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Chapter 1225: King Hei Yi Kneels Down!


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“It’s so dark in here. If I’m not mistaken, this place is the nest of the Hei Yi Clan,” whispered Lin Feng with a frown. 

Qing Huang Tian smiled and said, “Husband, who lives in a nest? Why would the Hei Yi Clan live in darkness under the ground? And what about the Bai Yi Clan? Do they live in white stones?” 

(Translator’s Note: “hei” means “black” and “bai” means white. Regarding the “yi”, it is used in the word “ma yi” which means “ants” and explains why these “beasts” live underground in darkness) 

Qing Huang Tian smiled. Lin Feng glanced at her and didn’t contradict her. They had to go inside the territory of the Hei Yi Clan to learn more. 


Two and a half hours later, they had crossed a distance of a few hundred li. They were not in small and narrow tunnels anymore. The area where they were now was a vast flat land. Even though it was still very dark, in the depths of that place, there were still small one-meter holes. There were so many of them that the ground looked like honeycomb. 

But there was a strange sour smell. Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian inspected the area around them for a long time. 

“You were right. It really is the territory of the Hei Yi Clan!” said Qing Huang Tian smiled in delight, looking adorable. 

Lin Feng looked at one of the holes and he saw a meter-tall silhouette. It looked like a black ant, but it was a human form. 

Some small black eyes quickly appeared at the top of the holes and looked at them. Lin Feng remained vigilant. The sour smell came from the Qi emanating from their antennae. 

“Are you the members of the Hei Yi Clan?” he asked. Nobody replied though. Instead, small white teeth appeared in the darkness, as if the black ant-like silhouettes were about to attack. 

Lin Feng looked at Qing Huang Tian, and walked to the front. These people were Supreme Gods and Great Supreme Gods of the Hei Yi Clan. The strongest ones had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. It might be a test, but what was certain was that they couldn’t be the only strong cultivators the Hei Yi Clan had. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told him the Hei Yi Clan was going to select some allies. But the Hei Yi Clan didn’t know them, so they might want to test them to learn who the best ones were.

“Come; if you to challenge me, I don’t mind,” Lin Feng said, smiling placidly and wiggling his index finger. There were thousands of members of the Hei Yi Clan. Lin Feng felt excited. Fighting against an ocean of creatures! How awesome! 

Suddenly, the black ants charged, and they all opened their mandibulae. They wanted to sting him and poison him! They also pointed their antennae at Lin Feng, indicating their target. 

“Husband, I…” said Qing Huang Tian. She was extremely worried, and wanted to help Lin Feng. But she had sacrificed two drops of phoenix blood for Lin Feng ,so now she was pale and extremely weak. She nearly collapsed. 

Lin Feng waved at her, indicating he didn’t need her help. He flashed and used his Imperial Imprint Formula attack. A gigantic golden imperial imprint rolled forth like an insane dragon. Qing Huang Tian started healing the injury from the loss of two drops of blood. 

The golden imprint enveloped all the black ants. That imprint was three hundred million jin in terms of strength, not to mention that Lin Feng benefited from the effect of the phoenix blood. Those people all had something in common: they were about to die! 

Lin Feng looked serious, solemn and honest. It wasn’t a joke for him. 

He knew that if he didn’t do this, the strong cultivators of the Hei Yi Clan wouldn’t show up, unless they didn’t care about the lives of those members! 

Lin Feng shouted furiously. He put his palms together; dazzling blue and cyan lights appeared and turned into an imprint. It seemed like the universe was breaking into two. A cyan and blue light beam weighing two hundred million jin illuminated the dark area. It seemed like it could cover the whole world. 

Because of the Qi, everybody was terror-stricken. They couldn’t resist such Qi. They all looked at the gigantic golden imprint desperately. The power of that imprint was explosive, and it was moving down towards them. They would definitely die as soon as it would touch them. Even worse, there were two imprints! Even though the blue and cyan one wasn’t as powerful as the golden one, it still made them feel even more under pressure. 

In total, five hundred million jin of strength was pressing down on them. They felt like garlic being crushed with the side of a santoku knife. Lin Feng didn’t feel worried at all, because he could feel that a powerful Qi was coming closer and closer, and about to arrive. 

“Human! You went too far!” “Stop!” shouted two people at the same time, their voices deep and hoarse. 

