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Chapter 1241: The Truth!


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“Nobody has ever dared talk to me like that, not even my fellow disciples,” said Miss Eight gravely, but she didn’t get angry. She sounded calm and sighed, “Anyway, leave. You passed the exam.” 

Lin Feng wanted to leave, but his legs felt numb. He turned around and looked at Miss Eight. She was controlling his legs with her left hand. Of course, if he managed to break free, he’d be able to leave. 

“What kind of exam? I don’t know what you’re talking about,” Lin Feng replied curiously. Miss Eight hadn’t managed to draw his attention before, but now he was interested in hearing more. What was the exam about? 

Patience and courage. Anything else? 

“Asura, do you know the composition of our clan?” asked Miss Eight. She didn’t reply to his question directly. She looked indifferent as she waited for his answer. 

There were eleven people in the Zu Yi Clan. Apart from the ten Holy Godly Ancestors, there was the old man Small Feet. Those ten strong cultivators all considered Small Feet their uncle, which meant his position was very high. Miss Eight could test him, which meant she also had a high position. Otherwise, she wouldn’t be there. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng shook his head without hesitation. He knew nothing precise about the Zu Yi Clan. Miss Eight smiled and stared at him for a long time. Unfortunately, she looked hideous, or she could have proposed a marriage alliance, but… 

“Alright, I’m not going to waste any more of your time. The Zu Yi Clan is extremely easy to understand, but it’s difficult to explain. Briefly, there are two sorts of members: the ten strong cultivators are one of kind, and Small Feet is of another. 

“More precisely, among the ten strong cultivators, apart from Death and me, the others have all been tortured by the members of the World Dragon Clan an entire night. My brother Death and I have been bullied for a while. Our father is Small Feet. My fellow disciples call him uncle, and I call him father.

“I am in charge of making sure everybody is fine in the Zu Yi Clan. Therefore, if you pass my exam, you will be able to decide the future of the Zu Yi Clan thanks to me, and I don’t need any authorization. You know that the Zu Yi Clan is going to follow the World Dragon Clan?” said Miss Eight, pulling a long face. She hated the people of the World Dragon Clan. Even though she had never been tortured by them, she had checked one of her fellow disciples’ memories and it had infuriated her. 

“Indeed. You, the people of the Zu Yi Clan, want to submit and pledge allegiance to the World Dragon Clan to protect the entire Yi Clan. I admire you for that; the Yi Clan is a clan of heroes. You are all ready to do anything to protect the Yi Clan. None of you is willing to flinch,” agreed Lin Feng, nodding seriously. He had already understood that when he was in the Hei Yi Clan. 

“That’s one aspect of the truth. The other side is that the women of the Zu Yi Clan are imprisoned in the World Dragon Clan, so we have no choice but to surrender and pay allegiance to them,” said Miss Eight, forcing a smile. She was furious when she recalled those horrible memories. 

When Lin Feng heard her, he was astonished. The women of the Zu Yi Clan were imprisoned in the World Dragon Clan? If that was the case, then the Zu Yi Clan was in an extremely difficult situation, indeed! 

“Some of the women of the Zu Yi Clan are fellow disciples of the older generation, while some others are of my generation. I am of the same generation as the Leader of the Hu Yi Clan. Both the blood of the Zu Yi Clan and the Hu Yi Clan flows in my veins. I am the Young Master of the Zu Yi Clan and of the Hu Yi Clan,” Miss Eight stated. Since Asura had passed the exam, she could tell him that. 

Lin Feng’s mouth was slightly open. He didn’t know what to say. He was astonished and felt ashamed at the same time. 

“You know that the members of the Zu Yi Clan are all Godly Ancestors at birth, right?” 


“But not me. I was born a Godly Emperor. I worked hard for tens of thousands of years to become a Holy Godly Ancestor. You may not believe it, but it’s a fact because my blood isn’t pure Zu Yi blood. I haven’t inherited the special ability of the Zu Yi Clan. 

“But even if that’s the case, the future of the Zu Yi Clan is in my hands!” she said excitedly. 

