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Chapter 1242: Asura vs. Miss Eight!


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“Who are you, Brother?” asked Zong Hu. He didn’t know whether telling Zong Hu was a good idea or not. If he told him and if Zong Hu told anyone, then the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points’ plan would be ruined. If he didn’t tell him, then Zong Hu would start having doubts and suspicions. 

After a long time, Lin Feng decided to tell him, even if meant taking the risk of Zong Hu telling other people about it. 


During the three following days, Lin Feng sat cross-legged, working on stabilizing his Qi. He had just broken through to the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer, and he had used lots of energy when he fought against Evil Slayer and Water. Without those three days of rest, he wouldn’t have stood a chance to win against Miss Eight. 

If he lost, joining the Zu Yi Clan would be useless. Staying in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes would be pointless in general. The goal of the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was that Lin Feng could find a powerful partner in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. 

The Zu Yi Clan was the only option! 

If Lin Feng controlled the Zu Yi Clan, it would come down to having over ten Holy Godly Ancestors as allies, plus Miss Eight, a potentially crucial ally. Considering he also had the demon corpse army, plus his wives and kids who were super strong, in twenty years, nobody would be able to stop Lin Feng anymore. 

Lin Feng was extremely confident. He would not need thousands, or even hundreds, of years. In ten years, he could become the youngest overlord. Twenty years from now, the Lin Clan might even stand at the top of the world! 

The Lin Clan would be the only clan to ever rise from the Continent of the Nine Clouds to the World of Battles. Lin Feng also intended to help Tiantai rise again in the World of Battles. He had to do it because it was the two emperors’ initial and greatest wish! 

In the Continent of the Gods and the Country of Eternity, Tiantai was striving to become as powerful as possible. Sooner or later, they would be able to establish a branch in the World of Battles as well, and at that moment, the Lin Clan would help Tiantai rise in the World of Battles. The Lin Clan and Tiantai would rise together. That would be their glorious era!

Lin Feng smiled wryly. He was just daydreaming but he didn’t think his thoughts were ridiculous. Within twenty years, he would be able to do that, he promised to himself. 

He exhaled some steam and stood up. He looked at Miss Eight. Miss Eight was already watching him. They stared at one another, like fierce and ferocious predators about to attack. 

With a woosh, ten beams of light suddenly gathered. Bury, Evil Slayer, and the others appeared high up in the sky, where they could see the battle better. The outcome of this fight would be decisive for the future of the Zu Yi Clan. 

Small Feet was at the front. He was also a Holy Godly Ancestor, but he was much, much stronger than First, Fire. Lin Feng was startled. He hadn’t sensed that Small Feet was a Holy Godly Ancestor as well. It seemed the Zu Yi Clan had more secrets than he had thought! 

“Asura, start. You attack, I defend!” said Miss Eight, moving into a defensive position. She waited for him to act. 

Lin Feng naturally didn’t waste time and flashed into motion, like a tiger attacking prey. He appeared in front of Miss Eight, roaring like a tiger, looking like a mountain. His body plus his strength weighed at least three hundred million jin. The ground and the space shook around him from his explosive strength.

Miss Eight’s expression didn’t change. She looked at Lin Feng’s energies, raised her hand, and suddenly golden lights illuminated the whole area. 

Energies looking like dragons, jewels and sword spun around her. Lin Feng was surrounded by blurry golden lights, each one moving towards him. He looked like an insect at that moment. 

He shouted furiously, and was bathed in flames, which promptly exploded out. The whole world became scorching hot, like it could burn anything. Lin Feng raised his hands and threw two palm strikes. The fire surrounded the golden lights and pushed them away, before his hands collided with Miss Eight’s hand. 


Lin Feng was pushed back hundreds of meters, but he reacted quickly. He rose back up in the air immediately, while Miss Eight was still standing where she was before. 

Two attacks had passed. Eight more! 

“Asura, look at this attack,” said Miss Eight. She moved her hands around like dragons, and suddenly disappeared. Even Small Feet found it difficult to follow her with bare eyes, not to mention someone who had just broken through to the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer like Lin Feng! 

Lin Feng smelled some stinky Qi. He was nervous and worried. Miss Eight had just disappeared without a trace. How mysterious and dangerous!

Lin Feng closed his eyes and relied on his intuition. No matter how fast and strong she was, she couldn’t make her body fake death. Nobody could completely hide their life energy. To find it, Lin Feng had to sense Qi everywhere around him, and if he detected something weird, that would be her, and he could attack. 

East! Lin Feng was astonished. He couldn’t afford to waste time so he threw two palm strikes, and shouted out, “One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!” 

Boom, boom!

Lin Feng’s exam was hanging by a single thread. If he made a single mistake, Miss Eight would have punched him in the chest. He had used the Godly Tao Skill to attack, and Miss Eight had jumped back one step to avoid being injured by the One Heavy Wave attack. 

