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Chapter 1240: See You!



Edited by RED

“After this, who do you want to challenge?” asked Fourth, smiling wryly. He knew Lin Feng wouldn’t stop there. 

Second and Third had defeated him, but Fourth and Ninth had already lost, and were going to make soul pacts with him. Lin Feng still wasn’t satisfied. 

Since he could form soul pacts with some of them, the more the better! His life would change if some strong cultivators were there to help him whenever he wanted! 

“I choose…” 

“Little brother, choose me,” said Miss Eight, interrupting Lin Feng.

Lin Feng looked at her and thought, Impossible. Of course, Lin Feng knew he couldn’t say that out loud, so he smiled and said, “Master, don’t worry. One by one.” 

“Oh. Hehe. I’m waiting for you then!” replied Miss Eight. She knew what Lin Feng was thinking, but she gave him face, although she was disappointed. 

Lin Feng smiled and blushed. He waved apologetically and then looked at Evil Slaver, Fifth, the old man in a blood-red robe. Even though he had no white beard, he still looked extremely old. Lin Feng’s hair bristled when he looked at him. 

“Master Evil Slayer, I choose you.” 

“Stinky little boy, just challenge us one after the other, it’s easy!” smiled Evil Slayer. He didn’t think Asura was cruel. These ancestors all thought the destruction of the Hei Yi Clan was a joke. 

Evil Slayer asked Lin Feng to announce the order in which he was going to challenge them, “”First Master Evil Slayer, then Master Death, then Master Bones and then Master Ant Enlightener.” 

“What about me?” asked Miss Eight angrily. Lin Feng better had a good explanation. Otherwise, she might destroy him in one attack! 

Lin Feng looked at her and then he smiled, “Don’t worry, Master. If I survive until then, I will challenge you too, but I am not sure I am strong enough. I don’t even think I can defeat Master Ant Enlightener,” Lin Feng said. He was going to use a lot of pure Qi and strength during those battles. He may have no energy left at the moment of fighting against Bones. 

“Fifth, give him three days to rest,” said Miss Eight. She was worried Lin Feng would use it as an excuse, so she asked Evil Slayer if he could postpone the fight. Evil Slayer nodded. 

Lin Feng was speechless as he looked at Miss Eight. He didn’t know what to say, but he had also hoped for a break. Three days and his cultivation level would be stable. Lin Feng would be able to defeat a few others at that time, he wasn’t worried at all. 

The only thing which was incredible was that Miss Eight and the others talked to each other informally in spite of the strength differences. 

When Lin Feng saw even Evil Slayer seemed scared of Miss Eight, he was convinced she was hiding something. But what? 

Evil Slayer agreed to the delay, and looked at Lin Feng with pity. Bones went even further. He hugged Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t like being hugged by a skeleton-like creature. Bones looked at him and said compassionately, “Sigh, brother, good luck. You even dared offend Miss Eight.” 

“Indeed, little boy. Listen to him. Who do you think we are? Don’t offend Miss Eight. That’s all we ask. You can offend Fire, Ice, or Bury, but not Miss Eight, alright?” Water chimed in, walking over to Lin Feng and clapping his shoulder. 

“Asura, I think you are not very respectful towards women, but as a man, I admire you for your strength. Nice one, buddy!” said Evil Slayer, walking past Lin Feng and patting his shoulder affectionately as well. Lin Feng watched Evil Slayer disappear. 

Why was Miss Eight so terrifying? Lin Feng didn’t know… 

Very quickly, only Little Girl and Tenth were left on the field. The rest of them had run away. 

“You bastards, wait and you’ll see! I’ll teach you a good lesson, assholes!” shouted Miss Eight, clenching her fists. Her Qi shook violently, and her eyes were cold.

Death ignored Miss Eight. He was the one who feared Miss Eight the least, because they were siblings. 

“Sister, this little boy went too far. Who shall teach him a good lesson? You or I?” asked Death smiling darkly. At that moment, Lin Feng could taste death in his throat. If he hadn’t mastered Death Dao in the past, he would have been scared to death and died. 

Lin Feng remained silent. He looked at Miss Eight and waited. 

“I will do it, of course. You piss off. You came to cause trouble, huh? Be a man then! Don’t make up excuses and resort to trickery!” She glared at her little brother with freezing irony and burning satire. 

When Death heard her, he didn’t look surprised. He promptly disappeared. Everything went silent. It was like Lin Feng and Miss Eight were alone in the world. 

Lin Feng was less than two meters tall and slender. He was wearing a black robe with a blue belt. And then a tall and sturdy three hundred jin, one meter-seventy woman stood in front of him. She looked like a tall and sturdy man, but she was a woman. 

Death was pale and afraid. Hi Qi was terrifying. When one looked at him, one felt they were going to die. 

The siblings were freaks. Lin Feng had feared Miss Eight the most since the beginning. She had been acting like a freak since the start. It definitely had something to do with her secret. 

Miss Eight turned around and looked at Lin Feng with pity and compassion. He didn’t look happy, which made her grin. Suddenly, she appeared in front of Lin Feng, two meters away from him. Miss Eight stretched out her hand and reached out for Lin Feng’s mask. 

Lin Feng wanted to move away, but he was too slow. Miss Eight couldn’t wait to see his real face. She threw a punch at him and in the end, she grabbed his mask again and took it… off! 

She took Asura’s mask off. In the end, Lin Feng’s real face appeared in front of her. Miss Eight was dumbstruck and stared at Lin Feng blankly. His eyes, eyebrows, five sensory organs and traits made him look sharp. 

Suddenly, he started smiling. Miss Eight didn’t understand. She panted and when she did, she sounded like a cow mother. At that moment, Lin Feng wanted to run away. He didn’t even care about the other pacts anymore. 

But Miss Eight didn’t intend to let him go, she smiled icily, “If you dare try and escape, the Zu Yi Clan will not let you off, and we will become enemies.” 

“Why?” asked Lin Feng curiously. 

Miss Eight looked at him in amusement. When she saw he was surprised, she looked at him in pity. 

“Make your footmen disappear or I’ll kill them!” shouted Miss Eight, pointing at Qing Huang Tian and Zong Hu, who had fainted. She sounded ice-cold and threatful. 

Lin Feng hadn’t thought she would give him such an order. 

“Hehe, since it’s that way, I’m leaving. I don’t like the Zu Yi Clan. See you. Sister Qing, we’re leaving,” Lin Feng responded, smiling icily. He turned around and looked at Qing Huang Tian, he took her in his arms. 

Miss Eight was astonished, but then grinned. She hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so stubborn. He didn’t even give her face. 

“What kind of place do you think the Zu Yi Clan is?? You think you can come and leave as you wish?” said Miss Eight angrily. 

“What if I do? You will kill me? You will kill all of us?” 


“Me what? Stop talking shit. If you want to kill me, come and do it. If you don’t want to kill me, let us leave,” Lin Feng said icily. Then, he flashed away. Qing Huang Tian followed him closely. She clenched her fists and activated her phoenix blood; if anything happened, she would protect Lin Feng without hesitation!

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