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Chapter 1233: Looking for the Zu Yi Clan!


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“Jing Rui, I have the feeling that he knows,” the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points frowned. He was at a loss. The one who wanted to harm Lin Feng didn’t hurry to leave. On the contrary, he went to the nest of the Hei Yi Clan?? 

Jing Rui had suspicions. Since they had made the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world real, nobody knew about that secret, except… 

“Hehe, he may be a traitor?!” said the Leader of Jing City, narrowing his eyes. His eyes were filled with murder. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points remained silent. Jing City was big. The dynamics between the different influential groups were strange and complex. Jing Rui was facing a complex issue. 

“I thought someone wanted to betray us, but I didn’t pay attention to that feeling. It seems like I was right,” said Jing Rui, smiling icily. At that moment, he wanted to kill people. Who dared humiliate Jing City? When Jing City was humiliated, Jing Rui was humiliated!

“Jing Rui, I have a bad feeling. If he dared betray you, it means someone must be supporting him. Which would mean he…” 

“Which would mean that person could have been sent by someone, an influential group, one of Asura’s allies?” The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points wasn’t done talking when Leader Jing Rui interrupted him. 

Therefore, Cheng Shan wasn’t just one person! 

Thinking about that, he thought the story seemed more and more terrifying. Who was supporting him? Which influential group? Who had organized all this? How had they found out about the secret of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world? 

“He may not be aware of the secret of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. He may not even know how to get out. He could have ended up in here by accident as well,” said the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. Leader Jing Rui nodded. That was a possibility as well. 

But no matter what, an outsider now knew about the secret of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world, so they weren’t safe anymore. A huge group of people from an influential group might even arrive! 

“Master, I think I have to call my teacher, right?” said Jing Rui, thinking about that ice-cold and noble woman… Ancestor Nü! 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points looked quite grave, just like Jing Rui. He didn’t know how strong Ancestor Nü was, but felt as it was a disproportionate decision. Besides, he was the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points; wasn’t he enough? 

Unless stronger cultivators came to back up their enemies, or if some people from the Extraterritorial or Ancestral Worlds arrived, he didn’t think they needed backup. He was very confident about that. 

Since he had asked Lin Feng to be Asura for a year, he also had his own goals and motivations. Now Asura was in danger. If he didn’t handle the situation efficiently, the Region of the Eight Corners might never submit to Asura, and even worse, now that Lin Feng had killed even more people. 

The real and the fake Asuras had both slaughtered people. The people of the Region of the Eight Corners were all unfortunate. The Great Supreme Gods, the disciples, and the Spiritual Godly Ancestors like Gan Wu Dao and the others were all victims! 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points couldn’t help but sigh when he realized the fake and real Asuras had killed so many people. The only good thing was that what happened in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world worked according to the owner’s thoughts. It meant that if, for example, Lin Feng was the owner of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting, and so many people died inside, he would be able to bring them back to life extremely easily. 

The method had nothing to do with soul jewels. It was a special power which had been forgotten inside the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. 

Whether Lin Feng would be able to obtain the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting depended on Ancestor Yi. Would Ancestor Yi acknowledge him? At least, the leader of the Long Yi Clan had to acknowledge Lin Feng. With Leader Jing Rui’s help, it should be possible. 


 “Brother, what do we do now?” asked Zong Hu. He was extremely pale. Initially, he had come to kill Asura and avenge Master Song and the others, but now he knew that Asura wasn’t the murderer. 

The three people looked for a calm and peaceful place in the forest to rest. They were close to Ancestor Yi’s territory. Lin Feng decided to relax for a few minutes. No matter who his opponent was, his task was the same, he had to break through and become stronger! 

Zong Hu’s question was legitimate, but it wasn’t the right time to answer it. Lin Feng didn’t know who his enemy was yet, how could he solve any issue? 

A few seconds before Li Chen had died, Lin Feng had asked him a few questions and had inspected his soul. He had found a man in black clothes, but Li Chen didn’t know his name. Gan Wu Dao might have known, but he was already dead, so inspecting his memories wasn’t possible anymore. 

Lin Feng could only blame himself for having been too fierce and brutal. If he hadn’t killed Gan Wu Dao, but put more pressure on him, he may have been able to learn something from him. When the demon corpses intervened somewhere, there were only two options: the first one was that they died, the second was they devoured their prey alive! 

“Zong Hu, don’t worry. I am about to go and see Ancestor Yi’s clan,” Lin Feng said, trying to cheer the big fellow up. When Li Chen died, Zong Hu felt a bit sad. He was also from Li Yu, after all. Li Chen was also a cultivator he admired, but Asura had killed him now. 

