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Chapter 1252: The Fake Cheng Shan’s Master?


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“I hadn’t thought you’d progress so quickly. I am speechless,” admitted the fake Cheng Shan, clenching his fists. His hands were trembling, and felt numb. Lin Feng’s attack had been terrifying. But he had also put some pressure on Lin Feng, so he still sneered. 

Shameless people did shameless things. Even if I’m weaker than you, I still want to make you burst into fury! He had reached his goal. Such petty and vile people were scoundrels. In Lin Feng’s eyes, such people were trash. 

But the fake Cheng Shan had underestimated Lin Feng. Lin Feng didn’t intend to give him any opportunity. It wasn’t going to be fun for the fake Cheng Shan! 

“Enough bullshit,” Lin Feng said icily. He clenched his fists, and his muscles swelled He looked stronger than anyone else, as if he could destroy the world with his punches. The trees around him even started cracking. It was like Lin Feng had become the god of the entire universe, the ultimate ruler and master, and mankind’s destiny was in his hands. 

Cheng Shan frowned, getting angrier. He initially thought he’d defeat Lin Feng easily, and he had been waiting for the opportune moment to go into action. Before that happened, he had humiliated Lin Feng a little bit. He had already done that, but Lin Feng was still terrifyingly strong. 

He took a deep breath. He knew that if he missed this one, he may end up dead. Therefore, he roared out like a crazed lion, and the whole forest starting shaking. 

Lin Feng used his Chiliocosm of the Great Tao attack without hesitation. He condensed several sorts of strengths and attacked together. They moved in every direction. People just saw threads of energies flash and flicker like fireworks. Even though it was beautiful, everybody also understood that this attack was even more terrifying than the previous one. 

The fake Cheng Shan wanted to retreat. If he had known all this earlier, he wouldn’t have come at all. Now, not only didn’t he have a choice anymore and had to fight, but on top of that, if he lost, all his previous efforts would be wasted. 

He had no choice; he couldn’t let things end up like this after all the efforts he had made. Thinking about that, he bit his lips, and used a Godly Tao Skill immediately. Otherwise, he knew he would lose soon. 

“Sumptuous Feast!” 

A blood-red taotie appeared with a roar. It was a hundred zhang tall and made of light, far more terrifying than a tiger. It flew towards Lin Feng and opened its mouth. Its teeth were blood-red and extremely sharp, and dozens of meters long. When the crowd saw that, they all started shaking. 

Lin Feng frowned. It was the first time he realized fighting against some Spiritual Godly Ancestors might be extremely difficult. When he had fought against the Sixth Phoenix, he had used his Godly Battle Sword and had won easily, but this time, he couldn’t. The enemy was using a Godly Tao Skill, so Lin Feng had to use one as well. Otherwise, he would lose the advantage. 

“Since it’s that way, taste my Godly Tao Skill as well! One Heavy Wave, Sky-Rising Wave!” 

Lin Feng didn’t shout out, he just smiled calmly, but he still looked like a bloodthirsty monster. His Qi was terrifying as a gigantic blue wave appeared and soared to the skies, colliding against the taotie. 

Boom, boom boom, boom…

The ground starting shaking. The whole Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world starting trembling. Everybody in the territories of the Zu Yi Clan and the Long Yi Clan felt it, and naturally many people tried to find the source of the earthquake. 


The Bai Yi Clan…

“Do you really need to think? Asura is not an ordinary person. Following him is definitely not a mistake,” the leader of the Long Yi Clan told the leader of the Bai Yi Clan. Their conversation had reached the most crucial moment. 

“You’re pushing me, but how can I know if what you told me about Asura is true? I don’t know him,” sighed the leader of the Bai Yi Clan. The Bai Yi Clan wasn’t the Long Yi Clan. It was less influential, and only had three Godly Ancestors. 

“You…” sputtered the old man. He was so furious his liver hurt. The words didn’t even come out. 

The ground suddenly rumbled. The entire territory of the Bai Yi Clan starting shaking. The ground was rolling and turning upside down. The two leaders were startled and worried, and looked in the east at the same time. 

The Hei Yi Clan’s territory!

“That’s Asura’s power!” declared the leader of the Long Yi Clan, smiling and stroking his beard. 

The leader of the Bai Yi Clan looked dumbstruck. He asked, “How’s that possible?”

“You are free to believe me or not. If you miss this opportunity, don’t blame me for not having told you about it,” the old man sighed. 

