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Chapter 1245: The Long Yi Clan’s Invitation!


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Lin Feng put his Asura mask back on. Ten light beams of light emerged from the ten Holy Godly Ancestors’ lotus flowers. Small Feet smiled and narrowed his eyes, standing next to them. He looked at Lin Feng. 

“Everybody knows how to make a soul pact. I don’t need to explain anything. Brother Asura has managed to defeat Fourth, Miss Eight, and Ninth, so you three should proceed with the soul pact now.

“A ten year pact. During that time, protect Asura. A soul pact is beneficial for both sides, after all, even if there are disadvantages.” If Asura was injured, they would also suffer losses. 

“Brother Asura, don’t go too far with your requests. They are not your servants, after all. They are your partners in the frame of a soul pact. You have to respect them,” said Small Feet solemnly. He was fair to everyone. Lin Feng naturally agreed. He certainly didn’t intend to go too far. What he had learned about the World Dragon Clan was astonishing, after all. If the Yi Clan came back to life, then the Zu Yi Clan would be in danger! 

“I know that you’ll be in the dark watching me and that the members of the World Dragon Clan won’t detect you. If they find you, then you’re in trouble,” agreed Lin Feng resolutely. 

Miss Eight and the others looked touched. They all nodded slowly. 

“Stop wasting time now. Let’s start,” said Small Feet. Two golden light beams surrounded him, Lin Feng, and Miss Eight. 

Miss Eight, Water and Life all walked to Lin Feng’s sides. The light beams began to dazzle like flames, but they weren’t hot. 

“May the pact ritual begin!” shouted Small Feet loudly. At that moment, the light beams condensed and disappeared into their bodies. 

Lin Feng sensed something. The images of the others appeared in his brain. It felt as if their souls were inside his mind. Lin Feng’s soul also appeared in their minds. 

At that moment, the ritual was already finished. They had already confirmed the pact. From now on, the three Holy Godly Ancestors of the Zu Yi Clan were Lin Feng’s partners for the following ten years. Ten years from now, the World Dragon Clan would witness the rise of the Zu Yi Clan again. 

If Lin Feng were an overlord, then the Zu Yi Clan would be under his orders. If he wasn’t a Holy Godly Ancestor, he wasn’t be qualified to resist the World Dragon Clan, and the Zu Yi Clan would join the World Dragon Clan. The Yi Clan would be in permanent danger. 

It was a huge clan, but only a dozen people were deciding the future of the clan. Lin Feng rejoiced on the inside. 

“Can we leave?” asked Lin Feng, glancing around and then looking at Small Feet. 

Small Feet looked back at Lin Feng, and took out a pellet which had ten colors and he gave it to Lin Feng. The pellet was as big as a thumb. Pure Qi was shaking inside it, like fire. 

“It’s the Zu Yi Clan’s pellet; keep it. With it, you can become the Master of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. 

“That way, within ten years, we won’t be afraid of the World Dragon Clan.” Of course, he had to pay attention to the World Dragon Clan. 

“I also bet that you’ll become an overlord,” sighed Small Feet. His hands were shaking, but he sounded resolute. There’s no construction without destruction; that’s why he had chosen Lin Feng! 

“Zu Yi Clan’s pellet? I also have the Black Ant Pellet!” Lin Feng said when he saw the Zu Yi Clan’s pellet, suddenly remembering the Black Ant Pellet. The old king had given it to him. Lin Feng smiled and took it out. 

“Asura, the Hei Yi Clan has been destroyed. Did you know that?” Small Feet asked sadly. 

Lin Feng was quiet a moment. He put the two pellets in his ring and smiled thinly, “People from outside say I killed them?” 

“You know?” asked Small Feet. 

“I don’t know, I guessed. An Asura slaughtered some people to cause me trouble,” Lin Feng said. His enemy was a fierce one! 

But the Zu Yi Clan wasn’t stupid. They had no doubts about him, but the Long Yi Clan, the Hu Yi Clan, and the Bai Yi Clan probably did. Not every clan had a good sense of judgement, after all. 

