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Chapter 1226: Teaching the Hei Yi Clan A Good Lesson!


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“Humans, I admit I made a mistake. I treated you unjustly. But imagine if you were me. Your imprints could have killed my people. How could anyone know there was a hidden strength inside? Humans, please don’t leave. The Hei Yi Clan is willing to cooperate with you!” declared King Hei Yi. He was still on his knees so he felt humiliated, but he ground his teeth and endured it. He was the leader of the Hei Yi Clan and responsible for its development. Nothing could stop him from doing that. With such partners, all the members of the Hei Yi Clan would become stronger! He would regret it his entire life if all the members of the Hei Yi Clan missed an opportunity because of him. He would never forgive himself!

Lin Feng had already returned. He just wanted King Hei Yi to admit he had made a mistake. He hadn’t thought King Hei Yi would kneel down to admit his mistake though. Lin Feng liked it when people acted so forthrightly, even while he sympathized with the little fellow.

“Rise now. No need to be like that,” Lin Feng said, walking towards King Hei Yi. He helped him get up by supporting him by the arm. 

King Hei Yi was overjoyed and asked hastily, “Human, do you agree to cooperate with us?” 

“Don’t call me ‘human’. My name is Asura,” Lin Feng said smiling calmly. Lin Feng didn’t feel comfortable when the other called him that. He would agree to negotiate only if King Hei Yi called him by name. 

“Alright, brother Asura. Do you agree to cooperate with us?” asked King Hei Yi happily. He was excited. Asura was already so strong. He was probably a public figure in the outside world. If the Hei Yi Clan had the chance to cooperate with him, they could surpass the Long Yi Clan! 

The Long Yi Clan had suppressed the Hei Yi Clan for ten thousand years already. The ancestor didn’t say anything. All the young members of the Hei Yi Clan dreamt of surpassing the Long Yi Clan. 

If someone could help them do that, they’d be extremely happy! 

King Hei Yi had a perfect plan in mind. The old king next to him just watched. Even though he had retired, he was still interested in the affairs of the Hei Yi Clan. He still hoped they’d become stronger. 

When Lin Feng heard him, he thought King Hei Yi was ambitious and enthusiastic. But Lin Feng needed to see the ancestor, he didn’t need to see the other clans. But it didn’t mean the others didn’t! 

All his wives, except Meng Qing, needed to work with the Hei Yi Clan. They couldn’t cooperate with the Long Yi Clan. They weren’t strong enough, after all, especially Huo Wu and the other women. After giving birth to their babies, they had given up cultivation. They had decided to live in his spirit world forever, carefree, happily, and peacefully. 

However, Meng Qing’s cultivation was being influenced by the Ice Spirit. Lin Feng was convinced that soon enough, he would be able to explore the world with Little Qing again. 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to make his children cooperate with the Hei Yi Clan. The Hei Yi Clan wasn’t even qualified for his kids. Neither Zhe Tian, Qiong Sheng, Lin Sheng Xie, Lin Sheng Miao, Lin Sheng Jiong nor Lin Zu needed the Hei Yi Clan. 

Apart from his wives, Lin Feng also remembered the seven ancient cultivators he had picked up in the ancient battlefield in the Phoenix Altar. Those days, they lived in his spirit world. He called them out and thought having them cooperate with the Hei Yi Clan wouldn’t be a bad idea. 

Lin Feng had decided to put them in his spirit world to use them later. He had been selfish. He didn’t intend to let them go to any other sect or clan, be it the Human Clan, Sword Mountain or whatever. 

“What, Brother Asura, don’t you…? Or do you think…?” asked King Hei Yi when he saw Lin Feng looked pensive. 

Lin Feng interrupted him and said, “Master, I’ll tell you the truth. My goal is Ancestor Yi.” 

“You… Are you insane?” said King Hei Yi, smiling mockingly. He was astonished inside. How did this human even dare mention the ancestor? 

“Brother Asura, I suggest you give up on that idea,” said King Hei Yi, forcing a smile. He didn’t look at Asura mockingly anymore. He just sighed helplessly. 

“Why?” Lin Feng asked. 

“Don’t you know Ancestor Yi has an agreement to become an overlord? If that overlord becomes the twentieth, then they will move on with their agreement,” said King Hei Yi forcing a smile. He didn’t want to make Lin Feng feel sad but he still told him the truth. 

Apart from Ancestor Yi, in the Yi Clan, everybody was relatively easy to meet, but not Ancestor Yi, because he was going to become an overlord!

Becoming Ancestor Yi’s partner was now impossible. 

Lin Feng didn’t know Ancestor Yi had found a partner already, and on top of that, it was an overlord. Which one though? 

“May I ask which overlord?” asked Lin Feng unhappily. He wanted to know who that person was. If he managed to ruin everything for them, it’d be perfect. Lin Feng didn’t fear overlords. 

