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Chapter 1248: Lift a Rock Only to Drop It on Your Feet!


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“Master, you owe me an explanation!” Lin Feng said to the Leader of Long Yi Clan unhappily. The Leader had said four people, and in the end it was five! If Lin Feng hadn’t reacted at the most crucial moment, he might have lost! 

Therefore, Lin Feng wanted an explanation. Even if this man was an overlord, he didn’t care. He wasn’t afraid of him, unless he didn’t care about the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points. 

The old man studied Lin Feng. Lin Feng was so resolute and decisive. He could only smile wryly. He wanted to give him an explanation, but he didn’t have any, because he didn’t understand what had happened either! 

“Lin Feng, don’t worry. A moment before, that person didn’t mean you any real harm. He’s just obsessed with the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. Now that you have defeated him, he has no choice but to acknowledge you as the rightful owner and master of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting. Therefore, please forget about that vile person,” replied the old man, pulling a long face and grinding his teeth. 

Lin Feng calmed down. The man didn’t understand either? He was now the owner of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting, what if people kept attacking him? What if he had been injured by this man? A fake Asura, people attacking him from everywhere… Lin Feng felt overwhelmed. 

“Master, you know how I am. Why not give me an explanation?” Lin Feng sighed helplessly. He knew shouting was useless. 

But the old man looked worried and said, “Lin Feng, don’t worry. What happened today was an accident. I swear to you, on my reputation. I hope you can understand. To prove it to you, from now on, I declare that the Long Yi Clan are Lin Feng’s allies. 

“The Long Yi Clan isn’t as strong as the Yi Clan. We have about eight ordinary Godly Ancestors, one Spiritual Godly Ancestor, and one Holy Godly Ancestor. Oh, and for the time being, the Earthly Godly Ancestor also left around eight Great Supreme Gods. They can all be very helpful for you!” said the old man. He decided to surprise Lin Feng. 

At the same time, why did he seem ready to do anything, just because someone had attacked him by surprise. Because of one person, the whole Long Yi Clan had become his allies. Why? 

Lin Feng didn’t think anything in particular about the alliance. The problem was that man. The old man didn’t tell him his identity, why? Lin Feng was curious to know. That man was probably mysterious… 

Obsessed with the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting? Lin Feng started thinking that if they became long-term enemies, it would be a catastrophe. What if he kept trying to steal the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting? 

“Are you sure, Master?” asked Lin Feng carefully. He wanted to make him think. 

The old man took out a sheet and sighed it with his blood, then gave it to Lin Feng. 

“For you. The proof of our alliance. I signed. If you agree, sign too. We’ll be allies for ten years first,” said the old man sharply. He wasn’t joking. 

Lin Feng found the Long Yi Clan more and more mysterious. But… what other solution did he have? The old man had already signed. 

“Alright, you won’t regret your decision,” Lin Feng said. He naturally agreed to a pact with the Long Yi Clan. They would be helpful. After leaving this world, he might be able to unite the Region of the Eight Corners. At least half of the people would pledge allegiance to him. That was one of the four tasks the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points had assigned to him. 

“Haha! Of course I won’t! As long as you don’t regret, that’s the main thing! The World Dragon Clan is gigantic and powerful. You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. The World of Battles is not as simple as you think it is. Haha! 

“You signed this agreement. So now the enemies of the Yi Clan will be your enemies, too. You will be under more pressure. Therefore, you should think carefully… ehhhh…” The old man didn’t have time to finish his sentence. He watched in astonishment as Lin Feng bit his finger and used it to put his fingerprint on it. 

When the old man reacted, he stuck his thumbs up. He smiled and nodded in approval. Lin Feng did not bother about trifles. He was free and unrestrained. 

“Haha! Alright! Good! I’m just an old man,” sighed the old man, shaking his head. If he were Lin Feng, he would have needed a long time to think, but Lin Feng had taken less than a second. He was brave and valiant! 

The Hei Yi Clan and the Zu Yi Clan acknowledged him. The Long Yi Clan was now his ally. Did he need to think any further? If he had taken too much time, the members of the clan would have been suspicious. Lin Feng was not a fool.

