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Chapter 1239: Scary Fighting Style!


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“Thank you very much, Master,” Lin Feng said. He recalled his energies hastily and bowed hand over fist, smiling respectfully. Lin Feng would have used the Imperial Imprint Formula if they had continued the fight, and then the First and Second Waves. 

But in that case, even if he had won, he would have been exhausted. He wouldn’t have any energy left to fight against another Master, and Ninth wasn’t stupid. He knew that he couldn’t defeat Lin Feng in less than ten attacks so he had stopped the battle and admitted his defeat. 

He was a Holy Godly Ancestor, he had to be brave and honest… and he admired Lin Feng. That little boy had won because he had balls and was talented. Despite the strength difference, Ninth admired him. 

Lin Feng could imagine that after ten attacks, he would have ended up destroyed, dead, or crushed to mush. 

“It’s alright. You’re talented and brave, little boy. We can make a soul pact and in the future, I will help you become even stronger than us,” said Ninth, waving and smiling calmly. 

“Thank you, Master.” Lin Feng bowed hand over fist once again. It was the first Holy Godly Ancestor he would make a soul pact with, after all. 

“Do you want to continue with challenges? If you do, I’m leaving. If you stop, we can proceed with the soul pact right now,” said Ninth. Lin Feng wanted to challenge other Masters though, as if he didn’t, he would regret it. 

“Please allow me to continue challenging masters,” Lin Feng said, smiling apologetically. When Ninth heard him, he looked neither furious nor angry. He simply nodded and left. 

“Hehe. Little boy, you’re greedy. Isn’t Ninth enough?” asked Water, smiling cruelly. 

“I want to challenge Master Fourth, Water!” 

(Cough, cough!) “You stinky little boy! You want to get your revenge in public? I will show everybody that you are a joke!” 

“I want to challenge Master Fourth, Water!” Lin Feng repeated, smiling apologetically. 

“You stinky little boy…” 

“I want to challenge Master Fourth, Water!” 



Cheng Shan was traveling in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. He traveled from the muddy forest to the desert, then from the desert to the forest, and then the sheer precipices and overhanging rocks, but he couldn’t find an exit. In the end, he realized that the only way to leave might be when all the people of the Region of the Eight Corners gathered in the same place. 

“It seems like the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting is mysterious. What the hell is Leader Jing Rui trying to do? My Master asked me to spy on Leader Jing Rui, why?” 

Cheng Shan didn’t understand but he recalled how imposing and awe-inspiring he had become, and yet now he was someone’s slave, he felt a bit angry. It was all because of Lin Feng! If Lin Feng didn’t exist, he would have never become like this!

“Lin Feng, wait and you’ll see! You will be destroyed violently! Even if I don’t do it personally, I don’t care, other people can take care of you,” hissed Cheng Shan. He would never tell anyone his real name, though, even if Lin Feng killed him!

He wanted Lin Feng to be living in fear. He wanted Lin Feng to think of him as his worst nightmare! 

“You died once because of Di Shu. You can die a second time. Haha!” said Cheng Shan, clenching his fists, before disappearing from the top of that mountain. He didn’t realize that the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Leader Jing Rui had been watching him from behind. 

When Leader Jing Rui heard Cheng Shan’s words, he looked glum and asked, “Who is he, and who is spying on me?” 

“Have you offended anyone in particular these days?” asked the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. Cheng Shan was Lin Feng’s sworn enemy, but he was also some master’s slave. Who was his master? Since Cheng Shan was a slave of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, it meant his master had the strength of at least the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. He might even be an overlord! 

“I don’t think so. Unless he is someone my teacher, Ancestor Nü, offended,” replied the Leader of Jing City, shaking his head. He had been the Leader of Jing City for a long time. He could have offended anyone without knowing it, but overall his relationships with everybody just got better and better with time. 

He had even given the Godly Battle Sword to Lin Feng back then, even though he didn’t know him. He was kind to everybody, even people he didn’t know well. 

Someone Ancestor Nü had offended? If Ancestor Nü had offended anyone, then that person could easily be one of the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points or the Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points. But there were also differences between different Earthly Godly Ancestors. 

