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Chapter 1247: Easy Exam!


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Four black silhouettes. They surrounded Lin Feng, watching him icily. Lin Feng clenched his fists, and took out the Godly Battle Sword. He didn’t need to worry about revealing his identity in the void, so he could use it here.

The Godly Battle Sword buzzed as he held it. It wanted to get away from his hand. Lin Feng remembered back then when he had dropped blood on it. What an amazing fight against the sixth phoenix. He didn’t want to do that anymore. 

Lin Feng didn’t know whether it was a good or a bad thing, therefore, he didn’t want to try again. Back then, he had done it because his life was in imminent danger, and he had been forced. But now he was just taking a test in the Long Yi Clan. These four ordinary Godly Ancestors would be much easier to defeat than the sixth phoenix! 

Lin Feng attacked with the Godly Battle Sword. Blood splashed in the darkness. Even though they were in the darkness, the four black silhouettes had seen the red light and were cautious. Lin Feng didn’t give them any opportunity as he charged a black silhouette. He was relaxed as he cut his opponent with the sword. Bloody red lights appeared in front of him. 

The man’s expression changed drastically, and he hurriedly raised his sharp and brightly polished blade. Lin Feng grinned. He attacked, and his sword collided against that man’s blade. 

Clang! The man’s blade was cut, flustering him. He tried to run away, but Lin Feng didn’t give him any opportunity. He raised the Godly Battle Sword and prevented the man from moving. At the same time, Lin Feng jumped and appeared behind him, then used his Aggressive Punch attack. 

There was a cut, a cough, and blood splashed in the darkness. The man fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. Lin Feng looked at the other three people in a cold and detached way. He had no feelings for them.


Outside of the secret room, the Leader of the Long Yi Clan was also watching. When he saw the four young geniuses of the man collapse, he sighed. Lin Feng was extremely strong, as expected. He rarely thought highly of ordinary Godly Ancestors, not even the four young geniuses. 

But then, in the darkness, another light flashed. Lin Feng kicked a man. The man collapsed on the ground with a boom, shouting in pain. 

Lin Feng frowned. He couldn’t see clearly in the darkness, so he ignored the man. He had to focus on the two others now. They looked down upon him at the beginning, but now they were terrified. They hadn’t thought Asura would be so strong! 

“Brother, we have to cooperate, or we’ll lose,” said an ice-cold voice in the darkness. The other man nodded. They took out their curved blades and stood close to each other, attacking with their sabers. Two pale lights flashed in the darkness. Lin Feng heard the whistling sound of their weapons and their voices. 

Lin Feng’s expression didn’t change when the two shouted. The watching Leader of the Long Yi Clan was dumbstruck. Lin Feng hadn’t even moved? How come the two had fallen to the ground? 

A weird Qi had suddenly emerged. Lin Feng frowned. Why was there a fifth person in here? 

“Who are you?” asked Lin Feng, grasping the Godly Battle Sword firmly. This person was much stronger than the four young geniuses, who were ordinary Godly Ancestors. This person was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, and a high-level one. He was slightly stronger than Qing Huang Tian! 

“You don’t deserve the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. Piss off! Get the hell away from the Yi Clan!” shouted a cold voice. Lin Feng suddenly felt something cold above him. The freezing sensation spread throughout his body, making him feel like if he was frozen. Their Qi was swift and fierce!

Lin Feng also noticed that the person sounded angry. If he weren’t mistaken, they were a strong cultivator from the Long Yi Clan, probably a very strong one, since was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor, after all. In the Long Yi Clan, such strong cultivators were just under the Leader. 

“Master, I don’t believe I’ve ever offended you,” Lin Feng frowned patiently, but was furious on the inside. Who the hell was this moron? He would destroy this idiot if he pissed him off! 

“If I tell you ‘precious item’, what do you think of?” asked the man icily. His voice sounded like it came from under a frozen lake. 

Lin Feng remained silent. He was ready for a battle, there was no need to speak. Since it was that way, he wasn’t going to disappoint him. 

