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Chapter 1220: I am Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing!


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“I couldn’t care less about your opinion,” Lin Feng replied, smiling in icy disdain. He looked at Gan Wu Dao and said scathingly, “Master, do you agree to my request?” 

Lin Feng smiled confidently because he felt great. He felt like a wolf in sheep’s clothes! How awesome! He was confident he could easily win. Then he would cause trouble and chaos along with the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and the others. How awesome! 

“Asura, are you sure? Won’t you regret?” asked Gan Wu Dao. He was furious on the outside, but on the inside, he was convinced Asura had overestimated himself. He was convinced Gan Yu and Xue Yu were going to win, and he just wanted to see Asura get crushed. Then Xue Yu and Gan Yu would fight the final! 

“I should ask you whether you’ll regret or not. I personally don’t really care,” Lin Feng answered mockingly. He wanted to infuriate the man even more. 

As expected, Gan Wu Dao glared at Lin Feng angrily, getting mad all over again. He had never seen anyone as arrogant as Asura! And merely a Great Supreme God, on top of that! 

“Alright, alright, I agree. I have to agree!” said Gan Wu Dao, smiling ferociously. He clenched his fists as if they had already won. He looked at Xue Can Yun and waited for him to speak up. 

“I also agree,” said Xue Can Yun expressionlessly. He turned to Xue Gang, “Go and kill Asura. I don’t like him!” 

“Hehe! Understood!” said Xue Gang, smiling ferociously. He came out of the crowd and wiggled his forefinger at Lin Feng, then flashed to the battle arena. Gan Sheng had already been waiting for Asura for a while. 

Everybody had clearly heard what Xue Can Yun had just said to Xue Gang. Lin Feng smiled indifferently and shook his head, then flashed onto the crackled battle arena. 

“Asura, you hate yourself, huh? One versus two? You want us to kill you?” Xue Gang smiled sarcastically and sticking up his thumbs. 

Gan Sheng also looked at Asura in contempt and suddenly smiled. “Asura, if you lose, what do we do?” 

“If he loses, I will kill him!” shouted Xue Gan Sheng icily. He didn’t even give Asura time to speak. They were both trying to humiliate him anyway. 

But Lin Feng didn’t feel like talking to them. It was useless to argue. The only way to make them shut the fuck up was to destroy their faces!

He couldn’t kill them because it might affect the following events too much, as they also wanted to cause trouble after the meeting. Defeating them would be enough! 

“Stop talking shit. Come speak with your fists!” he shouted furiously. He was sick of this nonsense and waste of time. Lin Feng had never liked spending so much time on useless things. 

Gan Sheng and Xue Gang’s expressions changed as they looked at Lin Feng. Their eyes were filled with murder. Everybody suddenly sensed an ice-cold energy start to rise, and fear grew.

“Asura, you’re dead!” shouted Xue Gang as he disappeared. A blood-red silhouette flickered and appeared behind Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng glanced at Xue Gang and grinned mockingly. Fast, huh? Alright, let’s compare ourselves in terms of speed. 

Everybody was staring at them. Xue Gang condensed the strength of the earth and the sky. Blood red light flashed behind Lin Feng. It looked like a blade was forming itself. Asura was doomed! 

However, Asura also disappeared. Xue Gang’s attack failed since he had no target anymore. He was astonished! 

“No need to look for me. I am behind you!” a voice informed him suddenly. It reverberated through the whole valley. Xue Gang’s heart twitched. He had no time to react. All he could do was release blood-red lights to protect himself and try to stab Asura with them. The battle arena was still covered by a terrifying Qi. 

However, Lin Feng stretched out his hands, and put his palms together. A golden light beam emerged, and immediately blew Xue Gang away. 

Everybody heard a blood-curling scream. “AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My chest! AAAAHHHHHHHHH! AAAAHHHHHHHHH! My hand!”

Everybody was dumbstruck, including Gan Sheng. He understood how stupid he had been. 

But it was already too late. He couldn’t let things happen like that. So when Xue Gang was blown away, he flashed and moved at the speed of light, like a vampire. 