She took one step backwards, Lin Feng took two steps forwards and threw a punch like a tiger. Four hundred million jin of explosive energies. Aggressive Punch attack, explosion! 

“Dragon and Tiger Invasion!” shouted Miss Eight, raising her arms slightly. A dragon-shaped golden light beam emerged from her left hand, and her right hand turned into a fierce and ferocious tiger. The dragon and the tiger made a cross in the sky and roared out together. The dragon’s rumble made the sky shake, the tiger’s roars made the ground shake. Lin Feng had the impression he was in the middle of an earthquake!

Lin Feng’s Aggressive Punch attack couldn’t work against the dragon and tiger attack. Lin Feng sighed helplessly. He opened his fists and put his palms together. Dazzling Buddha lights appeared and illuminated the whole place. He clutched his Buddhist mala and chanted, “May Buddha preserve us. May Buddha preserve us. May Buddha preserve us. May Buddha preserve us…” 

Miss Eight was standing on her lotus, her head surrounded by golden lights. The thousand-meter Buddha before her looked solemn and sad. Lin Feng activated his strength of the Ten Thousand Buddhas skill; with the Buddhist mala, he was much stronger. Not only did he manage to block Miss Eight’s attack, he also managed to push her away!

Suddenly, only two attacks were left before the end of the exam. The members of the Zu Yi Clan in the sky were dumbstruck, and their hearts were pounding. They were witnesses and at the same time, they were excited about the fight. 

“Celestial and Powerful Qi Wind!” shouted Miss Eight explosively. She looked terrifying, especially since she was so big. It was the ninth attack, but she didn’t feel reassured at all. On the contrary, she had to use an even more powerful attack, the Celestial and Powerful Qi Wind. She initially wanted to save it for the tenth attack, but Asura’s strength had exceeded her expectations. 

A celestial wind started blowing, and pure Qi condensed. It could cut anything with its extremely sharp winds. 

Two sorts of strength appeared: one black, one white. Lin Feng condensed Qi in his dantian. He tried to take a deep breath, as he could see how terrifying this attack was. He started moving backwards this time. He needed to take a deep breath and then attack again. 

No! It was the ninth attack already, he couldn’t lose! Otherwise, all his previous efforts would be wasted! 

Lin Feng’s eyes became bloodshot. Demon Qi dashed to the skies. Even the ancestors’ hair bristled when they saw that attack. 

Lin Feng also made his Genesis Spiritual strength fuse together with his demon Qi. It was amazing! 

“Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!” shouted Lin Feng, but nobody could hear him anymore. His energies had made the space around them become completely empty, so sound couldn’t carry anymore. Everybody could see the explosive energies and the flames, but they couldn’t hear anything. Lin Feng’s flames looked like Buddhist phoenixes. He was using the second part of the Godly Tao Skill to resist the Celestial and Powerful Qi Wind attack! 

The wind dispersed. The flames destroyed it, but the energies continued moving towards Lin Feng as if animated by an indomitable will. They immediately attacked Lin Feng’s demon Qi, destroyed it, and continued towards his chest. 


Lin Feng felt like his heart was being ripped apart. He was blown away and crashed ten thousand meters away. When he crashed to the ground, it created a ten-meter deep crater. 

How cruel and brutal! Qing Huang Tian ground her teeth so hard they almost broke. She had been thinking for three days and she was ready to forgive Asura. No matter who he was, he was her first husband, so she had come back. She was extremely saddened to see him like this. 

“NO! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! HUSBAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDD!!” Qing Huang Tian burst into tears, jumped into the crater, and got ready to grab Lin Feng. 

“Don’t move (cough, cough) Sister Qing. Please move away!” Lin Feng said firmly. He crawled out of the crater. His black robe was torn to pieces, so his wounds and scars were visible. His blue jade belt was also broken. He was covered in wounds, but the worst ones on his chest were bleeding heavily. 

How cruel. He had never been crushed like that. Xue Tong, Li Dian, Gan Sheng… None of them had been that cruel to him!

But he didn’t regret it. He wanted the Zu Yi Clan to acknowledge him, so he had to go through this challenge, it was inevitable. He had to pay the price. He was weak in comparison to Holy Godly Ancestors, but he was only injured at the ninth attack, so he was satisfied and proud of himself. 

Anyone else would have been destroyed instantly! 

Cough, cough… Cough, cough… Lin Feng hacked up blood. Qing Huang Tian’s heart ached, but she didn’t dare say anything. She knew Lin Feng was impulsive and had a bad temper, so she could only cry in silence. 

Miss Eight hadn’t thought Asura would be so strong. She could have destroyed any ordinary Godly Ancestor with her Celestial and Powerful Qi Wind, and even her fellow disciples would have struggled to resist that attack. Surprisingly, Asura had resisted it, and was still alive!

At that moment, Miss Eight finally started feeling some esteem and respect for Asura. 

“Give up, little boy. Your chances of winning are nonexistent.” 

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