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Chapter 1208: Gathering in Gan Cheng!


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The people in Shi Yu woke up slowly the next day. They all prepared godly coins and weapons. They would then give them to the people who were going to the meeting for them to do some shopping for them. 

Lin Feng’s pockets were full of money. He felt like a god. These people had given him money for him to buy them things there. He had their whole life and hopes in his pockets. He felt so powerful! 

He took the shopping lists and the money and then he looked at the others who were going to travel with him. Shi Yu was naturally going, as were Great Elder Shi Jue Ling and Third Elder Shi Man Shan.

Shi Die and Shi Meng were coming too. Shi Qiao hadn’t managed to break though during the night, and Lin Feng was disappointed. He hoped the young man would continue working hard. 

The Supreme God representative was a young man called Shi Tong. Actually, he was over a thousand years old and had the strength of the high-level Supreme God layer. Of course, no influential group would send a low-level Supreme God; they all only sent high-level Supreme Gods. 

It was a simple group. Shi Yu and two elders were Godly Ancestors, and Lin Feng was a Great Supreme God, but nobody dared treat him like one anymore. 

After saying goodbye to the old leader, they got on purple clouds and disappeared into the horizon. The purple clouds traveled much faster than Lin Feng could! 

Nobody knew what Shi Yu and the old leader had discussed the day before, but when Lin Feng saw Shi Yu, she didn’t look at him so angrily. She seemed rather cautious, and stayed away from Lin Feng. The two elders were surprised, but Lin Feng couldn’t care less. 

Of course, all Lin Feng had in mind at that moment was the trip to Gan Yu. He would also do his best to see the people of Man Yu. 


The wind was cold. The moon was pale. The universe was reflected in drops of water.

Lin Feng and the others had spent four hours leaving the territory of Shi Yu and then taken an hour to rest. They didn’t need to rest, but the purple clouds worked with pure Qi, so they had to refill them, or they would fall from the sky. 

Five hours later, they refilled the purple clouds again, and then three more hours later, they arrived in Gan Cheng. The people of Gan Cheng called it Gan Yu. Gan Cheng was situated in the mountains of Gan Yu. Outsiders rarely realized it. Only people from the Region of the Eight Corners knew about that. 

Gan Cheng was much smaller than Jing City. It looked like a sorcerer’s village, but Gan Cheng bustled with even more activity than Jing City. There were street vendors everywhere, and people speaking loudly. There were horses and wains everywhere. All the people in wagons were noble cultivators from Gan Yu. 

Everybody agreed on one thing in the Region of the Eight Corners: Gan Yu didn’t look like a territory of the Region of the Eight Corners, because too many people were normal humans here. They weren’t giants. The tallest natives were only two meters tall. They were a tall folk, but compared to the other people of the Region of the Eight Corners, especially Li Yu, they looked ridiculous and tiny. 

Gan Yu looked a bit like other places in the World of Battles. Therefore, Gan Yu was the most developed place of the Region of the Eight Corners. When the people of the Region of the Eight Corners needed some new life goods, they came to Gan Yu to get them. As a result, Gan Yu was one of the richest regions. 

Today, the atmosphere was bustling with activity. There were oceans of people on the sidewalks. They were all trying find available rooms in hotels and inns. It was astonishing. 

Lin Feng and his group arrived in the evening, but it was still well lit. Each building had torches. The sky was clear, and the moon and the stars were bright. 

At night, it was still cool and ordinary people didn’t really come out. Of course, Lin Feng didn’t need to fear anything. He looked for a hotel and paid twenty godly coins for a room. 


Lin Feng said goodbye to Shi Yu and said he was going to see a friend. Of course, Shi Yu knew he was going to look for the people of Man Yu. He might leave them, but she wasn’t worried. Asura was the new vice leader of the region of Shi Yu, so he wouldn’t do anything to cause Shi Yu harm. 

After her father told her about Asura’s identity, she looked at Lin Feng with new eyes. She felt ashamed that she hadn’t seen the potential in him. But if she really knew the truth, she would realize Lin Feng belonged to a different world. He was too strong and too talented for them. There was a huge gap between them. 

