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Chapter 1219: Together, Let’s Not Waste Time!


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“Alright, from now on, the final rankings won’t be difficult to guess. Shi Yu, Gan Yu, Man Yu and Xue Yu are qualified for the finals. What rules now? Anyone have an idea?” asked Gan Wu Dao, smiling at the crowd. In the end, he looked at Asura. Asura could bear the responsibility of suggesting another set of rules. People would hate him. He had already given two suggestions. 

The others remained silent, so Gan Wu Dao looked at Lin Feng and smiled darkly. “Representative Asura, do you have any suggestion?” 

“Yes. Do you want to hear it?” asked Lin Feng indifferently, looking down his nose at Gan Wu Dao.

Gan Wu Dao rejoiced and asked, “Yes, of course, please tell me!” 

“Man Yu was the weakest group. Then, the remaining ones are Gan Yu, Shi Yu and Xue Yu. So I think Gan Yu and Man Yu should choose opponents and challenge them. What do you think?” asked Lin Feng. He had already thought of a plan with perfect timing. 

When Gan Wu Dao heard that, he thought it was fair. Everybody thought Man Yu was the weakest group, but people would still hate him for deciding the rules. 

Of course, this time, nobody managed to feel offended because his suggestion was the best one. Gan Yu could choose their opponent, so they were happy. Man Yu’s people were happy as well, given the connection between Asura and Man Yu. 

“Alright, let’s do that, then. Gan Yu and Man Yu can choose opponents,” Gan Wu Dao nodded. He pointed to Gan Sheng. It was an opportunity. He knew what to do! 

Gan Sheng glanced at Asura and Xue Gang. He was furious. If he chose Man Yu or Shi Yu, he would definitely have to fight against Asura, but who was the other fighter? Xue Gang from Xue Yu! He didn’t even dare imagine fighting him!

Gan Wu Dao didn’t know what Gan Sheng was thinking. Gan Sheng felt discouraged. Gan Wu Dao had a good strategy. He wanted Gan Yu to eventually become the most powerful group in history, so he hoped they would finish in the top three this time. Li Yu was out, so Gan Yu’s chances of finishing first or second were even higher! 

“I… I choose Man Yu,” said Gan Sheng in the end. He pulled a long face and looked at Asura. 

Lin Feng grinned. Choosing Man Yu came down to challenging him, so Man Yu didn’t need to challenge anyone now, since Gan Yu had challenged them first. Shi Yu and Xue Yu could fight each other. 

Xue Can Yun also grinned. Asura was the representative of Man Yu, he was also Mu Feng. Asura was also the representative of Shi Yu. He was going to have to fight two consecutive battles. Wasn’t he going to be exhausted? That would mean more chances of Xue Yu winning the finals. 

If they managed to reach the final, that’d be the best, they would just need to get rid of Shi Yu, too. Thinking about that, Xue Can Yun and Xue Tong both grinned slyly. 

“Alright, Gan Yu versus Man Yu, Xue Yu versus Shi Yu,” said Gan Wu Dao expressionlessly. He was excited because Xue Yu and Gan Yu would both fighting Asura. Asura was going to use so much energy Gan Yu’s chances of winning would be even greater! 

He almost burst into laughter. Lin Feng had suggested something which was potentially game changing for him. 

“Man Yu and Gan Yu. Send fighters.” Gan Sheng nodded and flashed towards a battle arena. The bluestone floor was already cracked, but it didn’t have any influence on the duels. 

He stood there and waited for Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at the people of Man Yu. Lang Zhe looked at him disdainfully, while Song Chou Jiu and Zhu Ban Chang showed their support. He had won their battle before, so they wanted him to fight a second time. They needed to rely on him to be remembered. 

Lang Zhe didn’t want to face that fact. He even considered Asura a sworn enemy now. 

“Xue Yu, you can come too, I representative Man Yu as Mu Feng and Shi Yu as Representative Asura. So I can do both battles at the same time. Xue Yu, send a fighter!” Lin Feng said suddenly. 

Everybody was dumbstruck. The whole crowd started whispering. 

“That can’t be. Is Asura insane?” 

“Right! I think he’s overestimating himself. Fighting against Gan Sheng and Xue Gang consecutively must be very difficult already, but he wants to fight against them at the same time?” 

