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Chapter 1231: One Against Three!


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“Haha! You bullied people! Hehe! People of the Region of the Eight Corners, you know who your opponent is!” Gan Wu Dao shouted mockingly. He wanted to see the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners encircle Asura. Even though they couldn’t kill him, he wanted to see him facing them. 

“Gan Wu Dao, if you want to kill me, do it straight away. Don’t waste time!” shouted Lin Feng. He hated Gan Wu Dao. Gan Wu Dao wanted people to kill him without moving himself. 

“Hehe, you are too weak to compete with me, you piece of shit!” sneered Gan Wu Dao icily. He wanted to humiliate Asura, and didn’t feel threatened by him at all. In Feng Xun Valley, he had let Asura pass because he was the leader of his group, not because he couldn’t defeat him. 

Gan Wu Dao naturally preferred having someone else do the dirty work. Of course, if it didn’t work, he would do it himself, it didn’t matter. What about Cheng Shan, though? He wanted to kill Asura, but he didn’t need to take any risks! 

Asura was only a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, but he could compete with ordinary Godly Ancestors, so they had to be careful. But Gan Wu Dao didn’t consider Asura a real competitor. 

“Asura, if you really killed the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners, then admit it. Don’t resort to trickery, be a man. You remember when you brainwashed the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners? Hehe. You showed your true colors now!” spoke up Great Elder Ta Hua Xuan from Jiao Yu, smiling icily. He didn’t know about Cheng Shan’s plan, but he was angry. 

Was Asura really that kind of person? He had killed the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners and he didn’t admit it? Apart from Ta Qi, Asura had killed all the other members of Jiao Yu. Ta Hua Xuan naturally hated Asura for that. 

Lin Feng really wanted to kill this bunch of fucking morons now. The Region of the Eight Corners was really a stupid and low-key place! These people were morons, primitive like apes. That was their weakness. 

But Lin Feng knew that if he killed anyone, everybody would consider him the murderer. He had to fight the fake murderer, keep calm, and find clues. Zong Hu hadn’t been killed, so he could first look for him. 

“Gan Wu Dao, Xue Can Yun, and Ta Hua Xuan, I don’t feel like wasting time. If you want to cause trouble for me, then just act openly and straightforwardly. No need to resort to sly and vicious methods,” Lin Feng replied, pulling a long face. Some of them knew the truth, some others didn’t. 

“Hehe! Ridiculous! You killed people, you didn’t even make a secret of your presence, and now you dare talk to us that way?” retorted Gan Wu Dao ferociously. 

Lin Feng’s patience had limits. 

“Since you want to die, I will help you,” Lin Feng said. He was sick and tired of talking nonsense. He shouted out and suddenly was in front of Gan Wu Dao. Gan Wu Dao looked stupefied. He hadn’t thought Asura was so strong. 

“Hmph! Hmph! Since you want to die, I will help you!” shouted Gan Wu Dao defiantly. Since what had happened in Feng Xun Valley, Asura had humiliated and made fun of him a few times. He had to get his revenge. 

The two people stared at each other and then charged. They collided, and two different sorts of Qi rolled around them over hundreds and hundreds of li. The muddy forest, the desert, and all the places of the world were affected. 

A few cultivators of the top of the Great Supreme God layer and under moved a hundred meters away. They didn’t want to get killed by accident. 

“Today, you won’t kill me. I will kill you, motherfucker!” shouted Lin Feng explosively. Shouting made him even more furious. Gan Wu Dao had provoked him over and over again? Then Lin Feng had to destroy Gan Wu Dao violently! Lin Feng decided to release all his anger on Gan Wu Dao!!

 Did Gan Wu Dao really think he was a pushover?! 

Lin Feng showed one finger, and an explosive Qi emerged from it. A blood-red and gold light appeared. Gan Wu Dao had never seen that attack. He grimaced even though he was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor! Asura was just a cultivator of the eighth Great Supreme God layer! 

Gan Wu Dao was furious. He had to destroy that little punk! This stinky little pink! Did Asura think he was a pushover?! 

Gan Wu Dao threw a palm strike. Suddenly, the sky looked like the sky in fall. The leaves became cold. The atmosphere turned desolate and dreary, bloodcurdlingly cold. The whole crowd was terrified. 

One palm strike, and it looked like the end of the world. Would Asura die? Even if he didn’t, he would end up severely injured. Even Xue Can Yun was wary. He had never seen Gan Wu Dao use this attack, it was probably a new one. Asura was strong enough to make him use it… 

“It seems like Old Gao also has trump cards,” whispered Xue Can Yun. It was the first time he had the feeling he couldn’t underestimate any of the Great Elders of the different territories, especially Gan Wu Dao. Without what was happening, he would have never known how strong Gan Wu Dao was really, and he might have learned about it in a different yet tragic way. 

