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Chapter 1251: Lin Feng vs the Fake Cheng Shan!


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“No need to run. You think you are fast enough?” a gloomy voice spoke up. There were thorns around the foot of an ancient tree. Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian had surrounded the fake Cheng Shan. The old king and King Hei Yi were also blocking him. He couldn’t escape. 

The fake Cheng Shan ground his teeth. He wanted to destroy Zong Hu. He knew that big fellow. He was a disciple of the Region of the Eight Corners he had let escape, but now it seemed he was friends with Lin Feng. The fake Cheng Shan regretted not using him. 

The fake Cheng Shan looked quite grave. Lin Feng didn’t recognize him because his face was covered. Otherwise, Lin Feng would have reacted quickly. 

“Haha! Lin Feng! You’re still really strong! Nothing works against you. I thought my plot was perfect,” called out the fake Cheng Shan, smiling mockingly. One could hear he was pretending to admire Lin Feng to make fun of him. The fake Cheng Shan was proud and arrogant. Unfortunately, he had underestimated Lin Feng! 

But it didn’t matter. He just had to escape and then everybody in the Region of the Eight Corners would want to kill Lin Feng. What would Lin Feng say then? Would he need to be afraid? Not anymore! 

“As expected, you know me,” Lin Feng said icily. What he had feared the most had come to pass: his enemy knew who he was. How was that possible? Only the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points and Meng Qing knew Asura was Lin Feng. How was that possible? 

Even if he had been spied on the whole time, how could he have watched him when he was inside his spirit world? Lin Feng realized that this enemy was dangerous. He was convinced that this guy and he had been enemies for a very long time. 

He hadn’t thought someone would show up in his life again and try to take revenge. Who was this person? Ordinary people stopped seeking revenge after ten years or so, usually giving up. But vile and petty people didn’t. Ten years, a hundred years, a thousand years, no matter how long it took them, they never gave up. 

“Lin Feng, you can’t capture me, especially not by relying on such pieces of trash. Haha!” the fake Cheng Shan smiled disdainfully, glancing at Qing Huang Tian, the old king, and the others. In the end, he looked at Zong Hu and suddenly, his eyes were filled with murder. He should have killed him a long time ago. If he had, he would not have been in this situation. 

“Motherfucker! Why did you kill so many innocent people?” shouted Zong Hu. He was shaking from head to toe, and his heart was pounding. His face started swelling and turning red. He almost lost his senses and attacked, but he knew he was way too weak! He only had the strength of the Great Supreme God layer. How could he compete with the fake Cheng Shan? 

The fake Cheng Shan had killed old Song and a few other ordinary Godly Ancestors easily. Zong Hu couldn’t compete with someone like that!

The fake Cheng Shan glanced at Zong Hu and then he smiled icily and shouted, “Why? To hurt your big brother, duh! Hahahahahahahahahah!” 

“You shameless bastard! I’ve never seen someone as shameless as you!” shouted the old king. His veins started to swell. He was furious. He hadn’t been so angry in many years. 

The fake Cheng Shan looked at him, feigning compassion. But he smiled mockingly and said, “It seems like you’ve been living for too long, old grouch. Hahahahaha! Don’t get involved, alright?” He turned to Lin Feng, smiling cruelly. 

Lin Feng looked at him carefully and paid attention to every single movement. 

He watched him for a long time, trying to think of an enemy, but got nothing. Lin Feng had forgotten about a petty and vile person like Cheng Shan a very long time ago, as soon as he had arrived in the Country of Eternity. He had never thought he’d see him again. 

“I don’t care about who you are. Since you’re determined to kill me, you probably know I have a bad temper as well. I don’t like talking shit. I will kill you and I will not give you any opportunity to back to life. Don’t worry!” Lin Feng said, neither happily nor sadly. He sounded completely indifferent. However, his eyes were already filled with murder. 

Lin Feng hated shameless people, so he killed them when he met them. When Lin Feng killed his enemies, he was usually cold-headed, because he was wise. 

The fake Cheng Shan frowned. When he heard Lin Feng’s warning, he didn’t worry. Even if Lin Feng had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, he wouldn’t be worried. Sooner or later, he’d destroy Lin Feng!

He ground his teeth and clenched his fists. He looked ferocious. When the others heard his bones crackle, they paled. 

“Hehe, as expected, you’re a stinky young man! Unfortunately, Lin Feng, your time is over. You enjoyed life and did what you wanted in the lower worlds. The World of Battles is not as simple as you think. Kill me? You think you can?” spat Cheng Shan, humiliating Lin Feng. 

