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Chapter 1243: I Will Make You Shut Up!


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“Can you survive a tenth attack? Give up, little boy.” 

“Indeed, brother Asura, we don’t want you to get severely injured. You already have Fourth and Ninth on your side, you can make a soul pact with them,” said Fifth, Evil Slayer, at that moment. They were all staring at Lin Feng trying to influence him and discourage him. 

Especially Seventh, Bones; he wanted to humiliate Lin Feng. But Lin Feng didn’t care about them because he solely focused on his opponent, Miss Eight. Nothing could distract him. 

Lin Feng was exhausted and severely injured. When he touched his arm, all his meridians hurt. But he had to resist one more attack. He didn’t want to fail when he was so close to success. If he failed, he would never have the opportunity to be acknowledged by the Zu Yi Clan again. Therefore, failure wasn’t an option! 

“Little boy, Miss Eight is the second strongest cultivator of the Zu Yi Clan. She’s only slightly weaker than me. Ten attacks? Impossible. You can’t resist ten of her attacks consecutively. She just used skills and attacks of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, the tenth attack will be a much more powerful attack,” said Small Feet worriedly. He was afraid Miss Eight would kill Lin Feng. 

Young geniuses like Asura were rare. What was going to happen now? 

“Brother, don’t waste your life. It’s not worth it. The Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world expanded itself the first time in the Demon Region and a second time in the Human Clan. The third time was in the Region of the Eight Corners, but nobody could resist ten attacks from Miss Eight. I don’t think you’re an exception. Therefore, brother, you should give up. Fourth and Ninth can make soul pacts with you,” said Sixth, Ant Enlightener. He sounded rather conceited. 

No outsider had ever managed to resist ten of Miss Eight’s attacks. Lin Feng couldn’t be an exception. The opposite would be unrealistic!

“Asura, come on!” said Second, Ice, smiling icily and looking down on Asura. 

“Asura, stop wasting time and give up,” spat First, Fire, angrily. His eyes were even filled with flames. 

“You want to die!” declared Bury icily. He wanted to humiliate Asura. He didn’t care about him at all.

Lin Feng glanced at them, then at Miss Eight again. He took a deep breath. He didn’t intend to flinch. They looked down upon him, so what? Even if they insulted him, he couldn’t care less. Even if they asked him to stop wasting their time, he didn’t care. 

Since he was there, why flinch? Why give up on a chance? An opportunity? If he couldn’t resist ten attacks from a Holy Godly Ancestor, then what would his future look like? 

Dangerous. His life would become more and more dangerous. His enemies were getting stronger. He would have to defeat Kun Dao someday, the current Ancestor of the North. Kun Dao was an Earthly Godly Ancestor, with the strength of the top of the Earthly Godly Ancestor layer! 

So, why would Lin Feng give up now? If he gave up now, then the best thing would be to go back to the Continent of the Nine Clouds, a lower world, and live there freely and peacefully. 

But Lin Feng knew he couldn’t give up, because not only would his enemies make fun of him, but he would also hate himself for being a coward. 

“Stop talking shit! You can’t speak for me! Even if you are Holy Godly Ancestors, I am Lin Feng! Come and attack, Miss Eight!” retorted Lin Feng, glancing around icily. 

Fire was furious and mocked him, “You’re just a little boy who overestimates himself. After the tenth attack, you will die! Your body will even explode and disappear!” 

“Hehe, and we’ll destroy his soul too! That way, he won’t be able to come back to life,” said Second, Ice, icily. He didn’t give Lin Feng any face, his words were sharp and cruel. 

“Ah, come on, if he wants to die, let it be,” Evil Slayer sighed. He would be sad to see a genius like Lin Feng get killed by Miss Eight, but it was his own decision; nobody but Lin Feng was to blame. 

Even though their remarks were bitterly sarcastic, if Lin Feng really continued fighting, he might really die. Miss Eight didn’t want to see him die. 

But Lin Feng was determined and nobody could make him change his mind. Miss Eight sighed. No matter what, at least, she admired him for his courage and heroism. He had passed the exam in her mind. 

The Zu Yi Clan would never forget this stubborn young man. 

“Get ready, Asura!” said Miss Eight, getting ready to attack. 

Lin Feng suddenly felt a pain in his chest. It was unbearable. 

“Wait until I win. I will make you shut up!” shouted Lin Feng, pointing at the people in the sky. He looked coldly furious and determined. 

But Fire, Ice, and Bury only smiled mockingly. 

“If you resist her attack, I agree to become your slave,” declared Fire, smiling as if Lin Feng were being ridiculous. 

“Me too,” agreed Bury, smiling viciously. 

Small Feet frowned. He had a bad feeling, but he didn’t say anything. He prayed that nothing bad would happen to the Zu Yi Clan. 

