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Chapter 1255: Competition!


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“Asura really wants to die! Our people disappeared inside a small world, the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world?” 

In Gan Yu, Second Elder Gan Han Sheng looked ice-cold. In front of him was a young man seated on a throne. Gan Han Sheng looked at him respectfully. 

The young man was wearing white clothes and had short hair. He looked immature, but his eyes gleamed. He was astonishingly strong, as he was a Holy Godly Ancestor!

Indeed, Holy Godly Ancestor, just like Miss Eight. He was just a kid! Of course, it was an illusion. No child could be a Holy Godly Ancestor. He had just changed his face. However, not many people bothered to do something like that. 

That kid was the leader of Gan Yu, Gan Wu Chang, the strongest cultivator of Gan Yu. If anything happened to Gan Wu Chang, Gan Yu would collapse. But Gan Wu Chang was a Holy Godly Ancestor, so nobody dared offend him. It was one of the reasons why Gan Yu was one of the four great territories of the Region. 

“Second, tell the children to send six ordinary Godly Ancestors and thirty Great Supreme Gods to surround Asura and kill him.” 

“Understood!” assented Gan Han Sheng respectfully, but he was already alone. The young man in white clothes had already disappeared. Very quickly, in a secret room of the great palace, he heard a woman’s voice. Gan Han Sheng hastily left the great palace when he heard it. 


Li Yu… 

Li Yu’s leader, Li Ju, was Li Chen’s older brother. When he heard Asura had killed his brother, he couldn’t believe it. Then he realized there was something wrong. 

After the meeting of the Region of the Eight Corners, Li Chen should have come back with the others, but they hadn’t. Li Ju had had a bad feeling, and now he was even more worried. He clenched his fists. His Qi of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer rolled around him for hundreds of thousands of li. 

“Li Shi, bring ten ordinary Godly Ancestors with you and find Li Chen. Go to Gan Yu and find Asura. When you we see him, we’ll decide what we do with him!” 



Everybody was busy in the Region of the Eight Corners. They all had the same goal: kill Asura! Those who used to have esteem for him now hated him. They didn’t care anymore. They were ready to join hands with everybody else to kill Asura!


Lin Feng was still in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. All the disciples of the Region of the Eight Corners had left. Lin Feng now wanted to bring the people Cheng Shan had killed back to life. Believing Lin Feng’s story or not would be their own decision then!

“Bringing them back to life is very easy. There is a desert in the scroll; find it, then stand in the middle, and what you think will become reality,” said Leader Jing Rui, staring at Lin Feng. Lin Feng had a great treasure. From now on, he’d even be able to fight inside the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world!

Even if he died, he wouldn’t need to worry, because he was the master of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world, and he could come back to life as he wished. But if his opponents died, then they would never have an opportunity to return! 

Lin Feng understood how to use the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. He might also have it fuse together with his spirit world someday, but for now he couldn’t let anyone discover his spirit world. It was too dangerous. He even felt reluctant to do the same thing he had done with Xie Mu from the Ancient Demonic Clan back then. He didn’t want to bring strong cultivators into his spirit world to kill them anymore. 

He had done it once, that was enough! 

Actually, the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world was a great substitute for his spirit world. He would be able to do whatever he wished. How awesome! 

He now had three truly precious items, including the Dazzling Flower. He didn’t intend to use it, though. He would find someone trustworthy someday and share it with them. That way, he would create an Earthly Godly Ancestor, a potential overlord! 

But for the time being, Lin Feng had other things in mind in the desert. He looked in that direction and recited the dead people’s names in his head: Song Chou Jiu, Hu Shan and the others; Shi Yu, Shi Jue Ling, Ta Hua Xuan, Huang Gu Tian, Bao Sha; and finally, the people he had really killed, Gan Wu Dao and the two others. 

Dozens of people were going to return to life!

“Do you already know how you’re going to explain everything to them?” asked Leader Jing Rui cautiously. He was worried that they would cause trouble. What if the Region of the Eight Corners was destabilized? 

They needed to understand the situation clearly. If Lin Feng really failed to explain the whole situation to them, he would use the memory crystal to help Lin Feng. 

“I have no choice. I’ll bring them back to life, and then I’ll go see them. They are free to believe me or not. If they don’t believe me, I can also kill them a second time!” Lin Feng stated. His hair fluttered in the wind. What he said was brutal and aggressive, but he sounded and looked indifferent. 

