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Chapter 1211: Gan Wu Dao, Xue Can Yun and Li Chen!


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“Sister Qing, don’t ask anything for now. We’ll talk about it later. You go back first,” Lin Feng said to Qing Huang Tian telepathically. He didn’t want her to be worried. Of course, he couldn’t draw everybody’s attention. 

But Asura was extremely strong and had an amazingly beautiful wife, so who else could the crowd talk about? 

Qing Huang Tian nodded and listened to him. She left unwillingly and went back to Song Chou Jiu and the others. When she passed next to Gan Wu Dao, she glanced at him angrily. Gan Wu Dao had the impression she could stab him with her eyes, so he couldn’t help but tense up nervously. 

In the end, Qing Huang Tian went back to Song Chou Jiu and the others, but now the crowd had noticed the group from Man Yu. Normally, nobody paid attention to the people of Man Yu. This time Qing Huang Tian had shown up, so everybody was convinced that Man Yu had become more powerful. 

The happiest person in the group of people from Man Yu was Lang Zhe. Thanks to Qing Huang Tian, more people had noticed him, the representative for Man Yu. He was extremely happy and felt honored, even if he had a bad feeling regarding the representative of Shi Yu. He didn’t know why though, and it didn’t influence his good mood. 

Regarding Asura, he would deal with him later! 

Lin Feng watched Qing Huang Tian go, then glanced at Lang Zhe, his eyes filled with killing intent. Lang Zhe had sent people to kill him. Even though they had failed, he had nearly been uncovered when he had killed Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling. It could have been a tragedy. Lin Feng had to kill Lang Zhe in Gan Yu this time!

After the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, of course! Before that, he had to let Lang Zhe serve his purpose as the temporary leader of Man Yu. 


The crowd waited for the people of Ye Yu, Huang Yu, and Jiao Yu. In the end, they all arrived. 

Gan Wu Dao waved his arm, and a thousand disciples of Gan Wu Dao raised dazzling stones and isolated the space around Feng Xun Valley again. The blue lights turned into a beautiful dome above Feng Xun Valley. Using stones to isolate the area worked even better than Qi! 

Nobody paid much attention, however. The people of Gan Yu wouldn’t dare destroy the representatives of the other regions, as most of their representatives were Godly Ancestors. Gan Yu couldn’t take that risk. 

The representative of Ye Yu was Great Elder Bao Sha. Family names in Ye Yu didn’t work the same way as in Xue Yu or Shi Yu. People’s family name was Bao there, not Ye. 

The representative of Huang Yu was Huang Gu Tian, an ordinary Godly Ancestor. 

The representative of Jiao Yu was Great Elder Ta Hua Xuan; once again, a different family name from the name of the region. Ta Hua Xuan was also an ordinary Godly Ancestor. Those people were from weaker regions, after all. They weren’t as strong as the representatives of Xue Yu or Li Yu. 

The meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners could now start. Nobody announced the beginning, it was always the same. The rules were the same, too. 


Shi Yu pointed to a chair. Lin Feng nodded and walked towards the chair. Shi Yu and the others saw that the representatives of the other groups were also walking towards chairs. 

Everything happened silently. When Lin Feng arrived in front of his chair and got ready to sit down, he found himself between Gan Wu Dao and Xue Can Yun. They both laughed and looked at Lin Feng expectantly. 

Lin Feng was surprised, but he didn’t really care. Shi Yu and the two elders behind him pulled a long face. 

“Little friend, this chair is dirty. You should wipe it first,” said Gan Wu Dao, pushing the chair towards Lin Feng’s lower abdomen. He was fast and sly. 

Only the people around them saw that. Gan Wu Dao couldn’t do such a thing, openly after all. 

Xue Can Yun was amused. He wanted to know how Asura was going to react. A Godly Ancestor and a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, what a huge difference. How was it going to end? 

“Hehe. I’m sorry. I don’t like it when people touch my things,” Lin Feng replied, bending over and catching the chair. Thanks to his Genesis Spiritual strength, it was easy. Lin Feng’s hands diffused blue lights… and he also grabbed Gan Wu Dao’s hand. 

Suddenly, Gan Wu Dao sensed Qi moving into his body, and he nearly fainted. Lin Feng sat down without any issue. He smiled at Gan Wu Dao mockingly and sneered, “What? Your chair is dirty? Do you need me to wipe it?” and grabbed Gan Wu Dao’s chair. 

Gan Wu Dao was humiliated. He glared at Asura with bulging eyes and hissed, “No need. I can do it myself!” 

