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Chapter 1236: Ten Great Holy Godly Ancestors of the Zu Yi Clan! 


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Lin Feng was dumbstruck. So many lotus flowers, a hundred meters across and dazzling, all with different and strange colors. Some of them were like fire, some of them were like waves. Some of them were like oceans, others like tornados. 

A glance at one of them made Lin Feng feel as if he were falling from a ten-thousand-zhang high cliff and then exploding on sharp rocks. Even his soul would be destroyed. Lin Feng found himself covered in cold sweat. 

Qing Huang Tian also hallucinated and saw a shiny skeleton covered with dry hot sand, being slowly buried.

Zong Hu fainted immediately, his heavy hammer falling to the ground loudly. There was no dazzling golden light. In the world of the Zu Yi Clan, a half-Godly Ancestor weapon was extremely weak. It looked like a flower petal!

Lin Feng chanted an incantation from the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill. His whole body was suddenly surrounded by Buddhist energies. Ten different colors flashed around him. Qing Huang Tian also activated her phoenix Qi. But as soon as she started, it felt like she was being devoured alive by hundreds of thousands of worms. 

She shouted in horror and paled. Lin Feng was panicking, but he forced himself to act quickly, and released Buddhist strength around Qing Huang Tian to protect her. At the same time, Lin Feng appeared before the ten strong cultivators of the Zu Yi Clan. 

“Hehe. You overestimate yourself, little girl,” said an old man who looked as if he came from an ocean of flames. His beard was blood-red. He looked at Asura arrogantly. 

“I think he looks funny. He loves women and he is righteous. Now he wants to sacrifice himself?” said the other old man, narrowing his eyes and smiling. Under his lotus was an ocean of corpses. 

“That little boy is Asura? The one who destroyed the Hei Yi Clan? I have the feeling there is something wrong.” 

“Hehe, the Hei Yi Clan was weak. Even the old king was afraid of us! Haha!” laughed a middle-aged, tall and sturdy man. He wasn’t wearing anything. A lotus flower was hanging in front of his genitals. He didn’t look like a strong cultivator. 

Lin Feng was extremely pale. He ground his teeth and glared at the sly and vicious old man. Suddenly, Lin Feng understood everything. How strong was the World Dragon Clan for real? How could they put pressure on the Yi Clan? How many strong cultivators did they have? 

Suddenly, Lin Feng understood he didn’t know much about the World of Battles. Initially, he thought he understood everything because he knew about the List of the World of Battles and the overlords. He had neglected something extremely important: before those overlords, there were old and monstrous cultivators, holy ones! 

Even though those holy cultivators couldn’t compete to become overlords or become one of the five ancestors or four great overlords, they were all public figures. Even if Lin Feng had the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer, he still wouldn’t be able to do anything against them. He could defeat Spiritual Godly Ancestors, but he couldn’t kill them, unless he used trump cards. 

He couldn’t do anything against Holy Godly Ancestors. They could destroy him casually. He remembered the Qi of the seventh phoenix. These people were… much stronger than the seventh phoenix! 

They were Holy Godly Ancestors. If the seventh phoenix was considered a medium-level Holy Godly Ancestor, then these people were at the top of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer! 

“Alright, you ten, stop scaring that little boy to death!” shouted the old man with small feet, reddening and shaking his head. Those old grouches hadn’t seen any outsider for tens of thousands of years, so they were excited and wanted to tease him. 

But they didn’t seem to realize that with their strength, “teasing that little boy” could actually turn into his worst nightmare! 

The ten ancestors stopped when the old man spoke up. They all recalled their lotus flowers and landed on the ground, but Lin Feng felt dizzy, as if he were going to faint, before all those Godly Ancestors. 

He couldn’t survive ten attacks from any of them! 

Lin Feng forced a smile. How troublesome! But he had no choice, because he couldn’t give up. He was only interested in the Zu Yi Clan, not in the others. 

So, why not start? If it didn’t work the first time, then he could try again. Ordinary Godly Ancestors couldn’t do anything at all against him. After breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer, he would be able to compete with Holy Godly Ancestors easily! 

