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Chapter 1209: Feng Xun Valley!


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“I was asked to become the new vice leader of the region of Shi Yu,” Lin Feng said, smiling and shaking his head. He then told Song Chou Jiu everything about the few days he had spent in Shi Yu. When Song Chou Jiu heard Asura, he couldn’t help but sigh helplessly. Asura was incredibly lucky. He had been promoted to vice leader of the region so quickly! 

It sounded like a fairy tale, but it was all true, it had really happened to Asura. Song Chou Jiu admired Asura, and also felt helpless  about it all, but that was all. 

“Asura, many things changed in Man Yu. Lang Zhe broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer before Zhu Ban Chang and me. While our cultivation level wasn’t stable, he attacked and defeated us, so he became the leader of Man Yu. Zhu Ban Chang and I naturally don’t want that, but we have no choice, for the honor and reputation of Man Yu. 

“We have no choice but to wait until we’re back in Man Yu for the time being. Tomorrow, please be tolerant of Lang Zhe so that Man Yu has more chances to get qualified.”

Song Chou Jiu bowed hand over fist imploringly. He didn’t do it for Lang Zhe, but for Man Yu and the honor of Man Yu. The seven other regions despised Man Yu, especially Xue Yu and Li Yu. They were the worst, as they enjoyed humiliating Man Yu. If Shi Yu intervened then, it would be much better for Man Yu in the future. 

At the very least, the representatives of Man Yu wouldn’t need to feel ashamed each time. Of course, they didn’t have confidence in themselves either, so they would never be happy anyway, unless Asura came back. But now Asura had become the vice leader of the region of Shi Yu, which meant he would probably rather help Shi Yu become champions than them. 

Song Chou Jiu didn’t dare waste too much time. Asura had come to see him, that was enough. He felt happy for Asura. 

“Brother Song, don’t worry, I have a great plan. Tomorrow, I will join Man Yu as Mu Feng, and help you!” Asura told him. Asurahoped Man Yu would finish first tomorrow. Of course, it wasn’t a realistic scenario. 

Song Chou Jiu was overjoyed. He was worried about Asura, so he asked carefully, “Brother, you are now the vice leader of the region of Shi Yu, how are you going to impersonate someone else?” 

“Haha! Very easy! I’ll tell the representatives of Shi Yu. They won’t mind. I can fight all the duels, except the ones between Man Yu and Shi Yu. 

“When I am with Man Yu, call me Mu Feng. When I am with Shi Yu, call me Asura,” Asura finished with a casual smile. It wasn’t a big issue, but Song Chou Jiu was worried. At the same time, he was excited. With Asura’s help, they might manage to do great things! 

He hadn’t noticed it yet, but Asura had broken through to the eighth Great Supreme God layer. If he had noticed, he would have been dumbstruck since only seven days before, Asura only had the strength of the sixth Great Supreme God layer. In seven days, he had broken through two cultivation layers! 

Even without knowing that, he was convinced that Lin Feng was going to deliver a pleasant surprise to Man Yu. He wasn’t going to let them down!

“Brother, Miss Qing came, you?…” 

“I don’t have time to see her. Among the people from Man Yu, you’re the only one who knows and who needs to know my real identity. Don’t tell anyone, not even Zong Hu and the others. Alright, it’s already dark. I should go back now,” Asura said. He flashed out of the window, and completely disappeared in the darkness of the night. 

Song Chou Jiu’s expression flickered. He was a Godly Ancestor, but he couldn’t detect Asura’s Qi anymore…

Song Chou Jiu was astonished. 

Lin Feng was already ten li away at that moment. He decided to fly and arrived back at the inn in the blink of an eye. 

He entered through the door normally. The plan for that night was to have a good rest and to get ready for the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners. 

There were tensions between the different territories of the Region of the Eight Corners, but in the past, they used to live in harmony. Of course, at the beginning, they were all equally strong. When stronger and weaker groups emerged, the group dynamics changed. In the past, Li Yu used to be the most powerful, Xue Yu and Shi Yu used to be third. Now the first place alternated between Li Yu and Xue Yu. 

Gan Yu, Ye Yu and Huang Yu weren’t just pure trash, either. They might also start rising at some point. Well, apart from Man Yu, thought most people, but the others had good chances and various strengths. 


Feng Xun Valley, a natural valley in Gan Yu… 

The valley was twenty li across. There were high battle arenas located here, a thousand meters up in the air. Since Gan Yu had this place, the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners always took place here. 

