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Chapter 1232: Provocations!


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“Oh my heavens! That’s a phoenix!?” shouted a big bald fellow. He was shocked, staring the rainbow-colored phoenix blankly. Her feathers and claws were like sharp weapons, she looked terrifying. 

“Asura, Asura… Your woman is a phoenix? On top of that a rainbow-colored phoenix?” 

“Bad luck. Asura is one Ni Huang’s people?!” 

Suddenly, everybody paled and started whispering, and their hearts started pounding. They were afraid to get killed. 


Someone screamed. Everybody looked around. The rainbow-colored phoenix had just killed one person, an observer, stabbing him with one of her claws. That cultivator had the strength of the fifth Great Supreme God layer. 

“Hurry! Hurry up! Asura is insane and kills people, but his wife does too!” 

Many people were terrified, especially when they saw the phoenix behead two people consecutively after that. Blood splashed and then it rained blood. It also started smelling like blood. 

“Sister Qing, no!” shouted Lin Feng. His expression changed drastically. Qing Huang Tian was charging three people, looking furious. 

“You went too far, Xue Can Yun, Gan Wu Dao, and Li Chen! You will never leave this place alive! NEVEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!” shouted Lin Feng, grinding his teeth. His eyes were filled with murder. Even with a mask on, one could see how terrifying he was. 

Lin Feng knew that he wouldn’t be able to justify himself anytime soon. Since it was that way, why not kill thrse three stupid Great Elders? Since they had plotted against him, why not get rid of them?

What was Asura’s biggest pleasure in life?, Lin Feng asked himself. 

Asura’s biggest passion in life was to slaughter people! 

At that moment, Lin Feng wanted to laugh. He wanted to thank his enemies. If they hadn’t said and done those things, he would have never understood that. He had hesitated a few times recently; why was he like that? Since when did he hesitate? Since when did he have doubts? Lin Feng had doubts? 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had made him become Asura. But what did it mean? Lin Feng knew it meant he had to become a murderer and slaughterer in less than one year! He had to kill, kill, kill, and kill! 

And what did he do? He coexisted with the people of the Region of the Eight Corners in harmony. Those people didn’t even deserve his kindness!

Song Chou Jiu was dead. Shi Yu was dead. Ming Shou was dead. He was considered the culprit. If he faced the people of the Region of the Eight Corners, what could happen? 

This. It had happened. So now Asura had to become a bloodthirsty killer and slaughter as many people as possible!

 “He, hehe, Gan Wu Dao, since you want to kill me, I have to be polite. Motherfucker! Enjoy these ten demon corpses! Haha!

“Xue Can Yun, I know you fought against two people alone in the Region of the Eight Corners, so what? You really think I, Asura, have no trump card? Fifteen demon corpses for you. Enjoy! They’re good hosts! Hahaha!” Lin Feng laughed madly and opened his arms. He looked insane. He had been humiliated too many times recently, including Qian Jin Cai Yue’s coldness and this unknown enemy, and he needed to release his anger for real! 

Lin Feng had one thought in mind: KILL!

Qing Huang Tian was between Asura and the three other people, but Asura had already had the demon corpse army come out. Ten demon corpses of the seventh Great Supreme God layer, connected to Lin Feng’s brain. They wanted to destroy Gan Wu Dao. 

Xue Can Yun felt sudden pressure. Fifteen tall and sturdy demon corpses were surrounding him, their eyes green and gloomy. They looked ferocious and cruel as they charged him. 

The wind in the desert carried the victims’ shouts away. AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

People could hear from the muddy forest as well. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was covered in cold sweat. Lin Feng was really angry… 

He couldn’t find his real enemy. All he wanted to do was to solve the issue of the massacre. But since he couldn’t solve it, why even try? Why would he need to be kind to the people of the Region of the Eight Corners? He had to use strength to show them. If they refused to submit to him, then he could destroy them! 

It was a simple concept. Lin Feng finally understood. It felt like he had suddenly returned to his true self. 

“That’s indeed me!” shouted Lin Feng furiously and explosively. His eyes were bloodshot. It was nighttime, and the stars were less dazzling than his terrifying bloodshot eyes. Suddenly, it became cloudy, and a strong wind started blowing. The sand of the dust flew around and turned into a tornado. 


At that moment, nobody was willing to see something tragic again. Even Xue Yi Dao, Xue Tong, and the others wanted to leave as quickly as possible. Xue Can Yun could die there if he wished! 

