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Chapter 1214: Mu Feng Fights!


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After Lin Feng said that, Qing Huang Tian didn’t kill Lang Zhe. She could have easily killed that cultivator of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer. He was lucky that Lin Feng had temporarily spared his dog’s life. 

However, Lang Zhe just looked at Lin Feng darkly. Lin Feng was the person Lang Zhe wanted to kill the most. He would never give up! 

He hated Asura more than anything. His surprise attack had failed, but he would have other opportunities. There were always opportunities!

Unfortunately, he didn’t know why Asura hadn’t killed him. Lin Feng still needed him to make Man Yu progress. After the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, Lang Zhe would be useless. He would just lie in his own blood forever at that time. 

Lin Feng had killed Ni Hou? Lang Zhe wanted to give the same back to him, at least ten times worse! 

Qing Huang Tian withdrew. Lin Feng turned around and slapped out. His blue Genesis Spiritual strength made the last boulder explode before fading away. Everybody thanked him many times. 

As for the fight, Li Dian had fainted and his meridians were destroyed. The gigantic shadow had been destroyed by the blood sword. 

Of course, Xue Yi Dao wasn’t in good shape, either. His blood sword was broken and his arms and legs had been crushed by gigantic boulders. He was stuck on the battle arena. If Xue Can Yun hadn’t saved him at the most crucial moment, his cultivation would have been crippled, and he would have been unable to cultivate ever again. 

There was no winner to their fight. Xue Yu and Li Yu had had a tie. They had to wait for the duels between the Great Supreme Gods to be sure of their future in this competition. 

Apart from Li Yu and Xue Yu, all the others had already won or lost. Shi Yu had won; Shi Jue Ling had defeated Great Elder Huang Gu Tian from Huang Yu. Lang Zhe from Man Yu had defeated Ta Hua Xuan using a secret weapon, which was naturally an unfair advantage in a competition. 

Third Elder Gan Kun Ling from Gan Yu had surprisingly lost against Great Elder Bao Sha from Ye Yu.

 The battles between the Godly Ancestors were over. In any case, they were just meant to display their strength. Of course, Li Chen, Xue Can Yun, and Gan Wu Dao hadn’t fought yet, so anything was still possible. 

“Alright. Next round. The rules are the same as for the first round. Same groups!” declared Gan Wu Dao. He sounded strange, happy about something on the inside. He was probably pleased with Xue Yu and Li Yu’s tie. It was the best thing. Gan Yu would probably finish second!

He wanted to thank Asura. If he hadn’t suggested some rules, nothing could have been possible. Of course, if Lin Feng knew what he was thinking, he wouldn’t really care. He had just suggested something, Gan Wu Dao had been free to choose between all the suggestions. It had nothing to do with Lin Feng. 

“This time, to avoid what just happened, harming innocent people, the battles will be consecutive and not at the same time,” said Gan Wu Dao. They had lost control during the first round and many people hadn’t been lucky. The protective energy of the valley had nearly exploded! 

And they didn’t have that many spiritual stones, the stones used to create that protective wall of energy. So it was better to have consecutive battles rather than all of them had the same time. 

“First, Man Yu versus Jiao Yu. Please send your Great Supreme Gods,” Gan Wu Dao waved. 

Lin Feng hadn’t gone back to his seat. Without anyone noticing, he had disappeared. He changed his clothes and reappeared with a plaited bamboo hat and a cloak next to Song Chou Jiu in the group of people from Man Yu. Naturally Song Chou Jiu and Qing Huang Tian knew who he was. 

“Who do you think we should send?” Lang Zhe asked Song Chou Jiu and Zhu Ban Chang. Lang Zhe had just won a battle, so he was in a good mood, and wasn’t too unpleasant. Of course, he sounded as arrogant as before. Song Chou Jiu and Zhu Ban Chang still didn’t like him. 

“Mu Feng,” recommended Song Chou Jiu indifferently. 

“Eh? Mu Feng? Who’s Mu Feng?” asked Lang Zhe. He looked over Lin Feng. He looked mysterious, but he only had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer. 

He smiled mockingly, “A piece of trash came here? Whose servant is he?” said Lang Zhe mockingly, looking at them disdainfully, trying to humiliate them. 

Song Chou Jiu just looked at him icily. Zhu Ban Chang looked surprised. But since Song Chou Jiu had brought him there, it definitely meant he was a good fighter! 