Gan Sheng turned into a golden beam of light. It was extremely sharp. His target was Lin Feng’s solar plexus; he wanted to stab him in the heart! 

But Gan Sheng was daydreaming. Against an ordinary Great Supreme God, it would have been easy. But Lin Feng could even destroy ordinary Godly Ancestors. Cultivation levels couldn’t be used to describe him anymore. 

“Alright, we had enough fun. I’m tired. Now, you! Piss off!” Lin Feng swore at him, disappearing. After learning from Xue Gang’s mistake, Gan Sheng remained cautious and took a few steps backwards. He hoped Lin Feng wouldn’t suddenly show up behind him and attack him by surprise. 


“Hehe, where do you think you’re going?” asked someone suddenly. A hand tapped Gan Sheng’s shoulder from behind, and he suddenly sensed a familiar Qi. His heart raced as he slowly turned around and saw Asura’s mocking smile. That terrifying face. 


“Piss off!” Asura shouted explosively. A hole appeared in the battle arena because Asura had smashed him down into the ground. 

Gan Sheng coughed weakly. He was extremely pale. He had the feeling his meridians were destroyed, which meant he had turned into a mere mortal. He would need a long time before his meridians could recover. 

He was extremely pale and glaring at Asura impotently. However, Asura had already left the battle arena. Everybody was dumbstruck as Asura walked back to Gan Wu Dao. 

Gan Wu Dao stared at him. He was dumbstruck as well. 

Xue Gang had been destroyed. His bones had been ruined. What a tragic defeat! Gan Sheng’s meridians had been destroyed. He wouldn’t recover for a long time. If Gan Yu gave up on him, he might be crippled for his entire life. 

At that moment, everybody looked at Asura as if he were a monster, but Asura looked calm and serene, at peace with himself. He had won and he was strong. He hoped everybody now understood they shouldn’t offend him! 

For a long time, Xue Can Yun looked glum. He frowned and shouted in constrained anger. It was the first time he had shown any emotions. 

“Hehe, good. You’re a wolf in sheep’s clothes, huh!?`” Gan Wu Dao smiled icily. His cheeks burned as if he had been slapped. Asura really was a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Everybody had been fooled! 

A cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer who could easy destroy ordinary Godly Ancestors and compete with stronger ones. He could even compete with cultivators of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer! 

At that moment, everybody understood why he was the representative of Shi Yu. It all became clear. 

Xue Can Yun’s cheeks burned as well. He had been fooled, and was truly furious now. But nobody could say anything, as nobody had violated the rules!

Asura was strong, so what? He was a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, indeed, but still a Great Supreme God!

Besides, he had won a one versus two! It was a huge victory! 

He had defeated two people. They had suffered a crushing defeat. Asura had destroyed them easily. 

How did it feel? They had never felt this way! 

Asura stood on Gan Wu Dao’s side and glanced at Xue Can Yun. He smiled, “What? I won. Isn’t anyone going to announce my victory? Or won’t you even admit my victory?” he demanded sternly. 

Gan Wu Dao and Xue Can Yun felt humiliated, but they couldn’t attack him. He hadn’t done anything wrong! 

“Hehe. Asura, you’re a wolf in sheep’s clothes. Very cruel and sly, Asura! I admire you!” Xue Can Yun smiled icily. 

He got ready to leave, but Lin Feng flashed in and stopped him. He smiled jokingly, “Yes! I am a wolf in sheep’s clothes!” Lin Feng laughed. Everybody was hearing about the news in all the territories. 


In Xue Yu…

“Who the fuck are you? Damn, Xue Gang lost!” 

“That little boy is called Asura. When Xue Gang comes back. We’ll have a chat and we’ll plan something to kill him.” 


In Ye Yu…

“Leader, Asura is very strong.” 

“Yes, curry favor with him if you can. At least, let’s not be enemies with him.” 


In Shi Yu… 

The old man was seated on his throne and looking at an animated image in front of him. He was astonished. Even though he couldn’t see clearly, he smiled when he heard “a wolf in sheep’s clothes!”. 

He looked at the second elder, Shi Wen Lin, and smiled, “That vice leader is great! Will you submit?” 

Shi Wen Lin, “…”

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