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Chapter 1256: Killing Gan Wu Dao Again!


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“Hehe, how confident, Asura. You think you’re the ruler of this universe, huh?” mocked someone from behind the crowd. Gan Wu Dao, Xue Can Yun, and Li Chen all walked out of the crowd, sneering at Asura. 

The three of them stood in front of Lin Feng. Everybody naturally stepped away to give space to those three people. Gan Wu Dao was extremely ferocious and sinister. Xue Can Yun was also like that, but looked much calmer right now. 

“Gan Wu Dao, I’ve never killed any representative of the Region of the Eight Corners, but I did kill you, I admit,” Lin Feng grunted, frowning at Gan Wu Dao, who he still found disgusting. 

“What? Asura really killed Gan Wu Dao, Xue Can Yun, and Li Chen?” 

“How terrifying! He’s so strong!” 

“Sigh, I see. In the future, nobody will be able to compete with him anymore. Will he really control the entire region?” 

When Lin Feng said that, everybody was astonished and worried. 

Lin Feng ignored them. They were speaking in front of him. If they had spoken behind his back, he would have destroyed them! 

“Shut the fuck up! How noisy!” shouted Gan Wu Dao furiously. He scared everybody to death and they stopped talking when they saw his eyes, so filled with murder. 

“Gan Wu Dao, you look so imposing and awe-inspiring, huh?” Lin Feng said, smiling mockingly. Of the three people, Lin Feng admired Li Chen the most, and found Gan Wu Dao disgusting and detestable. Why? He didn’t know. It was just a feeling. 

Gan Wu Dao looked at Lin Feng and sneered, “You think you’re qualified to teach me lessons?” 

“Hehe! I am not trying to teach you lessons. I have already killed you once! So, what do you think? Great Elder? Master?” Lin Feng mocked him back. Gan Wu Dao was even more furious. 

Li Chen looked at Lin Feng for a long time. He was confused. He had always had the feeling Lin Feng was an incredible cultivator. He had killed them when he only had the strength of the top of the Great Supreme God layer. Even though he had used a few trump cards, he still admired Lin Feng. However, he was now an ordinary Godly Ancestor! 

It meant that he had become much, much stronger. He didn’t need trump cards to kill them anymore! 

Therefore, resisting him was almost useless!

“Don’t infuriate him or he’ll kill you again,” Li Chen told Gan Wu Dao. 

Gan Wu Dao almost burst into laughter, as if he had heard the best joke in the world. He looked at Li Chen scornfully, “What? Have you become a coward or something?” 

“Hehe, I don’t care about what you think. We’ll see who cries in the end!” Li Chen smiled icily. He ignored Gan Wu Dao and stepped away, showing Lin Feng he didn’t want to be enemies with him. 

Lin Feng watched silently. Xue Can Yun didn’t step back, but he didn’t say anything. 

Gan Wu Dao sneered. He only wanted to humiliate Asura. So, Lin Feng decided to kill someone in front of everybody once again! 

“Everybody, I told you, the first Asura who killed you wasn’t me. If you don’t believe me, I can kill again, what do you think? That way, you’ll see how different his fighting style and mine are, okay? What do you think?” Lin Feng proposed, smiling emptily and staring at those people. They all shivered, even though it wasn’t cold. 

“Kill people? You want to kill people again? You’ve already killed so many people from the Region of the Eight Corners, and you want to kill more? Are you sick of living?” scoffed Gan Wu Dao. He seemed confused, but he still looked down upon Lin Feng arrogantly. 

Xue Can Yun and Li Chen didn’t follow him. This time, even Xue Can Yun stepped back. When Gan Wu Dao saw that, he shouted furiously, “You want to kill me?” 

“Hehe, you’re not as stupid as I thought,” Lin Feng smiled, especially when he saw how dumbstruck Gan Wu Dao looked when he understood what Asura meant. He was finally panicking. 

Lin Feng was going to show Gan Wu Dao how terrifying he was. Gan Wu Dao had disrespected him? He was going to die, then!

At that moment, Gan Wu Dao felt cold and alone. He had never thought Asura would dare threaten to kill him, especially in front of all these people! 