There wasn’t much left of Gan Wu Dao’s body, only a white skeleton, scoured clean. There was no flesh or muscles left. The demon corpses had eaten his body and now they were about to break through. 

Lin Feng was still clenching his fists as everybody ran away. Only one person didn’t leave. When Lin Feng saw that big fellow with his heavy hammer, he couldn’t help but feel extremely sad. 

“Brother… You didn’t kill Brother Song, did you?” asked Zong Hu. He looked extremely perturbed. His hands were trembling. He stared at Asura. He couldn’t believe that Asura had killed Song Chou Jiu and the others. Asura wasn’t like that. Clearly, he had just shown it once again! 

He was bloody-handed, yes. But they didn’t have the same way of killing. Zong Hu was convinced that the one who had killed Song Chou Jiu wasn’t the real Asura, or at least the Asura who was in front of him, not to mention that Asura had Qing Huang Tian with him, whereas the one who had slaughtered people didn’t. 

Qing Huang Tian had returned to her human form. She looked paler and paler with time. She had wasted three drops of phoenix blood on him and couldn’t recover, but she didn’t care. She just cared about her husband’s life. 

Lin Feng was on his knees and panting. His black Asura mask was covered in other people’s blood. He had killed everyone, but Li Chen. However, the latter had only one last thread of Qi left. He was lying on the ground and Lin Feng didn’t pay further attention to him. Gan Wu Dao and Xue Can Yun were dead. 

He didn’t want to reveal his real identity, so he used the demon corpse army and not the Godly Battle Sword. 

Lin Feng coughed. He had used lots of energy, and now he couldn’t absorb too much life strength from his spirit world or his relatives would find out he was going through a difficult time. 

He didn’t ask the Ice Spirit for help either because he didn’t know her enough to impose on her. 

If he were in imminent danger, she would intervene because she needed his body for her Ice World. She wouldn’t let him die. 

But if he was safe, she didn’t get involved. She was the Ice Spirit after all, a Genesis Primordial Spirit. 

“Brother, speak! Speak!” shouted Zong Hu, running to over to Asura. He crouched down and shook Asura. 

“Zong Hu, tell me what happened during that massacre?” asked Lin Feng, smiling sadly as he sat up. He was soaked in blood. He just wanted to hear the story of the massacre. His enemy was cruel, so what? He was even crueler! 

Even though Zong Hu didn’t understand what was going on, he told Asura everything. 

It was a desperate and hopeless fight, like the apocalypse. The sky was blood-red. There was blood everywhere on the ground. Asura’s energies had covered the sky. 

Shi Yu’s meridians was destroyed by a palm strike. Song Chou Jiu’s body was destroyed and turned to ashes, carried away and dispersed in the wind. Shi Man Shen had been stabbed in the abdomen. His internal organs had been destroyed. He was soaked in blood. 

He had also cruelly cut apart Shi Jue Ling and Huang Gu Tian. Their eyes were still open. They hadn’t died content. Bao Sha was dead, too. 

Zong Hu looked furious and sad, his eyes teary. His brothers Ming Shou, Hu Shan, and Ti Yuan were all dead. Asura had punched their heads twice and made them explode, then destroyed their bodies. 

It was terrible, one of his worst memories. Lin Feng had a terrible feeling. 

Those people were ready to do anything to make him a public enemy. 

Not only had the enemy succeeded in his evil scheme, but on top of that, Lin Feng had just helped him by killing so many people. At the same time, Lin Feng understood that since he couldn’t justify himself, he had to protect himself, and displaying his strength was a good way to warn everybody, as well as the enemy himself! 

He wasn’t the only one who could slaughter so many people!

I, Lin Feng, Asura, can also slaughter people! You killed a few Great Supreme Gods and ordinary Godly Ancestors?! I killed two Spiritual Godly Ancestors! 


All the people who were still in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world were there, so they saw it with their own eyes. The news quickly reached Cheng Shan. 

When Cheng Shan heard that, he was dumbstruck at first. But then he grinned coldly, “Good! Ah, Lin Feng! You’re the same good old you. You haven’t changed a bit. Hehe, you want to provoke me? I can slaughter people, and you can too! 

“Wait and you’ll see. When you get out, all the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners will attack you. You’re extremely strong, but you can’t defeat them all alone, hahahahahahahahaha!” 

Cheng Shan opened his arms, raised his head, and burst into demonic laughter which reverberated everywhere around him. 

He entered a cave with burning ashes inside. He had things to do. He had to get to work!

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