The old man looked at Lin Feng as if he were his son-in-law. Unfortunately, he had no daughter. Otherwise, he would have done like Ni Huang had done. Having one’s daughter marry someone like this was an investment in the long term. 

“Let’s go find your partners,” said the old man, patting Lin Feng’s shoulders and smiling. He left the palace, Lin Feng followed closely. 

They came out of the palace and entered the great hall. Their sudden appearance drew everybody’s attention. Qing Huang Tian took a deep breath. She was relieved that Lin Feng was fine. 

Zong Hu had a soul partner. He was excited and kept laughing, which made Lin Feng speechless. 

“Alright, silence now! You’re going to destroy the Long Yi Clan with your voice!” Lin Feng shouted at Zong Hu. 

Zong Hu turned around and looked at Lin Feng, then he smiled and blushed, “Eh… That’s my big bro! Hehe!” 

“Hello, Big Brother,” said the member of the Long Yi Clan with a nod. He was a meter-twenty, and looked like a newborn compared to Zong Hu. But he wasn’t weak, being at the top of the Great Supreme God layer, just like Zong Hu. 

“Yes. Good. Take care of my little brother. As long he doesn’t die, do whatever you wish,” Lin Feng told him with a smile. 

Zong Hu’s expression changed drastically. He forced a smile and shouted, “No! Brother, you can’t do this, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” 

“Shut up! Listen to Big Brother!” said the little man next to him furiously. Zong Hu was dumbstruck, everybody was gaping. 

Only Lin Feng laughed loudly, “Hahahahaha! Alright! Good! From now on, you’re my brother too!” 

“Thank you, Big Brother!” The little man was touched. He had already heard that Lin Feng had defeated the four young geniuses. He didn’t mention that to Zong Hu. Zong Hu had told him how heroic Lin Feng had been at Jing City’s auctions. 

He was more and more excited, as if Lin Feng was his idol. 

Lin Feng turned away and looked at Miss Eight and the others. They also smiled. They knew what had just happened with the four young geniuses. 

“Cough, cough… You four bastards! Piss off!” shouted the old man furiously. The four men in black clothes at the back of the great hall were extremely sad, but they hid it quickly. 

The four men walked up to the Leader of the Long Yi Clan. They knelt down and said apologetically, “Leader, we deserve to be punished.” 

“Punished? Bullshit! Out of my site! Bastards! You’re disgraces!” shouted the old man explosively. The four men looked miserable as they stood up and got ready to leave. 

“Slowly, Master. Since we are collaborating, you have to give some to me so that I can use them,” Lin Feng said, smiling mockingly and staring at them cruelly. He had a new idea. Since he knew nothing of the mysterious man, having a few servants would be useful… 

The old man’s heart sped up, and a pained look appeared on his face. His eyes even became teary. He had scolded them aggressively because he hoped Lin Feng would give up on any such idea. 

“Asura, you’re going too far,” protested the old man, reddening and panting. 

Lin Feng grinned mockingly, and replied with a languid sigh, “It seems like I need to make an announcement?” 

“No, no. Hehe. I agree. I’ll give some to you,” said the old man. It was the first time he understood what the expression “lift a rock only to drop it on one’s own feet” meant. He couldn’t obtain any piece of information regarding the mysterious person, so now Lin Feng wanted some of his young geniuses… 

But he had no choice, especially since Lin Feng had just said that in front of Miss Eight and the others. The Zu Yi Clan would probably be furious. The Bai Yi Clan and the Hu Yi Clan would require an explanation. 

“Master, do you regret?” asked Lin Feng, smiling and staring at him. 

“No, I don’t,” said the old man. He ground his teeth with bitter hatred, and his heart ached. 

“Haha! Thank you very much, Master.” 

“Piss off, bastard! Hurry up and piss off!” shouted the Leader of the Long Yi Clan furiously. Lin Feng burst into loud laughter. Miss Eight realized something was up and smiled. 

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