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Chapter 1212: The Duels Can Start!


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“Everybody, which rules do we use this time?” asked Gan Wu Dao bowing hand over fist and looking around, ignoring Asura. Lin Feng didn’t care, and he cared even less about the rules. Rules? Why? Why not just fight without any rules? 

Shi Yu and Great Elder Shi Jue Ling were standing behind Lin Feng, and Third Elder Shi Man Shan was with Shi Meng and Shi Die on the edge of the battle arena. A leader was about to bring two servants to the center of the battle arena. Shi Yu had to be at Lin Feng’s side, and the Great Elder could also follow them. 

Shi Yu and Shi Jue Ling looked at Asura’s expression and smiled. No matter what, they were satisfied. He had only made the right decisions so far. It didn’t matter if they accepted him as the vice leader of the region or not, but at least, in the case of their trip to the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, Asura hadn’t disappointed them. 

“Let’s say one on ones. Four leaders can challenge other territories. As simple as that,” said Xue Can Yun, smiling indifferently. No matter what, he just wanted to fight, and didn’t care about the rest. So of course he gave his opinion to Gan Wu Dao. 

Gan Wu Dao grinned angrily. He didn’t like Xue Can Yun’s method. Four leaders? Which ones, then? If they chose the strongest ones, the leaders would be sure to be qualified for the next round. If they chose the weak ones, then people would make fun of them! 

Gan Wu Dao didn’t intend to use Xue Can Yun’s method, so he looked at the others. 

“Let’s draw lots instead. Simple and quick,” said Li Chen indifferently. He acted proud and impolite. 

“So annoying. We draw lots each year. Let’s change for once,” said Gan Wu Dao, shaking his head. He wasn’t happy with that, either. 

Li Chen smiled thinly. The method was minor. The most important thing was strength! 

Gan Wu Dao looked at the group of people from Ye Yu, Jiao Yu, and the others, but they didn’t think of anything. Of course, they were so weak nobody would agree to abide by their rules, even if they were good. The three strongest groups were the only ones who had something to say. 

“Since nobody can’t think of anything, what do you, Representative Asura, think? Any ideas?” asked Gan Wu Dao, smiling broadly. At that moment, he had thought of an idea. Of course, it wouldn’t be easy…

Stealing the spotlight from the strongest ones was an offense, so the representatives of the weakest territories didn’t dare. Since so many people had their own ideas, why not make the representative of Shi Yu appear like an offender? 

At that moment, Gan Wu Dao and all the other representatives and guests looked over Asura. They were curious about what Asura could be thinking. 

Lin Feng glanced at the old man. He looked like an asshole when he smiled, so hypocritical. But Lin Feng was unfortunately going to have to disappoint him. He wanted the representatives of all the territories to hate him for imposing rules they didn’t agree with? 

“Two solutions. The first one, the winners of the previous meeting challenge people from sixth and after in the ranking list, and then the top five have finals to determine the final top ranks, the fifth one chooses his opponent. 

“Second option, the winner of the previous meeting challenges an opponent. People get eliminated until only four challengers are left, and then the challenger and the four remaining people can have the finals for the final top five. 

“Gan Wu Dao, regarding which method is the best… Could it be that you, as the manager of the meeting, can’t set the rules?” Lin Feng inquired calmly. Everybody laughed. 

Some people shook their head and looked at Gan Wu Dao, while laughing. Lin Feng’s solutions were the best for everyone, strong and weak. 

Now Gan Wu Dao had to choose. Gan Wu Dao was trying to make him appear like an upstart, but Lin Feng didn’t care; what had he done, anyway? He had just given him two suggestions! 

Gan Wu Dao really wanted to kill Asura. He looked at him furiously, ground his teeth, and steam even emerged from his nostrils when he exhaled. He had no choice but to choose an option now. 

“First option, then! The last place was from Man Yu, so they choose an opponent!” declared Gan Wu Dao, taking a deep breath. He seemed frustrated and looked at Asura furiously as he sat down. 

“Little boy, don’t be too proud of you. You dared offend me, so you will die!” Gan Wu Dao swore in a low voice. 

Lin Feng smiled at him in amusement and leaned his face closer They were now less than fifty centimeters apart, looking like good friends chatting. 

“I’ll be waiting for you. Attack whenever you want. I am not the kind of guy who’d frown on that kind of thing. It’s not my personality,” Lin Feng returned, smiling confidently. It infuriated Gan Wu Dao so much that he started shaking from head to toe. 

In the end, Gan Wu Dao took a deep breath and calmed down. He glanced at Asura and nodded, “Alright, I will!” 

