elder Shi Man Shan, smiling coldly. Asura had just become the new vice leader of the region and nobody could say anything about it. What the old man said had prevailed. Nobody could contradict him. If they did, it would come down to not giving him face. 

It was the same for Asura, who had just become the vice leader of the region. He didn’t need to take care of anything in Shi Yu if he didn’t want to, but everybody was convinced that if anything ever happened in Shi Yu, Lin Feng would intervene. The title was a splendid one, but Lin Feng had to bear some responsibilities. 

The old man sent the four elders away to hang a painting of Lin Feng a hundred thousand li away, so that everybody in Shi Yu would know about the new vice leader of the region, especially the ordinary people. 

Shi Yu was too angry, so she went back to her room and refused to eat for a long time. She had even had to congratulate Asura. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t need her hypocritical words. 


Lin Feng and the old man were drinking tea in the great palace. The old man had to talk to Asura. Since Asura had just become the vice leader of the region, he had to learn some of Shi Yu’s secrets. 

Lin Feng looked happy. 

“Asura, Shi Yu is a hundred thousand li wide in total. From the mountain range in the east to the forest of Gan Yu in the west, those territories are under Shi Yu’s jurisdiction. From the Man Yu mountain range in the south to Jing City in the central area is also our territory. 

“In the history of Shi Yu, there have been fifteen Godly Ancestors. Back then, one of them almost broke through to the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer and was strong enough to try and become an overlord. That man was my grandfather,” said the old man, sighing sadly. 

One could well imagine why he was telling Lin Feng about that. So, why had his grandfather failed to become an overlord? 

“No need to talk about those things. You’re not interested, anyway. I will just tell you a few brief and simple words about Shi Yu. Nowadays, from what I know, we have five Godly Ancestors; my daughter and the four elders. If there are others, I haven’t found out about them. 

“But there may be new ones, I don’t know. Otherwise, we also have fifteen hundred Great Supreme Gods, ranging from the first to the last Great Supreme God layer. 

“We have about six thousand Supreme Gods. They’re stationed in all our strategic locations. They are the lungs of Shi Yu. And we also have some Godly Emperors. 

“The first of the four elders are Great Elder Shi Jue Ling. He’s easy-going and kind, but sometimes he also has ulterior motives. He can be selfish at times. It’s normal. Just ignore him when he’s annoying. 

“The most important thing is that the second elder Shi Wen Lin and the third elder Shi Man Shan are very sly and vicious. They are also resolute and categorical in their actions. To achieve their goals, they are ready to do anything. If they hadn’t broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer, I would have never paid any attention to them. 

“Of course, as long as I’m alive, they don’t dare do anything reckless. When I die, they will get restless. Little Yu must become the new Leader of the region. Therefore, Asura, I am begging you today, when I die, if they ever betray me, please remember I gave you something priceless by letting you go and break through in Demon Corpse Valley and help Little Yu, alright?” the old man said suddenly. He even knelt down. 

Lin Feng hastily grabbed the old man’s arms and lifted him up. What was going on? He couldn’t let the old man kneel down in front of him! 

“Master, please don’t worry. Since I am the new vice leader of the region, I will naturally deal with any issue which may arise in the future of Shi Yu. Don’t worry.” 

“Haha! Good! Good!” said the old man happily. He stood back up so fast Lin Feng didn’t even have time to finish lifting him up, then he ran back to his chair. 

What a shameless old fox!, thought Lin Feng. 

“Asura, your teacher is one of the five ancestors, and you are Ni Huang’s son-in-law. You probably don’t think very highly of our region, right?” asked the old man carefully. What he meant was clear, but he didn’t want to make Asura feel uncomfortable. 

Lin Feng grinned and said half-seriously, “Hehe, no actually. And if someday I want to become the Leader, I’ll just kick your daughter out.” 

“Your little boy! How dare you! I’ll kill you!” shouted the old man, releasing Qi furiously even though Lin Feng was just kidding. Lin Feng paled and suddenly started shaking violently. He had the impression his soul was going to burst. 

He looked at the old man. The old man’s eyes were bloodshot with fury. Lin Feng was impressed, and now he was sure the old man was stronger than the seventh phoenix! 

“Don’t worry, old man. I will not steal your daughter’s position as a Leader. Besides, I am not interested in being the Leader. I’m going to tell you the truth, actually,” Lin Feng smiled easily, taking a deep breath. 

The old man watched him skeptically. “What?” 

