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Chapter 1216: Shi Yu Is Qualified!


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“Huang Yu, send your fighter!” spat Gan Wu Dao angrily. He couldn’t teach Lin Feng a good lesson, so he released his anger on the people of Huang Yu. 

Huang Gu Tian looked glum. He hated people like Gan Wu Dao, but he didn’t dare contradict him. Huang Yu wasn’t powerful enough so they had to control themselves. Apart from Huang Yu’s Leader, who was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, they had no strong cultivators! 

“Huang Lei, you go,” Huang Gu Tian sighed. Aguy of the seventh Great Supreme God layer flashed to the front. He was one of the strongest young geniuses of Huang Yu. Of course, they hadn’t brought the strongest, but Huang Yu wasn’t afraid to be eliminated. 

They only thought of their young geniuses’ safety. However, how were geniuses born and created? By gathering experience and by having fierce fights! 

Huang Lei nodded and walked to the center of the battle arena facing Asura. He had seen Mu Feng and Ta Qi’s fight. He would never forget it, ever. Asura was Mu Feng! It made Huang Lei feel desperate. Initially, he felt confident, but now, he was wondering how he was supposed to compete with the representative of Shi Yu! 

He would never finish in the top five. Even Great Elder Huang Gu Tian didn’t have that confidence. Huang Lei glanced at the Great Elder’s face. He was frowning. 

“Huang Yu, Huang Lei.” 

“Asura,” Lin Feng said serenely. Huang Lei was three meters tall, big and sturdy. His body was flawless, and he had no fat at all. But in the Region of the Eight Corners, such people were normal, so Lin Feng wasn’t surprised. 

“Please be merciful, Master,” Huang Lei said nervously. He even called Asura “Master”. Lin Feng had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, and yet he was the leader of the representatives of Shi Yu this time. He had to call him Master!

“Alright, fight now,” Lin Feng nodded. He then waited for Huang Lei to attack. Even though everybody knew how the fight would end, they still fought. 

Huang Lei charged Lin Feng like a tiger or a dragon. He was extremely powerful. He used a hundred percent of his strength, used his best attack, and reached his top speed. Lin Feng studied him first. He didn’t attack hastily, because Huang Lei couldn’t pose a threat to him at all. 

Therefore, he wanted to play around with Huang Lei. Huang Lei’s attack was nearly perfect. Lin Feng saw no flaw in it, but it still didn’t suffice against him! 

“Your Qi is good. Your strength is too weak. You need to practice more,” Lin Feng said. Everybody watched as Asura flashed. He didn’t even stretch out his hands. He just moved closer to Huang Lei. There was an explosion in the sky and a collision. Two hundred million jins of energy surged out. 

Li Chen saw it all clearly. Two hundred million jin? Apart from Asura, whose strength could be that powerful at the scale of the Great Supreme God layer?

Easy. Predictable. Clear outcome. The battle was over. Huang Lei left the stage. He wasn’t in pain, and he wasn’t injured. 

Since there were no tensions between Lin Feng and Huang Yu, he didn’t need to offend them. He couldn’t afford to offend ALL the territories of the Region of the Eight Corners…

“Thank you for being merciful, Representative Asura!” said Huang Gu Tian, bowing hand over fist. He gave face to Asura, but he also really felt grateful. Anyone else wouldn’t have hesitated and would have crippled Huang Lei’s cultivation! 

“Don’t mention it. I don’t think being categorical and radical all the time is necessary!” Lin Feng answered, bowing hand over fist as well. Huang Gu Tian gave him face, so Lin Feng gave him face, too. 

Only morons wouldn’t understand that. Lin Feng had gone through so many hardships in his life, he had become mature and wiser. 

“Gan Wu Dao, announce the end of the duel!” Lin Feng spoke up, clapping his hands. Gan Wu Dao glared at him icily. Lin Feng went back to his seat and ignored the man

Gan Wu Dao pulled a long face, but he could only control himself, it was an important moment. “Shi Yu is qualified for the next round! Huang Yu is eliminated! Next battle, Gan Yu versus Ye Yu,” said Gan Wu Dao. He couldn’t wait to see the duel, so he spoke quickly. He looked at a young man behind him and waved him up.

