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Chapter 1259: Surrounding Asura (Part Three)!



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“Asura, don’t try and fight back. We are Holy Godly Ancestors. We’re all here to kill you,” said Xue Wu Di, almost nonchalantly. He was looking down upon Asura. 

“Asura, you shouldn’t have killed the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners. Who the fuck do you think you are? You thought you could compete against the Region of the Eight Corners alone? A little bit simple-minded, huh?” shouted Li Ju hoarsely. His voice caused sound waves to roll. Lin Feng felt as if his eardrums had been about to explode. Miss Eight released golden energies to protect herself. 

Everybody looked at Miss Eight, including Xue Wu Di and Li Ju. A Holy Godly Ancestor was helping Asura? How astonishing! Holy Godly Ancestors and Earthly Godly Ancestors were extremely rare. 

“Who are you, Brother? And why are you taking the side of the evildoer?” asked Li Ju clenching his fists. Li Ju was furious. And… he had called Miss Eight ‘Brother’! 

As expected, when Miss Eight heard that, her expression fell hard. She looked furious and shot back, “I am a woman, so fuck off, motherfucker!” 

“You… Eh…” Li Ju sighed helplessly. What Miss Eight had said was extremely rude, but he could only puff back weakly, “No matter what, you’re going too far!” 

“Too far? I wanted to give you face. If it had been anyone else, you’d be dead already. You understand?” snorted Miss Eight fearlessly. 

Miss Eight was worried, as she was facing three Holy Godly Ancestors in Li Ju, Xue Wu Di, and Ancestor Shi. Xue Wu Di was just a new one, though… 

Lin Feng didn’t only have one Holy Godly Ancestor to help him, he also had Water and Life. If needed, he could also ask the leader of the Hu Yi Clan for help. Lin Feng wasn’t worried at all. 

As for cultivators of the Spiritual Godly Ancestor layer and under, Lin Feng didn’t need to worry at all. Miss Eight knew Lin Feng was extremely strong. Unless Lin Feng faced a Holy Godly Ancestor or stronger, he didn’t need to worry. 

“Asura, you have to understand that we want to kill you. You are looking for people to humiliate us? Don’t worry, we’ll release our anger on you. I hope…” 

“Hehe, what a shameless old grouch. Just say you can’t defeat the Holy Godly Ancestor I brought. That’s all. Don’t beat about the bush. You’re so shameless I feel bad for you.” 

Xue Wu Di wanted to threaten Lin Feng, but Lin Feng interrupted him and humiliated him instead. Xue Wu Di was furious. 

“You’re dead, little fucker!” shouted Xue Wu Di. He disappeared and reappeared, throwing a punch at Lin Feng. The energy of his punch weighed eight hundred million jin, like a gigantic mountain. Lin Feng knew what would happen to him if that punch reached him, but Miss Eight didn’t intend to let him down. She appeared in front of Xue Wu Di and threw punches back at him. 

Energies dashed to the skies. 

“Hehe, let’s see who your servant is,” said Li Ju suddenly. He reappeared behind Lin Feng and reached out for Lin Feng’s neck. If he caught Lin Feng, Miss Eight would have to be a good girl and listen to them. 

But his way of thinking was too simplistic. He neglected the fact that Lin Feng had summoned a Holy Godly Ancestor, which meant he might be able to summon a second one!

“You like bullying ordinary Godly Ancestors, eh? Don’t you feel ashamed?” Li Ju heard in his mind. His expression fell as he saw someone appear behind Lin Feng, an old man wearing blue clothes, smiling at him. 

“Fuck!” Li Ju shouted, but he had to fight against Water, as Water had charged him already. Two Holy Godly Ancestors were starting a new fight! 

Ancestor Shi was in front of Lin Feng, and didn’t attack. Lin Feng didn’t think of summoning Life. What was happening between him and Ancestor Shi was a misunderstanding, so Lin Feng wanted to solve the issue. 

“Master, help me get away from here. I will tell you everything. Shi Jue Ling and Shi Yu are safe and sound, I’ll bring them to you,” Lin Feng told him telepathically.

When he said that, Ancestor Shi’s expression changed drastically. He suddenly seemed so happy. He started shaking from head to toe. 

“Really?” asked Ancestor Shi. He was dumbstruck. 