He got ready to leave, but after he took two steps, the leader of the Bai Yi Clan shouted, “Alright! I agree!!” 


In the great palace of the Hu Yi Clan, Miss Eight was alert. She was standing in front of her grandfather, the leader of the Hu Yi Clan. She was a Holy Godly Ancestor, too, but she still admired him. 

“Grandfather, have you made up your mind?” asked Miss Eight nervously. 

The old man was wearing a brown robe, and was about two meters tall. He looked tough, unlike the people of the Yi Clan. He was a hardened member of the Hu Yi Clan. Otherwise, Miss Eight wouldn’t be as powerful and tough as a man. 

“I, I need to think-” 

Boom, boom!

“What was that sound?” asked the old man, before he was even done talking. The ground starting shaking. Miss Eight looked east; it was the Hei Yi Clan’s nest! 

“That’s Asura’s power. I felt it. He’s fighting against someone.” 

“Oh dear, are you sure?” 

“I’m sure.”

“Alright, I agree to support Asura. This is the Hu Yi Clan’s pellet. Give it to that young man.” 


Lin Feng and Cheng Shan’s battle was extremely fierce. It was impossible to describe it with words. If either of them had been a little bit slower, they would have been severely injured, if not dead!

Lin Feng ground his teeth. He glanced around, and when the lights dispersed, he threw a punch at Cheng Shan’s chest. 

Cheng Shan shouted ferociously, “Shameless bastard! How dare you attack me by surprise?” 

“Hehe. You plotted against me and now you’re lecturing me about fairness?” 

“You want to die!” snarled Cheng Shan. He sounded like a tiger which had been locked up and starving for a million years, and Lin Feng was his prey. But Lin Feng didn’t care, he just grinned wider. He took his fist back and threw a kick right afterwards. 

Cheng Shan raised his foot to block and staggered backwards, paling. 

“YOU PISS ME OFF!!” shouted Cheng Shan madly. Qing Huang Tian, the old king, and all the others were shaking from head to toe. They hadn’t expected such an incredible fight! 

It looked like a battle to the death! 

Cheng Shan roared in a thundering rage. He threw a palm strike that looked like a ghost. It appeared behind Lin Feng in the blink of an eye. Lin Feng coughed blood, but also reacted quickly. He immediately rotated and threw a kick with his right foot at Cheng Shan’s neck. Boom! Cheng Shan paled and did all he could to move down to avoid Lin Feng’s kick. 

Lin Feng smiled icily. That was exactly what he wanted to happen! 

“Hehe, you’re going to die! Two Heavy Waves, Sky Burning Fire!” he proclaimed icily. At the same time, Cheng Shan’s eyes turned red. A wave of flames was rolling over towards him, and he couldn’t dodge it, he was already on the ground. It was too late! 

Cheng Shan realized his life was hanging by a single thread. He took a crystal out from his robe and threw it on the ground, then howled desperately, “MASTER, SAVE ME!”

“Piece of trash!” answered an ice-cold voice. It sounded like it came from the ancient past. When Lin Feng heard it, he nearly froze. A gigantic silhouette of a hawk flickered into existence. It was the first time Lin Feng had felt so desperate. 

“Master, kill him!” shouted Cheng Shan furiously. He now seemed excited. His master was here, so he was going to destroy Lin Feng. How awesome! 

“Try and dare, old grouch!” Lin Feng shouted back. His Qi became even more colder than ice. Everything froze in an area of a thousand li, covered by a layer of ice. The area had turned into an ice world. 

The gigantic hawk had a bad feeling, so he took Cheng Shan and flashed away, trying to flee. But when he started escaping, the black cloth that covered Cheng Shan’s face was blown away by the wind. Lin Feng stared at him, dumbstruck. 

“It’s him?” Lin Feng couldn’t believe it, but then he forced a smile. He had never thought his opponent would be the fake Cheng Shan. He had completely forgotten about him!

How incredible. This kind of enemy was the most terrifying! 

The Ice Spirit watched the gigantic hawk leave. She was worried; if they hadn’t been in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world, she could have been injured, as the gigantic hawk was much, much stronger than she was! 

“Lin Feng, that gigantic hawk is even more terrifying than the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points!” 

“Is that possible?” 


“How… How is that possible?” Lin Feng was dumbstruck. Cheng Shan’s master was stronger than the Ancestor of the Five Cardinal Points? 

Everybody has trump cards!, he thought.

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