“Uh? Are you sure you want to know?” asked King Hei Yi. When he saw Asura’s resolute expression, he sighed helplessly and knew he had to tell him. “The World Dragon Clan!” 

“What? The World Dragon Clan? Your sworn enemies?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. An overlord, alright, but why one from the World Dragon Clan?!

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. When King Hei Yi saw that, he forced a smile. “Back then, if it hadn’t been for Ancestor Yi, the World Dragon Clan would have destroyed the Yi Clan. Because of Ancestor Yi, the World Dragon Clan gave up and let the Yi Clan off. There’s definitely something incredible behind that story.” 

“You mean that Ancestor Yi, back then, agreed to fulfill one of the World Dragon Clan’s conditions?” 

“Indeed! So the World Dragon Clan spared the Yi Clan. Otherwise, they would have destroyed us already. Fucking World Dragon Clan!” King Hei Yi was furious. He was sad too though. Surprisingly, he had accepted to make a compromise. 

They all felt sorry for Ancestor Yi. But what could they do? Ancestor Yi’s existence was a treasure from heaven. The World Dragon Clan had thus decided to make them cooperate with them. 

“I see,” Lin Feng said. Everybody remained silent. 

After a long time, Lin Feng grinned. Since the World Dragon Clan was also his enemy, he didn’t mind helping a little bit. 

“King Hei Yi, do you know where Ancestor Yi is?” Lin Feng smiled. 

King Hei Yi looked at Lin Feng blankly. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard. He was dumbstruck. This little boy was really stubborn! 

“Brother, I suggest you give up. You can’t compete with the World Dragon Clan,” explained King Hei Yi, crying on the inside. He hoped this Asura would give up. Otherwise, he’d infuriate the World Dragon Clan and die! 

Lin Feng shook his head and at the same time he realized that the members of the Yi Clan were terrified by the World Dragon Clan. They had no balls at all. 

How did the Yi Clan intend to get their revenge then? But if they succeeded, it would shake the World of Battles! And they might be in trouble afterwards… 

“King Hei Yi, I’m going to tell you one thing,” Lin Feng said, shaking his head. He had to prevent this guy from ruining his plan. 

“Speak,” said King Hei Yi curiously. What did Lin Feng want to say? 

“You are not worthy of being the leader of the Hei Yi Clan. You don’t even deserve to be a member of the Hei Yi Clan. You have no balls. You are terrified. King Hei Yi? What a joke! 

“If you were a real leader, you would strive to become stronger and help your people become stronger. The Hei Yi Clan would already be among the strongest sub clans of the Yi Clan. You wouldn’t just be there standing uselessly at the bottom of the hierarchy of the Yi Clan. Back then, the World Dragon Clan humiliated you, huh? And tens of thousands of years later, you’re still going to let the World Dragon Clan bully you?” 

“You are shameless! I am a foreigner and I think you are a disgrace!” Lin Feng said furiously. All the members of the Hei Yi Clan were terrified and stepped back. 

King Hei Yi became red. He was furious and he felt ashamed, as if Asura had slapped his cheeks. He was speechless, and his throat was dry. 

“We… We..,” said King Hei Yi. But the words didn’t come out. He felt so humiliated. 

“Think carefully. How can you get your revenge? Should everybody rely on Ancestor Yi? They bully people indeed, but you? The Hei Yi Clan? Bai Yi Clan? Long Yi Clan? What are you all thinking? You just want to benefit from the work of others? Or do you think that after Ancestor Yi and the World Dragon Clan’s agreement, you will be able to continue with your little peaceful lives? 

“You are selfish. You have no balls. You are shameless. That’s how you are. I’m not making an agreement with you, Hei Yi Clan. You can’t measure up. See you,” Lin Feng said. He turned around, nodded at Qing Huang Tian, and walked away. 

“Slowly, brother! You are not wrong, and we’ve indeed made a lot of mistakes,” spoke up the old king hoarsely. Then he walked forwards and looked at Lin Feng. He had been watching and listening the whole time. Lin Feng had kind of taught the Hei Yi Clan a good lesson, even the old king was red. He suddenly understand what the Hei Yi Clan lacked. 


It was a simple word, but it was difficult to apply. They had to stop relying on other people and trickery to achieve their goals! 

“Brother Asura, you are outstanding. In the World of Battles, you must be considered a public figure. A bright future awaits you. You will become much stronger than the World Dragon Clan. 

“I’ll tell you where Ancestor Yi is. I hope you will succeed. 

“The Hei Yi Clan is indeed too weak to cooperate with people like you,” sighed the old king self-deprecatingly. He had lived for such a long time and a young man had taught him a good lesson about life. He couldn’t even contradict him, so he was sad about it. 

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