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Chapter 1261: The Truth!


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“What a bastard! He broke his neck!” Ancestor Shi was furious, and couldn’t control himself anymore. He knew his daughter had been killed by the fake Asura. He wanted to destroy Cheng Shan!

“Don’t worry, Master. Leave it to me. I’ll be careful,” Lin Feng said, stopping Ancestor Shi. If the latter intervened, he might be able to kill him in one attack, but killing the fake Cheng Shan like that wasn’t worth it! He didn’t deserve such a quick death! 

“Asura, I will make him pay for everything he did!” shouted Ancestor Shi, grinding his teeth and staring at the man in black clothes. 

Lin Feng nodded. He didn’t intend to spare Cheng Shan’s life. “Cheng Shan, you don’t want to push the situation to the limits, do you?” Lin Feng said, smiling icily. 

“Hehe, what do you mean? I don’t understand? Does anyone else understand?” said Cheng Shan looking at the disciples around him. “I don’t understand. We don’t understand.” 

“Kill Asura! Destroy Asura!” “Kill him, everybody!” the disciples burst out together. Lin Feng was convinced Cheng Shan was controlling them. 

Huang Fen Tian blocked Cheng Shan. He was ready to die. Huang Fen Tian might think it was worth it, but to Lin Feng, he was just a complete moron. Why die for no reason? 

“Alright, you know, I know, let’s stop pretending,” shouted Lin Feng. He found them disgusting and shameless. 

However, the fake Cheng Shan didn’t stop. He didn’t know that the people inside the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world had back to life, or he wouldn’t have looked so relaxed. He wouldn’t even have shown up here. 

Initially, Lin Feng wanted to expose the truth, but Cheng Shan had shown up, and Lin Feng knew who he was. 

Lin Feng had spent too much time on Cheng Shan already. 

“Asura, you killed so many representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners, could it be that you don’t feel guilty at all?” shouted Cheng Shan, as if he were a glorious and righteous person. He wanted the people of the Region of the Eight Corners to love him. 

This time, a disciple shouted, “Could it be that you don’t feel guilty at all?” 

“Asura, you are evil. You deserve to die.” 

“You’re the biggest disgrace in the history of the Region of the Eight Corners. We’re going to destroy you! You killed so many people and you don’t even feel guilty, you’re disgusting,” crowed a skinny man in the crowd. Poor man. He probably didn’t even know he was being controlled by Cheng Shan. 

So many people were staring at Asura. Cheng Shan stood there and pretended to be a modest gentleman. It was infuriating. 

“Cheng Shan, I should be the one asking you. You killed so many people so that everybody would think I’m a murderer and slaughterer, don’t YOU feel guilty?” shouted Lin Feng, clenching his fists. Cheng Shan was so shameless, Lin Feng couldn’t stand it anymore. He had to attack. 

Cheng Shan looked at him mockingly. That was exactly what he wanted to do, infuriate Lin Feng. He wanted Lin Feng to go crazy. It was the only way to be sure he would defeat Lin Feng. 

He had wanted to kill Lin Feng for such a long time, so now he was excited and burst into laughter inside. 

“Haha, shameless Asura! You don’t want to bear the responsibilities for your actions! Brothers, what do you think? Should we let him off?” 

“No! Kill Asura! Destroy Asura!” 

“We need to destroy him and make his body explode! Fucking asshole!” 

This time, two disciples howled out. The other disciples raised their fists and looked at Lin Feng angrily… but none of them attacked Lin Feng. How ridiculous! 

“Asura, what do you have to say?” demanded Cheng Shan confidently. He couldn’t wait to see the three Holy Godly Ancestors attack Lin Feng. Then he would attack Lin Feng by surprise and kill him! 

That was Cheng Shan’s plan, but he didn’t know what had happened in the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes world. 

Lin Feng had his life in his hands!

Lin Feng smiled. At that moment, he couldn’t help but laugh. He raised his head and laughed loudly, mockingly, and cruelly. He wanted to destabilize Cheng Shan. 

