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Chapter 1213: Battles Get Out of Control!


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“Representative Asura, who do you think will win?” asked Xue Can Yun. He didn’t know him, but he turned to Asura and started talking to him. 

Lin Feng didn’t look at him, but he replied straightforwardly, “No idea, but Shi Yu will not lose.” 

“Hehe, we’ll see,” said Xue Can Yun. He turned his head and resumed watching the duels. Of course, the most important battle to him was Li Dian versus Xue Yi Dao. 

Lin Feng didn’t watch Shi Jue Ling and Huang Gu Tian’s fight. He watched Lang Zhe fight against Ta Hua Xuan. The future of the competition depended on that battle for Man Yu, so Lin Feng hoped Lang Zhe would crush his opponent. 

“It started!” shouted someone suddenly. Waves of energies rolled across the battle arenas. Lights condensed, punches were thrown, and pure Qi rolled in the sky. Xue Yi Dao looked fearless and collided with his opponent. 

Lang Zhe charged. Ta Hua Xuan raised a dagger. Lang Zhe looked ferocious and cruel. His nails were extremely long and sharp, like claws. When he condensed pure Qi in his nails, it smelled foul. 

Ta Hua Xuan raised his dagger, a sharp weapon that could cut air and space. They both looked terrifying. Their battle would be bloody! 

Suddenly, blood splashed. Lang Zhe’s fingers were wounded. Ta Hua Xuan had cut Lang Zhe’s fingers with his dagger. The wounds weren’t too deep, but his thumb was nearly cut off. However, Ta Hua Xuan wasn’t having a good time, either. Lang Zhe was holding him by the arm and his nails were piercing through his skin painfully. He then threw a kick, and pure Qi rolled in waves and made the earth and the sky shake violently. 

Lang Zhe flashed back and pushed away his opponent’s foot. They were both injured and kept bleeding. 

Lang Zhe licked his blood. It had a metallic taste, but it made him feel even more cruel. At that moment, his eyes went red, and he looked like a rabid wolf. 

Ta Hua Xuan threw his dagger and decided to have a physical battle against Lang Zhe, he didn’t fear him. 



As they collided, so did many others dueling. The fights were becoming frenzied. Lang Zhe’s claws were extremely sharp and he had a thunder-like power. 

Ta Hua Xuan was extremely agile and quick. It was his strength, so he wasn’t afraid of Lang Zhe. He was faster than Lang Zhe most of the time. He flashed higher than Lang Zhe and raised his left hand, where three silver light beams appeared. 

In the blink of an eye, they had almost reached Lang Zhe’s chest. He rolled over and the three light beams passed so close to him that the tip of his nose was burned. 

Slash, slash, slash… There were three small sounds and three silver needles appeared in the bluestone. They had punched deep inside, which proved how powerful that attack had been. Lang Zhe’s expression suddenly changed drastically, and his eyes became even redder. Ta Hua Xuan had use a hidden weapon. How unscrupulous! 

“You play with secret weapons, huh? You can’t defeat me,” said Lang Zhe, smiling icily. A dozen sword lights emerged from his thumbs and cut for Ta Hua Xuan’s feet. Ta Hua Xuan’s expression suddenly changed. Where had the sword lights came from? 

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” His shout reverberated throughout the entire valley. Lin Feng raised his head and glanced at Ta Hua Xuan’s feet. The dozen lights had pierced through them, and blood was gushing out. 

How incredible! Many people’s expressions suddenly changed. Lang Zhe had won thanks to a sly and secret weapon. How skilled! 

Lang Zhe landed on the ground again. Some elders from Ta Hua Xuan’s group came to him and supported him by the arms. His feet had been destroyed. He would need to wait for a few hours before healing and being able to walk again. 

Poor Ta Hua Xuan, he was going to have to be seated for a few hours! 

Lang Zhe looked proud and arrogant. He grinned sinisterly and glanced at Asura on purpose, as if he was trying to intimidate him, but Lin Feng ignored him, turning to look at another duel. 

Shi Jue Ling wasn’t using his full strength, but Huang Gu Tian lost anyway. It just took Shi Jue Ling a little longer to win his fight. 

Lang Zhe looked even angrier when Lin Feng ignored him. How humiliating! Lin Feng had scorned him. Lang Zhe clenched his fists and swore to himself that someday, he would manage to make Asura kneel down in front of him and pretend to be his dog! 

Shi Yu and Man Yu won. Jiao Yu and Huang Yu lost. Of course, it didn’t influence the rest of the rankings. Of course, if they lost again, then it would change everything. 

Li Dian and Xue Yi Dao were still fighting. It was difficult to guess who was going to win. They had  almost exactly of the same strength. But their battle lasted so long, they were probably exhausted. 

Gan Kun Ling and Bao Sha was also taking their time. Bao Sha’s power was explosive, and he always tried to injure his opponents. When Bao Sha slapped Gan Kun Ling, Gan Kun Ling was blown away. 

