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Chapter 1221: Brainwashed!


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“Asura, since you won, who are you going to help become champion? Shi Yu or Man Yu?” Gan Wu Dao asked after a long time. He was trying to think of something to ruin the situation. He wasn’t happy that Asura would win regardless, so he wanted to make things difficult for him. Since Asura was the representative of two different territories, what was he going to do now? He had to choose between Shi Yu and Man Yu!

He had tried to make everybody hate Asura before, but it hadn’t worked. Now was a great opportunity. Asura would definitely offend either Man Yu or Shi Yu if he made them finish second. Even if they didn’t show it, they would definitely be furious. 

When Lin Feng heard Gan Wu Dao, he insulted that old fox silently. He looked at Shi Yu and the others, and then at Song Chou Jiu and the others. As expected, they all looked anxious. This was a real dilemma. 

He was the representative of two territories now, and he could have anticipated this situation. In terms of strength, Shi Yu should finish first. But Man Yu had been lucky to reach that point and wanted more. 

When Gan Wu Dao saw Lin Feng’s expression, he rejoiced. Would Lin Feng continue barking now? Haha! A wolf in sheep’s clothes? His teeth were sharper than Lin Feng’s! 

“What’s wrong, Representative Asura? Is it a difficult choice?” Gan Wu Dao asked deliberately. He was trying to make the situation deteriorate. Xue Can Yun, Li Chen and the others didn’t really care. Asura had been arrogant, and now? 

Shi Yu looked at Lin Feng excitedly. She hoped he’d announce Shi Yu as the winner this year. Song Chou Jiu and Lang Zhe hoped Lin Feng would announce Man Yu was the winner. Lang Zhe tried to put pressure on Lin Feng, “Asura, don’t forget where you started! It was in Man Yu!” 

“Asura, you are the vice leader of the region of Shi Yu, we respect your decision!” said Shi Yu when she heard Lang Zhe. She also smiled, but Lin Feng knew what she meant. 

When Li Chen, Gan Wu Dao, and the others heard Shi Yu, they were astonished. Asura had become the vice leader of the region of Shi Yu? No wonder he was the representative of Shi Yu at the meeting! 

The representatives weren’t the only ones who were completely astonished; so were the other disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners. They looked around and glanced at each other in astonishment. 

Asura is the vice leader of the region of Shi Yu?! He definitely had to choose Shi Yu as the champions!, thought everyone. 

Song Chou Jiu and Zhu Ban Chang glanced at each other, but they ignored Lang Zhe and said, “Asura, we have decided something! We elect you as the new leader of Man Yu!” 

“What? Asura is going to become the leader of Man Yu?! Things are going too far!” blurted out a big fellow from Xue Yu. Since when was it so easy to become the leader of a territory?! 

“Fucking infuriating!” 

“Indeed! But Asura is going to shake the whole Region of the Eight Corners. As the vice leader of the region of Shi Yu and the leader of Man Yu, he’s going to be all-conquering!” 

“Whom do you think he will choose?” 

“I’m not sure. We’ll see!” 

The whole crowd burst into an uproar but Lin Feng felt as if he were about to suffocate. He was astonished by Song Chou Jiu and Zhu Ban Chang’s decision. 

When Lang Zhe heard that, he could only glare at them resentfully. If he weren’t afraid of Asura, he would have burst out raging and sent some disciples to kill Asura. But he wasn’t strong enough to do that. 

The atmosphere was eerily silent. Everybody waited for Lin Feng’s decision. Lin Feng took a deep breath. He knew there was no good solution, so he nodded and smiled at Shi Yu, then he looked at Song Chou Jiu and said, 

“I think that having a champion is not necessary and is not important. 

“To be honest, the Region of the Eight Corners has an innate advantage. It has resources. There are natural borders. The Region of the Eight Corners is in your hearts, all of you love the Region of the Eight Corners deeply. It’s a trait of the Region of the Eight Corners. I, Asura, am a foreigner, a pure human being, but when I see you, I think that you are not worthy of being called real men! 

“A man should be valiant and travel around the world. You never leave your region. Most of you have never left the Region of the Eight Corners. Your competitions are only between the different territories of the Region of the Eight Corners. You have clearly made the advantages of the Region of the Eight Corners turn into disadvantages. 

“The world is gigantic. Your territory is at most a few hundreds of millions of li. If everybody’s goal is to become the champion of the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, how can you really know if you’re outstanding or not? 

“The Region of the Eight Corners has existed for a long time. There are many outstanding geniuses in the region… but there are Godly Ancestors everywhere in the world. Have you ever had an overlord in the Region of the Eight Corners? 

“You know about the overlords of the List of the World of Battles. But there are also the best overlords, and the overlord of Xiao Hun. I don’t think anyone has ever attacked them! 

