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Chapter 1237: Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor Breaks Through!


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“Third, Bury!” 

“Fourth, Water!” 

“Fifth, Evil Slayer!” 

The ten strong cultivators introduced themselves. None of them had a normal name. Lin Feng was stupefied, but he didn’t really care. The Zu Yi Clan was already a clan of outstanding people but the people in front of Lin Feng were just freaks. They were ridiculously strong. 

“Sixth, Ant Enlightener!” said an old man with a white beard indifferently. He was the only one who looked relatively normal, but his white beard looked weird. 

Lin Feng suddenly realized that those people looked more like people than ants, like in the Hei Yi Clan. 

“Seventh, Bones!” declared a skinny old man. He looked like a skeleton, quite frightening. When Qing Huang Tian looked at him, she paled. Zong Hu simply fainted again. 

“Hehe, little friends, I’m the eighth one; call me Miss Eight!” said the Lotus Woman, winking at Lin Feng seductively. Lin Feng controlled himself not to vomit. 

“Ninth, Life!” 

“Tenth, Death!” 

The ten strong cultivators finished introducing themselves. Apart from Miss Eight, all the others actually didn’t care about Lin Feng. They didn’t care about the Hei Yi Clan’s destruction, either. 

“Little boy, let’s stop wasting time, who do you choose?” shouted Bury impatiently. He hated talking, and he hated speaking to weaklings. 

Lin Feng frowned and looked at Third. He was weak in front of these people. They looked at him arrogantly because they were strong enough to do so. They were Holy Godly Ancestors, after all. Would he even break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer someday? 

If he did, people would always respect him. He didn’t like being in front of much stronger cultivators, where he had no control. 

Lin Feng frowned, and clenched his fists. He knew what Bury was trying to do, but he didn’t show anything. If Lin Feng wanted to provoke him and managed not to lose in ten attacks, then they would make a soul pact. If he died, they’d just forget about him and his corpse. 

When Miss Eight saw that Lin Feng was angry, she smiled. She walked up to him quickly and said with a smile, “Little brother, come and play with me. Let’s see if we can make a soul pact!” 

Such a sweet and soft voice, and yet such a horrible and hideous appearance. How disgusting. Lin Feng felt like puking again, but he didn’t show it. Ewwww….! 

Lin Feng pushed Miss Eight away with his right hand and pointed at Third with his other finger and said icily,  “Master, I challenge you!” 


Demon Clan, Demon Valley, in a cave, in a secret room… 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor was seated cross-legged on a demon stone. Demon Qi rotated around his body and flowed throughout his body like a snake. 

Xuan Yuan had changed a lot. The biggest change was his appearance. He was now extremely white and looked like a young man. He looked much younger than Lin Feng, barely twenty years old. He was wearing a demon robe and looked powerful and mighty. 

Back in the Continent of the Gods, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had looked like a middle-aged man. He had looked evil, ferocious, disdainful, ice-cold, and proud. But now he looked like an ordinary young man. If one didn’t look at his eyes and mouth closely, one couldn’t recognize him. 

He didn’t pay much attention to Lin Feng back then, barely sparing a glance for him. He was a great offender now. 

Even though Tian Di had made mistakes, in the end, he had helped Lin Feng, and had sacrificed himself to tell Lin Feng the truth. But Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor didn’t want to drop stones on someone who has fallen into a well, he wanted to get rid of somebody as soon as he had done his job. Once he was ready, he would kill Lin Feng easily; it would be as easy as killing the donkey the moment it left the millstone. If Xue Ran hadn’t been there back then, he would have killed Lin Feng a long time ago. 

Boom, boom!

The walls of the secret room suddenly exploded. The whole mountain began to collapse. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor grinned icily. He threw punches in all directions. In the end, there was an explosion at the top of the mountain and many punch shadows destroyed the ten-thousand-zhang high mountain! 

One less mountain in the Demon Clan, one less secret room to practice cultivation in! 

But it was a profit for the Demon Clan. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor had meditated in seclusion for three months, and had just broken through to the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer. He was already strong enough to fight against Spiritual Godly Ancestors! 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor slowly opened his eyes. When the sunlight struck his eyes, he blinked. His eyes were pitch-black for a few seconds and then they returned to normal. He raised his head and grinned icily.

“Hehe, Lin Feng! I broke through to the Godly Ancestor layer. What about you? Hehehehe! In the Country of Eternity, I didn’t even pay attention to you. I focused on practicing cultivation. But you’re still pretty good, huh? Unfortunately, I can’t let you have it your own way. The World of Battles is my territory, not yours!” 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor flashed away. Everybody looking at Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor watched him disappear in admiration. 

“Brother, congratulations for breaking through to the Godly Ancestor layer before me!” 

“Congratulations, teacher!” 

Two people stopped Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor. The first one was the Ancient Demon King, who was also about to break through to the Godly Ancestor layer, and who already had a Godly Tao Skill. Behind him was Zhen Mo, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor’s only disciple. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor considered Lin Feng a toy. He had chosen Zhen Mo and given up on Lin Feng.

Zhen Mo had the strength of the eighth Great Supreme God layer and when he used trump cards, he could defeat some ordinary Godly Ancestors. He would break through to the Godly Ancestor layer within six months. 

“Demon King, our enemy is clearly Lin Feng. What do we do?” Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor asked, smiling at the Ancient Demon King. As descendants of the Demon Clan, Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor and the Ancient Demon King spoke the same language, and they had the same goal: kill the current leader of the Demon Clan and replace him!

But the leader of the Demon Clan had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, so to replace him, they needed time! The Demon Clan was also only a minor region of the Demon Region. Most disciples didn’t know that, but the young geniuses all knew. 

The Demon Ancestor of the South was one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points. The ancestors’ strength depended on their cardinal point. In order, there were central, south, west and east. So the Demon Region’s ancestor, Mo Xiao, was only weaker than the Human Ancestor of the East, Hong Meng. One could well imagine that he was extremely strong. Therefore, killing the leader and replacing him would be difficult. They needed balls and strength! 

When the two people would surpass the leader of the Demon Clan, nobody knew. At the moment, No Xiao could raise one finger and kill them both. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor didn’t want to admit there were demon cultivators who were stronger than him, but he had no choice. That was the first lesson he had learned in the World of Battles. He felt humiliated and sad, and pressured, but it helped him progress. 

“Brother, come, don’t worry. The Demon Clan is ours,” said the Ancient Demon King, smiling icily. But his smile quickly disappeared. Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor suddenly felt something behind him. A ten-thousand-zhang tall black shadow had appeared there. Only its two eyes were clearly visible. The smell of blood invaded the place. 

Xuan Yuan the Demon Emperor realized something too. He flashed back and paled. “Anc…Ancestor Mo Xiao?” 


Lin Feng coughed blood and there was an explosion. Bury attacked without mercy. If Lin Feng hadn’t possessed a Genesis Spiritual body, he would have died. He was frightened when he saw that middle-aged skeleton charge him. Three attacks and he had lost! 

“Piss off! You lost! You’re too weak for a pact with me!” said Bury. He turned around and disappeared. 

The nine others looked at Lin Feng. 

“Second, Ice!”


Bam bam!

Lin Feng was blown thousands of meters away instantly. Ice Qi bombarded him. He crashed on the floor and coughed blood…

“I choose First, Fire!” 

Bam bam!

Slash, slash!

“I… I’m exhausted,” Lin Feng said, forcing a smile. He had fought so much and he felt so weak. He closed his eyes and fainted. 

Before that, Miss Eight shouted, “Little friend, you, you have balls! Hehe!” 

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