He regretted everything he had just said. Now, he didn’t know what to do anymore. If he hadn’t provoked Asura, he would have been able to leave safe and sound at least!

But he had reached a point of no return. No matter what, Asura wouldn’t forgive him now! 

“Asura, you just brought everybody back to life. If you kill someone now, everybody will be bitterly disappointed,” Gan Wu Dao wagged his lips stiffly. He was panic-stricken and terrified. 

“Disappointed? Why? I’m just going to kill you, not them, why would they be disappointed?” 

“Brothers, everybody can leave safely. I’m just going to kill him. Are you bitterly disappointed?” Asura asked the crowd. 

“Haha! Master Asura is right! As long as he doesn’t kill us, why would we be disappointed?” asked a big man, laughing loudly. He rejoiced. He had come back to life and he was safe! 

Everybody was happy to be alive, and didn’t care about Gan Wu Dao. 

Li Chen looked at the big man, who stopped talking quickly. 

“Master Gan Wu Dao, you have to sacrifice your life for everybody’s safety, don’t you agree?” asked Asura, smiling and narrowing his eyes. 

Gan Wu Dao retreated, trying to escape. When Lin Feng saw how afraid he was, he felt even happier. 

“What, Master?” asked Lin Feng mockingly. He wanted to infuriate Gan Wu Dao. He wanted to prove to everybody that he wasn’t the one who had killed them. 

Gan Wu Dao couldn’t escape. If he retreated one more step, he’d bump into the crowd. If he got into the crowd, Lin Feng wouldn’t need to kill him, the crowd would humiliate and torture him. They would strangle him to death!

“Hmph! Why me? What about Xue Can Yun and Li Chen?” shouted Gan Wu Dao, pointing at them. He wanted Lin Feng to stop focusing on him. 

When he said that, Li Chen and Xue Can Yun glared at him. They wanted to kill him themselves! 

“Hehe, these two Masters haven’t offended me, why would I choose them?” 

“So why me, then? You’re abusing your power to avenge your personal grudges!” shouted Gan Wu Dao, his eyes bloodshot. 

“So what?” asked Lin Feng, smiling icily. He didn’t intend to step back at all.

Gan Wu Dao had nowhere to go, and could only charge Asura helplessly. Since he had nowhere to flee, a battle was inevitable. He had to use his full strength. If Asura wanted to kill him, then he had to do his best to kill Asura as well!

“Hehe, sorry, everybody. if you want to go out, at least, I must be alive. If I die, you will never be able to get out. You understand?” Lin Feng said when he saw Gan Wu Dao wanted to kill him. Gan Wu Dao was even using a hundred and twenty percent of his strength!

“You son of bitch! Gan Wu Dao, you fucking asshole! How dare you attack Master Asura! You’re doomed! Li Yu is not done with you!” 

“Gan Wu Dao, if you dare touch Asura, the leader of Ye Yu will destroy you.” 

“Gan Wu Dao, you better be careful.” 

“Gan Wu Dao…” 

Many disciples started shouting at Gan Wu Dao furiously. They were initially in a good mood, but now he was furious. 

Gan Wu Dao was startled and distracted for a few seconds. Lin Feng took advantage of the opportunity to attack. Lin Feng’s energies hit like thunder, and his speed was unmatched. He could easily destroy the whole Continent of the Nine Clouds with such an attack. 

He looked like a giant demon, far faster than Gan Wu Dao, as he punched out. 

Gan Wu Dao looked dumbstruck as he was smashed away. Lin Feng’s strength weighed five hundred million jin. Gan Wu Dao had just come back to life, he wasn’t as strong as before. In addition, Lin Feng had also broken through to the Godly Ancestor layer. Therefore, Gan Wu Dao couldn’t compete with Lin Feng. 

That single attack was enough to kill Gan Wu Dao once again! 

Blood splashed. His bones were all broken, and some even stuck out of his skin. 

Nobody dared say anything. Everybody remained silent. 

Asura’s way of killing was bloody, brutal, cruel, and violent… and it was different from the fake Asura’s way of fighting. They used completely different attacks. The fake Asura was more sly, aggressive, and heartless.

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