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Chapter 1210: Asura, Indeed!


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“Xue Can Yun, you’re as powerful and aggressive as before,” said Gan Wu Dao, ignoring the wound on his arm. He didn’t care about it at all. It was nothing, just a small scratch. The only issue was that he had lost against a cultivator from Xue Yu, which meant Xue Yu would be able to suppress them from now on. 

Xue Can Yun, the Great Elder of Xue Can Yun, the one who Gan Wu Dao had just fought against, was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, acclaimed as the second strongest cultivator of Xue Can Yun. In reality, he was about as strong as the leader of Xue Yu, Xue Wu Tian! 

Xue Can Yun was three meters tall and wearing a blood-red robe. He had a big mouth, big ears, a huge nose, and there was a red spot on his forehead. It looked like a blood-red cloud. 

“Gan Wu Dao, a year has passed and you still can’t defeat me. You’re crazy. Your cultivation level is so stable,” said Xue Can Yun, purposely mocking him. Gan Wu Dao could only glare at him furiously. 

However, Xue Can Yun didn’t seem afraid at all. He had defeated Gan Wu Dao, so he didn’t need to fear anyone. 

“Let’s land,” Xue Can Yun ordered his group of people. They landed on the battle arena and sat down close to the center. 

Gan Wu Dao pulled a long face, but he had no choice. He had to grant some privileges to Xue Yu this time. 

“Hehe. Xue Can Yun, you’re bullying people again, huh? You can bully Gan Wu Dao, but me?” another voice spoke up suddenly. Everybody looked in the direction of the valley, but didn’t see anyone. 

The representatives of Li Yu landed on the battle arena in a blur of motion.

Xue Can Yun looked over the nine representatives of Li Yu. The leader was a four-meter tall fellow, but nobody would underestimate him. He was Great Elder Li Chen. and he was also a Spiritual Godly Ancestor! 

There were some people Lin Feng knew with him. Li Dian, the one who represented Li Yu at the auctions. The others were Godly Ancestors and Great Supreme Gods. Of course, there was a Supreme God as well, a young man. 

Li Chen laughed without restraint when he arrived. Gan Wu Dao opened the way for him. Li Chen clapped Gan Wu Dao’s shoulder, smiled, and sat down. He was staring at Xue Can Yun the whole way. His eyes sparkled with anger. 

Everybody knew that there were tensions between the two people and that a battle was inevitable. Xue Yu and Li Yu had been competing for ten years, after all. 

Lin Feng and the others were there already, but they didn’t arrive on purple clouds. Even though Third Elder Shi Man Shan wasn’t happy about it, Asura had given them the order and they had to obey him. Besides, Great Elder Shi Jue Ling and Shi Yu had agreed without complaining. 

Thanks to Lin Feng’s method, nobody noticed the representatives of Shi Yu until Gan Wu Dao turned around and saw Great Elder Shi Jue Ling. His expression suddenly changed and he bowed hand over fist, “Oh my, I’m sorry, Shi Jue Ling, we didn’t see you, you arrived so silently! How come you’re so discreet this year?” Gan Wu Dao asked. What he meant was that Shi Yu had become strong enough to compete for the first place along with the two other groups. Shi Yu usually arrived with great pomp. 

Gan Wu Dao looked at Shi Jue Ling, but ignored Lin Feng. He was just a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, after all. He hadn’t even broken through to the very top of the Great Supreme God layer! 

Shi Jue Ling didn’t reply and looked at Lin Feng. What he meant was obvious. Gan Wu Dao wasn’t a fool, so he looked at Lin Feng as well, skeptical and slightly mocking. 

“Who’s this?” asked Gan Wu Dao, bowing hand over fist nonchalantly. He could see Lin Feng was wearing a mask and a black cloak, but otherwise, there was nothing else to notice. 

Lin Feng looked at Gan Wu Dao and then at Shi Jue Ling, “Great Elder, who’s this?” 

“Eh… Hehe… the Great Elder of Gan Yu, Gan Wu Dao,” replied Shi Jue Ling. He was surprised, but he realized Asura was acting provocatively on purpose and smiled. 

Shi Yu and Shi Man Shan also smiled. At that moment, they liked what Asura was doing. He was representing the honor and dignity of Shi Yu. He was doing great so far. 

When Lin Feng heard Shi Jue Ling, he suddenly understood and smiled at Gan Wu Dao, “I’m sorry. It’s the first time I have seen you.” 

“Hehe, no offense,” answered Gan Wu Dao. He was angry but he didn’t show it. 

Xue Can Yun and Li Yu looked at Asura skeptically. Who was he? He was so rude!