Otherwise, why would there be the Overlords of the Four Cardinal Points and the Ancestors of the Five Cardinal Points above the overlords of the List of the World of Battles? All of them together were the ranking list of the strongest cultivators of the World of Battles! 

“Let’s forget about it for the time being. Unfortunately, he didn’t say a name. Otherwise, I would have told Lin Feng, that little boy, and he might have found something,” the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points sighed sadly.

“That brat is quite vigilant. He won’t dare say anything in this world. He must be well trained,” Jing Rui frowned. He was starting to get a headache because of all this. 

“Forget it for now. Let’s see Lin Feng, that little boy. Is he having a good time or a bad time in the Zu Yi Clan? Hahahahahahahahaha!” the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points laughed eagerly. The two men disappeared. 


Back in the Zu Yi Clan, Lin Feng was on his knees and panting. There were four or five blood stains on the ground. Lin Feng had coughed up that blood, and his chest was burning. Lin Feng was happy though, it was worth it! 

“Master, one last attack. If I resist, you lose!” Lin Feng said smiling resolutely. Fourth, Water, was stronger than Ninth, Life, so Lin Feng really wanted to make a soul pact with him. 

“Bastard! First resist the attack and then we’ll talk about it, little boy!” shouted Fourth. He was pissed off. These duels against a younger person made him feel ashamed, but he couldn’t injure Lin Feng, either. 

Lin Feng just wanted to progress. He was severely injured, but he continued fighting. 

But Fourth didn’t know what to do; how could he attack someone who was so severely injured? 

He wasn’t allowed to kill him, so he couldn’t use his best attacks and now he was facing someone who couldn’t do anything anymore. 

“Hehe! Attack, Master! Hehe,” Lin Feng said smiling. He was confident. 

At that moment, Lin Feng used the Second Wave attack, because only the flames of the Second Wave could resist against another of Fourth’s attacks. If he wanted to win, he had no choice! 

Lin Feng ground his teeth. His gums were bleeding ,but he didn’t care. All he cared about was victory! 

“Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!” shouted Lin Feng, emphasizing every word. Suddenly, the whole territory of the Zu Yi Clan was on fire and Lin Feng looked like a fire god. He was surrounded by a golden fires, as well as dragon blood. 

He raised his arms, and flames rolled in waves. Water had a bad feeling. 

“Water Light Calmness!” shouted Water icily. At that moment, everybody was surrounded by ice. They couldn’t breathe anymore, and they started suffocating. Lin Feng also thought the attack was terrifying. 

“Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill! Heavenly Deflagration!”

Lin Feng knew he was in danger so he used multiple attacks. 

Boom boom!…

There were two explosions at the same time. The ancestors released Qi to protect themselves and the rest of the watchers ran away. 

Fourth was pale and shaking violently. He had never thought he’d lose against someone who had just broken through to the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer like Lin Feng. Lin Feng had even forced him to use a Godly Tao Skill! 

Lin Feng’s chest hurt horribly, and he was bleeding. His blood dried quickly on his black robe. Lin Feng tasted iron in his throat. This time, his Genesis Spiritual body was injured. 

If he didn’t have a Genesis Spiritual body, he would have died! 

Fourth had used an extremely powerful Godly Tao Skill. If, in the end, Lin Feng hadn’t used his Jia Yan’s Eyes Tao Skill, he would have died! 

Lin Feng was on his knees. Water was standing there. Nobody dared say Lin Feng had lost. 

“Congratulations. You won again,” said Miss Eight, giggling and looking at Lin Feng enthusiastically. When she looked at Lin Feng, she looked like a man looking at an extremely hot girl, as if she wanted to eat him alive on the spot. 

Lin Feng glanced at her and his injuries became even more serious suddenly. “Ahhhhhhh!” Lin Feng shouted and fell on his ass, panting. He was afraid Miss Eight would come closer to him, so he staggered and fell down. 

“This little boy…” Fourth looked at Lin Feng and forced a smile. He remembered their battle a moment before. Not just the last attack, the nine others were also impressive. If Lin Feng hadn’t been strong, he would have died. 

Lin Feng’s fighting style was terrifying, bloodcurdlingly scary! 

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