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Chapter 1215: Mu Feng is Asura!


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“Why is he not counterattacking?” 

“Indeed! The dragon-like lightnings are moving towards him, they’re going to destroy him. Surprisingly, he’s just watching. How weird!” 

“I don’t know. The people of Man Yu aren’t very smart, so that wouldn’t be surprising. Besides, imagine, they rank last every time. It’s a good habit they have.” 

“Oh, I see.” 

Everybody was whispering in the crowd. They had nearly died a moment before, but it didn’t look like it. They still found it amusing to talk about the fight. 

The people of Man Yu all pulled long faces, especially Lang Zhe, the leader. He felt humiliated. How could this be? What the hell was Mu Feng doing? 

“What the fuck are you doing? Hurry up and fight! Are you trying to make Man Yu rank last?” shouted Lang Zhe hoarsely. 

Qing Huang Tian clenched her fists. She really wanted to kill this asshole! But Song Chou Jiu stopped her. He knew that Lin Feng wanted to kill Lang Zhe himself, so Qing Huang Tian had to control herself. 

Lin Feng frowned. He had naturally heard Lang Zhe’s insults. Lin Feng felt even more determined to kill him as quickly as possible. Before this, he was still hesitating, but not anymore. He killed people who didn’t respect him and this time, Lang Zhe had gone too far. He deserved to die! 

“No need to remind me of anything. Be seated, be quiet, and be a good boy,” Lin Feng replied indifferently. Many people’s expressions twisted. This disciple of Man Yu was extremely aggressive and didn’t give face to the leader of Man Yu. He had balls! 

Lang Zhe looked at Song Chou Jiu furiously. Song Chou Jiu was the one who had brought this guy and surprisingly, the fool dared humiliate him! Song Chou Jiu ignored Lang Zhe aloofly. He was going to die, so he didn’t matter, hehe! 

Song Chou Jiu was lost in thought and at the same time, he watched the duel. Their victory was hanging by a single thread, Asura! Everybody hoped Mu Feng would do something. 

Finally, he did… but he just raised his hand. It looked like an ordinary motion! 

What was he doing? Was he going to commit suicide?! 

Many people didn’t know how to interpret Mu Feng’s gesture? What did it mean? 

In the end, they understood. A golden dragon-like wave emerged from the palm of his hand. It seemed like it could destroy the whole valley. 

But then Lin Feng closed his hand and clenched his fist. Everybody realized something strange was happening. Suddenly, Mu Feng was holding his opponent’s attack in his hand! It looked like a crystal ball as Lin Feng moved his left hand in a way which made him look as if he were dancing. Then… 

“Shaking The Earth and the Sky!” 

Lin Feng used the exact same attack as Ta Qi against him! The golden dragon-like lightnings reappeared and shot towards Ta Qi this time. 

Ta Qi was panic-stricken. He clenched his fists and got ready to counterattack, but he knew how terrifying the attack was, especially since Mu Feng had used even more pure Qi in the end! 

Ta Qi coughed blood continuously and was forced back, but he didn’t crash to the ground because he was being pushed skywards. It seemed like he was about to reach the dome already… 

Of course, after that, the golden lightnings exploded!

They roared and then Ta Qi fell down from the sky. He used all the remaining strength he had not to fall to the ground. 

Lin Feng had won. He then flashed over to Ta Qi. Ta Qi was so frightened he paled even more. He was afraid Mu Feng would attack him again. 

But Mu Feng stretched out his hand and helped him to the ground. 

The battle was over. Lin Feng had helped Man Yu win this fight. It was the first time in a hundred years they had managed to get past the second round! 

All the people of Man Yu looked grateful and excited except Lang Zhe. Most of them wanted to hug Mu Feng and thank him. Zong Hu and the three others standing behind Song Chou Jiu looked extremely moved as well. They didn’t know Mu Feng was Asura, but they knew what a victory meant! 

At the scale of the Region of the Eight Corners, it wouldn’t have any influence, but at the scale of Man Yu, at their scale, then it could make many things change. People from Man Yu would feel more confident, more capable, and they would progress faster!

Lang Zhe was unhappy. That Mu Feng had won and helped Man Yu get qualified for the next round, but he wasn’t happy. He didn’t know why, but he had a bad feeling about Mu Feng, just like with Asura. 

He didn’t know what to think, so he just thought in silence. 

“Thank you. You’re strong,” said Ta Qi, bowing hand over fist. At that moment, he understood that Mu Feng and he belonged to different worlds. Even though he was a cultivator of the top of the Great Supreme God layer, Lin Feng was much stronger than some Godly Ancestors! 

He didn’t understand, but he felt grateful to be alive 

“Good luck with your cultivation. You need to be more consistent!” Lin Feng said, slapping Ta Qi’s shoulder like a big brother. It sounded suspicious, because he wasn’t supposed to be an elder or much older than Ta Qi. Ta Qi found that strange. 