Lin Feng nodded, “If you find out I’m lying, then you can kill me.” 

“Alright, I’ll trust you this time,” Ancestor Shi nodded. He flashed away, and Lin Feng felt dizzy. Qing Huang Tian wanted to shout, but Lin Feng had already disappeared. 

At the same time, the fake Cheng Shan also brought some elite fighters from Ye Yu and Huang Yu and they flew towards Gan Yu. He wanted to terrify Lin Feng, and lower Lin Feng’s chances of being able to escape even more. Even though there were three Holy Godly Ancestors there, who knew if Lin Feng had trump cards? 

He knew that the Ice Spirit helped Lin Feng. If that thread of soul from his master hadn’t intervened, he would have died. That was Lin Feng’s trump card! 

“Hmph! No matter what your trump cards are, Lin Feng, I will kill you, I promise you! I will not tell anyone who you are, but I will kill you!

“This time, with fifteen ordinary Godly Ancestors, and a hundred cultivators of the top of the eighth Great Supreme God layer, you’re going to suffer! Hahahahahahaha!” the fake Cheng Shan laughed cruelly. He was so happy. 

They were only a few thousand li away from the edge of Gan Yu. In ten minutes, they’d arrive and kill Lin Feng! 


Somewhere deep in the forest, Lin Feng and Ancestor Shi were standing. The latter was waiting for Lin Feng’s explanation and his daughter. 

“Master, it is a misunderstanding, but first, I’ll have Shi Yu and Shi Jue Ling come out. You’ll understand,” Lin Feng said gravely. He opened the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. The painting expanded to ten meters in size. Ancestor Shi was dumbstruck. 

“The Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting?” gasped Ancestor Shi, as if he suddenly understood something. Lin Feng nodded but remained silent. 

He chanted Shi Yu, Shi Jue Ling, and the other Shi Yu disciples’ names. 

The painting glowed golden, and suddenly five people emerged from the painting: Shi Jue Ling, then Shi Yu, and three more disciples. 

Shi Yu looked around and when she saw her father, she shouted and burst into tears, “Father, boo hoo hooo!” 

“My little Yu, my little baby!” The old man also burst into tears. He grabbed his daughter and hugged her tightly. He didn’t feel hatred anymore at all. He was overwhelmed by emotions right now.

Shi Jue Ling smiled and glanced at Lin Feng. He asked, “I have the feeling there’s something wrong, but I don’t know what?” 

“Master, I brought you back to life and out of the painting, do you think I would ever kill you? Why would I murder you and then bring you back to life? How could I be so stupid?” 

“It seems like the issue is complex,” mused Shi Jue Ling. He wasn’t stupid, but Lin Feng was even less stupid. 


After a long time, Shi Yu stopped crying. Her eyes were red as she pulled out of her father’s arms. Coming back to life was such a weird thing. However, she was now angry because she also understood that the man who had killed them wasn’t Asura. It was just a plot! 

Shi Yu immediately told her father the whole story. When the old man heard it, his expression darkened and hardened. His eyes were filled with murder. 

“That man in black clothes is a meter-ninety man in black clothes whose face is covered and extremely skinny?” asked Ancestor Shi. 

Shi Yu nodded. Indeed, that was Cheng Shan. How did her father know? He had never been inside the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. Unless…? 

“Hehe, he used me as a part of his plot, he must die! Hmph!” Ancestor Shi shouted furiously. He had been used! He had almost killed Asura, and he had even revealed his trump card! 

“Brother Asura, I’m so sorry. I was wrong. All this…” began the old man apologetically.

Lin Feng interrupted him and said, “Master, we were both used. It’s fine. The fake Cheng Shan also used me. Otherwise, why would you have encircled me?” 

“What can we do? Do you have a solution?” asked Ancestor Shi. He couldn’t think of a good course of action. 

“Father, Asura, I think it’d be better to plot!” said Shi Yu, wiping off her tears. She clenched her fists, wanting to kill. She was angry, and wanted revenge. 

“Plot?” Lin Feng laughed. Good idea! 

“Since it’s that way, Master Shi and I will go back. Shi Yu, you and Shi Jue Ling go back to Shi Yu to stand guard.” 

“Let’s take two separate ways,” said Ancestor Shi nodding seriously. He hoped his daughter would be fine. After this mission, he would transmit his powers to his daughter. 

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