Leader Jing Rui gaped, not knowing what to say to that. Lin Feng was uniquely aggressive and cold. The Leader nodded after a long time. Indeed, if they didn’t believe him, so what? People who believed Lin Feng were his friends. People who didn’t believe him were his enemies. He didn’t mind killing them again! 

“I don’t understand young people. Hehe. I’m old,” sighed Leader Jing Rui shaking his head and forcing a smile. 

Lin Feng didn’t reply. He left silently, flashing away towards to the desert. He had to be there to bring them back to life. 

Qing Huang Tian followed him closely. If Lin Feng faced any danger, she would help him immediately. Even though Lin Feng was already stronger than her, it didn’t matter; she loved him more and more each day. Her love for him was stronger than anything else. 


Half an hour later, in the middle of the desert, Shi Yu and the people who’d been killed by the fake Cheng Shan had all been brought back to life. When they glanced around, they were stupefied. 

“What’s going on? Didn’t Asura kill us?” asked Shi Jue Ling. He was confused. He remembered his soul jewel had shattered!

“Great Elder, it wasn’t Asura. I promise you,” said Shi Yu, frowning firmly. 

Shi Jue Ling frowned and contradicted her, “Great Miss, stop joking. If it wasn’t Asura, then who was it?” 

“But why would Asura do such a thing? Why would he kill the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners? Has the region offended him? He wouldn’t do such a thing. It’s too obvious. He’s not stupid. Why would he offend the Region of the Eight Corners? Do you think he wants to die?” asked Shi Yu firmly. 

Shi Jue Ling looked thoughtful; it made sense. But he still thought the murderer was Asura. 

“I think he wanted to become the leader of Shi Yu.” 

“Haha! Brother, quit joking! Why would Asura bring me back me if he wanted to become the leader of the region?” shouted Bao Sha, laughing coldly. He was furious. He would never forgive Asura. He had to make him pay. 

“I was so stupid! And I even thought he was the future of the Region of the Eight Corners! Bah!” said Huang Gu Tian, spitting out. He looked disgusted. 


At that moment, everybody heard a crackling sound. Everybody looked at two skeletons there. One of them was moving. The whole crowd was terrified, including Shi Yu. 

“What’s that…?” asked Huang Gu Tian. He was speechless. Flesh and muscles were growing over the skeleton. It was coming back to life! 

Gan Wu Dao, and Xue Can Yun! 

“How’s that possible? Didn’t Asura kill them?” asked Bao Sha. He was dumbstruck. They might have come back to life, but not Gan Wu Dao and Xue Can Yun. 

A feeling of insecurity filled people’s hearts. 

Song Chou Jiu, Hu Shan, and the others stood in a corner. Song Chou Jiu was extremely pale. The three fellow disciples weren’t better off. 

“Master Song, I don’t think Brother Asura killed us. It was an impersonator,” Ti Yuan frowned. He was the smartest person of the Region of the Eight Corners. 

They had been brought back to life, and he knew the murderer wasn’t Asura. 

“Indeed. I don’t think Asura would do such a thing. He didn’t need to kill people from the Region of the Eight Corners. Why become enemies with them? It would be useless and counterintuitive. He’s not stupid,” said Song Chou Jiu, clenching his fists. He really wanted to find the real murderer and destroy him. That bastard wanted to ruin Asura’s reputation! 

“Master Song, I think we need to find that man in black clothes. He may be the killer,” said Ti Yuan. He didn’t understand why the stranger had brought them to this desert. 

Many other people also had doubts. He had gathered the people to kill them more easily? The man in black clothes was the most suitable suspect! 

“It has to be. We need to find Asura and tell him everything,” Song Chou Jiu nodded. He got ready to leave. 

Suddenly, two people showed up. Song Chou Jiu raised his head and saw Asura and Qing Huang Tian arrive. 

The two of them landed, raising a cloud of sand appeared around themselves. Their Qi was terrifying. 

Bao Sha, Huang Gu Tian, Shi Jue Ling, and the others all clenched their fists. 

“I didn’t kill you. I promise. If you don’t believe me, it’s your problem. Not mine!” Asura said indifferently. 

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