Two silhouettes appeared in front of Lin Feng. The stretched out their hands and a cloud of black Qi appeared and enveloped the crowd. When Lin Feng smelled that Qi, he felt as if his body were about to rot. It smelled quite putrid. 

His two imprints were also enveloped by the black cloud. The power of his imprints rapidly decreased. In the end, the two black silhouettes threw punches, and the whole crowd shook violently. Black Qi rolled in waves above the ground. Some stones fell from the ceiling. 

Too much information at once, thought Lin Feng. He was impressed that those two people had managed to destroy his two imprints. He had made one imperial imprint with Genesis Spiritual strength and the other one with his blood strength, and in the end they had still destroyed them! 

Terrifying, truly terrifying! One of them was an ordinary Godly Ancestor and the other one was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. When they joined hands, they were extremely strong. 

Lin Feng took his hands back to indicate he didn’t intend to continue fighting. No matter what those people thought, he had passed their exam. He had nearly killed some of their members, after all!

The two black silhouettes quickly landed on the ground. They were both a meter tall, but different from the other members of the Hei Yi Clan. These two people’s forms were completely human. They also had golden antennae, but they were barely visible. One’s antennae were purple and golden. He was an old man and the Spiritual Godly Ancestor. 

They both had two legs and two arms, but no mandibles for venom. 

“Humans are cruel. You wanted to kill a whole bunch of my people?” swore the younger one furiously. His eyes were filled with murder. 

The old man looked curious. He looked at Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian, but kept silent, letting his son, the leader of the Hei Yi Clan, King Hei Yi, speak.

King Hei Yi glared at Lin Feng. Initially, he thought these two people were ordinary Great Supreme Gods and could become partners, he hadn’t thought they would try to annihilate his clan! He was furious! 

Lin Feng didn’t get scared. On the contrary, he smiled in amusement, “How do you know I wanted to destroy the Hei Yi Clan?” 

“What? Could it be that two gigantic imprints were not sufficient? And you don’t even intend to admit it!? Humans are cunning and sly!” shouted King Hei Yi furiously.

Lin Feng just smiled. He extended his left hand and a small golden imprint appeared. It drew close to dozens of members of the Hei Yi Clan. 

Phwap! King Hei Yi’s expression changed drastically. However, he looked at Lin Feng quickly, his eyes wide. He couldn’t believe it. The golden strength had suddenly disappeared inside his people’s bodies. Their poison became even more powerful, and they also became bigger by half a head. 

King Hei Yi was dumbstruck, realizing he had made a mistake. Because of that mistake, the members of the Hei Yi Clan had missed a wonderful opportunity. His cheeks burned as looked at Lin Feng silently. 

The old king shook his head and forced a smile. What had he done wrong with his child’s education? 

King Hei Yi and the old king looked at the members of the Hei Yi Clan, and realized most people were looking at them angrily. They immediately felt uneasy. They didn’t really care, but they didn’t want people to disrupt public order. After all, they had acted to prevent the human from killing them!

But in life, there were always difficult things. 

Lin Feng looked at the crowd, then at King Hei Yi. The latter wanted to talk to him, but didn’t dare. He felt humiliated. 

Lin Feng sighed, turned around and looked at Qing Huang Tian, he said indifferently, “Sister Qing, let’s go see the Bai Yi Clan.” 

“Oh, alright, husband,” said Qing Huang Tian. She didn’t understand why, since they had just arrived in the Hei Yi Clan’s territory, but she listened to Asura. As he wished!

That was the advantage of a woman like Qing Huang Tian. No questions. No trouble. She just followed him around like a good girl and obeyed him, never questioning his choices. That was perfect. 

Lin Feng grabbed her hand. They turned around and flashed away. They went back to the top of the cave to start looking for the other clans of Yi Clan. 

King Hei Yi and the old man were panic-stricken when they saw him leave. The members of the Hei Yi Clan looked at them so angrily they felt even more under pressure. 

“Humans, please stop!” shouted King Hei Yi, letting himself fall to his knees. The sound of his knees knocking the ground were clear and sharp. Lin Feng heard it. 

Qing Huang Tian’s small lips moved. She turned around, and didn’t know what to say. The leader of an Evil Clan was kneeling in front of Asura? 


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