“I don’t know. Maybe he thinks he’s awesome because he won two battles?” 

“Sigh. We’ll see. He will definitely lose one battle. We’ll see what he does then.” 

Many people looked at Asura and grinned mockingly. Of course, some people supported Asura too. They remembered what had happened just before with the Genesis Spiritual strength and everything so they stood out for him. 

“Who the hell do you think you are? Even if Asura lost, he could still easily destroy you! Who the fuck do you think you are?! You little piece of shit!” 

“Indeed! You better look at yourselves in the mirror. Grow some balls, then go and challenge Asura. We’ll see then! If you had to face him, you’d pee your pants!” 

“A bunch of fucking morons! Stop hanging around and lose face. Asura will definitely win! You are just a bunch of morons.” 

People started arguing because of Asura. It was like it was their own battle. 

“Try and insult me again! Asura is a piece of shit, and you are just his puppets! Awesome, huh?” blared a big man from Xue Yu. He looked at his interlocutors in fury and hatred. 

“You are naive and simple-minded. Is Xue Yu strong? Wait and you’ll see! Asura will destroy your representatives,” a representative of Ye Yu told  the people of Xue Yu. He hoped Asura would destroy them as violently as possible! 

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He hadn’t thought so many people would actually defend him. He felt grateful. He was starting to gain a good reputation. 

“Alright, brothers, thanks you for protecting me. Please stop arguing with them. We can’t know whether I’m strong enough or not, we’ll see after the battle. Of course, you don’t need to argue with them, because they will definitely lose face,” Lin Feng said. He admired the people of the Region of the Eight Corners. They were easy-going. Lin Feng liked them more than people in the outside world. They weren’t as bloody and terrifying as people described them. 

People criticized without knowing. Lin Feng knew those were just rumors. 

The disciples all stopped talking. Those who had been eliminated were disappointed. People from weaker territories felt like Asura was representing all of them. 

But the other people thought highly of Xue Yu and Gan Yu, who were also in finals. 

Lin Feng naturally wouldn’t try and disappoint anyone, so he got ready for the fight. 

But Gan Wu Dao looked at Asura, trembling. He wanted to hit this pretentious upstart. “Asura, what is that supposed to mean? You want a one versus two?” asked Gan Wu Dao icily, grinding his teeth. Everybody could hear the sound of his teeth grinding. 

Of course, Lin Feng didn’t fear Gan Wu Dao. He didn’t even fear Spiritual Godly Ancestors. He had already seen some, and he had even defeated the sixth phoenix. Even though it was thanks to the Godly Battle Sword, Lin Feng was reassured because he knew he could defeat them with his sword. 

He now had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, he wasn’t a cultivator of the sixth Great Supreme God layer like back then. Therefore, even if Gan Wu Dao wanted to kill him, it would be difficult, and Lin Feng didn’t fear him. 

Lin Feng was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Other people didn’t know, but he knew. The representatives of Shi Yu knew. Shi Yu wanted to win. But what would happen in the battle between Shi Yu and Man Yu? 

How could Asura fight against himself? 

The representatives of Shi Yu were worried. The others didn’t know, luckily. If the people of Xue Yu and Gan Yu knew, they would be furious. 

“Why are you not talking? You regret what you said?” asked Gan Wu Dao when he saw Asura remaining silent. He sounded ice-cold and took a few steps forwards. He wanted to suppress Lin Feng and shake him up a little. 

Unfortunately, his display of strength didn’t work on Lin Feng. Lin Feng remained fearless because his interlocutor wasn’t strong enough to scare him. 

“I don’t regret.” 

“Then what?” 

“I’m just thinking that if I fight them both at the same time, it’ll save time and trouble!” Lin Feng said cheerfully. He looked quite calm.

Everybody was silent, gaping at Asura. At that moment, everybody thought Asura had gone crazy! 

Gan Wu Dao glared at him furiously. “JUST A BUNCH OF FUCKING NONSENSE!” 

He couldn’t stand it anymore. Asura had gone too far! He was humiliating the people of Gan Yu! 

Of course, not just the people of Gan Yu, but the people and representatives of Xue Yu also looked at Asura furiously, especially Xue Tong. Xue Tong glared at him and shouted ferociously, “Asura, you want to die!” 

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