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Chapter 1230: Who Is the Murderer?


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“What? I killed the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners?” 

By the time Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian heard the news, a few hours had already passed since Cheng Shan had massacred the people. Lin Feng learned about it from the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners. He was dumbstruck. 

“How is that possible? My husband was with me all the time. How could he have killed anyone?” asked Qing Huang Tian. She didn’t understand. She thought they didn’t even need to pay attention to those rumors. 

But Lin Feng shook his head. He had the feeling there was something wrong, as if something important was about to happen. When Lin Feng heard what the two disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners had said, he knew something huge was going to happen. 

“Wait, I’ll go and ask,” Lin Feng frowned. He went over to the two disciples. 

“Sigh! Asura is really cruel! He killed the representatives of Huang Yu and Jiao Yu, fine! But he also killed the representatives of Shi Yu and Man Yu. He’s heartless!” a man in black clothes swore icily when he heard the news. 

“Don’t mention it. He is heartless and evil! When everybody knows about this in the Region of the Eight Corners, we’ll all destroy Asura, a debt of blood must be paid in blood! That son of a bitch!” shouted a bald man, grinding his teeth. His Great Elder, Great Elder Bao Sha, had also been killed! Luckily, he hadn’t participated in the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, he had just come as a guest! 

When he had heard Great Elder Bao Sha had been killed, he was furious because Great Elder Bao Sha had treated him extremely well. Now his beloved elder was dead! 

Unfortunately, Asura was too strong. Otherwise, he would kill Asura! He would avenge Great Elder Bao Sha! 

“Let’s go. Let’s leave this fucking place.” 

“You said I killed people?” 

“Who the hell are you! Come out!”

Lin Feng had already caught up with the two people and heard their conversation. When he showed up, the disciples’ expressions changed drastically. They were furious. 

“You, you…you are Asura?” the bald man recognized Asura. He started shaking from head to toe. He remembered the battle in Feng Xun Valley. How astonishing! 

The man in black clothes also looked panic-stricken. He was afraid Asura would kill them! 

“Answer me. Have I killed people?” asked Lin Feng. He didn’t waste time with them. He just sounded furious and ice-cold. 

The bald man and the man in black clothes told Asura everything from beginning to end, everything Asura had done. Even though they hated him, they didn’t dare act recklessly. 

“You killed people in the desert. In the end, you killed Shi Yu and Shi Jue Ling, you killed them with your blade. Song Chou Jiu’s corpse exploded and turned into ashes and disappeared, three of his servants died as well, one escaped, and then Great Elder Bao Sha died. The representatives of Huang Yu also died. At least twenty people died. Only three or four escaped,” replied the two men. Then they saw Asura looked astonished. Why was he asking them about people he had killed? What was that supposed to mean? 

“Leave. You can leave!” Lin Feng said. Lin Feng felt extremely dizzy, and his brain started buzzing. Those two people’s answers echoed in his brain. Shi Yu and Song Chou Jiu were dead?! 

“No! How is that possible?! How did they die!?” shouted Lin Feng. His heart ached. He closed his eyes and panted. He was devastated. 

Qing Huang Tian got closer to him, because she was afraid he would attempt to commit suicide. She had also heard the two men’s words. 

She was astonished and sad for Asura. She knew a few of Asura’s friends, and now they were dead. The people were saying the murderer was Asura! 

It meant someone had plotted against him, someone extremely strong and evil. That person was so evil they had killed Song Chou Jiu and destroyed his body! How cruel! 

Qing Huang Tian grabbed Asura’s cold hands, and held them firmly. 

Lin Feng felt lost. Shi Yu had been killed. Song Chou Jiu had been killed. Two people. Lin Feng realized how much people would hate him outside of the world of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. 

A traitor? Heartless? Cruel? He wouldn’t be able to escape from those labels! 

After feeling sad, he felt scared and lonely. Someone had plotted against him. How sly! His reputation was definitely ruined!

“Sister Qing, let’s find the other people of the Region of the Eight Corners. I want to understand the situation thoroughly. Someone plotted against me and killed my friends. How unfair!” Lin Feng swore, furiously clenching his fists. He condensed three sorts of strength in his fists. 

Qing Huang Tian knew that that punch could easily destroy a cultivator of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. 

“Yes, I support you,” replied Qing Huang Tian, forcing a smile. She could imagine how people would react if Asura went and looked for the other people of the Region of the Eight Corners, but she decided to support him anyway. 


Lin Feng remained silent after that. Qing Huang Tian and Lin Feng left the forest and got closer to the desert. Lin Feng was convinced he would find someone there. Since it was the place that fake Asura had decided to ruin his life, some people would go and visit that desert. 