“Husband, you should give up,” said Qing Huang Tian. She was flushing red and worried. Lin Feng looked miserable. She didn’t think he could win. In the worst case, he could die. She didn’t want to lose her husband! 

“I’m… I’m alright. Don’t worry,” Lin Feng said, holding Qing Huang Tian’s cold hand. 

Qing Huang Tian slowly walked away, biting her lips. She decided that if Lin Feng died, she would kill herself as well. 

Miss Eight looked at Lin Feng, standing there proudly. She admired him on the inside, but she wasn’t going to be merciful with her last attack. 

“Godly Tao, One Person Destruction!” 

That attack wasn’t impressive. There weren’t any multicolored lights. A blood red light flashed around Lin Feng and disappeared. Miss Eight took her hand back. She was pale; one small mistake, and she could collapse. 

Holy Godly Ancestors liked to use Godly Tao Skills like the One Person Destruction attack. A blood red light flashed, but it was like a worm that ate corpses. It slowly ate a person from the inside out. Nobody had ever managed to resist the attack. 

Everything was completely silent in the world of the Zu Yi Clan. One could hear everybody’s breath. Everybody was staring at Lin Feng and waiting. 

Lin Feng felt dizzy. Since Miss Eight had attacked, he had felt dizzy. It felt as if something strange was happening inside his body, as if he was being eaten from the inside out. 

Lin Feng slowly collapsed. His face was completely red, his view turned crimson. Two lights flashed. Was he dying? 

Lin Feng wanted to say something, but words wouldn’t come out. Not only didn’t they come out, but he went mute. His throat was dry. 

Blood red lights. Lin Feng had lost three of his senses. His eyes started bleeding. 

His ears, his nose, and his mouth started bleeding too. His sensory organs even turned purple. 

Qing Huang Tian was devastated and desperate. She hugged Lin Feng and remained silent. 

Miss Eight wanted to cry, but she controlled herself. She didn’t want to hurt Lin Feng. On top of that, among her three Godly Tao Skills, this was the one where Lin Feng’s chances of survival were the highest. With the two others, he would have died instantly! 

The bloody lights of the One Person Destruction made people feel like they were dying. Whether Lin Feng would be strong enough to choose life depended on him. 

He was conscious, but he couldn’t stand up. He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t see. If felt like death. Was he really going to die like this? 

Impossible. How could he die like this? He had so many wives to take care of, and children. Lin Zu, Lin Nian, Lin Heng, Lin Sheng Miao, Lin Sheng Jiong and Lin Sheng Xie, Zhe Tian, and Qiong Sheng. He had so many children. How could he die? 

Meng Qing and his parents were waiting for him. How could he die like this? 

He hadn’t finished the task the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had given to him. The Lin Clan hadn’t risen. How could he die? 

“Lin Feng, you will not die!” shouted the Ice Spirit suddenly. Ice Qi penetrated into his brain and flowed throughout his body. It gradually made him feel better. His vision became less blurry, and he could hear again. 

His breath stabilized. He could move his legs again. 

Miss Eight was lost in thought and extremely sad. However, when she saw Lin Feng, she stared at him blankly. Fire, Ice, and Bury all pulled long faces. They all stood up and glanced around. They clasped their hands behind their backs like great and wise scholars. 

Qing Huang Tian was dumbstruck. She had clearly felt that Lin Feng was about to die. His Qi had almost disappeared. Now he looked like a kid bursting with energy? He wasn’t injured at all. His Qi was purer and even more stable. It was like the blood lights had refined his Qi!

“Hehe, how sly!” Small Feet forced a smile. He was dumbstruck, but at the same time he felt optimistic about the future. 

Lin Feng ignored the old man’s reaction, looking at Fire, Ice and Bury. The three of red-faced with anger. 

“I managed to make you shut the hell up!” declared Lin Feng, smiling broadly and sticking out his chest to show off. 

The three of them couldn’t offend and humiliate Lin Feng anymore, because they weren’t qualified. They didn’t dare say anything.

“From now on, I, Fire, am Asura’s slave. If I ever betray him, I shall perish!” 

“From now on, I, Bury, am Asura’s slave. If I ever betray him, I shall be cursed and I shall die in the most atrocious conditions!” 

“From now on, I, Ice, am Asura’s slave. If I ever betray him, I shall suffer a violent death!” 

The three of them all raised their hands and pledged allegiance to Lin Feng. Lin Feng hadn’t died, and now they were his slaves. 

Lin Feng watched the three of them silently, but on the inside, he was excited. 

Zong Hu looked at Lin Feng in admiration and clenched his fists. His awesome big brother! How fucking awesome! Should he become Lin Feng’s slave, too? 

“I don’t want slaves. I don’t need slaves,” Lin Feng announced, destroying those people’s last bit of dignity and honor. 

The atmosphere in the whole world of the Zu Yi Clan went deathly silent. 

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