“No. You won’t have any chance. You’re just a coward. All you do is find excuses!” 


 “Man Yu challenges Jiao Yu!” declared Lang Zhe right while Asura and Gan Wu Dao were arguing. Lin Feng and Gan Wu Dao stopped talking and looked at Lang Zhe. 

“Get ready!” Gan Wu Dao nodded. 

Lang Zhe glanced at someone behind him. Right now, the battles were between Godly Ancestors. Of course, nobody paid too much attention to them, because it was just a mere display of strength. They didn’t use their full strength or actually really try to defeat their opponents. But Lang Zhe naturally looked at Qing Huang Tian. 

However, Qing Huang Tian shook her head. She wasn’t from Man Yu, she was a pure and noble princess. How could she tarnish the reputation of phoenixes by participating in such an event? Unless Asura begged her, she would never do such a thing, but Asura wasn’t there, so she wouldn’t do it. 

When Lang Zhe saw that Qing Huang Tian wouldn’t step up, he looked glum and clenched his fists so hard they popped. 

“I’ll go then!” shouted Lang Zhe explosively. Lang Zhe glanced at Song Chou Jiu again and flashed ahead. As the leader of Man Yu, he could do so. Song Chou Jiu looked at Lang Zhe angrily, but he couldn’t do anything, so he let it pass. Qing Huang Tian wasn’t from Man Yu, so it was normal that she wouldn’t fight for them. 

Qing Huang Tian ignored Lang Zhe’s reaction. She looked down on that cultivator who had just broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer. She could destroy him in one blow! 

Lang Zhe came out. The representative of Jiao Yu also came to the front. Great Elder Ta Hua Xuan was two meters tall, but skinny instead of sturdy. 

Ta Hua Xuan was ready to fight, too. 

“Now is a fight between Man Yu and Jiao Yu, so the next one will be between Huang Yu and someone else. Who will you choose, Huang Yu?” Gan Wu Dao asked the representative of Huang Yu, Great Elder Huang Gu Tian. 

Huang Gu Tian stood up and glanced at the group from Shi Yu. He didn’t know why, but he had the feeling the people of Shi Yu were the weakest ones this year. He was happy on the inside and he said, “I challenge Great Elder Shi Jue Ling!” 

“What? Huang Yu wants to challenge Shi Yu? That’s a joke? Sixth versus third?” 

“Who knows? The representative of Shi Yu is very weak, but the representative of Huang Yu may still lose.” 

Huang Gu Tian didn’t listen to the people talking. All he knew was that challenging Shi Yu might be an easy way to moving on to the next round. Even though the battles between the Godly Ancestors didn’t mean anything, he still attached importance to them. 

Of course, the battle between Huang Yu and Shi Yu would still happen. 

“Shi Yu, who’s your fighter?” asked Gan Wu Dao, smiling mockingly. He was happy to see that. Huang Yu against Shi Yu! Awesome! 

Lin Feng glanced at him, then looked at Shi Jue Ling. Shi Jue Ling didn’t hesitate. Everybody nodded. 

Shi Jue Ling walked forwards and faced Huang Gu Tian. The two men flew to the other battle arena. Two fights could happen at the same time that way. 

“Fifth, Ye Yu, whom do you challenge?” Gan Wu Dao asked the representative of Ye Yu. 

Great Elder Bao Sha stood up and looked at the remaining people from Xue Yu, Gan Yu and Li Yu. They were all quite strong, but he shouted, “Gan Yu!” 

The whole crowd burst into an uproar. Great Elder Bao Sha was going to challenge the representative of Gan Yu?! It meant that Li Yu and Xue Yu would be fighting each other! So before even moving on to the next round, Xue Yu or Li Yu would be eliminated? 

It meant that the winner of this meeting would be completely different from other ordinary years! Many people looked excited. 

It wasn’t a good thing for the representatives of Xue Yu and Li Yu. Li Chen looked glum. Xue Can Yun looked unhappy. They glanced at each other angrily. Their fight would be inevitable… 

“Alright. Let’s start, everybody!” said Gan Kun Ling, smiling blandly and waving at Third Elder Gan Kun Ling to fight Bao Sha. 

He then glanced at the people of Xue Yu and Li Yu. Six territories were already fighting, all but them. 

Li Chen glanced at Li Dian. Xue Can Yun glanced at Third Elder Xue Yi Dao and waved. 

Li Dian was going to fight against Xue Yi Dao! 

The two men flashed to the last battle arena. Fierce duels were on the verge of breaking out! 

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