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Chapter 1229: Difficult to Justify!


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“How come there are so many people here?” asked Song Chou Jiu, looking around in the desert. He also saw the representatives of Xue Yu and Gan Yu. Of course, the Great Elders weren’t there. 

“Asura called us? How come I have the feeling there is something wrong,” said Ming Shou. He had a bad feeling. If Asura needed to see them, he didn’t need to rely on other people to tell them. He usually came to them directly. 

Now, all the representatives had gathered in the desert. Why? Ming Shou had a bad feeling. Everybody did. As if Asura hadn’t planned all this, but someone else had. 

Or Asura might be trying to make things look more mysterious than they actually were? He had led them to this place. He did all he could to bring everybody to this place when he left Feng Xun Valley. He even took risks. 

“Don’t say anything for the time being. Let’s walk and see,” said Zhu Ban Chang wisely. No matter what, they could always have a look around. 

Within an hour, all the representatives were there. Of course, some of them had also separated from the rest of their group. 

Shi Yu and Great Elder Shi Jue Ling were already there. Even though they had had a bad feeling, they had decided to come anyway. 

What nobody knew was that on the edge of the desert, Cheng Shan disguised as Asura was smiling evilly. 

Haha! Wait and you’ll see, Lin Feng! Wait until I kill a part of those people! You will never be able to justify yourself. Nobody will ever believe you again! 

Cheng Shan smiled ferociously. His face was distorted with fury and hatred. He looked exactly like Asura at that moment. Nobody could see anything indifferent. 

The representatives of Shi Yu, Ye Yu, Huang Yu, Man Yu, and Xue Yu were there. Of course, Cheng Shan wasn’t going to kill members of Xue Yu. He had come to an agreement with Gan Wu Dao and the others, after all. He just wanted to cause trouble for Lin Feng. 

The most important thing was that Asura killed people, and some others escaped and told the story. 

“Hehe. Let’s start the massacre!” said Cheng Shan, smiling icily. He put the jewel which hid his Qi away. He opened his hand and pure Qi condensed in his palm. At that moment, it seemed like the earth and the sky were about to be destroyed. A terrifying Qi appeared. Many people felt something strange in the desert. 

Shi Yu was the first one to react, then Song Chou Jiu, Shi Jue Ling, Huang Gu Tian, and the others also sensed it just before they saw Asura arrive. They all looked at him with their eyes wide. There was a problem; this guy’s Qi looked terrifying, fierce, and brutal. 

“Asura, what’s wrong with you?” asked Song Chou Jiu. His expression suddenly changed. Asura was so weird. He looked like a murderer from head to foot. His eyes looked like he wanted to kill everybody. 

What was going on? Everybody looked dumbstruck, especially Song Chou Jiu, Shi Yu and the other representatives of Shi Yu. 

The fake Cheng Shan grinned evilly. He stood in front of the crowd, glancing around to count them. There were twenty-three people in total. Seven ordinary Godly Ancestors: Shi Yu, Shi Jue Ling, Shi Man Shan, Zhu Ban Chang, and Song Chou Jiu from Man Yu; Huang Gu Tian from Huang Yu, and Great Elder Bao Sha from Ye Yu. There was no Godly Ancestor from Xue Yu. 

Of course, the fake Cheng Shan wasn’t going to reveal he had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer. He even decreased his strength to the eighth Great Supreme God layer, but he wasn’t any less strong. He was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor and had the experience of one. 

“Asura, why are you not speaking?” asked Shi Yu skeptically, staying alert.

Cheng Shan smiled bloodthirstily and took a dagger out from his robe. He licked the tip of his blade and drops of blood flowed along the blade. His eyes were filled with murder and he looked terrifying. 

After that, nobody said anything because they all wanted to run away. Of course, when Shi Yu and Song Chou Jiu saw that Asura wanted to attack them, they were furious and astonished. They couldn’t just watch him and let him kill them. They had to fight back! 

“Asura, you will regret this!” shouted Great Elder Bao Sha from Ye Yu hoarsely. He raised his hand; Qi emerged and exploded, creating a sand tornado around him. He was trying to waste time so that the other members of Ye Yu would have enough time to run away. 

But the three representatives of Ye Yu were just a dozen li away when the crowd heard the sound of a blade cutting flesh. Many people were dumbstruck and trembled. The dagger had stabbed both disciples from Ye Yu! 

The two people hadn’t even had time to shout. If Lin Feng had been there, he would have recognized one of the disciples as Bao Cang! 

“AHHHHH! ASURA, I WILL KILL YOU! ARRRRRGHHHHHHHH!” shouted Bao Sha explosively when he saw his two fellow disciples get killed. His face was distorted with fury and hatred, and his eyes were bloodshot. He clenched his fists and charged. 