Lin Feng was aware that he had managed to kill three Spiritual Godly Ancestors by relying on the demon corpses. He would gotten crushed to mush if he had only relied on his Godly Tao Skill. His chances of winning against a Spiritual Godly Ancestor weren’t not very high, but he definitely couldn’t fight against three of them at the same time! 

He only had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, after all. He wasn’t a Godly Ancestor yet. 

When Zong Hu heard Lin Feng, he felt like he had to control his anger and sadness for the time being. Lin Feng told him what this world was. Surprisingly, it was a place where the Yi Clan had lived in peace for a long time. A painting!

That kind of clan, which was incredibly famous and powerful back in the days, had ended up living alone in a painting. How sad and bitter, but what could they do? The World Dragon Clan was extremely strong and had over ten Godly Ancestors. Nobody knew what kind of Godly Ancestors they had. 

Plus, the World Dragon Clan was an overlord influential group. Jie Qing Tian from the World Dragon Clan was thirty-seventh on the List! Lin Feng felt powerless in front of someone like that. 

He hadn’t even broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer yet. His opponent was an overlord who had the strength of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer… So trying to rush was useless at this point. 

But the World Dragon Clan was one of the influential groups who had killed Godly Ancestor Xing Yun. Lin Feng could only clench his fists; he couldn’t avenge him now, but he would avenge him as soon as he was strong enough. 

“Do you feel better now? If you do, let’s walk and continue searching.”  Lin Feng said to Qing Huang Tian and Zong Hu. The two of them nodded. Lin Feng grabbed Qing Huang Tian and carried her in his arms. He flashed away in the direction of Ancestor Yi’s nest. 

“Sister Qing, I will pay you back for your favor,” Lin Feng promised. He felt guilty. He finally noticed that Qing Huang Tian was extremely weak. Those three drops of phoenix blood had made her fall back to the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer, and she had lost most of her phoenix Qi. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng’s face reddened. He didn’t know what to do in return. 

“Silly boy. I am your wife. My life is yours,” said Qing Huang Tian proudly, taking a few steps away from Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at her and was nearly covered in cold sweat. She was stubborn and determined, but what could he do? 

“Hehe, brother, hurry up, go and chase her. Hehe,” Zong Hu said when he saw they were arguing. Initially, he was in a bad mood, but now he laughed and looked at Lin Feng teasingly. 

Lin Feng shouted at him, “Bastard! Get the hell away from me!” 

“Haha! Brother! Hurry up, go and chase your wife!” The more they argued, the happier Zong Hu felt. It was a way to make him forget about his wounds. He had to stick to Asura because all the people who were kind to him were dead. He only had Asura left. 

Asura had given him a gift, his heavy hammer, and then he had taught Li Dian a good lesson to avenge him. For those two things, Zong Hu was ready to follow Asura his entire life!


Lin Feng and the two others continued walking in the forest. They arrived at an area of sheer precipices and overhanging rocks. Some peaks were tens of thousands of meters above sea level. There were gigantic trees on those rock peaks that looked like gigantic blades. Most of those blade-shaped mountains were at least above a thousand meters above sea level. 

Traveling from the muddy forest to that place had taken the three of them two hours. Qing Huang Tian had used too much phoenix blood, and couldn’t fly anymore, so she had to walk. Lin Feng was injured and exhausted, not to mention Zong Hu, who had barely managed to escape from the fake Asura. 

They had no choice but to walk on the ground like normal people. At least they didn’t have to use pure Qi, and they slowly recovered, but even that way, when they arrived close to Ancestor Yi’s clan, Qing Huang Tian nearly fainted. Lin Feng ground his teeth, bit his finger, made Genesis Spiritual strength fuse together with his blood as well as Buddhist strength and dragon blood, and then he opened Qing Huang Tian’s mouth and put the mixture inside her mouth. 

He didn’t put any demon Qi in on purpose because he was worried it would have a negative influence on her. 

In terms of acknowledging her, Lin Feng was already halfway there. This silly girl! 

“Brother, we’re almost on the edge of Ancestor Yi’s territory, aren’t we?” shouted Zong Hu.

Lin Feng quickly put his hand on his mouth and looked at him furiously, “Silence! If you infuriate Ancestor Yi, he’ll kill all of us!” 

“Ah? Come on, I don’t think so, brother!” said Zong Hu. He suddenly paled and looked nervous. Seriously? That bad? 

“You don’t think so? Do you know that Ancestor Yi is a Holy Godly Ancestor, and Holy Godly Ancestors are so old that they are terrifyingly strong!” Lin Feng said. He really wished he could crush this moron’s skull sometimes!

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