“Uncles, he’s a good little boy. Do you want to try?” asked the big fellow with the lotus flower loincloth. He turned red, and his adornment disappeared. Qing Huang Tian gasped with horror, blushed, and averted her eyes, putting her head on Asura’s chest. 

Lin Feng looked at that strange fellow curiously. He looked between his legs and surprisingly, there was no… 

“Are you a woman?” asked Lin Feng straightforwardly. He instantly realized he had just made a huge mistake, and forced a smile, but it was too late. That middle-aged tall and sturdy “woman” suddenly pushed Qing Huang Tian away and grabbed Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng smiled and looked at that strange creature. Luckily he hadn’t eaten anything, or he would have puked! 

“I am a woman, little brother, let me love you, hehe!” shouted the tall and sturdy woman, putting her hand around Lin Feng and grabbing his ass. Lin Feng nearly collapsed, but the freaky woman held him firmly. She stank like hell. Lin Feng nearly collapsed and fainted. 

The old man with small feet forced a smile. He waved at the middle-aged woman and said, “Alright, come on, release him. He’s terrified!” 

He couldn’t watch this anymore. She was interested in every man, but she looked so horrible! It was a fact! 

She ground her teeth, and released Lin Feng. Lin Feng looked at the old man with small feet gratefully and took a deep breath. He was relieved. He had nearly puked… 

“What a freak!” Lin Feng said sighed. His expression suddenly changed again when he realized he may have said something wrong. He hastily raised his head and looked at the ten people. They looked back at him angrily, but they didn’t attack. 

Lin Feng felt disgusted yet surprised. That woman was clearly a Holy Godly Ancestor. When she was holding him by the waist, some of her energy entered his body and took control over his body. Lin Feng knew he couldn’t escape from such a cultivator, no matter what he tried. 

Therefore, Lin Feng just smiled at the old man with small feet. Small Feet also told him that that Lotus Woman was eight in the rankings. Lin Feng had to ask himself, how strong were the first seven people? 

 And what about the ninth and the tenth ones? 

Lin Feng didn’t think too much. When he saw the ancestors, he understood how monstrous they were. They were born Godly Ancestors, even more gifted than his own son, Lin Zu. His son was only born a Supreme God! 

Lin Feng had faith that Lin Zu was going to become extremely strong, no matter what the prophecy said. 

They would all become powerful. Lin Feng was excited and looking forward to seeing his son’s great achievements. He hoped his daughters would find nice husbands to protect them. 

Small Feet smiled at Lin Feng and studied him with his tiny eyes. Lin Feng flushed. 

“Asura, we know why you’re here. My ten nephews also know. Therefore, if you want them to acknowledge you, it’s all up to you,” declared Small Feet, smiling lazily. He walked past Lin Feng, patted his shoulder, and looked at him sadly. Lin Feng felt as if the end of the world was about to happen. 


“The Zu Yi Clan is becoming stronger and stronger! Hahaha!” 

When they saw their uncle leave, the ten Godly Ancestors waved and then looked at Lin Feng as if he were going to become their puppet, except the Lotus Woman. She looked at Lin Feng with burning desire, as if she had finally found the man of her dreams. She even licked her lips and drooled. 

Lin Feng forced a smile, regretting having come. He should have gone to the Long Yi Clan… No wonder Small Feet had looked at him sadly. He knew what was going to happen!  

“Eh, what are your names…?” 

“I am First, Flame!” said an old man in a fire robe. His voice was hoarse, and the temperature around him was scorching. If Lin Feng hadn’t gotten used to high temperatures in the ocean of flames, he would have died here. 

“I am Second, Ice!” said an old man with a kind and soft voice. The man raised his left hand and ice appeared. The atmosphere around him froze, and Lin Feng started shivering. But the Ice Spirit’s heartbeat inside him suddenly pounded, as if she had found some sort of treasure!

Second also had a strange feeling, as if he had found someone like him, but the Qi disappeared quickly. 

Lin Feng didn’t know why the Ice Spirit hid her Qi. She had gotten excited at first and now she had caused some trouble. Lin Feng was a bit nervous. The Ice Spirit was clearly as strong as an overlord of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer. Why did she fear a Holy Godly Ancestor, then? 

Lin Feng didn’t understand and had no time to think about those things anyway. He waited for the other strong cultivators to introduce themselves. 

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