“They can’t, because they are too weak. Why do the people of the Region of the Eight Corners need to have internal conflicts? Why don’t they join hands and conquer the world? We should be one and cooperate. We should make the Region of the Eight Corners great! We should focus on making someone an overlord!” 

Everybody was completely astonished and silent. At the same time, they became extremely excited. Asura was right! They could be strong together! How awesome! 

“Therefore, we don’t need a champion of the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, right? Let’s work hard together. Let’s fight for the glory and honor of the Region of the Eight Corners together!” Lin Feng said finally. Then he shouted hoarsely, “And one of you may become one of the overlords! Who doesn’t have faith in themselves?” 

Everybody felt extremely ambitious and excited and shouted in unison, “We have confidence!” 

“We do, Master Asura, I have faith!” 

“We want to become overlords! We can’t fight for nothing and against our brothers and sisters!” 

“Master Asura, you’re right! We want to become overlords! We have faith!” everybody shouted frantically. Not only in Feng Xun Valley, but outside as well, everywhere in all the regions, in Shi Yu, in Gan Yu, in Ye Yu, in Xue Yu, everybody shouted in unison; all the voice of the entire region together sounded explosive. 

The high officials of the different groups weren’t happy. 

Gan Wu Dao and Xue Can Yun were dumbstruck when they heard the disciples. But they also felt slightly excited. They remembered when they were young; back then, they were valiant, heroic, and brave. Years had passed, and they had reached the top of the hierarchy. Now they just wanted tp manage the Region of the Eight Corners calmly without too much trouble. 

Now Lin Feng reminded them of their youth, but… 

“Asura, that’s another of your tricks, I see. You spoke so much just to distract everybody from the question so that you wouldn’t even have to choose a champion! No need to try and sound imposing and magnificent for that!” shouted Gan Wu Dao angrily. 

But this time, Lin Feng didn’t need to say anything, everybody started shouting at and insulting Gan Wu Dao furiously. 

“You old grouch! You like it when the Region of the Eight Corners is sinking into a civil war?” 

“You’re a fucking asshole! Fucking elder! You fucking piece of trash! You’re not interested because you’re a fucking dictator! You want to rule over the Region of the Eight Corners with your friends without anybody interrupting or disturbing you!” 

“Indeed! You old grouch! You’re not that strong and you’re a coward! Fucking piece of trash!” 

“Don’t look at us! Look at yourself! You have no right to look at us angrily! You fucking coward!” 

“Cowards! Gan Wu Dao and Xue Can Yun are fucking cowards!” 

Lin Feng smiled. He had achieved his goal, destabilizing the Region of the Eight Corners. He had made the disciples start hating the higher officials. A few sentences had sufficed!

He was happy, but also sighed. It was so easy to brainwash these people. When one was smart, it was easy to become a leader! 

Now he had reached his goal, so Lin Feng thought the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points also had to act now! 

The elders had all turned purple. Shi Jue Ling and Shi Man Shan found that Lin Feng had become even stronger. A few sentences, and he had made all the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners adore him. 

Gan Wu Dao looked both purple and blue. He was so angry he wanted to destroy both Lin Feng and all those disciples. 

Boom boom!

Kacha, kacha, kacha…

Suddenly, there were two explosions. The cliffs of Feng Xun Valley blew apart. The sound came from the distance. A strong wind started blowing and brushing against everybody’s skin. It felt as if they were being crushed by stones. 

Lin Feng looked in the distance and understood Leader Jing Rui and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had made their move too. Now, he wanted to make things even worse. 

“Oh no! Brothers! Let’s hurry up and run! Hurry up or you won’t have time!” 

“Everybody run east! Hurry up!” shouted Lin Feng frantically, his tone fanning the flames of unease purposely. When the representatives heard Lin Feng, they didn’t care much, but they still flew east. 

Lin Feng’s silhouette flashed, and he reappeared at the top of Feng Xun Valley, then moved east in the direction of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes. It had turned into a real world and was just waiting for the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners. 

“Asura, where the fuck are you going? I’m going to cripple your cultivation!” shouted Li Dian furiously. His face was stiff and he chased Asura closely. He really wanted to kill Asura. 

“Asura, I will not let you off. You fucking coward! You agreed to fight and now you’re running away?” said Xue Tong ferociously. They both chased after Lin Feng. 

The situation was out of control, but everybody chased Lin Feng closely. As long as they chased him, they thought they were safe. 

Gan Wu Dao, Xue Can Yun, and Li Chen looked furious. All the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners had been brainwashed! They wanted to unite and conquer the world together! 

It would be difficult for Gan Wu Dao and the others to put pressure on the disciples. if not impossible. 

“Let’s go and chase him!” said Gan Wu Dao, grinding his teeth.

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