“I agree!” said Zhu Ban Chang sharply. 

Lang Zhe looked at him icily and shouted furiously, “Zhu Ban Chang, who brought that piece of trash of the eighth Great Supreme God layer? You complete morons!” 

“Lang Zhe, you better be polite. A piece of trash of the eighth Great Supreme God layer? And you? Aren’t you just a piece of trash who just broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer recently?” shouted Zhu Ban Chang explosively, pointing at him. 

Lang Zhe was astonished. He looked at him icily and clenched his fists, slapping his chair. 

“You don’t know respect, huh? You’re pretty despicable, huh?” spat Lang Zhe icily. 

He wasn’t even done talking when Zhu Ban Chang interrupted him without hesitation, “I don’t give a fuck about you. You think you’re the leader of Man Yu, good for you. It’s just a meeting. When we leave Gan Yu and go back, you’ll be nothing!” 

“What did you say?!” 

“Exactly what I said! When we leave, you’ll be nothing at all. I don’t consider you the leader of Man Yu, because you are not qualified!” 

Lang Zhe was furious, but didn’t know what to reply. He looked furious and clenched his fists, but Gan Wu Dao intervened icily, “Enough! Go outside to bark! It’s the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners right now!” 

Lang Zhe lowered his head but his heart was pounding in anger. He had to work to control himself.

Zhu Ban Chang smiled mockingly, “What’s wrong? You don’t even dare contradict the leader of Gan Yu? People from Man Yu are so ridiculous.” 

Lang Zhe was furious, but he controlled himself. It was better to remain silent. 

“You go, Mu Feng,” Zhu Ban Chang nodded. He didn’t care about the rankings, but he didn’t want to lose face. Each time, they finished eighth, in last place. They didn’t need to prove anything, they were used to being last. 

Lin Feng nodded. He glanced at Lang Zhe and smiled. Song Chou Jiu and Qing Huang Tian looked at him excitedly. 

The representative of Jiao Yu had been waiting for Lin Feng for a few minutes already, so he was getting impatient. 

“Jiao Yu, Ta Qi!” the man bowed hand over fist politely and introduced himself. He got ready to fight. 

“Mu Feng!” Lin Feng smiled. Then he disappeared. 

He reappeared behind Ta Qi and tapped his shoulder. He smiled broadly and said, “Can we start?” 

“Ah? You, you…” Ta Qi was panic-stricken. He had thought his opponent had thrown a punch, who had thought he would ask if they could start? Instantly, everybody understood that Mu Feng was a strong cultivator!

“Al… Alright,” said Ta Qi. But he was already demoralized. Mu Feng had nearly made him faint before the battle even began. Ta Qi had no choice, but to fight though… 

“Shaking the Earth and the Sky!” shouted Ta Qi. His expression stiffened. He disappeared and the ground and the sky started trembling. At that moment, everybody had the same feeling, as if they were on a boat on a stormy sea. The ground was literally rolling in waves, while the sun was scorching hot. Golden lights illuminated the battle arenas. 

Ta Qi appeared high up in the sky, but his head was backlit, so one couldn’t see his face. He clenched his fists and suddenly, a hundred million jin of strength descended from the sky!

Everybody saw terrifying lightning bolts descend from the sky. Lin Feng raised his head and studied the attack. Ta Qi was using his full strength, and he was quite strong. 

Lightnings which looked like dragons descended from the sky towards Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng took a deep breath. He had thought he could get the advantage thanks to his speed at first but now it seemed like he had truly frightened Ta Qi, not just surprised him. Ta Qi acted like he was fighting for his life. He knew he would lose, but he still did his best. 

Ta Qi had the advantage in terms of Qi. The crowd thought he was extraordinary. Even some ordinary Godly Ancestors weren’t that strong. Someone like Lang Zhe couldn’t do something like that. 

When Lang Zhe saw that, he felt nervous and lucky at the same time. He had broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer, luckily, because if he had had to fight the battle of the Great Supreme God category, this attack would have killed him, or at least severely injured him! 

Of course, when Lin Feng saw that attack, he whispered, “It’ll be a crushing defeat!” 

Everybody looked at him furiously. He shouldn’t say anything. At that moment, he didn’t have the advantage and he should feel there was something wrong! 

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