This time, Asura was his target, which proved Asura was strong enough to draw his attention. Even if he was confident, he couldn’t afford to act carelessly! 

Asura’s finger looked like a tongue, as if his finger was looking at Gan Wu Dao sinisterly. Gan Wu Dao felt as if he were being poisoned by that look. His palm strike weakened. 

The finger and the palm strike collided. The finger was extremely sharp, sharper than a Godly Ancestral sword. The palm strike was as resistant as a Godly Ancestral shield. 

Neither of them used a Godly Ancestor weapon, but they used their body parts like weapons. The crowd was astonished, especially Xue Can Yun and Li Chen. They were covered in cold sweat. They weren’t worried though, they were just amazed. 

They had never thought Asura would be so strong, and they had never thought Gan Wu Dao would need such powerful attacks against him! He was much stronger than an ordinary cultivator of the Great Supreme God layer, but he was at most as strong as an ordinary Godly Ancestor. At least, that’s what they thought at first, but now, they had changed their mind. Asura could defeat most ordinary Godly Ancestors! 

They were even angrier now. Asura was young, and surprisingly he was so strong. If he practiced cultivation another five years, ten years, or even twenty years, what would happen? They didn’t dare imagine. Therefore, they had to kill him! 

“No matter who plotted, we need to kill Asura as quickly as possible. What do you think?” Li Chen asked Xue Can Yun and Ta Hua Xuan resentfully. 

Xue Can Yun didn’t say anything, he looked at Ta Hua Xuan. But Ta Hua Xuan was just an ordinary Godly Ancestor, how could he decide for two Spiritual Godly Ancestors? He remained silent. 

“Attack!” shouted the two men fighting. Their Qi rolled in waves around them as they howled in rage. 

Asura and Gan Wu Dao had already exchanged dozens of attacks. Neither had the advantage yet. One could see both Gan Wu Dao and Asura were exhausted already, but Asura hadn’t used any of his trump cards. He couldn’t use the Godly Battle Sword, or it would reveal his true identity. He could only use the First Wave of the Three Heavy Waves, or his Buddhist Mala. 

Lin Feng ground his teeth and threw a punch. After pushing back Gan Wu Dao, he flashed back three thousand meters. He regretted that he had agreed to the conditions of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. If he hadn’t, he would have used all his trump cards. Because of that bastard, he was stuck! 

Of course, Lin Feng also knew that Gan Wu Dao hadn’t used his full strength yet. As the Great Elder of Gan Yu, it was inevitable that he had lots of trump cards. He probably had even more skills and techniques than Lin Feng, and they were also of a higher level. 

That battle wasn’t over, so Lin Feng decided to use more skills and techniques. Otherwise, he would get more and more tired. He would rely on his Godly Tao Skill. 

“Hehe, Asura, you’re going to die, asshole! Haha!” Gan Wu Dao turned into a golden light beam. He looked like a golden god. He used a skill, his only purpose to kill Asura! 

“World Destroying Golden Lights!” 

His Qi surged out, like dragons flying towards Asura. They spun around him, preventing him from leaving. 

And that wasn’t all. Xue Can Yun and Li Chen also appeared in front of Asura. They also used powerful attacks to strike, trying to kill him with their Godly Tao Skills! 

“Scorching Hot Light, Cross Transformation!” “Scorching Strength!” shouted Xue Can Yun and Li Chen. They started to glow. Energies sparkled around them, and their Qi didn’t seem to be any weaker than Gan Wu Dao’s Qi. All their Qi together became volatile, and Asura was pushed back.

He had nowhere to go anymore. He was surrounded by golden dragons made of Qi. There were also cross-shaped scorching suns, threatening to burn him, and then there was the crushingly heavy energy Li Chen had released. It felt like he was lying under a mountain. 

Lin Feng was strong, but with the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, resisting three great Spiritual Godly Ancestors wasn’t realistic. He had less and less time. 

At that moment, Qing Huang Tian finally got involved. She didn’t want to see her husband destroyed in front of her, even if Asura had forbidden her from getting involved. 

Nothing was more important than Asura’s life. Therefore, Qing Huang Tian intervened without hesitation. 

At that moment, everybody heard a phoenix, and a swift Qi swept past them! 

A rainbow-colored beam of light appeared. Qing Huang Tian had turned into her real form, a phoenix. She was a hundred zhang long and her feathers had the colors of a rainbow. The people were dumbstruck and speechless! 

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