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Chapter 1250: The Fake Cheng Shan Shows Up Again!


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“Husband, how cruel!” exclaimed Qing Huang Tian as they looked over the nest of the Hei Yi Clan. There were corpses and blood everywhere. There were many holes in the ground, also filled with corpses. They had been killed as soon as they had shown up. 

How cruel! Qing Huang Tian’s heart was broken. She had never killed anyone growing up, she had always had a peaceful and tranquil life in her clan. She had never seen such a thing as this. How horrible; she would never forget this scene. The outside world was really cruel!

Lin Feng hadn’t thought the Hei Yi Clan’s nest would become a gigantic tomb, and it was because of him again. Who was his enemy? Lin Feng didn’t know, but the man’s evil scheme was working. Even the Hei Yi Clan had been involved now. Lin Feng was furious. 

“Keep hiding. I better not find you. Otherwise, I’ll tear your body into a thousand pieces!” shouted Lin Feng, grinding his teeth and clenching his fists furiously. It was like the whole universe was in Lin Feng’s hands. Qing Huang Tian was afraid of Lin Feng at that moment. He looked like a demon who had lost his senses. 

Qing Huang Tian was a Spiritual Godly Ancestor and surprisingly, she found Lin Feng frightening. But the stronger Asura, the happier she was. He was her man, she was HIS woman! 

“Husband, hurry up and bring them back to life. I, I don’t feel good,” said Qing Huang Tian. She was extremely pale. She didn’t want to see so many corpses, or so much blood. 

Lin Feng nodded. He stopped thinking, took out the Black Ant Pellet and used it on them. He was happy even if he didn’t get to use it for himself. Without the Black Ant Pellet, the Hei Yi Clan couldn’t be brought back to life. 

Lin Feng didn’t know the secrets of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting, or at least he wasn’t entirely sure. If he knew a way to bring people back to life, that’d be great. He wouldn’t be in a rush, either. 

He grasped the Black Ant Pellet and broke it. Suddenly, his seven apertures were activated. The pure Qi started flowing in his body at full speed. He looked like a war god. His pure Qi seemed like it wanted to absorb the Black Ant Pellet. 

Lin Feng didn’t give his pure Qi any chance. After breaking the Black Ant Pellet, he flashed and threw two palm strikes. Strength rolled out and surrounded the corpses. 

Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian watched the magical phenomenon. When the black powder fell on the corpses, they became complete again. Those that had no arms grew arms back. The blood disappeared from the ground. 

The old and the young kings were the most dazzling. When the powder touched their bodies, Lin Feng clearly saw the old king’s fingers move and Qi reappear. He was overjoyed. He quickly walked towards him and crouched down. 

“Master, Master, you’re awake!” The old king shook his fingers, and gradually opened his eyes. They were bloodshot, but then they became dark. When the king saw Asura, he was furious and shouted out, throwing a palm strike at him. 

Lin Feng didn’t dodge. Bam! 

Lin Feng was blown a hundred meters away, crashing against a gigantic boulder. His back hurt horribly. 

“Old grouch! You dare touch my husband! You want to die!” shouted Qing Huang Tian when she saw the old man king attack Lin Feng. 

“Stop! Sister Qing! No problem! The Master thinks I’m the fake Asura!” Lin Feng said, stopping her. If Qing Huang Tian attacked, she would kill the old king for good! 

Qing Huang Tian hesitated, but then ground her teeth and gave up. She flew to him and supported him by the arm. 

The old king sat down and looked at Asura, and suddenly thought of something. He sighed, “How can I be so confused and stupid?!” 

Pa… Pa… The old man slapped his cheeks twice in guilt. The wrinkled skin of his face shook. 

“Master, don’t do that. You were fooled by the fake Asura. I don’t blame you,” Lin Feng said, forcing a smile. He was a bit pale, but he walked over and helped him get back up. 

The old man looked at Lin Feng guiltily and said, “Asura, I made a huge mistake. I feel so ashamed. I don’t think I can ever face you again.” 