Ta Qi didn’t dare look at the people of Jiao Yu. He felt like a loser, but Ta Hua Xuan and Second Elder Ta Dao didn’t blame Ta Qi. Jiao Yu and Man Yu were equals in strength. They were among the last ones in the list each time. Man Yu was usually eighth, but Jiao Yu could also rank eighth sometimes. 

“Alright. Man Yu is qualified for the next round. Jiao Yu is eliminated!” announced Gan Wu Dao indifferently. He glanced at Mu Feng a few times because his Qi was familiar, but he didn’t know where he had seen it before. 

He turned his head to look at Asura but Asura wasn’t there. He asked Shi Yu, “Where is Representative Asura?” 

“Ask him when he comes back,” said Shi Yu indifferently. She was the Great Miss of Shi Yu. She had to sound domineering. At that moment, the most important thing was to protect the dignity of Shi Yu. 

Gan Wu Dao frowned and turned around, suddenly, he shouted, “Next battle, Shi Yu against Huang Yu!” 

“Gan Wu Dao, you’re going too far!” shouted Shi Jue Ling furiously. Gan Wu Dao was definitely plotting against Asura and Shi Yu. He was doing that on purpose, making Asura show up. Asura was definitely the one who was going to fight in the Great Supreme God category, but where was he? 

“Shi Yu, who’s your fighter?” asked Gan Wu Dao, smiling icily. He was rejoicing. The people of Shi Yu looked glum and worried. 

But if Asura wasn’t there, who could replace him? 

“I’ll go, father,” Shi Die said to Shi Man Shan. He hoped his father, the Great Elder, and the Great Miss would find him brave, but Shi Man Shan didn’t pay attention to him. 

At that moment, they couldn’t lose face with someone like his son. His chances of winning were nonexistent. 

But where was Asura? 

Shi Yu and the others were extremely nervous. What could they do? Where the hell was Asura? 

“Shi Yu, who’s your fighter?” Gan Wu Dao pressed again, putting the people of Shi Yu under even more pressure. He wanted them to be panicking. If Shi Yu was eliminated, the chances of ranking second would increase even more for Gan Yu. 

“Shi Yu, who’s your fighter?” demanded Gan Wu Dao aggressively. He was imposing and awe-inspiring at that moment. 

“I’m so sick and tired of listening to your bullshit. How noisy!” responded a voice suddenly. Many people looked at Mu Feng, thinking he was crazy.

Gan Wu Dao was astonished. Mu Feng took off his plaited bamboo hat, revealing his Asura mask underneath. Then he also took off his cloak, and his black robe reappeared. 

Mu Feng was Asura! 

Everybody was dumbstruck. People’s mouths and eyes were open wide.

Ta Qi was in a much better mood now. He had lost against the representative of Shi Yu, so it felt much less humiliating. Actually, it was an honor! 

But Gan Wu Dao, Lang Zhe, and the others looked at him ferociously and furiously. 

“Asura, you dared fool the people of Man Yu?!” shouted Lang Zhe explosively, glaring at Asura ferociously. He even pointed at Asura in contempt.

“Lang Zhe, you bastard! He’s a hero of Man Yu!” Zhu Ban Chang shouted back, glaring right back at Lang Zhe. He hated Lang Zhe more and more. 

“Shut up! You all knew! You all hid the truth from me!?” screeched Lang Zhe explosively and extremely loudly. His Qi was shaking. He looked ferocious and evil. 

Lin Feng glanced at Lang Zhe and decided to ignore him. He would have time to destroy him later. He didn’t need to waste time on him now. 

“Asura, the representative of Shi Yu, and you pretended to be a member of Man Yu? Hahaha! Weren’t you afraid people would find you ridiculous?” Gan Wu Dao smiled mockingly. He wanted everybody to laugh at Asura. 

His mouth stuck out and he had the chin of an ape, he looked disgusting. 

“Stop talking shit. Mu Feng is Mu Feng. Asura is Asura. The two of them have nothing to do with each other. Asura is the representative of Shi Yu and Mu Feng is one of the representatives of Man Yu. What’s the problem here?” 

“Hehe, the problem is you are both of them,” said Gan Wu Dao. He didn’t intend to let Asura off. He wanted to make things difficult for him. 

“Oh. Well, become my disciple, acknowledge me as your teacher. Call me daddy and I’ll explain again in detail!” Lin Feng replied icily.

“YOU WANT TO DIE, MOTHERFUCKER!” shouted Gan Wu Dao explosively, clenching his fists. 

“YOU’RE THE ONE WHO FUCKING WANTS TO DIE, MOTHERFUCKER! Gan Wu Dao! If you really want a war with Shi Yu, say it here and now! Fucking asshole!” bellowed Lin Feng right back. At that moment, the people of Shi Yu were all behind Asura, and Qing Huang Tian was also standing next to him. 

The expressions of the people of Gan Yu stiffened, but what could they do? Nothing, especially with Qing Huang Tian there. 

“Hehe. Good. I am a Master, so I will stop arguing with you, Asura. Wait for me. We’re not done here!” 

“Hehe, I’ll wait for you. Whenever you wish!” 

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