When Gan Kun Ling crashed to the ground, it indicated Bao Sha from Ye Yu had won. Now, only the battle between Li Yu and Xue Yu had to finish. 

Gan Kun Ling didn’t feel like watching the rest of the competition. Gan Yu had lost already! He had never thought such a thing could happen. Ye Yu was now fifth, but the difference between Gan Yu and Ye Yu was huge. Ye Yu had won against Gan Kun Ling! 

Of course, it was just one battle against Great Elder Bao Sha. He was a Great Elder in Ye Yu, whereas Gan Kun Ling was just the third elder in Gan Yu. Gan Wu Dao, thinking about that, wasn’t surprised anymore. 

Gan Yu could lose against Xue Yu or Li Yu, but not against other territories, not even Shi Yu! 

At that moment, everybody had a better idea of what the rest of the meeting would be like. They just had to wait for Li Dian and Xue Yi Dao’s battle to finish. 

Li Dian took big steps. He looked as if he were trying to flash to the skies. His Qi rose to the skies, and a hurricane howled around him. It made the whole valley shake. 

Xue Yi Dao had already taken out his weapon, a blood-red blade. Many people admired him for his blade skills. Many people even called him Master Xue Yi Dao. 

When he took out his blood sword, ghosts started wailing, and beasts crouched down and cried plaintively. Everybody looked at the blood-red lights illuminating the sky and clouds. 

Blood lights illuminated the, rivers, mountains, everything. The terrifying bloody blade energy made everybody’s heartbeats race. Many people were frightened. 

Li Dian’s expression changed slightly. He knew he had to stop Xue Yi Dao, or he would have even less chance of winning. He clenched his fists, and they turned into shadows a hundred zhang high, like two mountains. A deadly Qi emerged from them and covered the blood-red energy. 

Xue Yi Dao grinned cruelly. Did Li Dian think he could compete with him? How cute! 

“Blood power! Feed my soul!” shouted Xue Yi Dao as he turned into blood. That blood then penetrated into the blood sword. The sword became so fast its speed wasn’t describable with words. Its tip pierced through the hundred zhang tall Li Dian’s shadow. 

A terrifying sound echoed through in Feng Xun Valley. A gigantic blood-red mushroom appeared. It was an explosion! Li Dian’s expression changed drastically and he paled, his gigantic shadow staggered. Everybody in Feng Xun Valley was dumbstruck when the giant collapsed. The protective energy which enveloped the valley also trembled, and gigantic boulders started falling from the sky. 

Xue Can Yun and Li Chen stood up at the same time. 

The battle was out of control. The ground was going to collapse. Many people flew away in fear. But they couldn’t escape since Feng Xun Valley was sealed by a protective layer of energy. 

“Hurry! Hurry! Protect the people!” shouted Gan Wu Dao furiously. He had to protect people, otherwise, the meeting would disintegrate. 

Lin Feng was impressed. He admired Li Dian and Xue Yi Dao for their strength. Li Dian hadn’t used his real strength at the auctions. Otherwise, the battle would have ended up differently! 

Lin Feng flashed, moving to protect the people of Man Yu. At the same time, he released blue Genesis Spiritual strength and created a thousand-meter tall imprint, then shouted furiously, “Hurry up! If you don’t want to die, hide behind this!” 

Many people hesitated. Asura only had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, after all, but they had no time and decided to trust him. 

Those who didn’t trust Asura were pulped by the gigantic boulders and didn’t look like people anymore. People behind Asura’s protective energies were fine, and those who had just gotten crushed saw it all. 

They regretted. However, it was too late to regret. Even though the boulders had crushed them, they weren’t dead, they had just lost seventy to eighty percent of their strength and their arms and legs had been crushed. Some of them almost had their heads flattened! 

The boulders weren’t from Feng Xun Valley, they were from Li Dian’s gigantic shadow. When it had exploded, it had turned into gigantic boulders which had had fallen from the sky, nearly destroying everything and everybody. 

Most people had managed to protect themselves, but some had died! 

Lang Zhe had also decided to hide behind Asura’s protective energy, but when he smiled slyly, nobody noticed. He took something out of his sleeve and threw three needles at Asura’s abdomen. 

Lin Feng heard a sound. He stretched out his hand, clenched his fist and threw an Aggressive Punch while turning around. His strength rolled in waves. 


Lang Zhe coughed blood and was blown away. He landed outside of Lin Feng’s protective layer. Unfortunately, the gigantic boulders had stopped falling from the sky, or Lang Zhe would have been severely injured. 

Lin Feng glanced at Lang Zhe icily. His eyes were filled with murder. 

“You want to die!” shouted Qing Huang Tian. She had paid attention, but because Lang Zhe had moved too quickly, she hadn’t had time to intervene. Since Lin Feng was fine, she was less angry, but she still wanted to kill Lang Zhe. 

“Sister Qing, I’ll kill him myself!” 

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