The fake Cheng Shan had the strength of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer, so he looked down upon Lin Feng and the others. In his eyes, Lin Feng was the only one who could compete with him in that group of people. 

“Stop talking shit. I’ll give you an opportunity now. A fair battle, without them. If I win, you tell me who you are. If you win, you do whatever you want.” 

Everybody looked at Lin Feng. They were dumbstruck, especially Qing Huang Tian and the old king. Lin Feng looked perfectly solemn. 

Qing Huang Tian looked at the fake Cheng Shan furiously. She wanted to destroy him, but she wasn’t strong enough, unlike the Seventh Phoenix. 

When the fake Cheng Shan heard Lin Feng, he grinned mockingly but then nodded and smiled, “Alright, as you wish. What if the battle is a tie?” asked the fake Cheng Shan. 

Lin Feng frowned. He hadn’t thought of that. He needed an answer! “If nobody wins, then you can leave but you must promise me that you won’t tell anyone about my real identity for a year. Otherwise, my teacher will kill you. Trust me. I am not trying to scare you,” Lin Feng warned him. He didn’t really care about people knowing his real identity, but the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points was not him. It would ruin the Ancestor’s plans. 

The fake Cheng Shan knew that Lin Feng wasn’t joking. Lin Feng probably had a secret and the fake Cheng Shan didn’t want to take any risks. He just wanted to kill Lin Feng! 

“Alright, I agree!” Cheng Shan nodded. The temperature in the forest fell abruptly. In the end, it was thousands of degrees below zero, and everybody was freezing. 

Lin Feng and Cheng Shan stared at each other furiously. The clouds in the sky became red from the flames of fury in their eyes. Initially, it was dark there, but now it was all painted red. 

“Take this attack!” said Cheng Shan, attacking first. He disappeared; the old king and the others saw Cheng Shan’s silhouette flash. When he reappeared, he was in front of Lin Feng. 

The two people were five meters away from each other now. A very strong wind was blowing, formed by Cheng Shan’s energies. Lin Feng felt like a five hundred million jin demonic beast was stomping on him to crush him. 


“I have a present for you,” he said calmly. He attacked, his thunder-like Qi rolling in waves and dashing to the skies. It could destroy mountains and rivers easily. A blood-red gigantic silhouette appeared and flashed out, trying to destroy the wind Qi. Three sorts of strength were condensed inside that giant’s silhouette. 

The giant threw a punch that could destroy the whole world. Lin Feng’s bones crackled. He also disappeared. In the blink of an eye, he was behind Cheng Shan. He threw a punch using his Aggressive Punch attack at the same time as the giant. 

Cheng Shan felt great pressure. He hadn’t thought Lin Feng would be so strong, and now he had the feeling he had made a huge mistake. He had reached a point of no return. No matter what, Lin Feng was a young genius, and didn’t fear him!

Luckily, he hadn’t attacked Lin Feng when he only had the strength of the ordinary Godly Ancestor layer, as Lin Feng would have killed him in the blink of an eye. Now, hehe, Lin Feng couldn’t get rid of him so easily anymore!

“You think attacking from behind is useful? Hehe! Explode!” Cheng Shan smiled icily. He pointed at Lin Feng. Lin Feng’s expression fell as the strong wind pressed on his chest and made him suffocate. He had a bad feeling. Lin Feng gave up on the Aggressive Punch attack and flashed above Cheng Shan’s head, even as giant continued throwing a punch. 

The wind exploded. The whole area around them was affected by the giant’s attack. Lin Feng had moved away at the best time. If he tanked that wave of energy, he would have been injured. The giant exploded, but Cheng Shan was pushed back a few steps and paled. The giant’s attack made him feel dizzy and weak. 

He glanced at Qing Huang Tian and the others. Zong Hu was directly blown away. He landed a few thousands of meters away in a tree. The whole tree then creaked, crackled, and collapsed. Zong Hu had a metallic taste in his mouth and suddenly coughed blood. 

Qing Huang Tian and the old king were Spiritual Godly Ancestors, so they weren’t injured. But because the old king had just back to life, he was still a bit weak and didn’t look as at ease as Qing Huang Tian. 

King Hei Yi wasn’t that lucky, though, and was blown away. He didn’t look as miserable as Zong Hu, but his tunic was torn apart and he was bleeding something dark. He was definitely an ant! 


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