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Chapter 1246: Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes Painting’s Ownership!


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“Hahaha! Lin … Brother Asura! Here we meet again, hahahaha!” shouted someone loudly. Lin Feng recognized that voice, and saw the Leader of the Long Yi Clan walking towards him. He was wearing a golden robe and a golden crown, and acting extremely polite. 

“My respects, Master,” Lin Feng said, bowing hand over fist. He was worried. What if the Leader revealed his real identity? Luckily, he had noticed there was something wrong. 

The Leader of the Long Yi Clan and the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points stood together, which meant his Master had probably told him? But Lin Feng also noticed that the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and the Yi Clan had a good relationship. Otherwise, he wouldn’t act like that here. 

Lin Feng had noticed there was something wrong. First Ni Huang’s daughter, then in the Region of the Eight Corners, and then in the Yi Clan. 

If it had been before, Lin Feng would have left, but not anymore. In the World of Battles, only strength and powerful groups mattered. Lin Feng didn’t care about groups and such things before, but now he had to! 

He also saw it as a sign of luck, and a way of proving how strong he was. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was using him. It didn’t mean Lin Feng couldn’t benefit from their relationship. 

“Alright, no need for formalities. You’re here, and I’m very happy,” said the Leader of the Long Yi Clan. He looked delighted when he saw Lin Feng and the ancestors. 

He was relieved. If the ancestors of the Zu Yi Clan protected Lin Feng, he also wouldn’t destroy any other clan. So, the Long Yi Clan, the Bai Yi Clan, and the Hu Yi Clan wouldn’t contradict him. 

“Old grouch, stop wasting time. What do you want to tell Asura? Hurry up and speak!” said Miss Eight angrily. She hated the Long Yi Clan. 

Of the Yi Clan tribes, the Zu Yi Clan was noble, wise, and pure, and they never plotted against other people. But the Long Yi Clan liked to plot, while the Hei Yi Clan was neutral. As long as others were kind to them, they were kind in return. The Bai Yi Clan liked to challenge others, and the Hu Yi Clan was suspicious of others. 

“Hehe, Miss Eight, you understand me!” smiled the Leader of the Long Yi Clan. “Brother Asura, please come in.” 

He abruptly looked serious. Lin Feng noticed that something had changed. He nodded and followed along. Qing Huang Tian wanted to follow, but Miss Eight grabbed her arm and shook her head. 

Qing Huang Tian understood. She had no choice but to wait outside. 

The members of the Long Yi Clan looked at Zong Hu and his heavy hammer, casting greedy eyes on his weapon. There were cultivators of the all layers, from the first to the top of the Great Supreme God layers, and six or seven ordinary Godly Ancestors. 

“Hehe, brother, let’s make a soul pact?” asked a member of the Long Yi Clan standing a meter-twenty tall next to Zong Hu. Zong Hu liked him. 

Everybody looked at the two of them. One of them was almost three meters tall, and the other less than a meter-twenty. What a huge difference! Everybody almost burst into laughter. 

“You have a good sense of judgement. We are the outstanding and talented disciples of the Long Yi Clan,” said an old man, smiling and watching Zong Hu. He found Zong Hu strong enough. He could be like his son. 

“A human, make a soul pact with him,” prompted the old man. The short man started a soul pact ritual with him. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what was going on. He had just left, and now Zong Hu suddenly had a soul partner. Even though the Long Yi Clan wasn’t as strong as the Zu Yi Clan, it was still great for him. 

Lin Feng didn’t know what was happening outside of the palace. At that moment, he was standing with the Leader of the Long Yi Clan in a small secret room. Nobody could hear what they were talking about. Lin Feng knew that the Leader of the Long Yi Clan had something to tell him… some conditions, perhaps? 

Lin Feng stood behind him and remained silent. 

“The Zu Yi Clan acknowledged you, right?” the old man asked carefully after a long time. He turned around and stared at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng nodded and smiled calmly. “Yes, Master. The Zu Yi Clan acknowledged me, and the three masters are with me. You know them, so I don’t need to explain anything.” 

“Yes, indeed. I do know them. They are outstanding and talented members of the Zu Yi Clan, especially the tall and sturdy woman. You know her identity, right?” 

“Yes. Apart from being the Young Master of the Zu Yi Clan, she is also the Young Master of the Hu Yi Clan. She’s like Tenth, Master Death; she has a dual identity,” Lin Feng nodded. He had nothing to hide. The Leader of the Long Yi Clan knew everything about the Zu Yi Clan. 