“My teacher asked me to unify the Region of the Eight Corners and become an overlord!” Lin Feng declared calmly. He didn’t look perturbed at all, but the old man was dumbstruck. He now knew one of the secrets of Asura’s teacher!

The old man was lost in thought now. Unify the Region of the Eight Corners? Even if Lin Feng controlled the eight great territories, it wouldn’t mean he was the Leader of the regions… 

Asura was good at plotting. The old man felt happy to know him. With Asura as a vice leader of the region, the future of Shi Yu would be bright. If Asura really managed to unify the Region of the Eight Corners, then Shi Yu would have even more opportunities. Of course, if he failed, Shi Yu wouldn’t lose anything. On the contrary, it would be an opportunity for Shi Yu to compete with the others. 

In every case, they would benefit. So he was really happy and rejoiced inside. 

“Asura, in any case, if you don’t try to steal my daughter’s position, everything’s fine with me and I naturally support you in unifying the northwest.” 

“Alright, it’s a deal!” Lin Feng and the old man laughed together. From now on, Asura was officially the vice leader of the region! 

“Asura, you know about the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, right?” said the old man after a long time. 

“Of course. I heard about it when I was in Man Yu. I just don’t know the details,” Lin Feng replied. 

The old man nodded. He wasn’t surprised by Asura’s answer, but what he had just said also proved that he had a high status in Man Yu as well. He knew about the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, which meant he had at least interacted with the leader of Man Yu. 

“So, briefly, the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners is mostly a series of bloody and brutal battles between Xue Yu and Li Yu. It is a yearly event that has existed for a very long time. Each time, the winners are Xue Yu and Li Yu. 

“Shi Yu won once eight years ago, while Li Yu won four times and Xue Yu won five times within the last decade. Most people just describe it as a series of battles between Xue Yu and Li Yu. 

“Li Yu and Xue Yu’s territories are close to each other. It’s hard to say who’s stronger. In any case, Shi Yu is third, Gan Yu is fourth, Ye Yu is fifth, and then there are Huang Yu and Man Yu. Man Yu is the last one at eighth. 

“There are three categories at the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners. The first one is the Godly Ancestor category. Each territory sends one Godly Ancestor. The winner is qualified, the loser is eliminated. 

“The second one is the Great Supreme God category. Each territory sends one Great Supreme God. Same rules: the winner is qualified, the loser is eliminated.” 

“The Godly Ancestor category is actually just for fun, to show dazzling battles to the public. They don’t really compete there. The real battles are those of the Great Supreme God category. There’s the Supreme God category, but it’s just to see what the geniuses of the future are like,” explained the old man.

Lin Feng understood the situation better now. The meeting wasn’t going to be insignificant. The fights were probably going to be fierce! 

Li Yu and Xue Yu were the strongest, but Shi Yu and Gan Yu were also quite strong. Poor Man Yu, though… 

“Asura, I’m not going to the meeting this time because as you can see, I’m not going to live much longer… at most another decade. Therefore, I don’t want to waste my energy on such things. In the future, Shi Yu is going to need to find a new general for the army.” 

“Alright, who?” 



“Yes, you. Asura, the representative of Shi Yu!” 

“Are you joking?” 

“You think I’m joking?” 


Lin Feng went back to his room. He needed time to think. But this time he was going to be the representative of Shi Yu at the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners. It was an honor… 

Even though he didn’t know what the old man was planning, the old fart had chosen him, a foreigner, as the representative of Shi Yu. Who would in Shi Yu would accept it? Nobody. Neither the elders nor the ordinary cultivators of Shi Yu! 

But since the leader of the region had decided, Lin Feng couldn’t refuse. He was going to have some fun as the representative of Shi Yu! 


Shi Yu and her father were talking. The atmosphere was tense. 

“Father, why did you choose him as the representative? What’s wrong with you? Since he came out of Demon Corpse Valley, you treat him with so much respect!” shouted Shi Yu angrily. She was pale and Yin Qi had filled the room. 

The old man was holding his walking stick. He looked at his daughter and remained silent, so Shi Yu asked again, “Father, is there anything unpleasant you have to say? Why do you trust Asura?” 

“No. Nothing. But do you remember the world order I told you about?” 

“Yes, I remember! Five ancestors and four overlords! Then there are the overlords of the List of the World of Battles as well! They’re all the strongest cultivators of the World of Battles!” 

“You know it all then, good.” 

“What does that have to do with Asura?”

“Asura’s teacher is one of the five ancestors. His wife is Qian Jin Cai Yue, Ni Huang’s daughter. Ni Huang is one of the four overlords of the region.” 


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