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Chapter 1235: Smart? Morons?


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“Are you sure you saw an old man with small feet?” asked Lin Feng, holding Zhe Tian by the collar. He brought him to the bottom of a valley. The sun was covered by the trees and the cliffs there, and it was extremely humid. It was perfect for godly ants. All the members of the Zu Yi Clan were Godly Ancestors, so they were completely different from the Hei Yi Clan. They didn’t live in dark tunnels like the Hei Yi Clan. 

However, when Lin Feng arrived, he didn’t see any old man with small feet. Nothing. But his talisman had slightly reacted. It meant there was someone close by, but where? 

“Husband, look!” said Qing Huang Tian, after inspecting the area for a long time. She suddenly pointed to something in the forest. There was something strange there, mushrooms and a small white stone. It looked like a gate or the entrance to another world, or a trap. 

Lin Feng looked over and frowned. He slowly walked closer. His talisman reacted more and more, and kept shaking. Lin Feng grinned. 

“Moron! The old man with small feet could have escaped through here now!” Lin Feng said, smiling indifferently. The old man had nearly killed him, so Zong Hu wasn’t happy about that. 

“The old man with small feet was stronger than Miss Qing,” said Zong Hu worriedly. He hoped nothing would happen to Asura. Song and his brothers had all been killed. If Asura died, he would end up all alone. The piece of trash of Li Yu who had been expelled would end up alone again. 

“It’s normal. The people of the Zu Yi Clan are extremely strong. Otherwise, they wouldn’t let the members of the World Dragon Clan get rid of the Yi Clan for them,” Lin Feng nodded. He wasn’t surprised when Zong Hu told him that. 

“Hehe, little boy, interesting little boy!” shouted a voice suddenly. It was the voice of an old man, laughing icily.

Lin Feng and the others saw a golden light beam. When the lights dispersed, a one meter-fifty old man appeared. He looked like a rat or a mouse, and he looked even more like one when he glanced around. 

Lin Feng looked at the old man’s feet. They were as big as the palm of his hand. As expected, it was the old man with the small feet. Even though he was short, he didn’t look unattractive. He had a nice long robe so he didn’t need pants, and one couldn’t see his shoes. He looked like a gloomy spirit. 

The old man also had a very long white beard, half a meter long at least. It was almost half his size. The old man’s Qi was more powerful than Qing Huang Tian’s, but he was also just a Spiritual Godly Ancestor. 

“Thank you for your hospitality, Master,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist respectfully and modestly. No matter what, he had to be polite to Ancestor Yi. 

“Yes, no problem. No problem. No need to be too polite to the people of the Zu Yi Clan,” said the old man, scratching his beard and smiling at Asura. He slowly walked towards him. 

Lin Feng looked back at the old man. The difference in height between Lin Feng and the old man wasn’t shocking, but the difference between the old man and Zong Hu was amusing. The old man came up to Zong Hu’s waist. 

Zong Hu hid behind Lin Feng and clutched his heavy hammer, glaring at the old man icily. He was afraid the old man would attack him. 

The old man seemed amused. He smiled and narrowed his eyes, looking rather sinister. 

“Hihi!” the old man giggled nastily. Zong Hu had the feeling his bones were going to break, and he paled. 

Lin Feng forced a smile. He had no choice but to protect Zong Hu. He smiled and said, “Master, I am Asura. I came to visit the Zu Yi Clan!” 

“Oh, you’re Asura?” asked the old man with small feet. His expression slightly changed. He remembered the unforeseen event in the Yi Clan, but he quickly looked relieved and smiled, “You know that Asura destroyed the Hei Yi Clan?” 

“What? I destroyed the Hei Yi Clan?” asked Lin Feng. Those words felt like roaring thunder in his brain. He remembered when King Hei Yi had knelt down and begged him. When the old man had given him the Black Ant Pellet, he had felt so grateful. 

Lin Feng suddenly looked cold and sharp. His eyes sparkled dangerously. 

“I didn’t say you killed them. I am just saying Asura did,” said the old man, smiling neutrally. Then the old man turned around and walked away. “Come with me,” he said. He flashed and disappeared into the forest. 