“Hehe, so the Zu Yi Clan really thinks highly of you, I can assure you! Not bad,” sighed the old man. He remembered back in the days, when the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting had expanded twice. They had done so once in the Demon Region and once in the east in the Human Clan. But nobody had ever been acknowledged by the Zu Yi Clan. In the end, the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting had ended up in the Yi Clan’s hands again. 

Now, the Zu Yi Clan had acknowledged Lin Feng ,which meant the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting was already owned by Lin Feng. Of course, if the Zu Yi Clan acknowledged Lin Feng, it meant that the Hu Yi Clan and the Hei Yi Clan also acknowledged him, because of Miss Eight and Death. Only the Bai Yi Clan and the Long Yi Clan were left. 

He was the Leader of the Long Yi Clan. If he acknowledged Lin Feng, the Bai Yi Clan would also acknowledge him!

“I’ll just call you Lin Feng. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points told me who you are. At first, I was thinking, who the hell could that Asura be? How come nobody knows him? Hehehehehe! You were the champion of the Great Competition of the Universities, Lin Feng!” the old man laughed, smiling in approval! 

When Lin Feng heard him, he was only a little surprised. The Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had told the Leader of the Long Yi Clan his secret. It proved they had a good relationship, though, and the Leader of the Long Yi Clan wasn’t going to sell him out. 

“Master, if you have anything to say, speak straightforwardly.” He was sick of it. The old man was wasting time. But Lin Feng still forced a smile to get the old man to tell him what he really wanted. 

“Haha! Good! Good!! Good little boy! You have no patience, huh? I’ll tell you what I want, then!” At first, the old man was dumbstruck, then he burst into laughter. It had been many years since someone had spoken to him like that. Lin Feng was the first one, but the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points just looked at him approvingly. What could he say? 

“Lin Feng, the Long Yi Clan has four young geniuses, ordinary Godly Ancestors. They are just ten thousand years old. They are the elites of the Yi Clan in general. 

“If you want the Long Yi Clan to acknowledge you, you have to defeat the four of them. If you do, I will do what you’re thinking about.” 

“What I’m thinking about?” At first, Lin Feng was confused but then he understood. “Master, if I succeed, will you please agree to receive the demon corpses as members of the Long Yi Clan? And my wives?” asked Lin Feng. He felt awkward asking, but did anyway. It was his real purpose for coming to the Long Yi Clan, after all. As to whether they would acknowledge him or not, he didn’t really care ,actually. 

He was the Master of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting now. It couldn’t be changed, but that old grouch was trying to destabilize him. It didn’t matter whether he won or lost, the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting was his and the Leader of the Long Yi Clan couldn’t stop him. 

But challenging the four young geniuses of the Long Yi Clan wasn’t a bad idea, either. It was even a perfect opportunity to see how strong he had become since had broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer. He had struggled against Miss Eight, but he had high chances of winning against the four young geniuses of the Long Yi Clan!

“We’re not there yet, little boy. You need to succeed first,” said the old man. He knew what Lin Feng was trying to do, but he didn’t give Lin Feng a definite answer. He wanted Lin Feng to fight against the four young geniuses. He was selfish, and he wanted to see how strong Lin Feng, who had killed Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling, Godly Ancestor Jie Long, and who had escaped safe and sound from eight ordinary Godly Ancestors, truly was. 

Four young geniuses, their elites!

“Young man, go inside, they’re waiting for you!” said the old man in a cheery voice. 

Lin Feng sensed his feet leave the ground. He lowered his eyes and watched the ground break apart and disappear. 

He was in a void, with nothing around. A surface appeared, and he landed. 

Boom boom boom… the ground trembled. The Leader of the Long Yi Clan disappeared from the secret room. 


Outside, Miss Eight watched Zong Hu and the member of the Long Yi Clan make a soul pact. Qing Huang Tian clenched her fists. She was extremely worried. 

Lin Feng had already landed on the wet ground. He could sense a fresh, dark and deadly Qi. It was thick and dense. 

A sword light suddenly streaked across the void. It looked blood and aggressive as it shot towards him. Lin Feng grinned. The four young geniuses were attacking! 

“Hehe, I don’t care whether you’re the young geniuses of the Long Yi Clan or not; I won’t be merciful!” 

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