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Chapter 1249: The Destruction of the Hei Yi Clan?



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Lin Feng knew that the old man wouldn’t really get angry. He was just sad for the four young geniuses of the Long Yi Clan, and a bit disappointed. He had spent ten thousand years raising them, and in the end, they were going to become Lin Feng’s servants? How disappointing! 

“They don’t have names. We call them First, Second, Third, and Fourth. You can do the same,” the old man sighed. 

Lin Feng looked them over. He couldn’t see their faces clearly in the void before, and their faces had been covered. Now, he could see their faces. They were handsome young men. Ten thousand years of sacrifice to raise them. That was equivalent to a thousand years for a human. Therefore, they were of the same generation! 

But Lin Feng was surprised by their cultivation speed. He had gone through many hardships in life, from the Continent of the Nine Clouds to the World of Battles, but he had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer. THEY had been in the Long Yi Clan their entire lives and they had such a cultivation level. Lin Feng sighed. Sects and clans had incredible cultivation resources!

However, Lin Feng had faith in himself and his strength. He could easily destroy these four men. He was much stronger than them because of his experience and history. 

The Leader of the Long Yi Clan had to understand that concept. Therefore, he had them leave. They had to rely on a strong cultivator to have a bright future. Within ten years, the World Dragon Clan would be putting pressure on them again. 

It was a risk, a bet. If they won, it would be great. If they lost, they’d become the World Dragon Clan’s little puppets. 

Lin Feng knew what the Long Yi Clan and the Yi Clan wanted. Therefore, he didn’t fool them. Miss Eight, the four young geniuses, and any others, Lin Feng would make them all progress. 

“Introduce yourselves to Prince Asura,” said the old man, pointing at the four young men. 

The four short men in black clothes looked at Lin Feng. They looked confused, and not as proud as before. Lin Feng had easily defeated them. He hadn’t even really used the Godly Battle Sword against them. It was pretty humiliating. 

Luckily, everybody already knew that Asura extremely strong, so nobody made fun of him. Asura had killed two Spiritual Godly Ancestors, everybody knew that. But an Asura had also slaughtered the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners, and the Long Yi Clan knew that too. 

But they didn’t say anything because the Leader of the Long Yi Clan didn’t believe those rumors. There was no proof. 

“Prince, I am First,” said the shortest one. His five sensory organs looked funny, and there were antennae on his head. He was only a meter and a third. He was the strongest, yet the shortest. 

Lin Feng nodded and remembered his name. Lin Feng was convinced he was one of the two people he had defeated before. 

“Hehe, prince, I am Fourth. I am the first one you defeated,” said a man who looked like a tiger. His antennae weren’t very distinct, just two protuberances on the top of his skull. He was quite tall in comparison to the others, a meter-sixty, making him one of the tallest members of the Long Yi Clan. 

Fourth greeted Lin Feng awkwardly. Lin Feng smiled. he had a very good impression of Fourth. He seemed like a nice guy. 

“I am third, Prince. The second one you defeated,” said the one in the middle. He stood out the most. He was a meter-fifty and almost looked handsome. 

“I am Second,” said a man with very long hair. It was so long it looked like he had a blanket on his back. After introducing themselves, they all waited. 

Lin Feng understood. They weren’t willing to speak too much, but they were strong. Third and Fourth were different. They seemed like nice guys, at least. When they were together, they didn’t cause trouble. 

“Asura, do you want to make soul pacts with them, or with other people?” the old man asked Lin Feng. The four young geniuses looked at Lin Feng. 

Lin Feng looked at them, then thought of his wives. For the time being, he needed to make soul pacts. Meng Qing and Yi Ren Lei were strong enough to catch up with him in terms of cultivation. Tang You You, Qiu Yue Xin, and the others had given up. They focused on the education of their children. 

Huang Nü was slightly weaker than Yi Ren Lei, but if she made efforts, he would be able to give her a servant to protect her. In his world, she would inevitably need to practice cultivation. 