Li Dian recognized Asura quickly, and was instantly angered. Asura had stolen the Dazzling Flower! He had nearly been killed by the leader of the clan, Li Ju. If Li Dian’s father, Li Chen, hadn’t intervened, he would have died! 

“Father, that’s Asura, the one who stole the Dazzling Flower and disappeared!” Li Dian hastily told Li Chen telepathically, pointing to Asura. 

When Li Chen heard his son, his expression didn’t change. He didn’t look angered. He just nodded at Li Dian to tell him to keep calm. There would be opportunities to get his revenge. No rush! 

“Who is this little friend? How come I don’t know him?” said Gan Wu Dao, smiling hypocritically. He looked so fake and conceited. 

He didn’t know Asura, after all. He hadn’t participated in Jing City’s auctions. He didn’t know what Asura had done there. 

“Gan Wu Dao, this is the representative of Shi Yu, Asura!” said Shi Jue Ling. 

Suddenly, everybody in Feng Xun Valley looked dumbstruck, and turned to look at Asura. That was Asura, the one who had recently become famous and had caused chaos everywhere he had been? The one who had stolen the Dazzling Flower and the Godly Tao Skill? 

Gan Wu Dao was astonished. He didn’t know Asura, but he had heard of him after everything that had happened. How had that daring and audacious man ended up as the representative of Shi Yu? 

Li Dian and Lang Zhe were both dumbstruck. They couldn’t believe it. 

Qing Huang Tian was standing behind Song Chou Jiu. Her eyes started to tear. Her life without Lin Feng had been a nightmare during the last few days. Now he was finally here in Feng Xun Valley. He hadn’t died, and he hadn’t disappeared. 

Qing Huang Tian was torn with emotions. She ran away from the group of representatives from Man Yu. 

Song Chou Jiu, Lang Zhe, and Zhu Ban Chang all looked after her, but they didn’t dare speak up. She was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. 

When Qing Huang Tian arrived, everybody could not help but stare at her. She looked so pure and celestial, and the air was filled with perfume. Her five color dress set off her incredible figure. All the single men present thought that this was the woman of their dreams. 

Gan Wu Dao’s expression felt He said unhappily, “Who’s this? Piss off!” 

“Watch your words, you filthy-mouthed coot!” Asura shouted before Gan Wu Dao was even done talking. His words were as cold as ice. 

“What? What’s going on? Asura dared talk to Gan Wu Dao like that?” 

“Indeed! Does he want to die?” 

“I think so. He’s the representative of Shi Yu though. He’s just a tiny little dog. Let him bark. Hehe!” 

Lin Feng heard many people make fun of him. Everybody started whispering in the valley. Of course, Gan Wu Dao was angry. He couldn’t imagine that Asura had dared talk to him like that!

“You really want to die?” shouted Gan Wu Dao explosively. He even pointed at Asura with his finger. 

Qing Huang Tian frowned icily, and her eyes filled with murder. A beam of light emerged and shot towards Gan Wu Dao. Gan Wu Dao was startled and dodged. Qing Huang Tian then flashed and landed in front of Lin Feng. Gan Wu Dao was only a few meters away. 

He abruptly realized that she was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, and his expression changed drastically. Since when did Man Yu have such a powerful cultivator?! 

“Old grouch, if you dare insult and humiliate my husband again, I won’t spare your life!” hissed Qing Huang Tian coldly. Her Qi was like razors of ice. 

Many people were even more dumbstruck, including the representatives of Shi Yu. Shi Yu stared at the woman with the rainbow dress blankly. This woman was as beautiful as a woman from ancient times, like she had come straight out of a painting. 

Suddenly, she remembered what her father had told her. Was this Qian Jin Cai Yue? Ni Huang’s daughter? 

Gan Wu Dao looked angry and clenched his fists, but he didn’t dare attack. This woman was extremely strong. Starting a big fight would be reckless right now. He had just lost against Xue Can Yun, and he felt humiliated enough. What if he lost against this unknown woman? That would be even worse. 

“Sister Qing, I’m sorry. You were worried about me, I know, but I..,” Lin Feng said, looking at Qing Huang Tian. She was a bit pale, and her eyes were red. It was easy to guess she had been worried to death about him. 

“It’s fine. Don’t say anything,” said Qing Huang Tian, putting her finger on Asura’s lips. She smiled and blushed. If there had been flowers in Feng Xun Valley, they would have blossomed at that moment. Such warmth sufficed to make everybody’s heart feel start to burn. Many of the single men looked at Lin Feng with murder in their eyes, however. 

Gan Wu Dao was stupefied, too. He didn’t have balls of this guy. If Qing Huang Tian were just a Great Supreme God, he would have tried his best to bring her to his bedroom. But he didn’t want to offend someone he shouldn’t… 

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