Cheng Shan suddenly looked worried. He had the impression there was something wrong. Lin Feng was laughing too loudly. Cheng Shan clutched his space and time jewel; if anything happened, he’d break it!

“Fake Cheng Shan, since you want to destroy me, I will destroy you. I will show you that you decided to mess with the wrong person. Hehe. Come here!” shouted Lin Feng. He raised his hand and the Bright and Colorful Mountain and Lakes painting appeared. It contained golden godly Qi, shining over an area of dozens of li. 

Some people wanted to steal it, but the energy put pressure on them and they didn’t dare try anymore. When they stopped messing around, the lights stopped putting pressure on them. 

The golden lights gradually enveloped more and more people. First, Gan Wu Dao, then Xue Can Yun and Li Chen, then Huang Gu Tian, Ta Hua Xuan, Bao Sha and Song Chou Jiu, Hu Shan and Zhu Ban Chang. 

Lang Zhe and some other people seemed dumbstruck. Lang Zhe finally realized how terrifying Asura was, but Lin Feng didn’t even pay attention to him. He focused on Cheng Shan. 

The representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners had all back to life, so when those people appeared on the border of Gan Yu, Xue Wu Di and Li Ju were dumbstruck and overjoyed. 

Their elite forces were back! Cheng Shan had lied; Asura hadn’t killed them! 

Song Chou Jiu and the others walked over to Asura. They stood behind him, which proved they were on his side. 

Huang Gu Tian shouted furiously and pointed at Cheng Shan. “That fucking asshole killed all of us to plot against Asura! He wanted us to hate him! He must die!” 

“Yes! He lied to us! He must die! Leader Li Ju, kill him!” shouted Li Chen. He had to stand on Lin Feng’s side. Lin Feng had brought him back to life, after all!

“Brother, that little boy is not a good person, kill him! Hurry up, don’t let him escape!” shouted Xue Can Yun furiously, looking to Xue Wu Di. 

Everybody was now on Lin Feng’s side since they knew the truth. They were furious that the fake Asura had lied to them. 

“Motherfucker! You dared fool me! I’m going to fucking kill you!” shouted Li Ju explosively. Then he charged. It was like a mountain was falling towards Cheng Shan. 

“It seems like you’re the one who should die!” said Xue Wu Di and then he also charged in without hesitation. 

“You dared kill my daughter and pretend you were Asura! You deserve to die a million times!” Ancestor Shi also charged Cheng Shan. 

The three Holy Godly Ancestors now charged Cheng Shan. Their Qi was terrifying. Lin Feng had to move away and even then, the energies were still too powerful for him. Cheng Shan wasn’t having a good time either! 

However, Cheng Shan had made ready. If he hadn’t had a precise plan, he would have never come. Therefore… 

“Hahaha! You’re a bunch of fucking morons! All the people of the Region of the Eight Corners are fucking idiots!

“Asura… Oh! No, sorry! I mean Lin Feng! Hahahahahahahahahahaha! You didn’t kill them, but you killed Godly Ancestor Zhan Ling and Godly Ancestor Jie Long because you are Lin Feng! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! 

“Wait and you’ll see, Lin Feng! When I come back, I’ll kill you! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!” shouted Cheng Shan viciously. He even revealed Lin Feng’s real identity without hesitation. 

Lin Feng trembled. 

“Cheng Shan, how could you think you were going to leave alive? Did you think you were the only one who had trump cards?” shouted a grim voice. People heard it everywhere on the border between Gan Yu and Shi Yu. 

Two people disappeared suddenly. Cheng Shan broke his space and time jewel, and the other one was Asura, who relied on space and time strength to escape. 

Suddenly, the crowd started understanding the whole story. 

Asura hadn’t killed the representatives of the Region of the Eight Corners. The fake Cheng Shan had. But the most astonishing thing was that Asura was Lin Feng, the one who had shaken Jing City a while before, a young genius!

“Spread the order; if anyone sees the fake Cheng Shan, kill him!” 

“Tell everyone in Xue Yu that if anyone sees the fake Cheng Shan and doesn’t attack him, then they’ll be considered traitors!” 

“Back to Gan Yu!” 

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