When her father told her he had asked Asura if he wanted to marry her, she had reddened with fury. Asura… was Ni Huang’s son-in-law?! She didn’t deserve someone like him! He was too incredible! 

She chose her room and got ready to take a rest. The meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners would start tomorrow, twenty li away in Feng Xun Valley. It was a natural valley three thousand meters deep, and twenty li broad. There were four hundred-meter-high battle arenas in Feng Xun Valley, making it suitable for the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners. 


Lin Feng put on a plaited bamboo hat when he left the inn. Before leaving, he asked the owner where the representatives of Man Yu could be found. The owner knew and told Lin Feng. 

Thirty li away, were the lands of a noble family, one of the big clans of Gan Yu, the Zhu Clan. The representatives of Man Yu were there. 

In less than ten minutes, Lin Feng arrived at the Zhu Clan. The Zhu Clan’s territory was quite broad. There were two ten-meter tall gates, with four statues of godly beasts at the entrance. Their entrance looked quite majestic. 

Song Chou Jiu and the others had arrived. Of course, Lang Zhe was there too. 

Lin Feng entered without making any noise. Nobody detected his presence, not even the guards. They were Great Supreme Gods, how could they detect the Qi of a cultivator at the top of the Great Supreme God layer? 

When he entered the great courtyard, he saw some torches and some silhouettes, and flashed closer. 

He landed behind the palace. He wasn’t too far away, and could hear what people said. 

“Lang Zhe, tomorrow, we have to be cruel, intense, and fierce. You and Song Chou Jiu better get ready,” a man said sharply. Lin Feng was surprised. Song Chou Jiu and Lang Zhe were inside?

“Zhu Ban Chang, you don’t need to tell us. We know,” responded Lang Zhe icily. Lin Feng recognized Lang Zhe’s voice immediately. He still sounded like a beggar, Lin Feng would never forget it. He still wanted to kill Lang Zhe, mainly because he had pointed at Lin Feng with his finger. 

If a teacher did that to a disciple, it didn’t matter. But Lang Zhe had made fun of him. Since it was that way, why would he spare Lang Zhe’s life? 

But he meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners was going to start tomorrow, so he couldn’t start things off by killing Lang Zhe. If he killed Lang Zhe, Man Yu would be eliminated quickly! 

“Lang Zhe, you’re misunderstanding on purpose. Brother Zhu is being kind,” said Song Chou Jiu. Lin Feng enjoyed listening to that familiar voice. 

But Lang Zhe just replied, “Song Chou Jiu, who do you think you are? You’re not qualified to speak here. Don’t forget that this time, I am the representative of Man Yu, me, Lang Zhe!” 


“Lang Zhe became the representative of Man Yu?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. It seemed like many things had changed in Man Yu since he had left. Lang Zhe had even become the representative of Man Yu. 

“Alright! Come on! Stop arguing, we’re in the Zhu Clan here. Go and argue elsewhere. We’ll gather in Feng Xun Valley tomorrow morning.” 

“Alright, I’m off too!” Song Chou Jiu’s voice rose and then a silhouette appeared. Someone knocked at the door. Lang Zhe looked smug and extremely proud. 

Lang Zhe didn’t pay any attention to Song Chou Jiu, and just went back to his room silently. Song Chou Jiu sighed and went back as well. 

“Brother Song!” 

“Who is it?” 

When Lin Feng called, Song Chou Jiu’s expression was wary. He glanced around and finally saw a man wearing a plaited bamboo hat and a cloak, so he didn’t recognize him. He seemed angry. 

Lin Feng walked towards Song Chou Jiu slowly and took off his hat. Song Chou Jiu was stupefied. “You, Asura? You… How is this possible?”

Song Chou Jiu was astonished at first, but then delighted. Finally, Asura wasn’t dead! He had been so worried! He had thought the strong cultivators of other regions had killed him. He was so happy to see Asura was safe and sound. 

“Briefly, I came here to tell you that tomorrow, at the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, Shi Yu will be on your side, so don’t worry.” 

“You… why?” 

“Because I am now the vice leader of the region of Shi Yu! Hehe!” 

“Eh, what? What’s going on here? You’re joking, right?” 

“Don’t worry. Let’s go, we can talk and walk.” 

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