“Let’s attack as well, or we won’t be able to save our lives,” swore Zhu Ban Chang furiously. They took out their weapons and charged. They didn’t care whether that was Asura or not, they just wanted to protect themselves. Song Chou Jiu didn’t understand and had doubts, but he also wanted to live. They had no time to lose! 

“Hehe! You overestimate yourselves. I, Asura, can kill as many people as I wish!” shouted Cheng Shan, laughing manically. He leered at the representatives mockingly. The representatives could only look grim and furious.

It was a unilateral massacre, so it wasn’t very interesting. A Spiritual Godly Ancestor was slaughtering and destroying cultivators who had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer or even of the Great Supreme God layer. The outcome was totally predictable. Cheng Shan didn’t kill the two representatives of Xue Yu on purpose. He even gave them a task. Xue Can Yun understood, and Cheng Shan left. Their task was now to spread the news that Asura had killed all the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners violently and brutally!


“Asura slaughtered people! He’s a butcher! A monster! A demon!” 

“Asura has no moral values! He even killed the representatives of Shi Yu!” 

“Asura didn’t even spare Song Chou Jiu and some of his other friends’ lives! He killed them all violently and cruelly!” 

In less than half an hour, everybody in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting knew those things. 

Cheng Shan had crushed Song Chou Jiu’s chest to mush and then kicked him violently. Song Chou Jiu had turned into a skeleton and broken into ashes in the air. His body had disappeared thoroughly. 

After killing Song Chou Jiu, he faced Zong Hu and the others. Their beloved brother wasn’t there, he had completely changed. He was now an insane monster, a murderer! 

“I’m ready to die to kill you!” shouted Ti Yuan and Hu Shan explosively at the same time. The two of them charged Cheng Shan. However, he cut Ti Yuan in two, blood spraying everywhere, and he beheaded Hu Shan as well. Blood fountained in the air. Cheng Shan used his bare hands to destroy them, he didn’t even use a weapon. 

After killing those two, Cheng Shan also appeared behind Shi Yu. He opened his hand and struck out. Shi Yu saw something black flash in front of her eyes, and then nothing. 

“No! Great Miss!” shouted Shi Jue Ling and Shi Man Shan frantically. They were heartbroken. They were now ready to sacrifice their lives to kill Asura! 

“Hehe! You overestimate yourselves!” sneered Cheng Shan, grinning cruelly. 

His eyes were bloodshot, and he looked like a bloodthirsty beast. He was there, standing in the middle of corpses, skeletons, and blood. Most of the skeletons had been completely destroyed. 

He impaled Shi Jue Ling and Huang Gu Tian’s bodies with his dagger and lifted them up. Cheng Shan spared Shi Man Shan on purpose. He was convinced that Shi Man Shan would never forget this, and would look for Lin Feng until he found him and then kill him. 

Hehe, isn’t my plan sly and vicious this time, Lin Feng?, thought Cheng Shan. He licked up the pieces of human flesh and blood he had on his hands. Then he bent down and put his hand up Shi Yu’s skirt. He touched her, then he bent his face to hers and kissed her on the mouth. 

“Hehe. What a pity. If there had been less people, I would have had some fun with you. I killed you too soon!” Cheng Shan sighed icily. But he didn’t feel like joking. He looked around, his eyes still filled with murder. He was done for now. 

If I follow the other people of the Region of the Eight Corners, then can I get out easily?, Cheng Shan frowned. He initially wanted to cause chaos in the Region of the Eight Corners and kill Lin Feng, but he hadn’t thought he’d end up in such a world. 

But it didn’t matter. He would still destroy Lin Feng. He had already ruined his reputation. Everything was going according to plan. The most important thing was that a woman also represented his shackles. 

“Lin Feng… Ah! Lin Feng! You love women too much. While it is usually a quality, it is also your greatest weakness!” exclaimed Cheng Shan. He left the desert and moved towards the exit. Even if he killed Lin Feng, it would be pointless if he still needed to get out! 


A dozen li away, the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was waiting. He had recorded everything in his memories. He had been surprised by Cheng Shan. Cheng Shan was extremely sly and vicious. He was so cruel he should have been the real Asura!

“What do we do? Initially, I wanted to help the Yi Clan choose some suitable partners, but what do we do now?” Leader Jing Rui frowned. He was at a loss. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was in a dilemma, too. He had agreed to help the leader of the Long Yi Clan find some outstanding partners. But now Cheng Shan had killed a majority of those outstanding geniuses. The other party was running around frantically in the world of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. 

“Otherwise? We could make them come back to life?” 

“No. Not for the time being.”

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    Let’s let him sully his name and kill people to see what Asura does…1 chapter later. Oh no! He killed our allies!

    You could’ve at least told us he was being watched after the fact. They knew what they were doing why make them regret? For someone who was hiding out for a milenia to just let some spiritual ancestor fuck your plans up seems pretty stupid.

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