In the end, Lin Feng gave one to Lin Hai. His father lived in his spirit world, but his cultivation level was already extremely high. He had no opportunity to practice what he had learned, however. A year from now, his father would need to rise in this world, too, so he had to make a soul pact with someone. 

Thinking about that, Lin Feng told the old man what he was thinking. When the old man heard him, he nodded. As long as Lin Feng organized everything properly, Lin Feng could take them. Ten years from now, they might really become Lin Feng’s servants. They might never come back to the Long Yi Clan. 

“Alright, we’ve covered all points. Now, you need to do something. Miss Eight also needs to do something. I also need to do something,” said the old man, bowing hand over fist. His hands looked tiny and adorable, but his face was ice-cold and grim. 

“Miss Eight, go to the Hu Yi Clan, and have them acknowledge Asura. They don’t need to do anything, I just don’t want them to intervene in the affairs of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting.

“Asura, go to the Hei Yi Clan. Bring the Hei Yi Clan back to life. Just break the Black Ant Pellet, crush it and disperse the powder on the corpses. Within a day, they will come back to life. They’ll feel grateful then.

“I’ll go to the Bai Yi Clan to tell them to acknowledge you. 

“Alright, see you,” the old man said solemnly. He bowed again and left the great palace. Lin Feng glanced at Zong Hu and Qing Huang Tian, then followed him. Miss Eight exchanged a few words with Life and Water. The three of them also followed Lin Feng. 

In the end, the young genius and Zong Hu made a soul pact and left the Long Yi Clan. Only the people of the Long Yi Clan were left. They all glanced at each other, a bit disappointed. They also wanted to see the real world. They were sick and tired of hiding in that small world and waiting for the World Dragon Clan to invade them! 


Everybody left the Long Yi Clan’s great palace. Space and time strength appeared outside the forest. Lin Feng and the others appeared and came out in front of the boulder. 

“Asura, after you bring the Hei Yi Clan back to life, go to the ten thousand mountains’ peak and wait for there. I will also bring some members of the Long Yi Clan. I know your secret. We have almost ninety cultivators of the sixth to the eighth Great Supreme God layer. You can choose any of them. 

“But you can’t make a soul pact! At most, an agreement! In ten years, no matter what you have achieved in life, you have to bring them back to the Long Yi Clan, alright?” the old man offered. Lin Feng naturally accepted. He would be stupid not to accept. Ten years were ten years. Ten years from now, he might not even need them anymore, but the Long Yi Clan would! 

Besides, ten years from now, the Long Yi Clan would be much stronger, and they would help each other. 

“Alright, up to you, Master,” Lin Feng grinned. He said goodbye to the Leader and left. Qing Huang Tian and Zong Hu followed him. 

“Miss Eight, let’s travel together,” the old man said to Miss Eight and the two others. He looked serious. 

Miss Eight nodded indifferently, “Master, is your cultivation level going to drop?” 

Even though she didn’t want to ask that question, she had to, for the sake of the Yi Clan. If the Leader of the Long Yi Clan were still an Earthly Godly Ancestor, he wouldn’t need to fear the World Dragon Clan. 

Unfortunately, it had only lasted for a few dozen years. 

“Ah, you saw it… In three days, I will get back to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. The Pellet of the clan will lose its effect,” said the old man, forcing a smile and sighing helplessly. He felt sad. He initially intended to take the pellet of the clan and then fight against the World Dragon Clan to the death, but there had been an accident. 

The Pellet would only last for thirty years. At that time, the cultivator’s level would drop again. In his case, he might drop to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer or even lower. 

“That’s why you’re in a rush, and want the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting?” asked Miss Eight seriously. 

The old man forced a smile and nodded slowly. He gazed into the distance to the east, the direction Asura had disappeared in. The whole future of the Yi Clan was in that young man’s hands. 

Miss Eight looked in that direction also, and sighed in relief.

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