Lin Feng and the two others followed him. When they entered the forest, they saw six lights. When Lin Feng flashed to one, he sensed an incredible space and time strength gather around and even felt dizzy, as if he were going to faint, vomit, or both. 

In the end, Lin Feng, Qing Huang Tian and Zong Hu disappeared within the forest. 


It was a small illusory world, but there were many lights. They were dazzling and of all colors. The lights were warm as suns, too. 

Lin Feng and the others were curious about this new world, and a bit shaken. The Zu Yi Clan lived in such a place? It was the exact same world as the picture of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. Lin Feng had noticed that his pure Qi had been activated when he had arrived in this world, as if he were about to break through to the next cultivation layer. 

The old man with small feet was at the front, looking quite at ease because he had lived in that place for a very long time, well over two hundred thousand years. He loved the Yi Clan’s territory more than anything. 

If the old man mentioned it out loud, Lin Feng would have to think of the Hei Yi Clan, who lived in the darkness, in nests. How horrible in comparison to the Zu Yi Clan… 

“Some of my old brothers and I built this small world together. It’s only a few dozens of li. You can see the Zu Yi Clan’s village over there,” said the old man with small feet. He continued walking with his hands clasped behind his back, leading the way for Lin Feng and the others. He didn’t seem to care about the fact that Asura had destroyed the Hei Yi Clan. 

He knew that the Hei Yi Clan had given the Black Ant Pellet to Asura. He had detected the Qi of it when Asura had arrived. Since the Qi of the Black Ant Pellet was in Asura’s hands, then why would Asura want to destroy the Hei Yi Clan? If Asura wanted to offend the Yi Clan, he wouldn’t have arrived like this, greeted him, and been so polite. 

Considering the time of the massacre and the places, Asura couldn’t have destroyed the Hei Yi Clan. To have such speed, a cultivator needed to be a Spiritual Godly Ancestor at least, but he wasn’t. 

It meant that there were two Asuras, a real one and a fake one. The real one was the one in front of him right now, and the fake Asura was the one who had destroyed the Hei Yi Clan to harm Asura. It was actually easy to figure out. 

The people of the Zu Yi Clan were all smart and wise. Cheng Shan’s plan couldn’t work on them. 

That was the difference between smart people and confused ones. Cheng Shan thought he was smart, but actually, to the people of the Zu Yi Clan, he was just someone who was trying to be smart, at most. In fact, he was just another confused person. 

“We’re here. Choose one. Challenge him. If you manage not to lose after ten of his attacks, then he will help you, you can also form a soul pact with him. 

“If you lose, piss off.” 

Lin Feng heard the old man with small feet. He raised his head, and suddenly, his expression changed. 


“Jing Rui, what’s wrong in the Zu Yi Clan?” asked the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points, looking at Leader Jing Rui. The Hei Yi Clan had been destroyed. He wasn’t in a good mood, even though everybody could come back to life if they were killed in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. 

Why he hadn’t noticed it when Cheng Shan had come inside the painting? He was the Ancestor of the North, he wished he could slap his own face twice, but he abstained. 

Leader Jing Rui knew the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points felt bad, but what could he do? Nobody could stop the man in black clothes. If they all tried to stop him, that would be a violation of the rules of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. The world would explode and break into pieces. Everybody would die! 

“Master, don’t think too much. No matter what, it’s not a bad thing. At least, Lin Feng will gather experience, right?” replied Leader Jing Rui with a pained look, forcing a smile. Even if he tried to say something positive, he wouldn’t believe it himself. 

It wasn’t an experience, it was a huge problem. If he hadn’t recorded anything in crystals, then there would be no proof that Lin Feng was innocent. 

The Region of the Eight Corners administered their affairs, ignoring overall interests, they were not unified. But Cheng Shan had harmed the Region of the Eight Corners and the people of the Region of the Eight Corners who were supposed to unite. That was also a part of Cheng Shan’s plan. 

Now it would be difficult if they wanted to defeat him. They had to plot too. 

The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points didn’t say anything, but he seemed anxious. The leader of the Long Yi Clan remained silent. Should they use Asura or not? What could they do? So many people wanted to kill him!

Bringing Asura come back to life wasn’t an issue, but in the future, the Yi Clan would experience unrest! 

“You ten, make him gain lots of experience!” 

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