“Stop wasting time. Please, Master,” Lin Feng replied. His voice was cold, but it also sounded like it could enlighten the benighted. The man in black clothes paled in fright. 

He wasn’t happy. How could someone like Asura be the owner of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting? All his previous efforts were wasted. His ultimate goal in life was ruined! 

“I’ll kill you! The Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting is mine!!” shouted the man furiously. A dark light flashed in the darkness. Lin Feng felt like a sword was pointing at his throat. Blood actually appeared. Lin Feng realized that the man’s voice could make people hallucinate. 

He was covered in sweat. Luckily, he had come back to his senses early enough, or he would have fallen obediently. He clutched the Godly Battle Sword and welcomed his opponent. Blood splashed in the darkness. Some hair flew away in the wind, hair from the very middle of his head. A little bit further and his head would have been cut in two symmetrically. 

The man also used a weapon, a two-meter long spear. Its tip contained an ice poison and Yin ice Qi. It could make people shiver, but Lin Feng didn’t care. 

He ignored the feeling and attacked with the Godly Battle Sword, using his full strength. The Godly Battle Sword and the spear collided and buzzed, whistled and sparkled. 

After the first collision, Lin Feng and the man were both blown back, but they also shot forwards again at the same time. Lin Feng raised the Godly Battle Sword, condensing as much Genesis Spiritual strength as he could inside the Godly Battle Sword to try and kill him in one strike. He was in perfect fusion with his sword, they could conquer the world together. The two Qis, the sharp Qi of the sword and the Genesis Spiritual strength, fused together. They seemed unstoppable. 

Wham! Coupled with the darkness of the place, everything seemed dreary. Lin Feng’s Godly Battle Sword moved forwards with indomitable will. His off hand turned from a fist to a palm strike and he condensed the energies of the First and Second Heavy Waves. The Qi started rising in the chamber. 

“Bastard!” The man was furious, and growing hysterical. He roared out incredibly loudly but Lin Feng was fearless. After the palm strike, his Waves crashed against the man and pushed him back a hundred steps. The Godly Battle Sword was sharp, and the man couldn’t stop it easily. He had no choice, but to retreat again. 

Lin Feng didn’t intend to give his opponent any chances. He flashed ahead and slashed out around himself. In midair, he roared out, his sword humming in unison They summoned a blood-red god shadow, holding the Godly Battle Sword. 

Time seemed to freeze. The Leader of the Long Yi Clan looked on with his eyes wide. 

Lin Feng was in a weird mood. He didn’t know when, but his hand felt strange and blood dripped on the Godly Battle Sword. The sword was unparalleled. 

There were two collisions and a loud shout. The atmosphere in the Long Yi Clan became extremely tense. The Leader of the Long Yi Clan couldn’t stand it anymore, and was panicking. What if he intervened too late and someone died? 

He saw a palm strike, and the void broke. A five-meter old man appeared. He was wearing a black robe and extremely pale. He disappeared, but they could smell his blood. 

Lin Feng chased him for a few steps, but then gave up. The Leader of the Long Yi Clan had saved the man, which meant he had a high position and a good relationship with the Leader. 

He looked at the Godly Battle Sword. The Godly Battle Sword seemed happy about the fight. Lin Feng smiled wryly. No choice. He dripped some of his own blood on the Godly Battle Sword. 

Suddenly, the Godly Battle Sword looked like before. Dazzling! Heroic! Valiant! Blood red lights! It looked as if it had just killed a trillion people consecutively. 

But Lin Feng was worried. Each time he used his Buddhist strength near the Godly Battle Sword, the Godly Battle Sword shouted in pain, as if it was hurt being around Buddhist strength. 

Lin Feng didn’t continue with the Buddhist strength. He realized that the Godly Battle Sword had something wrong with it, so he stowed it and sighed. He looked around, and saw nobody. They had all left. No matter what, at least, he had won easily! He could even defeat Spiritual Godly Ancestors easily! 

Lin Feng looked at the broken void and jumped through the hole, reappearing in the great palace. 

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