It took them two hours to get to the desert. It was close to the muddy forest in the east. West of it was the desert. The wind was so strong there that sometimes there were clouds of sand up to a thousand meters high, but Lin Feng wasn’t in the mood to enjoy the landscapes, There were many people in the desert, at least eight hundred. Lin Feng also noticed Xue Can Yun, Gan Wu Dao, and those people. 

But Lin Feng didn’t care. At that moment, he had to face those people, and if he didn’t manage to justify himself, then, well, he had no plan. 

“Hurry up! Hurry up! Come and look! Asura is here!” shouted someone at that moment, breaking the silence in the desert. The wind carried the sound of his voice. Everybody looked at Asura furiously. Lin Feng looked calm and serene as he walked slowly into the desert. 

His eyes were bloodshot when he noticed Shi Yu’s corpse and her blood on the sand. She looked a thousand times paler than when she was still alive. She had no blood left in her body. Lin Feng bent down and touched her nose, then shook his head. No Qi. 

He raised his head and looked at all the corpses, all the skeletons, all the body parts, and all the blood on the sand. Lin Feng couldn’t even find Song Chou Jiu’s corpse in there. But he found Hu Shan, Ming Shou, and Ti Yuan’s corpses. He didn’t find Zong Hu’s corpse. He may have been able to escape. 

Huang Gu Tian and Shi Jue Ling had been stabbed by a poisonous blade; their chances of survival were nonexistent, so they were definitely dead. 

“Hehe! The evil and insane murderer is here?” said Gan Wu Dao, smiling icily. He hated Asura more than anything. He had to act properly, since he had planned everything with Cheng Shan. They had decided to try the first option in the end. 

“Asura, you even killed the representatives of Shi Yu and Man Yu! Hehe, you are quite heartless,” said Xue Can Yun mockingly. He was also acting, since he knew Asura hadn’t really killed all those people. 

Since they wanted to plot against Asura, they could drop stones on him after he had fallen into a well. They could stir up even more trouble. 

“Asura, what were you thinking when you killed women? On top of that, the leader of Shi Yu was a benefactor! You killed his child!” said Li Chen mockingly. It was a wonderful opportunity. They couldn’t miss it. 

“Asura, you’re a son of a bitch. You are the sworn enemy of the Region of the Eight Corners!” 

“Asura, all the territories of the Region of the Eight Corners will join hands to kill you!” 

“We will crush your body into a billion pieces, you bastard!” 

All the disciples of all the territories of the Region of the Eight Corners were shouting. They looked at Lin Feng furiously and pointed at him with their fingers. If they were strong enough, they would have killed him on the spot. 

Xue Can Yun, Gan Wu Dao and the others didn’t intend to act too quickly. They also wanted to see what Lin Feng had in mind. The fake Cheng Shan had prepared such an amazing plan. 

Lin Feng smiled mockingly and furiously at the same time. All the disciples looked at him with hatred. 

Lin Feng’s heart ached, butt he couldn’t afford to waste time and talk to those people. Shi Yu had been killed. He found some Qi floating in the air, he analyzed it and understood that the winner had clearly reduced his own cultivation level. He initially had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, but he had reduced his cultivation level to pretend to be Asura and plot against him. 

Lin Feng understood that person was one of his enemies. They wanted to destroy him more than anything. His opponent was extremely sly. Lin Feng had no idea who it could be. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Leader Jing Rui probably knew something. Lin Feng felt sad about that, but he had no choice. He had to rely on them. 

But regarding the fake murderer, Lin Feng had to do something, too. 

“Gan Wu Dao, Xue Can Yun, you look at me as if I were agonizing at the bottom of a well and you were throwing stones at me to finish me. You know something about the fake Asura who killed the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners, right? Hehe! Everybody will know the truth someday.

“Everybody, I, Asura, would never do anything to harm you. I know some of you don’t believe me. It doesn’t matter. Someday, you will know I was innocent and forgive me.

“Besides, if I wanted to kill anyone, why would I show my face? Especially if I made no secret of their presence. Are you all stupid? I am Asura. Why would I kill people showing my real face?

“Everybody, please think carefully. Don’t believe the one who impersonated me!” Lin Feng said. He glanced at Gan Wu Dao and the others. They didn’t seem like very angry that their disciples had been killed by Asura, which was extremely strange. 

Therefore, it was easy to guess who had plotted against him. He just wanted everybody to admit it openly. 

Gan Wu Dao smiled mockingly. He didn’t care about Lin Feng. He wanted him to die!

But Lin Feng saw that clearly. But who was his enemy? 

Lin Feng felt great pressure, as if someone was watching him icily…

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