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Chapter 1258: Surrounding Asura (Part Two)!


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“Brother, did you see Master Song?” asked Zong Hu eagerly. He couldn’t help himself anymore, he had to ask. 

“Zong Hu, wait a few days and you’ll see Master Song and the others. Don’t worry,” Lin Feng said wryly. He didn’t know how to reply to Zong Hu’s question. He hoped Zong Hu wouldn’t ask again. 

When Zong Hu heard that, he clutched his hammer and closely followed after Lin Feng and Qing Huang Tian. The three people came out of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting and left Feng Xun Valley. They moved away from Gan Yu’s territory and towards Shi Yu. 

Lin Feng had to tell the leader of Shi Yu the truth. Otherwise, the old man would believe he was the fake Cheng Shan. 


But Lin Feng had underestimated Cheng Shan. Or more precisely, he was a bit too late. At that moment, Shi Yu’s father was personally leading a group of disciples, along with Second Elder Shi Wen Lin, to Gan Yu. 

Thinking about what had happened with the mysterious man in black clothes, including when Shi Yu had died, he felt devastated. 

“Leader, yesterday, someone came to see you, do you know his identity? Why would we believe him?” asked Shi Wen Lin. He had a bad feeling, and didn’t understand what was going on. 

How did he knew that Asura had killed Shi Yu? Had he escaped from the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world? If he had, then he was too lucky! 

Since he was lucky, why had he come to the Shi Yu on purpose?? Why tell them that? What did it bring him? 

“Hmph, I don’t care. I just want Asura to pay for what he’s done! Someone must bear the responsibility for the massacre. As for the resources of Demon Corpse Valley, I am so mad at myself! Argh!” swore Ancestor Shi angrily. He wasn’t bent over anymore, and he was radiating the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer. 

He had hidden it for a long time. But Xue Yu, Li Yu, Gan Yu, and Shi Yu were also powerful. They knew how strong he was. 

Shi Wen Lin didn’t dare speak too much. If he did, the leader would destroy him, thinking he was Asura’s accomplice. 

Everybody followed them closely…


Lin Feng, Qing Huang Tian and Zong Hu were already far away from Gan Yu. They arrived on the edge of the territory of Shi Yu. There was only one road which connected both territories, but when flying, that wasn’t an issue. 

But Lin Feng and the people of Shi Yu decided to fly at low altitude. That way, their chances of bumping into others were much higher. In the end, as expected, they did bump into one another.

Lin Feng’s expression suddenly stiffened, the old man in front of him didn’t look bent and old anymore… and he now had the strength of the Holy Godly Ancestor layer!

Lin Feng was dumbstruck. There was such a cultivator in Shi Yu. This was one of the old man’s trump cards!

Ancestor Shi glared at Asura, his eyes filled with flames of fury, bright enough to paint the sky. 

“What do you prefer? Killing yourself, or having me kill you?” asked Ancestor Shi, staring at Asura sinisterly as he shouted explosively. He had to control himself not to destroy Asura instantly. He could just slap him and make him explode! 

“Master, it must be a misunderstanding!” shouted Lin Feng. He hoped the man would agree to listen to him. A black silhouette flickered, and he suddenly started suffocating. His neck felt extremely sore. 

The old man had grabbed Asura by the neck, he had no chance to react. He hadn’t even seen the old man move. He could only smile and say, “Ma… Master, I didn’t kill Shi Yu!” 

“Old grouch, you better release my husband!” shouted Qing Huang Tian. She didn’t know Ancestor Shi. She knew nothing about what Lin Feng had experienced and gone through in Shi Yu. She was only ready to die for Lin Feng. 

Ancestor Shi looked at her cruelly and smiled icily, “Not bad, little girl. Could it be that you are Ni Huang’s daughter?” 

Even though the old man knew Asura was Ni Huang’s son-in-law, his daughter had been killed by Asura. He didn’t care about anything anymore. He was ready to take on that burden. He had to avenge his daughter! 

“Old grouch, I am the Fifth Phoenix of the Phoenix Clan! If you touch my husband again, I will destroy you!” shouted Qing Huang Tian wildly. Her Qi was already fierce and swift. Her eyes gradually reddened. She looked so scary people shivered even though it wasn’t cold. 

When Lin Feng saw that, his expression changed drastically, he shouted, “No! Sister Qing! Stop! Don’t do anything stupid!” 

“I am ready to die for you, my love! I am in the outside world for you, to be with you; if you die, I prefer dying too!” shouted Qing Huang Tian resolutely, bursting into tears. She wiped them off with her sleeves. Her rainbow-colored dress fluttered in the wind. The wind carried her sweet perfume away. 