“Go. Leave the world of the Zu Yi Clan. Do whatever you wish. Miss Eight and the others will also follow you, but they won’t stay exactly at your side. They will stay in the darkness. We can’t wait to see the motherfucker who destroyed the Hei Yi Clan! If I see him, I’ll destroy him!” Small Feet swore furiously. It was the first time Miss Eight and the others had seen him like that. 

Lin Feng glanced at the old man warily. The old man was a Holy Godly Ancestor, but his Qi was more powerful than Miss Eight’s! 

“Goodbye, Master.” Lin Feng bowed hand over fist respectfully. Then he looked at the seven other Holy Godly Ancestors and also said goodbye. 

“Sister Qing, Zong Hu, come,” Lin Feng said, sighing sadly. He turned around and grabbed Qing Huang Tian’s hand. Zong Hu also put his heavy hammer on his shoulder hastily and caught up with them. 

A few dozen li away Miss Eight raised her hand. A gate appeared in the sky of the Zu Yi Clan. Lin Feng and the others flashed towards it without hesitation. Miss Eight, Water, and Life disappeared as well, and the sky returned to normal.

Even though the Zu Yi Clan was normal, some people had gathered in the forest outside. They were all one meter-fifty, black-robed, with solid dragon antennae, but they didn’t bear any poison. 

When Lin Feng, Qing Huang Tian and Zu Yi Clan exited the gate, they saw these people. “Who are you?” Lin Feng asked curiously. He didn’t understand what was happening. 

“Asura, the Long Yi Clan wants to invite you. Come with us, please!” said the Leader of the group, a disciple from the Long Yi Clan. He bowed hand over fist in front of Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng remained silent, but was quickly following them to the Long Yi Clan’s nest. 

Miss Eight ands the two others appeared in the forest at the gate. Lin Feng and the others were already far away. Miss Eight smiled coolly, “It seems like the Long Yi Clan couldn’t wait.” 

“Indeed. He used the Long Yi’s Pellet selfishly. He temporarily increased his strength to that of an overlord. He has a plan for the Long Yi Clan,” Water nodded and sighed. 

“The Leader of the Long Yi Clan is in a rush. He’s worried about having to confront the World Dragon Clan. Otherwise, why would he have taken the pellet?” said Life, shaking his head and sighing. He was angry with the Yi Clan’s stance. They were not powerful enough. They couldn’t destroy the World Dragon Clan, so they would never be able to protect themselves. 

“Let’s go and catch up with them,” Miss Eight frowned. She caught up and hid to watch and follow them. 


They were very slow. The disciples of the Long Yi Clan and Lin Feng walked for three hours. It was dark outside when they saw a forest ahead. 

Three hours later yet, deep in the forest, the few members of the Long Yi Clan stopped in front of an unremarkable boulder. The Leader of the group suddenly made the boulder erupt in pieces, hovering there. Lin Feng was astonished. Qing Huang Tian put her arms in front of her face to protect herself.

 The members of the Long Yi Clan disappeared into the sundered boulder. 

Lin Feng sensed a strange space and time strength. A small world!

Hehe! The sub branches of the Yi Clan were all different. The Zu Yi Clan belonged to his world. Deep in the forest, the Long Yi Clan also had a small world, within the stone. The Hei Yi Clan’s nest was in a secret cave. 

Lin Feng hadn’t seen the Hu Yi Clan and the Bai Yi Clan’s territories yet. They were probably in the forest, he guessed. 

Very quickly, Lin Feng heard someone laugh and say, “Master Asura, please come in!” 

“Alright, lead the way! I don’t want to die,” Lin Feng answered humorously. The atmosphere was a bit awkward at the beginning. The Leader smiled, getting a much better impression of Asura. 

He had heard Asura had destroyed the Hei Yi Clan, so he was angry before. Then he had heard it wasn’t the real one, and now Asura was joking, showing his honesty. 

“Oh and the Leader also said that the three masters could also come. No need to hide!” shouted the voice. 

“Hehe, old grouch! Haha! You found us! Let’s go then,” said Miss Eight, appearing behind Lin Feng. They entered the territory of the Long Yi Clan. 

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