Lin Feng studied her curiously. He didn’t really understand what she was trying to say, so he asked, “Why is the future of the Zu Yi Clan in your hands? What about your fellow disciples?” 

“In this life, they’re doomed. Their cultivation level will never be above the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. They will never progress again. Do you know why?” Miss Eight asked with a pained expression.

Lin Feng had an idea and replied, “It seems like it has to do with the Zu Yi Clan’s special ability.” 

“Hehe. You’re not stupid! Because the members of the Zu Yi Clan are all ordinary Godly Ancestors when they are born, they can never be overlords. The strongest ones have the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer at most, because everything before the Godly Ancestor layer is nonexistent for them, and they lack too many essential body and mind conditions obtained throughout the different cultivation layers. To them, cultivation is slow; a hundred, if not a thousand, times slower than most people.

“Other people can break through to one cultivation layer in a few dozen or hundreds of years, but we, the people of the Zu Yi Clan, need tens of thousands of years. That is why we only have Holy Godly Ancestors,” Miss Eight explained. 

Lin Feng forced a smile. He remembered what the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told him about the members of the Zu Yi Clan. Lin Feng had felt envious when he had heard that they were all born with the strength of the Godly Ancestor layer. However, reality wasn’t as great as it seemed. It was even the sad truth of the Zu Yi Clan’s reality. 

They had no foundation, so they needed more time to compensate! 

But Miss Eight wasn’t from the Zu Yi Clan, so her cultivation wasn’t restrained. She was the only one who had the potential to become an Earthly Godly Ancestor! 

Now, Lin Feng understood why everybody respected Miss Eight so much in the end. Why she was qualified to challenge and test him, because she… was the future of the Zu Yi Clan!

“Asura, you just passed a part of the exam. Now, you have to challenge me. If you resist ten attacks, the Zu Yi Clan will acknowledge you. Do you understand?” asked Miss Eight. She sounded even colder than before, but also sounded very serious. She wasn’t joking at all. 

Lin Feng stood in front of her. Being acknowledged by the Zu Yi Clan, wasn’t it his plan? He had challenged all those Masters for a reason: to be acknowledged! Now he had to challenge Miss Eight and resist ten of her attacks! 

But Lin Feng knew that in this world, nothing was free. Since she had said that, it didn’t mean the challenge would be easy. Miss Eight could even be different from the other Holy Godly Ancestors. 

One could imagine the difference between her and them. She had relied on her own talent and innate abilities to break through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. Those people were born Godly Ancestors. It was a huge difference!

Lin Feng had sensed that Miss Eight’s Qi and that of the others was different. Now, he understood why. 

“First, you can rest for three days. In three days, we can proceed with the challenge,” said Miss Eight firmly. She glanced at Lin Feng, turned around, and went back to her lotus. 


Lin Feng released Zong Hu and slapped his face gently. Zong Hu finally came back to his senses. 

“Brother, I… I fainted?” asked Zong Hu after he woke up. Lin Feng nodded. He then walked over to Qing Huang Tian. He had to give her an explanation, or she would be confused. 

Qing Huang Tian looked at that handsome and charming man in front of her. He slowly walked towards her. He was an absolute stranger, but in fact, he was the exact same person. Her husband Asura… 

“You… You’re not Asura?” Qing Huang Tian asked in a trembling voice. 

Lin Feng walked towards her, that woman of the phoenix clan. He felt sad for her, especially when he saw her pale face. Her Qi was extremely weak, too. It was all because of him, so he felt guilty. 

“Sister Qing, Asura and I are the same person. What do you think?” Lin Feng asked calmly. 

Qing Huang Tian paled even more. She seemed sad, heartbroken, confused. She knew Asura. She didn’t know this stranger in front of her. Even if Lin Feng was handsome, she wasn’t used to him. 

“I… I need to think,” said Qing Huang Tian, putting her hands on her face. Then she quickly ran away and disappeared. 

Lin Feng watched her beautiful silhouette disappear into the horizon. He wasn’t worried about her safety. There was nobody else in the Zu Yi Clan, after all, everybody was here. It was like a small world, they were isolated from the world, so it was safe. 

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