The meeting would always be held here. The other regions were qualified to hold the meeting, but Gan Yu had money and they were powerful. They were also the first place a Godly Ancestor had risen. 

Early morning, the sun was still rising, but there was already an ocean of people here. They all gathered near Feng Xun Valley, but the passage wasn’t open yet. 

The isolation of Feng Xun Valley hadn’t been made by strong cultivators of Gan Yu. It was completely natural. A protective blue Qi enveloped the whole valley. Only strong people could get through it. Of course, those who weren’t sure they couldn’t get through better not try, otherwise they would just humiliate themselves if they failed. 

All the representatives had arrived at the top of Feng Xun Valley. At some point, the blue Qi disappeared. When the Qi disappeared, they all flew into Feng Xun Valley towards the battle arenas. 

The battle arenas were made of bluestone, the balustrades had lotus flower ornaments. They were there to avoid the energies the spilled over. 

The representative of Gan Sheng this time was a Great Elder, Gan Wu Dao. Two elders were behind him as well as the young geniuses of Gan Yu: Gan Sheng, Gan Jiang, and a disciple of the Supreme God layer. 

If Lin Feng were there, he would have noticed that the old man who was with Gan Sheng at the auctions of Jing City was the third elder of Gan Yu, Gan Kun Ling. Gan Sheng was his disciple. 

Gan Sheng would never forget Asura from Man Yu. At the auctions, he had offended and made fun of him, too. He had wanted to teach Asura a good lesson, but unfortunately, it was said that Asura had not shown up for a long time. He had disappeared in the forest with the precious items. 

Great Elder Gan Wu Dao from Gan Yu was in charge of managing the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners this time. He had a high status and was extremely strong. He was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, so he was much stronger than most of the representatives. 

Shortly after the representatives of Gan Yu arrived, the representatives of Xue Yu also arrived. They were surrounded by blood-red energies. It looked as if there had been a terrible war in Feng Xun Valley recently. Their Qi was disgusting. 

Great Elder Gan Wu Dao eyed the blood-red cloud of energies. Above the filthy cloud were eight very tall people. The representatives of Xue Yu were extremely powerful this time. They definitely had the potential to become the champions. 

“Hahaha! Gan Wu Dao, less than a year later, and you’ve become much stronger it seems! Try my punch!” shouted someone hoarsely. A blood-red silhouette appeared in front of Gan Wu Dao, ten meters away from him. The blood Qi was incredible, and it shot straight towards Gan Wu Dao’s chest. 

Gan Wu Dao was annoyed, but he didn’t flinch. On the contrary, he grunted coldly and pushed back with his palm while condensing thick energies and releasing them. He shoved the blood Qi back, but the representative of Xue Yu didn’t intend to give up. He condensed even more Qi weighing ten million jin. 

There was an explosion, and the ground shook violently. It sounded like dragons were roaring and monkeys whistling. A blood-red streak like a sword light sliced across the sky extremely fast. Gan Wu Dao had even less time to react. 

Gan Wu Dao’s expression hardened grimly. He condensed pure Qi and took half a step backwards. He performed some hand seals, and condensed strength of the earth and the sky in his palms. Righteous Qi emerged and lashed towards his opponent like tentacles. 

The extremely sharp blood-red light cut towards the powerful energies which had the power to absorb whole lakes and rivers. One attack was sharp and fast, the other one was heavy and powerful. 

There was another explosion. Many people flashed back a thousand meters to give the fighters even more space, and most importantly to avoid being injured! 

When Lin Feng arrived, he watched it all. Those attacks were so traditional. 

Shi Yu looked pale. When she saw that, she seemed perplexed. 

Blood red lights streaked across the sky and collided with a thread of energy. There was yet another explosion. The energies turned into sparkling stars and dispersed. The cultivator from Xue Yu might have been injured. 

Gan Wu Dao’s sleeve was cut and he was bleeding. He would have a scar on the arm forever. The representatives and ordinary disciples of Gan Yu were suddenly extremely worried. 

The representatives of Gan Yu and Xue Yu’s leaders had battled for only a few seconds, but in three or four attacks, the winner was clear. 

Great Elder Gan Wu Dao had clearly lost, so the crowd from Gan Yu felt humiliated and worried. 

Their skins almost turned green. What were the people of Xue Yu trying to do? Were they trying to provoke them? They had just arrived and had immediately tried to put on an initial show of strength!

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