That young man was Gan Sheng. Gan Sheng walked away from Gan Kun Ling and up to the center of the stage. His teacher had lost a battle in the first round, so Gan Sheng had to regain Gan Yu’s face. 

“Gan Yu, Gan Sheng!” shouted Gan Sheng, looking at the disciples of Ye Yu. 

“Ye Yu, Bao Cang!” 

They had no time to lose. Ye Yu immediately sent forth another huge man. He was wearing a black cloak and his hands looked like hammers. It looked like he could destroy anyone in one punch. 

Bao Cang flashed and smiled icily. He landed in front of Gan Sheng and looked at him with icy confidence. He was convinced he was going to win. 

His teacher had defeated Gan Kun Ling, so he was also perfectly capable of defeating Gan Kun Ling’s disciple!

Bao Cang smiled. He didn’t care about Gan Sheng’s expression. In any case, he had to win! 

Gan Sheng made his neck crack. Destroying his opponent should be easy. He had experience. It wasn’t the first time he had fought against a simple-minded oversized moron. 

Lin Feng didn’t feel like watching this fight at all. They were weak, and he had nothing to learn from them. Besides, he needed to talk to Shi Yu and explain some things to her regarding Mu Feng’s help to Man Yu’s people. At the beginning, he wanted to tell her beforehand but he had finally decided it wasn’t necessary. 

“I have to help Man Yu. I hope you understand,” Lin Feng said telepathically, nodding at Shi Yu and Shi Jue Ling.

Shi Yu and Shi Jue Ling glanced at each other. They understood. 

They even looked at him approvingly. It wouldn’t affect Shi Yu’s progress in the meeting, so it didn’t really matter. Man Yu was the first territory Asura had visited when he had arrived in the region. He had many friends there, so he cared about them, as expected.

Asura had displayed his strength. At the scale of Great Supreme Gods, he had no enemy. Not a single Great Supreme God could pose a threat to him whatsoever. Shi Yu had high chances of finishing in the top three! 

The two of them nodded. They didn’t mind what Lin Feng had done. When Lin Feng saw them smile, he thought that having joined Shi Yu was a good idea after all. Even though Shi Yu didn’t like him much, at that moment, she behaved and acted respectfully for the sake of the competition. 

They didn’t chat for long, just exchanging a few words. Lin Feng smiled and looked at the battle arenas. The battle had already reached a point of no return. 

Bao Cang roared like an evil dragon. There were dazzling lightnings in the sky. His Qi rolled in waves towards Gan Sheng. Gan Sheng could barely keep his eyes open because of the dazzling energies. 

He suddenly opened his arms as if he wanted to hug the waves of energies. But when he did that, golden strength emerged from his chest and turned into a circle. 

Everyone stared at Gan Sheng’s light circle. A crazed dragon’s silhouette appeared inside. Not jsut one, but millions! Their silhouettes were flickering as they flew in circles. Their terrifying energies rolled forth.

It was the same kind of attack as Ta Qi’s attack, but Gan Sheng’s golden circle was much, much, much more powerful than Ta Qi’s golden dragon attack! It wasn’t the same thing at all. 

Everybody kept silent around the battle arenas. People looked excited. Who was going to win? It was the most crucial moment! 

Lin Feng looked at the battle, then he suddenly turned around and smiled at Gan Wu Dao. “Congratulations, Gan Yu, you’re qualified.” 

“Eh?” Gan Wu Dao was surprised. Why? Why would Lin Feng congratulate Gan Yu? He hated them. Was he making fun of them? Gan Wu Dao didn’t understand. 

The golden dragon lights illuminated the whole area, including Bao Cang. Bao Cang’s strength was incredible, as oppressive as a raging bull. It could make people suffocate, but in the end… 

Bao Cang was blown away. IF he hadn’t released energies to protect himself, he would have been disintegrated by Gan Sheng’s attack and died! 

Gan Sheng won the duel. Gan Yu was qualified for the next round. Shi Yu and Man Yu were sure to finish in the top four now, both thanks to Asura’s help. 

At that moment, Gan Wu Dao finally understood why Lin Feng had congratulated them, because he had already seen that Gan Sheng was going to win the battle before it had even ended. 

He was even angrier! 

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