Qing Huang Tian stretched out her hands. They looked even whiter in the sunshine. A dagger appeared in her hand, she cut two of her fingers and turned even paler. Two crimson drops appeared. 

“For my husband’s safety…” 

Lin Feng immediately summoned Miss Eight and had her capture Qing Huang Tian. He didn’t want Qing Huang Tian to die for him. It wasn’t worth it. 

Miss Eight came out of the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world and grabbed Qing Huang Tian’s arm. She forced the two drops of blood back into her, and kicked her dagger away. The dagger shot straight towards Ancestor Shi’s chest. 

If a Spiritual Godly Ancestor had done that, the old man wouldn’t have cared. But Miss Eight was a Holy Godly Ancestor, so he had to be careful. He let go of Lin Feng’s neck and waved at the disciples of Shi Yu with his other hand. 

He rose and threw two punches. A strong wind started blowing and made the dagger crackle, but it also deflected it towards Miss Eight. The wind looked like a dragon made of air, absorbing everything in its path. 

Miss Eight grinned. Her opponent was strong, which made her curious. In the Zu Yi Clan, nobody had ever been able to resist her. Of course, she had never fought against her three fellow disciples or her father. 

With the Yi Clan out in the Region of the Eight Corners, Lin Feng wouldn’t need to be worried. 

“Old grouch, let’s play!” Miss Eight smiled, throwing a palm strike that felt like it could cut the world in two. 

A golden hand imprint appeared in the sky, a thousand zhang high. Qi emerged from it and rolled out like running tigers, racing towards the old man. 

It was the first time Ancestor Shi felt such pressure. What a terrifying opponent! Where was she from? Where had Asura found her?

He had no time to think though. He had to use his full strength, and then kill Asura! 

“Insane World Destruction! Spores Across The World!” 

Kacha, kacha, kacha!…

There were explosions as lights flashed. Energies sparkled and rolled in waves across thousands and thousands of li. Everything was razed down. All the trees were destroyed, including some that were thousands of years old. 

Lin Feng, Qing Huang Tian, and Zong Hu were blown thousands of meters away and were about to crash into a tree. Lin Feng grabbed Qing Huang Tian, roared out and spun so he would crash against the tree with his back. He crashed against the tree, and it snapped off at the impact. Lin Feng paled and coughed up blood twice. 

Because Qing Huang Tian had summoned out her phoenix blood, she was pale and weak. When she saw Lin Feng had saved her by choosing to crash against the tree with her in his arms, she felt extremely touched and moved but also alarmed. 

“Woo, woo, husband, you’re crazy, boo hoo hoo…” Qing Huang Tian burst into tears. She didn’t look cold anymore. She just looked worried and devastated. 

Lin Feng smiled. He wiped his blood off and struggled to sit up. Qing Huang Tian helped him get up. 

“Sister Qing, that’s nothing. I’m fine,” Lin Feng said calmly. On the inside, he was dumbstruck. That was how powerful a Holy Godly Ancestor could be? He had been thrown thousands of meters away! A Spiritual Godly Ancestor could never do such a thing to him! 

Miss Eight and the old man were still fighting. The battle was fierce and crazy. Many of those watching were afraid. 

It was at the border area between Shi Yu and Gan Yu, so there were more and more people gathering. They had all heard the sounds of the battle, including the vice leader of Xue Yu, Xue Wu Di, who was Xue Wu Tian’s brother. He had just broken through to the Holy Godly Ancestor layer, less than a month before. 

This time, he was with a group sent to encircle Asura. He was so excited. When two Holy Godly Ancestors were fighting, it was awesome. 

People would remember this battle, but the protagonist would still be Asura!

The vice leader of Xue Yu had also brought some disciples along. The second elder of Gan Yu, Gan Wu Dao, had also brought some disciples. When Gan Wu Dao saw there were three Holy Godly Ancestors here already, he paled. 

“Hehe! Incredible! But Ancestor Shi, don’t forget that we came here to encircle Asura. Don’t get involved!” he said darkly. He had come back to life, so his voice sounded hoarse. Sweat appeared on Lin Feng’s forehead when he heard that voice. 

Holy Godly Ancestors were too terrifying! 

“Eh? Li Ju? You’re here too?” asked Ancestor Shi. There was an oversized man in front of him, who looked rather handsome and intelligent, with thick eyebrows. The leader of Li Yu, Li Ju, had surprisingly as well!

The battle ended. Miss Eight landed next to Lin Feng. 

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