“Master, what’s this? Rise! Hurry!” answered Lin Feng. He was dumbstruck. The man was so polite. Lin Feng couldn’t accept so much politeness. 

“Asura, who is the fake Asura who destroyed the Hei Yi Clan?” asked the old king when he remembered the horrible massacre. He wanted to destroy the man!

Lin Feng shook his head, and the old king was disappointed, Lin Feng didn’t know him, but he was definitely an evil schemer. He had destroyed the Hei Yi Clan and made everybody believe Asura had done it. 

“How evil! Asura, you have to be extremely careful,” frowned the old king. So many years had passed since someone had plotted against him like that. The fake Asura was definitely the first of his kind.! 

“He killed some of the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners, too. Everybody in the Region of the Eight Corners will want to kill me from now on,” replied Lin Feng, smiling coolly. But he didn’t hurry. A few days before, he would have been in a rush. 

Miss Eight and the four young geniuses were there for him. He also had the demon corpse army. He didn’t fear anyone, he just needed a good reputation now. 

At that moment, King Hei Yi coughed. The old king looked both overjoyed and worried at the same time as King Hei Yi slowly opened his eyes. His eyes were bloodshot at first and then they grew dark. 

“Ah? Asura, you dared come here? I’m going to kill you!” shouted King Hei Yi furiously, starting to throw a punch, but the old man stopped him. 

“Stop causing trouble. Asura didn’t kill us,” said the old king. King Hei Yi looked confused, but he believed what he saw and he had seen Asura. Why would his father say that Asura wasn’t responsible for that? 

“Father, has he tortured you to make you speak like that? Don’t do anything stupid, father!” said King Hei Yi. He felt extremely sad for his father. 

The old man was furious, “Bastard! I will show you what it means to be tortured and manipulated! Without Asura, you would still be dead! He also brought your father back to life!” 

“Me?” King Hei Yi was astonished. How could he have come back to life? Could it be that…? “What’s going on?” he exclaimed. He didn’t know what had happened. but Asura explained everything to him patiently. 


Five minutes later, King Hei Yi punched the ground and a crater appeared with a loud boom. He was furious when he remembered. 

“Brother Asura, do you know where he is?” asked King Hei Yi angrily. Lin Feng only shook his head. 

King Hei Yi was disappointed. He slowly stood up. Many other members of the clan stood up and looked at Asura as if he were their worst enemy. 

Lin Feng forced a smile. The Fake Asura’s plan… 

“Children, the thing is…” began King Hei Yi, and then he explained everything quickly. 

When they heard the story, they were astonished. They had treated him unjustly. 

“We are sorry, Master Asura,” everybody said in unison. They knelt down and looked at Lin Feng imploringly. 

The old king was moved by the gesture. The people of the Hei Yi Clan were good people. He couldn’t disappoint them. 

“Rise everybody. I will do my best to find the enemy, and then we’ll kill him together, what do you think?” shouted Asura. The thousands of disciples heard him clearly. 

“Alright! Let’s kill the enemy and protect Master Asura!” 

“Kill the enemy!” 

“That fucking asshole dared plot against our Benefactor!” 

“Master Asura, I want to cut him into pieces!” 

When Lin Feng saw how motivated those people looked, he grinned. Finally, the Hei Yi Clan was rising again, and they were going to learn a lot. 

“Brother, hurry up and come, I saw a man in black clothes! He’s flying! Hurry up!” shouted Zong Hu suddenly. He seemed frantic. Lin Feng didn’t waste time and flashed away. 

Zong Hu pointed to the west, to a forest. His face was red, “Eh… Eh, it’s the one who told us he was you back then in the desert!” 

“Chase him!” shouted Lin Feng, grinding his teeth. Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian flashed east. 

The old king brought everybody out and they followed Lin Feng. 

Zong Hu remembered his friends and Master Song, who had all been killed. He was furious with anticipation. “I’m ready to die to kill you!” he swore.

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