“Hehe! Let me help you, Master.” 

“Hmph! No need! Don’t you understand?” 

“I want to help you, Master!” 

“You can try then!” 

“Alright, I’ll try then,” Lin Feng said. His eyes lit up. He smiled and stretched out his right hand while still holding Gan Wu Dao’s other hand. Bam! Lin Feng was pushed back half a step, but the chair didn’t move. 

Gan Wu Dao said mockingly and icily, “Sit down, little boy!” 

“Alright, Master,” Lin Feng said. He stopped arguing with Gan Wu Dao. When Xue Can Yun saw that, he was even more curious about Lin Feng. He wasn’t crazy and ready to fight until the end. Xue Can Yun was disappointed. 

Gan Wu Dao smiled broadly. How could a tiny little cultivator of the Great Supreme God layer try to compete with him? He could easily kill him! 

He smiled and got ready to sit down. 

Suddenly, Lin Feng moved. He grabbed Gan Wu Dao’s chair and pushed it. The chair fell from the arena from a very high altitude and crashed to the ground below. 

Lin Feng smiled and pretended to be sorry, “Eh, I’m sorry, Master. I slipped. I apologize,” Lin Feng smiled awkwardly. He then grabbed the armrests of his chair and clasped them firmly.

Gan Wu Dao pointed at him and shouted, ready to hurl some insults.

Xue Can Yun was amused, but he didn’t show it. He looked at Gan Wu Dao, “What? Old man, are you going to continue bullying this little boy?” 

“Hmph! Somebody bring a new chair!” ordered Gan Wu Dao. His face was red and he felt humiliated. Not many people had seen him lose against Xue Can Yun, but everybody had seen his chair fly away. 

Many people thought that Asura was just crazy. He even dared humiliate Gan Wu Dao! No wonder he had dared steal the Dazzling Flower and the Godly Tao Skill! 

Song Chou Jiu and Lang Zhe smiled. Asura’s personality hadn’t changed, even if he had become the vice leader of Shi Yu. He probably didn’t give face to the leader of Shi Yu, either! 

Gan Wu Dao would definitely seek to retaliate at some point… 

Lang Zhe sat down facing Lin Feng. He hated Asura. Asura had become the representative of Shi Yu, so Lang Zhe had nothing to say. He had no choice but to forget about him for the time being. 

Nobody paid attention to Lang Zhe. Everybody looked at Asura. 

The disciples of Gan Yu quickly brought back a new chair for Gan Wu Dao. When they brought the new chair, Lin Feng tapped on it, which infuriated Gan Wu Dao even more. 

Lin Feng looked at Gan Wu Dao and smiled wryly while shaking his head. 

Gan Wu Dao was furious. He was afraid Lin Feng would do something behind his back again, and losing face again. He stared at him so as not to miss a single one of his movements as he carefully sat down… 

“Hey, little boy, you’re a good little boy, you dared offend Gan Wu Dao, I like you,” said Xue Can Yun, smiling at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at Xue Can Yun. He had a red dot on his forehead. He was definitely extraordinary. 

“You said something wrong.” 

“What? I don’t think so.” 

“I am not a little boy, and I don’t consider myself a little boy either. We are of the same generation. We are both representatives. You want to humiliate Shi Yu by calling me a little boy?” Lin Feng said sharply. Xue Can Yun’s smile stiffened, but he quickly smiled icily though. Lin Feng dared humiliate him? 

“Asura, you better shut the fuck up, motherfucker!” shouted Li Dian explosively. He wanted to kill Asura right there. 

Lin Feng smiled mockingly, then he looked at Li Chen and said indifferently, “Will you keep your dog under control? What does my conversation with Xue Can Yun have to do with him?” 

“I’m sorry. I failed at raising him. Otherwise, you could try and educate me?” replied Li Chen, smiling icily. Teach whom a good lesson? His son, Li Dian? 

“If you agree, I don’t mind,” Lin Feng answered blandly. He wasn’t afraid, no matter whom he faced. 

Xue Can Yun clenched his fists. Asura had really infuriated Gan Wu Dao ,and now he was taunting Li Chen, and he had just provoked Xue Can Yun. Why was he irritating everybody? 

He really wanted to die! 

Lang Zhe’s face was distorted with fury and hatred. He wished Asura had died before. 

Li Chen didn’t pay any more attention to Asura. He wouldn’t leave the matter at that, though… 

Li Dian was strong? Lin Feng would show him what real strength was! 

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